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Many best coconut oil brand for hair are available in the market but choosing a healthy, organic and pure product in this era of fake, fraudulent, impure products and foods is really a challenging task. And when it comes to buying pure coconut oil, this task becomes even more difficult.

A large number of companies offering chemical-based and impure oils in the market, you should not end up buying something which will have an adverse effect on your skin, hair and even health.

Coconuts have been considered one of the most nutritious foods with multiple health benefits and almost every medical consultant and doctors recommend coconut oil for hair, skins, and for food as well.

It is a very strong phrase that “You become what you eat” and it is true that eating affects your skin, hair, and body but there are some natural products that can help your body heal and nourishes it and coconuts are one of them.

It was very hard to find products made from coconut in the past but now there are numerous products available that are produced and customized to benefit consumers in every possible way. From skincare to hair care, to even edible coconut oil for cooking.

We have selected some of the best coconut oil brand for hair which can make your brittle, and frizzy hair smooth and silky.

Top 6 Best Coconut Oil Brand for Hair

1. Someone Loves You Organic Coconut oil

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Coconut oils’ Liquid extracts have been widely used and consumed due to their convenience of usage and purest organic form. “Someone loves you” provides the richest and purest extract of coconut oil as their product, committed to delivering cruelty-free products and it is the best coconut oil for hair.

This coconut oil is totally organic as it is unbleached and gluten-free which will not have any adverse effects on your skin, scalp, or hair. The company’s mission is to provide the best they can, making their customers completely satisfied and assured of what they are consuming.

This coconut oil is of the premium quality, perfectly cold-pressed, and undiluted which results in various beneficial outcomes as compared to other oil brands in the market. This is the best coconut oil for hair growth as it acts as a great hydrating tonic for the soothing scalp and helps hair grow thick, strong, and long.

Men can also consume this product and use it for their beard and hairstyling as it does not contain any artificial scents and it’s non-greasy. It can also be used as a face mask, balm, and apply on skin for soft skin and radiant glow.

Customer Reviews 

Customers have rating this natural and organic coconut oil liquid extract offers 4.8 out of 5 rating and seemed very much satisfied of the results and recommended this oil brand to others due to multiple types of usage along with various health benefits and amazing results.

2.  Now Solutions – Liquid Coconut Oil

Now Solutions - Liquid Coconut Oil

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NOW solutions is considered one of the best coconut oil brand for hair by establishing a charitable giving, family owned and operated and quality products organization.

This product by NOW provides multiple benefits and serves as a versatile cosmetic oil and carrier for essential oils due to light and easily absorbent qualities. An ideal and perfect product for dry and frizzy hairs nourishes and promotes healthy looking skin as well.

Now coconut is differentiated by the odorless, colorless, and fractionated liquid while ensuring a non greasy and smooth texture accurate for personal care uses. Coconut oil by now solutions id very much effective and can be used as a base for homemade skincare products, dry skin, and even for massage therapy.

Customer Reviews

Most of the consumers have admired this product due to compatible bottle size along with the UV light protection. This product gets a rating of 4.7 by the users and gained trust and satisfaction interms of quality, purity and results.

3.  Viva Naturals – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Naturals – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Viva naturals provide an authentic, most natural, and nutritious filled product to its consumers for hair, skin and immunity support. Extra Virgin Coconut oil by Viva can be used for cooking as well as it helps nourishes your hair and skins with additional benefits.

This Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a best seller and it is made from the fresh, organic, and finest coconuts packed with anti oxidants, antibiotics, and healthy fatty acids.

Viva’s coconut oil is magnificent product for hair and skins as it is approved /certified by USDA and totally free from chemicals, pesticides, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavors/scents. The viva’s coconut oil proves to be a natural hair conditioner and skin moisturizer due to nutrition-rich properties providing deep penetration and hydration.

Moreover this coconut oil can be used for cooking and spreading, as it is edible and makes metabolism strong, fight bacteria, prevents heart diseases, and help weight loss.

Customer Reviews

Consumers have rated this product 4.7 out of 5 with 83% of people have giving a 5 star. Huge number of customer seemed stisfirs with the results of using Viva coconut oil. Customers have also mentioned this product far better and excellent than all other lotions and RX creams.

4. Palmer’s Coconut Oil – Curl and Scalp Refresher

Palmer’s Coconut Oil – Curl and Scalp Refresher

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Palmer’s Coconut is an effective and nutritious filled product made of only natural and raw ingredients such as matcha tea and Tahitian Monoï, infused with Tiaré flower petals and is the best coconut oil for hair growth.

These sustainable and ethical ingredients are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals like sulfate, gluten, and parables. Palmer’s coconut oil hydrates deeply in the roots of the hair and enhances hair follicles and microcirculation to the skin of the hairs.

This Scalp refresher provides its consumers with a substantial relieve from itchy, tight and dry scalp and provides soft, shinny, damage free and beautiful hairs.

Palmer’s coconut oil comes in a lightweight spray bottle that is very convenient to use. This oil is mainly use to improve curl and at times it can also be used to re-wet curls.

Palmers coconut oil is a great hair product and best coconut oil brand as it delivers a shiny, moisturized, strengthened, and soft hair/scalp.

Customer Reviews

Due to the amazing results witnessed by the uses with curly/damaged hair, Customer rated this product 4.7 out 5 due to its effectiveness, qualities, quality and competitive price. A great number of customers seemed satisfied by palmer’s coconut oil.

5. Molivera Organics – Fractionated Coconut Oil

Molivera Organics - Fractionated Coconut Oil

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When it comes to purity, Molivera organics is considered as the most authentic and best coconut oil brand for hair. It is a highest premium grade coconut oil brand available.

Fractioned coconut oil by Molivera Organics can be used for multiple purposes due to its liquid form. It is used for deep moisturizing of hair and skin, aromatherapy, and even massages.

This oil penetrates through hair deep into the skin providing a glowing, healthy, smooth, and soft hair and skin. It can also be used for cooking, baking or frying.

Unlike any other coconut oil available in the market, Molivera coconut oil is free from all kinds of preservatives and chemicals which give it a long shelf life and makes it one of the best organic coconut oil for hair. Moreover, It is completely odorless and colorless and highly absorbent. It does not leave any kind of stain on the fabric and neither goes rancid.

Customer Reviews

Customer has rated this product 4.7 on the scale of 5 where 80% of people rated 5 stars. This product is greatly appreciated due to its highly absorbent quality and its purity. Customers also like this product for its effective results.

6. Velona Coconut oil 92 Degree

Velona Coconut oil 92 Degree

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Velona’s 92 degree oil is a perfect product and can be one of the best coconut oil brand for hair. It is an ideal product if you are allergic to any fraction of chemicals or impurities added in health/skincare products.

Coconut oil by velona is considered to be a nonallergic product, totally free from any kind of impurities/additional chemicals. 92 degree oil is a non GMO (gentically modified organisms) product, indicating that it is free from all kinds of ingredients, additives, and preservatives.

Company also claims that their coconut oil is miles away from the top eight major allergies. These allergies are as eggs, wheat, milk, crustacean fish, soy, tree nuts, fish, and peanut providing the consumers with the best organic coconut oil brand.

Velona’s coconut oil is a great night time moisturizer as well and it is refined bleached and deodorized to deliver its consumers with oil to nourish dry and frizzy hair leaving them smooth and polished.

Customer Reviews

The 92-degree oil attains massive loyalty and trust from its consumers due to its raw and organic nature and chemical-free formalization. Most of the customers have recommended this product to others who are looking for the best coconut oil for hair treatment Velona gets a rating of 3.3 out of 5.


The purest product comes in very limited numbers and few brands deliver such product and Velona is one f them. To make a comparison of this product/brand with other oil brands, you can click in the check button, image or name.

If you are conscious of your hair and skin and looking for a product that meets your expectations! then you should definitely go for this product. You can click on the button, image or the name to see further details and make a direct purchase.




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