[ Handpicked ] Some of the Best Decorative Window Clings

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 01:30 am

Unfortunately, privacy on the internet has become an oxymoron. But the least you could do is have some privacy at your home /room. This is where decorative privacy window clings come into play. Not only are these clings handy at keeping your privacy but they also stop UV rays from entering your room.

Here, our research team came up with a list of best decorative window clings available in the market for your assistance. Give it a read.

Things to consider before buying Window Clings

The manufacturers of window films can’t fulfill the needs of every user, as the need varies from user to user. E.g. films needed for a bathroom window will have different requirements than the films needed for the main door.


The first and the most important thing to consider is the purpose of buying a window film.

There could be various purposes of buying a window film

  • To apply it on the bathroom window, so that no one could see inside, from the outside.
    • A simple window film, that blocks the view, will do your job.
  • To apply it on a glass cabin of an office to ensure office privacy
    • You will need a decorative window film that matches your office interior.
  • To apply it to the main door of your home or the glass partitioning. This partitioning is usually done so that an outsider sitting in the drawing-room could not see in the living room.
    • You will need a fancy film so that it looks good while fulfilling your need.


In buying a window film, size is a crucial factor. Before ordering window film, you need to have your window/glass measured. Buying a window film that doesn’t fit your window could prove to be very frustrating. Window films come in rolls having defined length and width. You will need to cut them according to the size of your window.


The installation of window films could prove to be a headache. Before buying any window films, always go through the product review.

Anyone with liquid soap, spray bottle, squeegee, towel, and a knife can easily install them. Just read user guide or watch tutorials before jumping into it.


If you need a window film for the main portion of your office or home, you need to buy the ones with stylish/decorative patterns. It should not look odd and match the overall interior of the room.

Heat Dispersion:

Window films come with UV light protection that disperses heat. They don’t allow the heat to come in.

There are window clings that behave differently according to the weather. In winters they absorb heat while in summers they disperse heat.


Visibility is an important factor to consider. Some films are fully visible while others are semi-visible. Both have their purposes and advantages. Always go for the ones that fulfill your purpose.


You should know your budget before looking for window films, as it will save both your time and energy. You need to find a cling that fulfills your purpose, while not being a burden on the pocket.

TOP 7 decorative window clings

1. Rabbitgoo Frosted Window Film- best decorative window clings


  • Batteries Required:  NO
  • Size:  35.4″ x 78.7″
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces


  • Offers privacy
  • Installation is simple
  • Easy to remove
  • UV light protected
  • Cross-pattern design


  • Bubbles can be hard to get out
  • Can curl up
  • Not ideal for bathrooms

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Rabbitgoo is a top manufacturer of decorative window films. This window film achieves user-purpose without compromising on style. Its cross-pattern design & frosted glass effect enhances the beauty of the glass window it is applied on. These are ideal for home and office use.

As compared to blinds or curtains, they are a cost-effective solution. It disperses heat through its UV protection, by blocking 99% UVB & 84% UVA rays.

These films don’t require any glue or adhesive to install as they are static cling. They are very easy to remove.

2. Gila Privacy Black – decorative static cling window decals



  • Batteries Required: NO
  • Size: 36″ x 6.5
  • Weight:55 pound


  • Daytime privacy
  • Energy Efficient
  • Provide great comfort
  • UV and glare protected


  • Simpler design
  • Not that easy to install

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This window film is built to provide superior privacy. Which means, it doesn’t allow anyone to see through. It is best suited for people wanting to go for a simpler design.

They provide UV protection by blocking 99% of UV rays. Protect your skin and furniture from direct exposure to the UV rays. Makes the interior comfortable by minimizing glare up-to 93%.

They are too simple for fancy places.

3. Artviva Peel and Stick Window Film- TOP RATED window clings for home


  • Batteries Required: NO
  • Size: 7″ wide x 78.7″ long
  • Weight:6 Ounce


  • Made up of high-quality vinyl
  • Easy to install
  • Provides 99% UV protection
  • Doesn’t generate harmful smell


  • Can leave air bubbles

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This film is made up of high-quality vinyl, which makes it highly durable. They don’t generate any harmful smell. The installation process is easier, you just need to peel it and stick it right away without requiring any glue.

The film is UV protected up-to 99% which protects your furniture from fading. It is one of those films that can be used everywhere.

4. Artscape Savannah Window Film – finest door window clings


  • Batteries Required: NO
  • Size: 24″ x 36″
  • Weight: 12 ounces



  • Poor user guide
  • Colors are not accurate to photo provided

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This Artscape Savannah film is a piece of art. It gives a luxurious look, making it ideal for formal places.  They provide great value for money. When sunlight falls on it, it looks like a stained-glass window.

It is a non-adhesive film making it easier to install and use. It can cover any window size because the patterns repeat.

It blocks 90% of UV rays, which is comparatively low as compared to the above films that block 99% of rays.

5. Rabbitgoo Frosted – good window sticker design


  • Batteries Required: NO
  • Size: 5″ x 78.7″
  • Weight:98 ounces


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Works in all weathers
  • Traditional design


  • Difficult to install
  • The film is not frosted

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This leaf-patterned film allows the light to come in, while providing privacy, at the same time. These are environment-friendly films, which don’t release any chemical substances.

It absorbs heat in winters, and disperse in summers, making it ideal for all weathers. Protects skin from radiations and furniture from aging by blocking 84% UVA & 99% UVB rays.

Users have faced problems while installing them. Users have reported that this film is not frosted.

6. Coavas Privacy – best window stickers for house


  1. Batteries Required: NO
  2. Size: 4inches*118inches
  3. Weight: 10 ounces


  • Allows the light to get in
  • Ensures privacy
  • Works well even in showers


  • Less clingy
  • Difficult to install

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The films ensure privacy while letting the light get in. It has beautiful patterns that enhance the beauty of the window. They are a great replacement for traditional blinds. Lets you enjoy life safely by providing 24-hour security.

It has proved to work well even in showers where it is constantly exposed to water.

Needs to be installed correctly, otherwise, it would be a headache. Some users have reported it to be less clingy.

7. Rabbitgoo Frosted – window cover sticker


  • Batteries Required: NO
  • Size: 4 x 78.7 inches
  • Weight:05 pounds


  • It doesn’t leave behind any residue
  • Uses static cling instead of glue
  • Ideal for offices, homes, kitchens
  • Easy to install
  • You can it according to the size of your window
  • Affordable


  • Leaves air bubbles if not installed properly
  • Colors are not accurate to picture provided

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This film provides partial privacy, which automatically makes it not suitable for bathrooms. It is more suitable for places where the purpose is to block partial vision and not full vision.

This film comes in three sizes, but you can cut it according to the size of your window. Keep vigilant while installing this film, a mistake could easily result in bubbles around the corner. The film is not the same as it is advertised.


Windows films that use static cling are a great alternative for traditional blinds and curtains. It doesn’t only provide security but enhances beauty as well. Moreover, its UV light protection could protect your skin from harmful rays. It also protects your furniture from fading away. Almost all window films provide UV protection. But their effectiveness varies from film to film., We have listed for you, the best out there in the market. Choose the window film that suits you best.


1. What are decorative window films that use static cling?

They are an easy-to-install decorative window that uses static cling instead of adhesives. They enhance the beauty of a window while providing privacy and security. A beautiful alternative of traditional blinds and curtain.

2.Where can window films be applied?

They can be applied on any surface that is smooth, clean, and flat. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, main doors and offices as well

3. Are window films easy to use? Can I install them myself?

Window films with static clings are very easy to install. It doesn’t require any glue or adhesive. You just need to peel them off and stick to your window.

Anyone with liquid soap, spray bottle, squeegee, towel, and a knife can easily install them. Just read user guide or watch tutorials before jumping into it.

4. Do window films use adhesives?

They use static cling instead of glue or adhesive making them environmental-friendly.

5. Do window films provide UV protection?

Almost all window films provide UV protection. But their effectiveness varies from film to film

6. Can window films be installed in a bathroom?

Not all, but most of the films are made to install in a bathroom. They can even be installed in showers.

7. How do I clean the film once it is installed?

Any mild, non-abrasive household cleaning agent will do the work for you, without damaging the film.

8. Are window films effective work in all weathers?

It absorbs heat in winters, and disperse in summers, making it ideal for all weathers.

9. Do window films provide privacy at night?

Windows films help block out sunlight at day, but they are reported to be a little ineffective at night. Window films work best when the outside is brighter than the inside. At night, the inside is brighter than the outside which makes these films less effective.



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