30+ City Life Phone Wallpapers [ Free Download in HD ]


If you are looking for some fresh new phone wallpapers to quickly download and set in your phone, that’s exactly why we created this post. We have collected together some of our favorite urban city life phone wallpapers you can simply right click and download to your phone right now!

    1. HD Winter Light FOG City View WallpaperPhoto by Stephen Cook
    2. Quite Night City View with Dim lightsPhoto by Lindsay Doyle
    3. Clear Sky behind High rise Glass building evening viewPhoto by Andrea Reggiani
    4. HD Tram Bus Line lights background blurredPhoto by Karina lago
    5. Beautiful city view phone wallpaper with train passing between the buildingsPhoto by Taeshin T.
    6. Cloudy night illuminated by road lightsPhoto by Jonny Gios
    7. aesthetic buildings eveningPhoto by Adam Borkowski
    8. mystic night viewAnother one by Adam
    9. City buildings mysterious look with moon backgroundPhoto by DESIGNECOLOGIST
    10. empty road dim daylight city buildings backgroundPhoto by Sebastien Gabriel
    11. Dubai High life Evening View Wallpaper for mobilePhoto by Sebastien Gabriel
    12. Beautiful even city buildings empty roadPhoto by Claude Piché
    13. River Side City view Early morningPhoto by Claude Piché
    14. Harlem at Night Riverside Drive Viaduct NYC Bridge

      Riverside Drive Viaduct NYC Bridge

    15. London Supersonic Tower photographyLondon TowerBridge Credits:
    16. A view of the city from the Hollywood Hills
      Photo by Trey Ratcliff
    17. Sea side View

      Photo Credits: WorldTravelTribe

    18. Shanghai Urban from Village Side PhotographyPhoto Credits: TravelScape
    19. Calm Serenity Winter City View MorningPhoto by Irina Demyanovskikh
    20. Photo by Etkin
    21. Photo by Ahmed – Istanbul
    22. Paris Clean White morning Eiffel tower view from farImage by Dan Novac
    23. Nostalgic Quite side of cityImage by Thuan Vo
    24. Empire State building mysterious night moonImage by Peter Gülden
    25. Traffic lights long shot night view cityPhoto by Maick Maciel
    26. mystical sky blue color city view quitePhoto by Benjamin Suter
    27. night blue city lightsPhoto by Van Mendoza
    28. winter snow city viewPhoto by Roberto Nickson
    29. Moscow Winter nightPhoto by Nikita Karimov
    30. Just a different light from riverside with city buildingsPhoto by DLKR
    31. Sunlight Morning Winter Image Photo by Andras Vas

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Download them for free!

Download them for free!

You can download these City Life Phone Wallpapers for your phone by [ right click – save as ]. These are high quality, so you’ll need to save them to your device and then set them as your wallpaper.


We hope you enjoyed these “City life” iPhone/Android wallpapers! If you want more, visit our post next month because we keep updating these lists from time to time.




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