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We’ve all come across websites of startups that leave us wondering, “What exactly does this company do?” Even though it seems obvious, many new businesses get it wrong.

Here is a guide that will help you improve the story on your early-stage or growth-stage SaaS homepage and increase conversion:

Get started with the fundamentals

Don’t worry about being exact just yet. Create a one-page messaging guide and include the following information: * What problem are you solving?
* What exactly is it that you sell?
* To whom does it apply?
* Why is your product superior to the way the problem is currently being solved?

Make it Convincing

Once the top-level messaging has been finalized, the messaging guide should be expanded with the following sections:
* Benefits: the audience’s value or outcome.Use cases are processes or jobs that need to be done that your product solves. Include a minimum of three proof points for each benefit.
* The procedure is divided into three simple steps.

Make a Sketch first

Determine which sections of the homepage you will use and map your messaging to those sections. I recommend including the following sections: the hero, social proof, three sections on benefits, one section on use cases, one section on how it works complete with a diagram, and a CTA bar at the bottom of the page.

Place these in the order that best tells the story you want to tell.

Ensure that your slider addresses the issue that your product resolves, what your product is, why it is superior, and who it is for.

Check and Change

If it doesn’t sound convincing to you, it might not get the attention of your audience as well. Always respond to your gut feeling.

Refine your copy and content: * Be clear, rather than clever; * Be compelling and differentiated, rather than comprehensive; * Read things out loud to yourself and others; * Copy is only half the battle; * Copy is only half the battle; * Read things out loud to yourself and others; * Copy is only half the battle; * Present your wares to them.