8 Awesome Benefits of Cross Trainers [Incl. Weight Loss]

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#4e8abf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]M[/mks_dropcap]ost of you don’t know about the cross-trainer and what is it. Don’t worry as in this article we will study the cross trainer and about the benefits, it provides over standard machines. Well till now the treadmill is loved by most of the gym trainers and cardio freaks but from the last few couples of years, cross trainers are also becoming famous due to its unique abilities.

What is a Cross Trainer?

Cross trainers are fixed running machines like treadmills and stair masters. But they have a unique property due to which it causes less pressure on the joints while running on the cross-trainers.

[su_note note_color=”#eff7ff”]Cross trainers are becoming a fundamental machine in the gym to do your cardio. It is also the best machine to cardio and burns some fat just like the treadmill. When you are using a cross-trainer, you can do three exercises at the same time running, walking, and climbing (stair masters are built for this), because it has all the three features built into it. So, is it better and does it have more benefits over other cardio machines let’s find out?[/su_note]

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Without further adieu, let’s check out some of the benefits cross-trainers provides.

Benefits of Cross Trainers

Cross Trainer has a lot of benefits, it helps us in a lot of ways so, let’s take a look at those benefits one by one.

1- Weight Loss

Weight loss using cross trainers

Cross trainers are great for weight loss. Many people have tried cross trainer over a treadmill to lose weight had been very happy with the result. Cross trainers are very great for burning fat as compare to the stair master and the cycling machine. Of course, weight loss or burning calories vary upon a great number of factors like age, gender, weight and overall fitness level of your body. A great thing about cross trainer over a treadmill is that it is much easier to use. If you really want to lose some weight then this machine is perfect for your goal with having a proper diet plan also. If you don’t have a proper diet plan then all the exercise you are doing in the gym is no longer effective on your body.

2- Burning Calories

Stair master and the cycling bike are not best for burning fats but when it comes to the cross trainers then it is best for burning calories. Many people in this world want to stay in shape which cross trainers can help you achieve. You can even buy them for your house and can exercise them. When it’s come to burning calories then it is one of the best machines in burning calories for you.

If you exercise on your cross trainer for 30 minutes at low intensity them you can burn up to 200 calories which is great and if you want to burn even more calories then at the high intensity you can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes. That means you can lose weight within weeks and start looking fit again. By using cross trainers, you can lose up to 1Kg per 3 weeks which is great. For this, you need to burn 7000 Kcal. Which means up to 10 hours of exercise. You just have to use 1 hour if cross trainer for 3 weeks then you will lose your weight.

3- Workout for the whole body

Many of the cardio machines are just built for the lower part of the body (cardio), but a cross trainer is a machine that is built for whole body workout.

As we know that cross trainer works on your lower body parts but if you want to work on the upper body then simply increase the intensity and grab the handles of the machines with your hands by this you can feel that it will start working on your upper part of the body.

And if you want to work on your core then, you can also do it with the help of the cross trainer, for this just let go the handles of the cross trainer and start moving your hands with the motion of the body and remind to keep the intensity up and you will feel that your core muscles will start to work.

So, this is the best machine that can do the whole-body workout for you, which the treadmill can’t do for you.

4- Prevention from joint injuries

joint injuries using treadmill

The cross trainer is better as compared to the treadmill. If you have an injury on a joint issue then your treadmill can make it even worse but cross trainer helps you in that, because of the motion of the cross trainer you will not fee much stress on your joints, which is best for both the people having injury or have weak knees or have a joint issue. Another thing to notice is that the cross is also much better for running as compared to the concrete. Because running on the concrete also gives stress to your joints.

Cross trainers also help you with your back problems. Today we spent most of the time slouching our back in front of the table or at the office desk so, we need some exercise for our back also. Well other machines like treadmill can’t support to help your back but cross trainers are also good for your back and make your back stronger because with cross trainers you can also work on your upper body (already discussed above.)

5- No more Falling

The basic thing that everyone faces is falling from the treadmill. Well, it is quite amusing when you see any person falling from the treadmill but it does hurt quite a lot. And by falling form the treadmill you can also face many injuries. And if the injuries are very bad.

So, as compare to the treadmill cross trainer are much safer. They have a place where you can rest your foot and the machine moves as your legs move there is no belt inside it so, you can’t fall on from the cross-trainers. This is my favorite thing in the cross-trainers.

6- Stronger Body

People always want to increase their muscles and want them to be stronger. Well, a cross-trainer can also do it for you. To achieve much stronger muscles, you have to do heavy work which can be easily done by the cross-trainer. To do this you have to increase the intensity of your exercise, as a cross trainer is best of all the body workout out so, cranking up the speed you will be able to do heavy work out and can achieve much stronger muscles.

It is also considered the cross trainer can be used to recover the body muscles much faster. If you are lifting having weight and doing resistance work out then using the cross trainer can help you to recover your muscles faster so, this can also be used as a muscle recovery machine. Cross trainers can help you to get stronger muscles.

7- Home Workout

This is a machine which can be used to work at home on your own. With these machines, you don’t need any kind of trainer who can help you with the exercise and teaches you about the angles and other things. With cross-trainer, you just have to read the manual to how to operate it and otherwise just have to watch a few videos on the internet and then you are good to go. Nothing else needed. It will be a great addition to your home gym and you will certainly feel leaner within a few weeks after using it.

8- Cardiovascular Muscles

 cardio vascular muscles benefit of cross trainer

Cross-trainers are also very great for cardiovascular muscles exercise. It offers you a low impact exercise in your heart which means that you build a stronger heart. Better cardiovascular capacity and even low chances of having a heart attack and other cardiovascular issues.

And when your heart is in good shape and condition and working all well then, your lungs will work better too. Since cardiovascular training increases the capacity of lungs, so more oxygen is transported to the cells and muscles of the body.

Cross trainer is the best machine for every kind of work out and is beneficial in a lot of ways.

Is It Worth It?

As we have seen earlier that cross trainer provides all kinds of exercise for our body. It is effective on the lower and upper part of the body and you can even work on your core and cardiovascular muscle with the help of the cross-trainer. And the best part is it is a safe machine and there are zero chances to fall from it. It is also a safer form for joints and the back of your body and provides help in a great way. So yes, this machine is worth it.


In the article, we have learned about the cross-trainer machine and seen the benefits of it. So, if you like this article and find it effective then please let me know about that.



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