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Megan trainer couldn’t have gotten it more right, even if she tried with her song,

“Because you know I’m all about that bass, no treble.”

You are driving down the motorway, and your favorite song comes on. You turn up the volume so you can “JAM” to the music, but there is so much distortion that you have to turn the volume down. Disappointment, everyone loves to hear their favorite song as loud and proud as possible.

BUT WAIT there is a solution you can buy a 4 channel amplifier for sound quality.

There are numerous reasons to add an addition like a 4 channel amplifier for sound quality to your car audio system.

And you unquestionably need one if you want, louder sound without distortion.

One of the fundamental features of an excellent 4 channel amplifier for sound quality is that they permit you to increase volume without increasing distortion at the same time.

Now your song comes on, and you can “JAM” to it as loud as your heart desires.


The 2-channel amplifier will be a useful solution when you only need to power a single pair of speakers meaning only front or rear speakers.

If the rear-fill sound is your thing in your car and you want to maintain front-to-rear fade control, get a 4-channel amp for sound quality.

One channel for each speaker, meaning that the amp has a bridge mode for the rear channels,

In other words, the power of the front channel to the front component speakers, while the back channels are bridged into a more powerful channel to run the sub-woofer.

In this article, we will do various 4-channel car amplifier reviews and try and guide you as best we know-how.

That way, you will get the knowledge needed on what might be an excellent 4-channel amplifier for your individual needs.

You will know what you need to look for in a 4 channel amplifier for sound quality when you are out shopping for one.

4 channel amps are compact and cheaper and more in reach of a regular in-car audio fan.

Many compact amps can fit anywhere in your car

There are even 4 channel amps that are built for specialized use, for example, if you want to jack up your boat or bike sound.

What is a 4 Channel amp?

So you want to know what a 4 channel amp is? 

A 4 channel amp for sound quality distributes equal power in four separate channels.

In laymen’s terms, a 4 channel amp can be used to power two pairs of full-range (front and rear)speakers.

4 channel amp starts to show their usefulness when they are bridged.

It is thus consisting of joining the power from two of the channels into a single channel.

Most 4 channel amplifier for sound quality are bridgeable to three or even two channels.

In a 3-channel arrangement, you have power from a bridged channel for a sub-woofer and the remaining two channels to power a pair of speakers.

When bridged down to two channels, the amp will deliver power to two subwoofers, or a single dual-voice-coil subwoofer.

 A word of advice bridging can be tricky.

Not all amplifiers can be bridged, and not all bridgeable amps work the same.

The impedance gets changed when bridging

You do run the danger of damaging the amp, speakers, or even both.

Read your manual before you start, and if it still looks bewildering, get expert help. 

After reading my guide, hopefully, you will be assured of which 4 channel amplifier for sound quality is the right amplifier for your personal needs.

I have now given you some insight into the 4 channel amplifier for sound quality, and now I will be touching sides on the 

I think that should cover all you need to know.


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A word of advice bridging can be tricky.

The impedance on the stereo gets changed when you bridge an amp.

You do run the danger of damaging the amp, speakers, or even both.

Read your manual before you start, and if it still looks bewildering, get expert help.

May this guide leave you rest assured of which 4 channel amp for sound quality.

I think that should cover all you need to know.


1. Rockford Fosgate P600X4 600 Watts Punch Series 4-Channel Stereo Class AB Car Power Amp

Best 4 Channel amp for sound and quality

Rockford Fosgate the leaders since 1973 almost 4 decades later, and they are still the leaders.

Why you ask because they keep on refining and developing new and better technology to keep them at the top, primarily, the P600X4 isn’t much different from previous Punch amplifiers.

The new Punch amps distinct themselves from the rivals by factoring in one of the most critical aspects of installing an amplifier, and that is the gain setting.

Rockford 4 Channel amp for sound quality ticks our box
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Some manufacturers promote simple but very general settings, while others say you need more sophisticated equipment to do it correctly.

Rockford has advanced with a simple and accurate way of achieving the most exceptional gain setting for your specific source unit and amp.

Each amplifier doesn’t come furnished with input and output clips indicator, for use in Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise.

The Rockford Fosgate outranks all other amplifiers for sound quality and perfection.


  • Out performs
  • Abundant power
  • Has a bass boost and treble boost
  • Doesn’t easily overheat


  • Bass notes aren’t clearly defined

2. Kenwood KAC-M3004

Kenwood is renowned for its astronomical reliability and fewer amplifiers are as highly acclaimed as the Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier.

This multi-channel amplifier might not pack a lot of power, but it delivers with its productive audio output.

Kenwood KAC-M3004 Compact 4 Channel Digital Amplifier impresses with its high resourcefulness and rated as a Class D amplifier.

This amplifier signifies the highpoint of amplifier efficiency, achieving efficiency rates recorded north of 90 %.

The quad-channel output adds brilliance to the Kenwood features.

The compactness of the Kenwood KAC-M3004 allows this tiny amplifier to fit anywhere in your vehicle; in fact, it is small enough to fit in the glove compartment.

It is almost unbelievable to think that this tiny amplifier can drive four speakers and subwoofer systems at once.

Kenwood KAC-M3004 4 Channel amp for sound quality ticks our box
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  • Top rater on the Best brand on the market,
  • 600 watt 4 channel amplifier,
  • Exquisite amplifier for bass boxes
  • Best compact 4 channel amplifier for sound and quality


  • Compact dimensions.
  • It is a Class D amplifier.
  • Great sound quality


  • a bit expensive

Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amp, 50 Watts RMS x 4

Alpine MRV-F300 4-Channel Car Amp, 50 Watts RMS x 4

The new Alpine MRV-F300 is classified as a Class D digital amplifier, resulting in a huge efficiency gain versus their forerunners without draining your battery or your pockets.

So now you can enjoy cleaner bass, even during extreme power demands.

The Alpine MRV-F300 4 Channel amp for sound quality ticks our list box

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The all-new V-Power merchandises are now Class D digital amp. Consequential in getting a considerable proficiency gain versus their forerunners without being strenuous on your battery or your wallet. Class-D provides unceasing power to your speakers.

The V-Power amp can still not get underestimated for their power capacity due to its compact size. These amps are smaller thane their prototypes. They yield the same amount of power as before.

Even if you are listening to your music at a hundred decibels for a long time, these amps won’t shut down.

They are equipped with a thermal management processor to ensure that your amp will not overheat  with no interruptions or disturbance ever again

Alpine has stood the test of time over decades of car sound installations.



  • Excellent sound
  • High efficiency, runs cool so won’t overheat
  • 8 gauge wire terminals
  • Built-in flexible crossovers
  • Bass boost switch
  • Compact
  • Bridgeable for 150W RMS each channel pair
  • Speaker level inputs


  • Bass EQ boost only on channels 3/4
  • Difficult to fit 4 gauge wire
  • Mounting tabs face inward

4. JL Audio JX1000 JL Audio JX1000

One of the most top-rated best 4 channel amplifier for sound and quality.

0-12 dB at 45 Hz. is the boost range.

The device comes with a smooth turn-on that has no clicking sound when the system is activated.

It doesn’t overheat and is strong despite its compact sizes.

This astonishingly compact amp distributes an actual kilowatt of power at an excellent price.

Using a diehard Class D circuit with a reliable MOSFET power source,

The JX1000/1D is completely capable of driving the hard-hitting subwoofer loads with excellent control and outstanding sound quality. Beleaguered specifically for subwoofer uses, the JX1000/1D includes an adjustable slope low-pass filter with uninterruptedly flexible cutoff frequency selection from 50-200 Hz.

Compact and intelligent design, coupled with effectiveness and reliability, makes the JL Audio JX1000.


  • agreeable price;
  • compact size;
  • Reliable and long-lasting.


  • A few customers have reported experiencing subpar sound quality


If you’re looking to improve and enhance the sound quality in your vehicle, there is no better way than by purchasing a best 4 channel amplifier for sound and quality.

These well-designed devices are essential for powering up speaker and subwoofer upgrades.

Do I need an amp for door speakers?
The short answer is yes you should. reason being the more power you have to run your door speakers the better sound quality

Will an amp make my speakers louder?

Wil an amp make your sound better?

An amp will make your speakers play louder and sound better, but it is impossible to make bad speakers sound good. Most speakers have a “maximum wattage rating” on the back.

What is a Power Amplifier?
An audio power amplifier or power amp is utilized to increase the signal power. A Class D audio amplifier is a substituting or PWM amplifier where the buttons are either entirely ON or entirely OFF, which ominously reduces the power losses. Class D amplifiers come in many different forms, including some that have digital inputs, while others have analog inputs.

I hope my guide covered most of your concerns and that you are now more confident and excited about choosing your next amplifier.

Yes, there are so many to choose from and so many variety amplifiers out on the market today. Just remember to sit back and think about what you need it for, your personal preference.

How many speakers you want to connect, and can the amplifier bridge its channels without hurting the amplifier.

If you stuck speak to an expert to help you with the right choice and installation

for more info click here

A few features to look out for are


Almost all quality amps will be bridgeable, which means you can add more amps to upsurge power supply. The more amplifiers, the more speakers and sub-woofers you can have.

Low-Pass Filter

Very few amplifiers don’t have low-pass filters that will avert higher frequencies from getting to the speakers and sub-woofers

High-Pass Filter

High-pass filters work in combination with the low-pass screen, working oppositely than a low-pass filter by preventing lower rates from getting to the speakers or subwoofers.

Band-Pass Filter

Band-pass filters work in conjunction with both high-pass and low-pass filters to create a steady frequency.

Mono Channel Amplifiers

Monoblock or one-channel amps are easy to use and characteristically only support a small set of speakers or one small sub-woofer. They don’t usually work for all-around car audio systems. Yes, they are affordable, but they don’t offer the power you may require.

Multi-Channel Amplifiers

The multi-channel amp can range from 2 to 6 channels, with 4-channels being your most used model. The number of channels allows connecting to larger speakers or sub-woofer. If you are thinking about adding sub-woofers, it is best to have a 5- or 6-channel amplifier.

Enjoy “Jamming” to your favorite song!!




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