Choosing the Best Moving Company

Selecting the appropriate moving firm stands out as a pivotal choice within the entirety of the moving procedure.

The impact of such a decision is so substantial that it can either lead to the successful execution of your move or its downfall.

Outlined below are a set of highly advantageous suggestions aimed at assisting you in ensuring the selection of the finest moving company tailored to your needs.

Check Licence

In the majority of states, it is a requirement for moving companies to obtain proper licensing to offer local moving services for residential purposes.

If you are relocating your home to a different state, your chosen moving company must possess a valid license granted by the United States Department of Transportation.

Check Reviews

Assessing the quality of a moving company can be effectively accomplished by reviewing their online feedback.

Conduct a straightforward search on Google using the name of the moving company along with the location, and locate their profiles on platforms like Google or Yelp.

It is essential to verify the accuracy of the listings, as certain moving company names might resemble others.

Additionally, take the time to thoroughly read through the reviews in order to gain a comprehensive perspective on the moving company’s performance, whether positive or negative.

Watch Out For Scam Movers

Reputable moving companies can usually be located with ease by conducting a basic Google search.

If you encounter challenges in locating a moving company online or if they appear to have a limited online presence, exercise caution.

Trustworthy moving companies are generally open to maintaining transparency regarding their online reputation.

Make sure They Have The Services You Need

Moving companies do not offer identical services across the board.

Although a majority of moving companies offer residential moving assistance, not all of them extend their provisions to encompass commercial services, storage facilities, packing assistance,

piano transportation, or other specialized offerings that you could potentially necessitate.

It’s imperative to proactively inquire with your chosen moving company about any distinct services you may require.

Avoid Paying Large Deposits

Trustworthy moving companies do not typically require a substantial upfront deposit or cash prior to initiating the move.

It is advisable to settle the payment upon the successful delivery of your belongings.

Paying a significant sum in advance can potentially lead to complications in your circumstances.

When you opt for an advance payment, you relinquish a degree of control over the timely delivery of your possessions.

To facilitate payment, utilizing a credit card is recommended, as it may offer a layer of protection against potential fraudulent actions.

Compare Your Moving Estimates

When people compare moving quotes, they often only focus on the prices at the end, but it’s important to exercise caution.

Every aspect of your move, such as a detailed inventory, box packing, stairs, and more, should be clearly mentioned in the estimate.

If any of these elements are missing from the quote, they haven’t been factored into the price, and you might end up paying more on a moving day.

Therefore, ensure that ALL components are explicitly listed on the quotes you’re comparing.


Are online reviews reliable for assessing moving companies?

Online reviews can provide valuable insights, but consider reviews from multiple sources and platforms for a well-rounded assessment.

How early should I start looking for a moving company?

It’s recommended to start your search at least 8-12 weeks before your desired moving date, especially during peak moving seasons.

What’s the difference between binding and non-binding estimates?

 A binding estimate guarantees the final cost, while a non-binding estimate can change based on the actual weight of your items.

How can I avoid moving scams?

Research companies thoroughly, avoid upfront deposits, and choose companies that have a physical address and proper licensing.

Should I tip the movers?

While not mandatory, tipping is a common practice to show appreciation for excellent service. Consider tipping 10-15% of the total cost.

Can I pack valuables myself?

Yes, you can pack valuables yourself, but consider letting professionals handle delicate and valuable items to ensure their safety.




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