DIY Security Made Easy: The Best Systems of 2023

Most modern home security systems are wireless and need your Wi-Fi network to function. 

Choose a home security system with DIY installation if you want to save money and are at least slightly technically savvy. 

The majority of DIY home security firms provide step-by-step instructions, don’t need electrical knowledge or specific equipment, and offer phone help if you run into problems.

How to decide whether a DIY home security system is best for you is explained below. 

We also include a list of our top and least expensive DIY home security systems, their prices, and installation expectations.

Detailing the Top DIY Home Security Systems

SimpliSafe – 2023’s Top Home Security System

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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Basic Cost: $244.96 and Above
  • Daily Fees: $0.00 to $27.99
  • Scheme Lock: None Exists
  • Installation: DIY or professional
  • Contact: 844-206-0615


Installing a home security system from SimpliSafe, ranked No. 1 in our list of the Best Home Security Systems of 2023, takes roughly 30 minutes after your base station is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. 

Installing each of the peel-and-stick sensors takes under a minute. Adhesives are affixed to the entry, glass break, temperature, and additional wireless siren sensors. 

A magnet on the security camera secures it to a bracket that is screwed into a wall, ceiling, or piece of external paneling. 

The security camera connects to the SimpliSafe system with a single click. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are wireless; however, screws are required to mount the bracket. 

SimpliSafe doesn’t offer a battery-operated doorbell, in contrast to Cove Security and Ring Alarm. 

Alternatively, the doorbell works with most doorbells that use an 8–24V AC transformer. Except for the doorbell, most devices need SimpliSafe’s hub.


  • Lacks the need for a contract
  • Budget-friendly hardware
  • Self-monitoring is cost-free.


  • Not compatible with smart thermostats
  • Not compatible with Z-wave

Frontpoint – Best DIY System with Professional-Grade Gear

Frontpoint Security Review: Best DIY Home Security System - Gearbrain
Image courtesy of Gearbrain
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Basic Cost: $392.40 and Up
  • Daily Fees: $49.88
  • Scheme Lock: None Exists
  • Installation: DIY
  • Contact: 833-484-2099


Frontpoint, tied for second place in our list of the Best Home Security Systems of 2023, pre configured devices to sync with your hub right out of the box. 

The peel-and-stick backing is on the door and window, motion, glass break, smoke, heat, and garage door sensors. 

Whereas SimpliSafe and Ring Alarm CO detectors need screw installation, Frontpoint’s interior security cameras and CO detectors also offer adhesive backing.

Nevertheless, Frontpoint doesn’t have a battery-powered doorbell. 

Alternatively, by removing the present doorbell and wiring in the new one, it works with most existing doorbells. 

Except for Ring Alarm, all exterior cameras feature brackets that attach to the siding; Frontpoint includes the screws and optional wall anchors.


  • Many options for gadgets
  • Complete coverage for mobile alarms
  • Contract for a single month


  • Costly monitoring strategy
  • No opportunity for self-monitoring
  • Not compatible with Apple HomeKit

Interactive Link – Best for Detecting Smoke, Fire, and CO

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  • Rating: 4.0
  • Basic Cost: Varies
  • Daily Fees: $30.99 and Above
  • Scheme Lock: Varies
  • Installation: DIY

Interactive Link

The peel-and-stick sensors from Link Interactive, ranked No. 4 on our list of the Best Home Security Systems of 2023, are preprogrammed to connect to the hub once they are installed. 

Screws are used to attach security cameras to a wall, ceiling, or on shelf. 

Nevertheless, unlike SimpliSafe, Cove Security, and Frontpoint, Link Interactive does not provide motion detectors with adhesive backing. You must screw them into your wall as an alternative.

With the help of screws and anchors that Link Interactive provides, the glass break and smoke/heat sensors are attached to your wall. 

Yet battery-operated doorbells are not offered by the home security provider. Cove Security or Ring Alarm would be better options if you don’t already have a doorbell.


  • May alter service to meet specific demands
  • Integration of home automation seamlessly
  • A large number of hardware options


  • No option for professional installation
  • A 3-year contract is necessary unless you pay for the gear.
  • Compared to other DIY services, hardware and monitoring costs are higher.

Cove – Easy Install DIY with Professional Monitoring System 

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  • Rating: 3.9
  • Basic Cost: $249.00 and Above
  • Daily Fees: $17.99 and Up
  • Scheme Lock: None Exists
  • Installation: DIY and expert


The setup wizard for Cove, which ranks No. 5 on our list of the Best Home Security Systems of 2023, usually takes around 27 minutes to complete. 

The entrance and motion sensors are backed with glue. 

Like Link Interactive and Frontpoint, Cove preprograms door sensors so they can connect to the base station right out of the box. 

Cove also provides hard-wired doorbell cameras or doorbells that work on batteries.

Like Cove, which provides a battery-operated external camera that mounts with screws, this product is a suitable choice for those without access to an outdoor power outlet. 

The inside camera is mounted on a stand and does not include brackets with screws or adhesive backing.


  • Budget-friendly hardware
  • DIY installation options


  • No opportunity for self-monitoring

Ring Alarm – The Most Extensive Selection of Cameras

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  • Rating: 3.8
  • Basic Cost: $199.99 and Above
  • Daily Fees: $0.00 and Up
  • Scheme Lock: None Exists
  • Installation: DIY and expert

Ring Alarm:

The package containing your Ring Alarm home security system contains every tool required for installation. 

Contact sensors may be mounted using the adhesive tape that is included. The sensors don’t have the glue attached as SimpliSafe does. 

Ring Alarm, which ranks No. 6 on our list of Best Home Security Systems of 2023, offers both wired and battery-operated video doorbells. 

It is also the exclusive supplier of indoor and outdoor stick-up security cameras. The motion sensors of the Ring Alarm must be fastened into a wall, much like Link Interactive’s. 

Wall installation with the supplied screws is also necessary for the Ring Alarm Smoke and CO Listener. 

While Ring Alarm doesn’t contain fasteners, the base station may be mounted to a wall or placed on a shelf or table.


  • Options with no monthly price and self-monitoring
  • Homemade installation
  • Kits may provide savings.


  • Few integrations outside of Amazon items
  • Video storage in the cloud has to be subscribed to.






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