Best Compound Bow Backpacks – A Thorough Guide

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Don’t mess up your hunting game by forgetting a piece of gear or any necessary tool every time you go for a hunting trip. Compound bow backpacks carry all the essentials in it to make your hunting sessions successful. They are made of nylon fabric which is water resistant. They include reinforced zipper closed pockets and comfortable shoulder fit straps. The adjustable locking clips and many exciting features are on your way with our list of top 7 best compound bow backpacks.

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Insights Hunting the vision compound bow backpack

☞ Securely protects all your tools, arrow rest and d-loop
☞ Comes with life time warranty

Things to consider before buying the best compound bow backpacks

Here are some most important factors and features to consider before you get your hands on any compound bow backpack.


  • Know your type of hunting
  • For big hunting games like elk, choose a big size of backpack
  • For small hunting games, go with small sized backpacks.
  • As bigger size with small tools will be more bulky and wasted
  • Collect all the tools you are going to need for your hunting. Purchase a backpack according to the variety of equipment you are taking with you.
  • Buy a 3500 cubic inches size back pack if you are planning for a single day trip
  • Light-weight backpacks help you carry them on a long way


  • Take a look on backpacks thoroughly and avoid buying one with loose threads
  • The shoulder straps must be strong, comfortable and of good quality
  • Check the pockets and zippers to make sure they work well and hold tools strongly


  • Choose a backpack that get you mixed with the hunting environment so that, you cannot be spotted easily by other creatures.
  • The best hunting backpacks are of camouflage pattern. Choose the shade according to your outfit and surrounding
  • A large design of backpack will store more things like food, clothes and hunting tools

Essentials to pack in your hunting backpack

  • First aid kit
  • Water
  • Some snacks/food
  • Rain gear
  • Head lamp
  • Matches
  • Toilet paper
  • Rubber gloves
  • Knife
  • Hunting license

Top 7 best compound bow backpacks


1. Insights Hunting the vision compound bow backpack

Amazon.com: INSIGHTS Hunting THE VISION Compound Bow Carrier Pack ...

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key features:

  • Safe and comfortable to carry your compound bow, arrows and electronics
  • A unique design that allows your pack to securely wrap around the tree
  • Introduced a new feature of TS3 front panel system
  • Securely protects all your tools, arrow rest and d-loop
  • Comes with life time warranty

Insight hunting bow carrying backpack offers a wider room space for your parallel and longest limb bows to place in. the Insight hunting vision bow and arrow backpacks has introduced their model with new features of TS3 with gear basket and tree stand shelf.

To make the hunters feel more relaxed with these three convenient modes of shelf, storage and basket. This hunting lumbar pack is made of durable polyester fabric and a comfortable shoulder strap to carry long ways.

Customer reviews:
Customers wrote the reviews as: It carries my Mathews DXT bow perfectly. It has lashing points everywhere and the design of the interior pockets with the wire brimmed section is brilliant. Not sure about multiday but it would handle 1-2 day hunt easily. 

2. Badlands 2200 hunting backpack


Amazon.com: Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack - Meat ...

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key features:

  • Made of imported KXO-32 water proof fabric
  • A built-in meat shelf, internal scope and tripod pockets
  • The 2200 backpack that covers all bases
  • Entry panel that allows quick access to your gears
  • Water proof fabric that offer scent suppressions and resist blood, dirt and moist
  • Internal frame is made of T-6 aircraft aluminum
  • Weight lifter straps transfers load to your hips to decrease fatigue
  • Built to endure the toughest conditions hunters face
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

The bow hunting backpack by badlands 2200 provides a room space, several pockets and adjustable straps to fit your hunting tool. After the hunt this backpack provide you ease of carrying the meat home with its in-built meat shelf.

This backpack has an internal made of T-6 aircraft aluminum, you do not need to worry about carrying the weight of meat. The badlands 2200 for sale backpack weights 5 lbs. and a total volume of 2250 cubic inches. It include eight pockets and works ideal for a day or two days hunting trip.

Customer reviews:
A customer wrote about badlands that: “I can’t say enough good things about the Badlands company, and what they do for their veterans. During the hunt I asked the guides what type of hunting bag I should get and their answer was universal. “Badlands 2200.”

3. Timber hawk kill shot backpack

Timber hawk kill shot backpack

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key features:

  • A multi-day hunter backpack with 52 liter capacity
  • It can carry a bow, riffle and tripod in multiple ways
  • Designed with a twill lining pull out rain cover
  • Also include two-liter reversible hydration blader
  • The adjustable straps can fit on multiple torso size
  • Ergonomic tightening adjustments
  • Deluxe padded waist belt
  • Enough capacity and external storage to hold on multiple day hunting
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

A camouflage hunting backpack by timber hawk is designed by taking keeping a passionate hunter in mind. The camouflage design ensure you not to spot by other prey and to blend you with in the hunting environment. A perfect size and capacity to carry enough gears and arrows with you. You can also take your cloths in it.

The room space and several pockets make it ideal to carry heavy loads in it. A deluxe padded waist belt with ergonomic adjustments are strong enough to be with you when you run or climb in a hurry.

Customer reviews:
This is great pack for hunters going on a 3 day or more hunt or taking large game, since it’s large and has some weight to it even when empty. The water bladder is great addition and waist pockets have plenty of room.

4. ALPS outdoorZ pursuit hunting pack

ALPS outdoorZ pursuit hunting pack

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key features:

  • The unique shelf design helps you keep all your gears at your finger tips
  • A drop down riffle bow holder pocket that keeps your essentials close to you
  • Include hydration pockets, quiver holder and port
  • A padded waist belt with clip style holsters and two pockets
  • Can bear Inclement weather conditions with a blaze orange rain cover
  • Keep your gears safe and dry
  • Weight of this backpack is 4 lbs. and 2700 cubic inches in size

The ALPS outdoorZ bow carry backpack is able to carry many guns and almost every tool you need for a successful hunting session. This bow carrying backpack allows a room space of 2700 cubic inches and works perfect for 1 to 2 days of hunting. There is also a supportive belt and so many little pockets to place small items.
It comes with a blaze orange rain cover and is designed by keeping in mind the safety of hunter. The strong and durable compound bow backpack comes in a camouflage tree design so that no creature can spot you. This blend you with the hunting environment.

Customer reviews:
A Great Hunting backPack. This will be my third year owning and using this pack. I spend at least one day a week hiking/hunting a year. I have put many miles on this pack. This has been and going to be my hunting partner so far.

5. Eberlestock X2 backpack

Eberlestock X2 backpack

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key features:

  • It is a 6 inches high and 16 inches wide backpack
  • Include ample flexchassis that can flip forward to use as a seat
  • Designed to carry any type of gun either short guns or full length riffles
  • In key locations there are pad lock webbing tie-points for gear lashing and other attachments
  • Loden micro suede color and micro suede fabric that is water and weather resistant

When it comes to best bow hunting pack the eberlestock is our editor’s another favourite choice for bow hunting. For an organized hunting gear it has total 12 pockets. When you open the straps the two side pockets will open up like wings. You can easily attach your arrows, bow or any other tool to this bow hunting backpack. This a great backpack for almost 2 – 3 days hunting trip.

Customer reviews:
Love this pack. It has tons of space and the pack is really intuitively laid out. Most would say it’s a day pack. That’s probably mostly true, but if you go minimalist and push it on space you can turn it into a 1-2 night pack easily.

6. Sitka gear ascent backpack

Sitka gear ascent backpack

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key features:

  • One size design that fits all equipment and tools
  • Comes in subalpine and open country colors
  • It is 12 stripped down dialed in backpack for moving fast
  • A 1200 cubic inches main compartment, hydration bladder sleeve and suspension hook
  • Three zipper pockets and additional external and internal space provided
  • A new toggle bow suspension system to secure your weapons

The Sitka dialed in day backpack is the cheap hunting backpacks of them all. They are light-weight and works great while moving fast. The external bungie compression provides additional storage. Opens up with 1200 cubic inches compartment and hydration bladder sleeves. This archery hunting backpack is for those who travel with more load but require a light weight backpack. It is an easy carry thing with lots of cool features.

Customer reviews:
Customers’ reviewed this product as: “it has a Good camouflage pattern! Great setup for day hikes and hunting”. Some complains about it that “it is not really water resistant and one of the buttons snaps broke right away”.

7. Mossy Oak technical backpack

Mossy Oak technical backpack

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key features:

  • Made of 100% important other fibers
  • Provide a large storage compartment of 40 liters
  • Main zipper pockets for quick access to essentials
  • Composite stay suspension system and hydration compatible
  • Adjustable straps and ventilated back panels

A bow hunting backpack with quiver by mossy Oak knuckleboom technical backpack is 40 liter large storage backpack to carry a tripod, a folding stool, cloths and other essentials. Interior pockets offer a separate room space to place gloves, range finder and other tools. It is the most decent hunting backpack amazon has in its market. This arrow quiver backpack has a composite stay suspension system and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Customer reviews:
From many honest customer reviews it is stated that: For the money it is well worth.
I took it elk hunting as a day pack with room to fit a quarter in. And it served its purpose.
Is it the best? Probably not, but for week or two a year it just fine.


How to carry a bow on your back?
You can easily carry a bow on your back by using a good quality backpack. These backpacks let you strap your bows into it and allow to carry them anywhere you want.

What is the best backpack for elk hunting?
ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Commander X, Eberlestock, Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack, Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler and SITKA Gear Ascent are best backpacks for elk hunting.

What is day pack?
It could be a day pack, a book pack, a camera pack, a travel pack or a larger pack used for backpacking (whicn means hiking to your campsite(s) and carrying all of your gear on your back). Typically a day pack is small, betwen 600 cubic inches to about 2,500 cubic inches

What are the essentials for hiking?
Map, Compass, Sunglasses and sunscreen, Extra clothing, Headlamp or flashlight, First-aid supplies, Fire starter and Matches.

What do beginner hikers need?
Navigation (map & compass), Sun protection (sunglasses & sunscreen), Insulation (extra clothing), Illumination (headlamp/flashlight), First-aid supplies, Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candle), Repair kit and tools, Nutrition (extra food)


Hunting has become a passion of many people now a days. We need a perfect hunting setup with all the accessories needed. Hunters carry most of the hunting stuff with them and they need a perfect backpack to carry all of them at a time. This article is a solution of every problem a hunter face during his session. Far from your home and markets, these backpacks offer a wide space for your food, tools and other accessories. We have put all of them together to make your buy easy and effective for your next hunting trip.


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