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If you have talent, you should have a YouTube channel and for that, you need a mic. YouTube is a field of art that requires a lot of talent and a lot of time. Your talent would be of no use if your equipment is not apt for your work.

Buying the right equipment can be quite costly. So, to aid you in your journey towards self-discovery, we bring you the seven best cheap microphones for youtube content creators.

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What should a mic perfect for YouTube videos, entail?

  • Budget:

The budget should be the first and the most important thing to consider while choosing a microphone. If you are doing voiceover as a career, then saving some money and getting a microphone with the best sound quality will make you stand out among all the artists out there.

  • Type:

Always consider what type of microphone you are finding. There are many different types of microphones available for sale, all serving other purposes. You must choose the best mic that suits your voice, requirement, and studio environment. Types of microphones available in the stores are:

  • Condenser Microphones: Used by professionals for voiceover and podcasts. They could be large or small diaphragm. Most of these mics require phantom power.
  • Dynamic Microphones: Used typically on-stage and by singers during performances. Great for voiceovers in noisy surroundings.
  • Shotgun Microphones: Perform best in broadcasting and film sets. Cancels sound from the off-axis direction.
  • Polar Pattern:

Polar patterns are the sequences in which a mic picks up the sounds from its surroundings. There is a broad spectrum of polar pattern, namely:

  • Omnidirectional: Picks sounds from all the directions.
  • Bidirectional: Picks sounds from the front and rear of the mic and rejects from another direction.
  • Cardioid: Picks sounds from the front only.
  • Super-Cardioid: Less pickup in the rear end and narrow in the front.
  • Shotgun: Exact pick up from the front of the mic only. AKA super-directional mics.



1۔ NASUM USB Plug and Play Home Studio Microphonecheap microphones for youtube

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 0.95 pounds

NASUM USB plug microphone is Windows and Mac compatible and is easy to set up and use. The filter has two layers to normalize popping sounds for voice recordings. This filter’s distance from the microphone can also be adjusted to achieve the effect the user wants.

It is plug-and-play and is even compatible with unsupported operating systems such as Windows Vista and XP. It is also very sensitive to sounds, so it is necessary that the recording happens in a quiet space.

Other than the fact that the mic comes with no troubleshooting information, the mic will provide the best quality results if no inconvenience ever occurs.


  • No need for outside power input
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Easy to set up and use Comes with a Y-splitter
  • Sound is crisp and clear


  • No troubleshooting information
  • Very sensitive2۔

2۔ Blue Yeti silver – best microphone for youtube

Key Features

  • Connections: 2.82 USB
  • Weight: pounds

Blue Yeti silver delivers the highest quality compared to competitors in the same price range. It comes with 16-Bit/48 kHz resolution and the option to choose between four different polar patterns, elements that will give you versatility and excellent results if you intend on either using it in different applications or want to mess around with the feel of it. T

his microphone comes with a built-in headphone amp that has great gain, which will provide you the option to monitor results without latency. For easy and intuitive usage, right on the microphone you have controls for mute and gain control.

The mic is full of features and hence, it might be a bit heavy but the dreams you carry in your eyes must be heavier.


  • Easy positioning and transporting.
  • Compatible with both OS and Windows.
  • Four different polar patterns


  • Little bulky.

3۔ SoLID (TM) Lavalier Lapel Microphone – best youtube microphone for beginners

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds

Unlike the other products on this list, Lavalier Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone by Aitesco microphone has a USB Lapel Microphone. This product is compatible with Windows and Mac.

The mic provides a frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz as it is perfect for recording speech and sounds of instruments. It also effortlessly reproduces sound. The noise-canceling feature is also good to some extent where this product can be used for chat, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, and Google Voice Search.

The mic delivers the best sound quality except for some rare occurrences when the voice is muffled.


  • Inexpensive
  • compatible with Windows and Mac.


  • Sometimes sound made, could be muffled.

4۔ Samson Go Mic – best cheap microphone for youtube

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds

Professional sounding recordings should not require an advanced degree in engineering. In your home studio or recording on the road, go mic allows you to focus on your recording and less on the process. A large-diaphragm condenser capsule captures the detail voice or instrument. Offering three opt able polar patters, Go provides the flexibility for any project.

The stereo output and excellent quality headphones provide the ability to cover all the background noises. There is also a mute button that might mute the input signals when needed.


  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Dual condenser
  • Sensitive
  • High-frequency response


  • Difficult to carry
  • Loose dials
  • No pop filters


5۔ Blue Snowball – compact microphone for youtube videos

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 1.01 pounds

The Blue Snowball tops off our list as another one of the most popular mics by Blue. It is a bit smaller in size than a few others in this guide, and we highly recommend it if you are filming YouTube videos at your desk and want something snug to fit right in the middle of your other gear.

It comes with dual pattern recording options (cardioid and omnidirectional) and convenient USB connectivity for easy access and transfer of your recordings on a Windows or Mac. The switch with -10 dB Pad confidently enables minimization of distortion in situations when sound is at a high level.

The mic is all that a Youtuber needs to fit in the ever-growing world of technology and talent. There is just a little drawback that for better results, you might need to buy a separate pop filter.


  • Clear audio quality.
  • No set-up is required.
  • Unmatched value for money.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Enhances Skype calls, podcast recordings, and voiceovers.


  • You will probably need to purchase a separate pop filter if you are highly sensitive to those sharp, irritating sounds that are made during recording.

6۔ Rode NT-USB – cheap mic for youtube

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 1.15 pounds

Able to record a wide variety of vocals, Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone is an exquisite microphone that is compatible with many recording apps, working on computers and laptops. The mic produces a heart-shaped polar pattern which cancels any noise coming from the back.

NT-USB efficiently reduces T, B, P, and any other kind of popping sound. The recording can easily be observed using devices such as iPad and mobile phones.

Being an exotic mic, Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone is a tremendously efficient mic with only one drawback about its carry bag being a bit too fragile. It might be a reason for concern for some, but it does not affect the performance of the mic whatsoever.


  • Picks up sounds from one specific direction
  • Sensitive
  • Dynamic vocal
  • Compatible with mainstream operating systems


  • Fragile pouch
  • Might be oversensitive or inaudible under wrong settings

7۔ eBerry Cobblestone Microphone – best mic for youtube

Key Features

  • Connections: USB
  • Weight: 0.85625 pounds

eBerry Cobble Stone Microphone has a customized capsule that is condensed with a protracted response of frequency of about 38Hz-38KHz that would allow the mic to record and deliver clear and fine audio. It also has the usual USB plug which boasts compatibility for computers that are Windows and Mac.

The mic is very inexpensive, making it easier for you to work with. The design is durable and exquisite which gives it a class and an edgy look. Above all, the sound quality delivered is phenomenal.

All that this mic provides is what makes it this much high rated. It is like a dream come true juts with a single flaw, the sensitivity offered by the mic is a bit too much and might be an issue for some.


  • Inexpensive
  • Durable and exquisite design
  • a clear and piercing sound


  • Sensitive


Investing more money for purchasing mics will not guarantee the best sound quality; cheap mics can also deliver better sound outputs than the expensive ones. So, it is better to go with your brain rather than the price tag when choosing a mic.

If you are in a noisy space, condenser mics might not be the best choice. Instead, chose dynamic or shotgun mics, which will not require any proofing before use.

The mics mentioned are the best microphones for voiceover. Our team worked hard to come up with the facts to provide you with all the best choices. We hope your efforts and our suggestion will help you go towards the path of success.


  1. Do I need a microphone for YouTube?
    Yes, if you want to make the best videos with exceptional sound quality, you need to buy a microphone. The microphone might depend on the type of videos you want to shoot.
  2. Do you need an external mic for vlogging?
    Yes. Though most of the vlogging cameras come with internal mics, an external mic might still be needed to give the best quality results.
  3. How do YouTubers record audio?
    YouTubers use professional microphones for recording. The most popular brands amongst YouTubers are Zoom and Rode. You might also check out our top pick, NASUM USB Plug and Play Home Studio Microphone which is the best microphone for YouTube.
  5. Do I need a mic to stream?
    You might have a basic microphone kicking around or a gaming headset that’s fine enough for in-game chat, but if you want to produce high-quality Let’s Play streams and commentary videos, you’re going to want a good dedicated microphone.
  6. Can I use my phone as a mic?
    Yes, you can use USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone’s microphone to your computer. It is entirely free to use, has low latency, and will work in any application just like a standard microphone.
  7. Is there a Bluetooth microphone?
    It has an integrated Bluetooth speaker and turns your mobile device into a singing machine with low latency clear sound. It can be used with all iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, and other mobile devices that can connect to Bluetooth.