CenterPoint Scope Optic Review – LR620AORG2

Last updated on March 12th, 2022 at 10:51 am

What is the best Centerpoint scope?

There is not a specific product that you can say is the best as it all depends upon the experience with the product. However, knowing the few factors that a center point scope must-have can definitely help to meet your needs. 

While looking up for a center point scope, make sure the scope you are going to buy must have the following features that include

Durability: The factor which matters the most is durability. If you are a hunter then you would prefer to go for a product that lasts long. So, make sure the material is thick and heavy-duty, usually made with the blend (by mixing plastic and other material).

Magnification: The magnification and aiming of the center point scope is one reason that you can say make it the best centerpoint scope. The stronger the magnification, the better the aiming and focus. Try to get the one with the different variable settings. 

Since this is a review, here is what we recommend for a top-rated center point scope. 

CenterPoint Scope Optic Review – LR620AORG2

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Product specifications 

Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 3 

Weight: 2 lbs 

Magnification: 20x

Type: Rifle Scope 

Talking about the center point scope, this product is compatible with the rifle scopes and capable of magnifying up to 6-20x. That gives a clear focus and aim towards the target.  

It has a feature of tag-style reticle which is illuminated in red, green illuminated with a dast focus feature with the eyepiece. 

Sometimes, this scope comes with rings that are not high enough for the 50mm. 

Customer Reviews

I am a hunter and have 2 of the CenterPoint scope. The only issue that i have so far is a dropped screw (one of them) otherwise it is working perfectly. 

However, some reported that

The sight reticle came loose and began to move within the scope. The cover also got damaged.

Our Opinion

After reviewing the product specifications and getting into the user’s experience personally, we have concluded that this CenterPoint scope is quite a decent product at such a price.

As we were going deep in the product, we got to know that the scope’s cover got damaged. Well, that does count as a drawback for the product but, the way you are using it also matters. 

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