Charge Up with Tesla’s Unlimited Plan and Wireless Car Charger

Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 11:07 pm

kNevertheless, at least for now, this plan will only be available to a select group of Tesla consumers. Tesla intends to incentivize its customers to adopt renewable energy sources.

One way it intends to do so is by providing a home charging plan that is exceptionally competitively priced and infinite in its ability to charge an electric car.

Tesla’s mission is to encourage its consumers to adopt renewable energy. The news about the upcoming subscription option was made by Tesla during the Tesla Investor Day 2023 event, which took place on 1 March. 

The announcement was made with more critical information regarding the company’s future and its ambitious “master plan” for driving global electrification.

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One of the presentation’s highlights was the announcement that the next Gigafactory would be built in Monterrey, Mexico, and will produce future Tesla EVs based on the company’s newly defined next-generation vehicle architecture. 

The Gigafactory would be used to manufacture future Tesla automobiles. The following are some of the presentation’s other essential features: 

According to Musk and other Tesla workers who attended the presentation, the next-generation platform will significantly modify the Tesla portfolio. 

These innovations will feature a more compact, lighter, energy-efficient, and cost-effective design. 

It will pave the path for Tesla to develop electric vehicle models at a lower cost than the current generation of autos.

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Tesla Users In Texas Will Soon Be Able To Charge Their Cars At Home Unlimited Times

During the lengthy lecture, Tesla made a statement regarding a temporary diversion. 

According to the corporation’s release, its consumers in Texas will have access to an extra plan that allows for unlimited home charging for $30 per month beginning in or around July 2023. 

The manufacturer said that the state “has a tonne of land” and that “the wind blows at night,” which prompted them to develop a strategy that would mainly entail public charging at one’s residence overnight. 

Moreover, the carmaker noted that “the wind blows at night.” Tesla aims to encourage consumers to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) at home overnight by offering a low-cost unlimited plan. 

It is done in the hope that consumers will charge their electric vehicles using renewable energy. Ultimately, it would be one step among many in the changing society toward environmentally friendly alternatives.

Tesla has made it apparent that this is just a component of a larger strategy to encourage the purchase of Tesla vehicles and the usage of green energy in general; moreover, it is unclear whether or not this plan will ever be implemented in your particular market. 

  • Considering the conditions, the company can bid on the contract since the state generates a substantial quantity of cheap power from windmills. 
  • It enables the company to deliver the deal. The concept that users should be compensated for changing their resource consumption to more appropriate periods has been introduced previously.
  • For example, Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service will soon have a bandwidth restriction during the day. Still, customers can download anything they want after midnight without being charged.

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Tesla May Have Mentioned Wireless EV Charging

“If you blink, you’ll miss it,” the saying goes. At the same time, Tesla revealed its overnight charging plan, the company also shared a picture of a Tesla parked inside a house garage. 

Looking closely, you’ll see that the charger is linked to the wall and has a smooth and polished surface. 

If you look carefully, you can see what seems to be a wireless charging plate on the ground underneath the electric vehicle. 

The picture was captioned “Can’t forget to do awesome sh*t,” implying that it is a conceptual graphic depicting one of the nice things that Tesla customers would soon have access to.

The concept behind wireless charging is that instead of getting out of your car, grabbing the charger, and plugging it in, you can pull your electric vehicle (EV) into the garage as usual and go about your day. 

  • It is the premise of wireless charging. It eliminates the need for you to exit your vehicle. 
  • When the vehicle is parked over the charging mat, it will begin charging itself automatically through wireless power transfer as soon as it identifies the mat. 
  • It is because the charging station is located underneath the car. 

Naturally, this would be a much less unsettling alternative to Tesla’s other idea, which was the concept of a robot charger that moves independently in a serpentine fashion to connect itself with the vehicle while simultaneously triggering in the more primal parts of the human mind the idea of a parasitic infestation.

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