Controversy Strikes Again: The Grammys

Sunday saw the return of the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, a night in the music industry filled with surprising upsets, historic triumphs, tributes for musicians such as the late rapper Takeoff, and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. 

Beyoncé was once again one of the candidates for the most prestigious award.

Awards Ceremony Concluded With Someone Else Taking Home The Trophy For Best Album Of The Year.

This year was generally seen as an opportunity for the Grammys to recognize the diva with a big award, particularly on a night when she had the potential to become the Grammys’ most-awarded artist (which she ultimately accomplished).

  • Instead, Harry Styles was awarded the prize, and during his acceptance speech, he said something that struck a nerve with many who believed Beyoncé should have won.
  • This is what took place, how it has been interpreted, and who chooses the winners of the top Grammy awards.

What In The World Is The Problem With Styles Winning?

Even Styles seemed astonished when his name was given as the winner of his third album, “Harry’s House.”

The British pop diva had to compete with other business titans, including bands such as ABBA, Adele, Bad Bunny, Brandi Carlile, Coldplay, Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé.

  • He remarked, “This is really, very nice,” as the award was given out. I’m so, so thankful… This doesn’t happen to folks who are very similar to me often. 
  • And this is really very lovely. I appreciate your help so much, thank you.
  • In the hours that followed his victory, his statement that “this doesn’t happen to individuals like me very frequently” was criticized by many.
  • Styles was born and reared in Northern England, and he first gained widespread attention in 2010 when he tried out for the talent competition program “The X Factor,” which was hosted by Simon Cowell. 
  • Together with the boy band One Direction, he came in third place. 
  • His solo career has garnered him several Grammys in addition to albums and songs that have charted on Billboard.
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Styles still need to elaborate on the meaning behind his terms. Some people have taken this to mean that he was attempting to convey how far he has come from his younger years. 

On the other hand, some people consider the comment to be an illustration of white privilege.

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Why Do People Get so Irrational About Styles’ Words?

Beyoncé has many devoted followers who guard her with their lives. In the end, they are known as the Beyhive, after all.

Many people are upset by the fact that Beyoncé has not yet won album of the year and that she has lost to white artists every time she has been nominated for a Grammy even though she has won a total of 32 Grammys, the most of any artist in the history of the awards.

  • Chris Richards, a pop music journalist for the Washington Post, authored an article titled “Beyoncé just made Grammy history. 
  • Someone stated that her historic triumph seemed empty since she still lost. Why does it feel like she is still lost?
  • Richards questioned why that didn’t seem like it was enough to him. 
  • Beyoncé, to her credit, keeps raising the bar with each new album, “since the Recording Academy has, for the past 20 years and counting, continuously refused to reward Black artists at the creative heights of their careers,”
  • Similar criticism was voiced in other publications, and by internet commentators, some of whom pointed out that a Black woman hadn’t won album of the year since Lauryn Hill in the late ’90s. 
  • This was one of the points brought up in the discussion.

In response to Styles’ speech, Ashley Smalls, a doctoral candidate in Black feminism and popular culture at Penn State University, tweeted, “‘this doesn’t happen to people like me very often’ when a Black woman hasn’t won that award since 1999 is crazy lol.” 

Styles was referring to the fact that a black woman hasn’t won the award since 1999.

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What Is Beyoncé’s Grammys History?

The musician has received 88 nominations during her career, the same as her husband, Jay-Z, but she has only been victorious 32 times. 

The fact that Beyoncé has been defeated for album of the year four times by Taylor Swift, Beck, Adele, and now Styles is the most notable of these defeats.

  • Beyoncé has been nominated for every major award during the course of her two-decade career, but she has only ever taken home one of these prizes for her song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”
  • Since Lauryn Hill was awarded the honor in 1999 for her breakthrough album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” a Black woman has not been successful in winning the award for album of the year. 
  • Jon Batiste, a Black musician, was the most recent person of African descent to receive the prize. He did so for his album “We Are” last year.
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Who Decides The Artist Of The Year For An Album?

As stated by Billboard, the Recording Academy is said to have more than 12,000 members eligible to vote. 

  • The voting for the four most important categories—best new artist, record, song, and album of the year—is open to every organization member. 
  • Members are responsible for voting on the winners of each category and proposing candidates in the areas of competence in which they specialize.
  • Many musicians have voiced their disapproval of the Grammys’ nomination process. 
  • The Recording Academy is now pushing to increase its membership’s diversity; by the year 2025, the organization hopes to have 2,500 female members.

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What’s Next For Beyoncé And Styles?

Both are getting ready to go on tours throughout many countries.

  • The next week, Styles will do a gig in Thailand, continuing to do so throughout the summer in Asia and Europe.
  • In May, Beyoncé will kick off her “Renaissance” tour in Sweden, after which she will continue to perform dates around Europe and the United States.




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