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Are you looking for the best indoor wood furnace or wood stove to keep your house warm during chilly cold winter days and nights? Are you looking for the best alternative to electrical or gas stoves? Or perhaps you want to save money on fuel bills.

Finding a high-efficiency indoor wood furnace is difficult but if you consider some significant factors, it can get easier. These factors include ignition, heat capacity, installation, size, maintenance, durability, and value for money.

You need to look no more as we here have come up with a list of the best indoor wood furnaces to help you choose the one which matches your needs. We have assembled the list of best wood burning furnaces considering their quality and efficiency.

Top 12 Best Indoor Wood Furnace




  • Air wash system
  • Variable speed blower
  • Connects to a 6 inches chimney
  • Brick lined firebox
  • Ceramic glass window


  • Small front door
  • Damper can get stuck
  • Heats up to 1800 sq. Ft.
  • Up to 65000 BTU’S per hour
  • 5 years warranty

The pleasant hearth is a leading producer of good quality wood, electrical, and pellet furnaces and stoves. The brand is one of the most recognized in the market for fireplace accessories, outdoor fire pits, and electric log sets.

This EPA-certified stand-alone wood furnace burns with 82% efficiency and releases only 4.4 grams of emissions per hour. This best add on a wood furnace can heat an area of up to 1800 square ft. in an hour. The installation of this best wood furnace is also very easy.

The furnace features a front-loading easy-access door with a glass window to observe the pleasant site of burning wood. The door is made of solid cast iron that allows for easy fuel refilling. The add-on wood furnace also has brick lining and chrome handles.

The furnace also has an air wash system that keeps the window clean automatically from any ash or smoke during burning.

This best indoor wood furnace also has an easy to reach ash clean out door that will help you to clean the furnace conveniently.

Customer reviews

I love this stove. We needed an EPA compliant stove to sell our property and replaced our old stove with this one. Wow! Amazing how this works.


Drolet Classic Wood Stove with Blower - 75,000 BTU, EPA-Certified ...


  • Thick steel built
  • Ash drawer for easy cleaning
  • Ceramic glass window
  • In built air wash system
  • Comes with a blower


  • Small sized
  • Heats up to 2000 sq. Ft.
  • Up to 75,000 BTU’S per hour
  • EPA approved highly efficient appliance

This EPA approved high efficiency indoor wood furnace heats up to 2000 square feet area. The rate of this wood furnace efficiency is 75000 BTU’s per hour.

This wood burning furnace indoor has a 5/16 inches thick built. The wood burning furnace add on fuel can be added through a door. The door has ceramic glass window to observe the burning woods.

This indoor wood burning furnace also has an ash drawer for easy cleaning. The in-built air wash system keeps the ceramic glass window clean. This best indoor wood furnace also comes with a blower.

Customer review:

The stove is so efficient. It heats out 1800 square foot room very well. All of the rooms are much warmer than they were with the old stove. It has nice large glass area so you can see the fires as well.

3. US 2000 Medium Wood Stove, EPA Certified

US 2000 Medium Wood Stove, EPA Certified


  • Plate steel built
  • 2 cubic feet wide
  • Accept 21 inches long logs
  • Built-in air wash that works
  • Quiet functioning blower
  • Equipped with ash pan


  • Low quality metal
  • Heats up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • EPA certified
  • Heats up to 89000 BTU’s

This best add-on wood furnace can heat a large area of up to 2000 square feet with a fuel efficiency of 89000 BTU’s per hour.

This medium sized best indoor wood furnace is made of plate steel. This indoor wood-burning furnace has a long, arched, elegant glass door. The in-built air wash system keeps the window glass clean for viewing so that no smoke can cover the glass.

The indoor wood furnace forced air stove also feature a highly efficient 100 cubic feet/ minute blower that works quietly.

This medium sized stand alone wood furnace is 2 cubic feet wide so that you can put logs as lengthy as 21 inches in it easily. This reduces the fuel filling time and increase the burn time of this best wood furnace.

The stove is also brick lined with fire brick that provides combustion efficiency. This indoor wood burning furnace is also equipped with a heavy duty cast iron flue collar and a large dustpan with cast iron ash plug.

Customer review

great stove for the money. High quality construction throughout. This stove went into a basement and works so well that the residual heat is taking care of the upstairs as well.

4. DROLET HT2000 High efficiency wood stove

DROLET HT2000 High efficiency wood stove


  • Glass window
  • Large ash drawer
  • Wide furnace lined with firebricks
  • Accepts 21 inches long logs


  • Door can be loose
  • Heats up to 2400 sq. ft.
  • Produces 95000 BTU’s of heat
  • Burns with 78 percent efficiency

This is one of the top best indoor wood furnaces. This best add-on wood furnace heats up to 2400 sq. ft. area. The wood furnace efficiency is 95000 BTU’s per hour.

This indoor wood-burning furnace is built ruggedly with a steel top plate of 5/16 inch thickness. The inside of this 4 cubic feet furnace is quite spacious for logs of 21 inches size so you can just fill one time for a long time of heating.

The door is made of heavy-duty cast iron. There is a handle on the door for easy maneuverability. The wood-burning furnace indoor also has a single easily adjustable air control above the door.

Customer reviews:

This thing is awesome. It heats our entire 1800 sqft home as we want to get it. Highly recommended. Very well made.



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  • Heats up to 1000 sq. ft.
  • Produces 40000 BTU’s per hour
  • EPA certified

This forced air wood furnace produces 40000 BTU’s per hour to heat up an area of 1000 sq. ft. easily. The indoor wood boiler add on is 17 inches in size and can easily fit in small fireplaces.

This high efficiency indoor wood furnace can also be used as a stove and you can cook on it while it is heating your home.


  • Includes a furnace and a stove
  • Glass window
  • Ash drawer for easy cleaning


  • Small in size

6. Vogelzang TR009 Performer Wood Stove EPA approved

Vogelzang TR009 Performer Wood Stove EPA approved


  • Highly efficient
  • Standard size with pedestal base
  • High-speed blower
  • Large ash drawer
  • Accepts 20-inch long logs


  • Blower can be problematic
  • Heats up to 2200 sq. ft.
  • Produces 119,000 BTU’s
  • EPA approved

This is by far the most high efficiency indoor wood furnace on the list. It produces 119000 BTU’s of heat per hour which means it can heat up your 2200 sq. ft. wide house in a few minutes providing you with efficient heating during extreme cold weather.

This high efficiency indoor wood furnace is made of plate steel with a pedestal base. This is an air-tight wood stove that features a heavy cast iron door.

The iron door of this one of the best hot blast wood furnaces also has a ceramic glass window. The glass window is perfect for observing the burning woods on cold nights. The indoor wood furnace forced air wash system keeps the glass window clean at all times.

The stove is beautiful and efficient. This best add-on wood furnace produces only 3.98 grams of emissions per hour.

Customer reviews

Best investment! Quality item, absolutely great working condition, better than hoped for, the handle can get warm, compact size perfect for our home, cut our heating bills.

7. DROLET BLACK COMB DB02811 High Efficiency wood stove EPA certified

DROLET BLACK COMB DB02811 High Efficiency wood stove EPA certified


  • Highly efficient
  • Burns for a long time
  • Built-in ash drawer
  • In-built stove with furnace


  • Small in size
  • Heats up to 1800 sq. Ft.
  • Up to 65,000 BTU’S per hour
  • EPA approved appliance

This best wood furnace is perfect for alcove and mobile home installation. The high quality vermiculite and side panels provide durability to this best indoor wood burning furnace.

The stove comes with a door that has a glass window. This indoor wood burning furnace also has an ash drawer installed for easy removal of residues.

The indoor wood furnace forced air takes 16 to 18 inches long wooden logs. The stove burn time is 6 hours which is highly efficient considering how little work it will take in refilling.


8. Cubic grizzly CB1210 Mini wood stove

Cubic grizzly CB1210 Mini wood stove


  • Best wood furnace for RV’s and boats
  • Small sized
  • Produces very little smoke
  • Safer than gas or diesel heater
  • Can be turned in to cooking stove


  • Only takes logs up to 6 ¾ inches
  • Heats areas up to 200-400 square feet
  • Produces 8000-18000 BTU’s
  • Portable

This best indoor wood furnace weighs only 34 lbs. and is made for small places up to 200 to 400 square feet. You can fit this easy-to-install wood furnace in your RV, a cabin, or a boat easily. This portable wood furnace is made of 1/8 to 3/16 thick laser-cut steel plate that makes it durable.

The insulation of this wood burning furnace indoors is made of ceramic. The glass window is also made of ceramic. The installation of this high-efficiency indoor wood furnace is very easy with measurements of 12 x 11 x 15 inches.

This wood furnace for boats and RV’s has a flu pipe with 3-inch diameter. It also has a secondary combustion system which keeps the smoke emission to a minimum level. It is also very safe to use a fuel furnace as compared to diesel or gas heaters.

This best indoor wood furnace removes humidity and provides soothing heating and also works as a stove if the rail is removed. The furnace takes in logs 6 inches long.

9. DROLET Escape DB03125 1800i EPA certified fireplace

DROLET Escape DB03125 1800i EPA certified fireplace


  • Requires one-time filling for 7-9 hours of constant burning
  • Easy assembly
  • Secondary combustion system
  • 130 CFM variable speed blower
  • Variable heat settings


  • The door handle can be loose
  • Heats up to 1900 square feet
  • Produces 75000 BTU’s
  • EPA approved

This is one of the best wood furnaces add-ons as it provides a cleaner burning heat source with high efficiency. This best indoor wood furnace produces 75000 BTU’s per hour to heat an area of 1900 square feet.

This wood furnace comes with a blower and a 6 inch flue collar. The fireplace is highly efficient. It takes in logs of 20 inches in length and burns for 7 to 9 hours to provide you with comfort and coziness during chilly winter times.

The secondary combustion system provides great wood furnace efficiency. The furnace requires easy assembly and can produce very little emissions.

The ceramic glass door remains clean and the inside remains clearly visible courtesy of the air system in the furnace. The fireplace also has heat activation fire brick lining that provides even heat radiation and protects the steel in the furnace.

Customer reviews

My second year with insert. This was the biggest stove I could find. I am very happy with this product.

10. DROLET DB07300 HT3000 High Efficiency Wood Stove

DROLET DB07300 HT3000 High efficiency Wood Stove


  • Very low emission rate
  • Low maintenance
  • Accepts wood up to 22 inches long
  • Includes an ash drawer


  • The blower can be problematic
  • Produces up to 110,000 BTU’s per hour
  • Heats any area of 3000 square feet
  • EPA approved

This EPA approved high efficiency wood furnace produces 110000 BTU’s per hour. The emissions rate of this best indoor wood furnace is 1.32 grams per hour which makes this furnace very low maintenance.

This stand alone wood furnace has a glass window and an air wash system for a magnificent view of wood burning. The door of the wood stove is thick and high quality. This chimney also has a blower and a large ash drawer.

This fire place easily accepts logs up to 22 inches long.

Customer reviews

very energy efficient. Burns hot and slow. Very happy with this stove. It burns hot and has little to no smoke out the chimney. Easy to get a good draft and a responsive draft adjustment. Great glass view with an effective window draft, keeping the glass clean longer than most stoves I’ve had. Very low rear and floor heat. Great heat output without blower.

11. DROLET ESCAPE DB03137 1800i



  • Built-in easy to remove ash drawer
  • Ceramic glass window with air wash system
  • Premium blower
  • Very low carbon footprint
  • Easy to clean


  • No chimney flue or cap included
  • Heats an area of up to 2000 square feet
  • Produces 65000 BTU’s per hour
  • EPA 2020 certified

This EPA certified wood furnace burns efficiently to produce 65000 BTU’s an hour. The furnace is made of very high quality metal with fire brick lining to keep the heat evenly distributed and to protect the metal outside.

The stove releases 1.26 grams of emissions per hour which is very low then all the other wood stoves. This makes this wood stove easy to clean and very low maintenance.

This standard wood stove also has a black face plate of 29” x 44” and a premium blower for high quality performance.

The glass window and air wash system is also standard but very high functioning. The wood stove also has a large ash drawer for easy cleaning.

Customer Review

very happy. Love this stove. Installed 10 years ago and loved it but sold the house. Bought another droplet in 2019. Very happy with the upgraded blower. Awesome.

12. Pleasant heath 1200 square feet wood burning stove

Pleasant heath 1200 square feet wood burning stove


  • Ceramic glass window
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Ash drawer for easy cleaning
  • Air wash system
  • Chrome handles with solid cast iron door


  • Doesn’t come with a speed blower
  • Heats 1200 square feet area
  • Produces 50000 BTU’s per hour
  • EPA certified

This small yet powerful wood stove heats up to 1200 square feet of area easily. The BTU production of this wood stove is 50000 units per hour.

This stand-alone wood stove is equipped with a large ceramic glass window that gives a spectacular view of the burning fire. The speed blower can be purchased separately. The PBAR 2427 Speed blower provides quiet yet powerful heat distribution.

The stove comes with a brick-lined firebox to keep the metal outside safe from cracking and heating up too much. The chrome handles also allow you to control the door easily.

The air wash system in the stove keeps the glass window clean. The front door is made of solid cast iron and is very sturdy.

The stove also has a large ash drawer for easy cleaning.

Customer reviews

Great little stove. Perfect little stove to help keep the house warm on a blistering cold day. Love seeing fire burn. Cute little thing.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Indoor Wood Furnace

Before buying the best indoor wood furnace, there are some significant factors that need to be considered critically. These factors incorporate the size of the furnace, ignition mode, heating capacity, easier installation, maintenance and service, durability, and price. These factors will lead you toward an efficient indoor wood-burning furnace.

Ignition mode

  • Many wood furnaces use manual ignition. The ventilation system is attached through a chimney for a clean airy house. Unlike gas or electronic furnaces which can be turned on with a switch, you will need to do a little work starting the wood furnace.

Size: Any indoor wood burning furnace would fit easily in a fireplace. Some of them can vary in size and can be larger in size horizontally than in a cubic design. You need to consider the place where you want to put the indoor furnace and then purchase a furnace according to the matching size.

Heating Capacity

  • Wood burning furnaces have different heating capacities. The general heating capacity of any standard wood furnace or stove is around 1000 square feet to 3000 square feet. It is way more than an average gas stove so you need to consider this fact before buying a wooden furnace.


  • Wooden furnaces are not hard to install as you don’t need to put them near a gas or electrical connection for them to work but still you will need to consider some factors like the surroundings where you want to put the furnace.
  • The installation process is relatively easy. The cost for installation of wood burning furnaces also include the materials and fuel which is wood, for the furnace to work.


  • The additional or maintenance cost is not so much in wood-burning stoves and furnaces as they only require wood as fuel so there are no bills and no outages.
  • The furnaces will definitely need regular cleaning, usually when 2-3 inches of ash is built up in the stove and sometimes smoke can become an issue. You will also need to clean your chimney for any residue buildup at least twice a year. So you need to consider these factors before purchasing a wood stove or furnace.
  • You might need to purchase an air freshener kit or air filter to increase the efficiency of your stove.


  • If you are investing in a wood burning indoor furnace, spend your money after analyzing its durability. It would be a waste of money if you do not buy a durable furnace and you will have to reinstall a new one after a year. So, spend wisely on a quality constructed indoor wood furnace.

Value For Money

  •  If you go for a pricier indoor wood furnace, it will give you quality highlights that will legitimize that cost. Also, the cheaper ones may do not have some extravagant highlights yet play out the essential capacity of heating appropriately.

Heat Output

  • The heat output of your furnace relies on an assortment of variables like the kind of fuel utilized, its condition, the changes of the draft, indoor regulator settings, and the thermostat settings. Nonetheless, BTU reading gives a decent broad thought of its heat output.

With that being said, now let’s move toward the top wooden furnaces that we have reviewed and select for you. Here is a list of 12 best wooden furnaces.

Why buy an indoor wood furnace?

Indoor wood furnaces are not only used for keeping the house warm, they are also used as a decoration to make the living area on any other place you have placed them in, a lot modern. They are very easy to install and you don’t need to sweat too much on the maintenance also.

Indoor wood stoves usually contain a glass window, which keeps the house clean and also gives a delightful view of burning flames without all the smoke that is usually a complaint in outdoor wood furnace reviews.

Indoor wood furnaces burn efficiently about 70 to 80 percent which allows you to save cost. This efficient function also means less smoke than out door wood furnaces and a complete combustion.

Another benefit of having a wooden furnace is that it will keep your house warm even during an electricity or gas outage that is a common problem in more chilly areas. So if you want to save your time and money, you should consider these options.

Types Of Wood Furnaces- Best Indoor Wood Furnace 

The wood furnaces are very popular in usage and they come in four different types that are as follows:

  • Indoor wood furnace
  • Outdoor wood furnace
  • Indoor/ Outdoor furnace
  • Forced air furnace

Indoor Wood Furnace

A wood furnace is a heating machine equipped for consuming wood fuel and wood-determined biomass fuel, like sawdust blocks. An indoor wood furnace works by consuming wood to warm water. The warmed water is circled through protected underground pipes called protected pex line to the structures being heated.

Outdoor Wood Furnace

The outdoor wood furnace works by utilizing heat from consuming woods to warm water. This high temp water is then appropriated through sealed underground pipes known as a protected pex pipe to every one of the regions of the structure that require heating. These lines are then connected to your water radiator with a heat exchanger that warms the entirety of your homegrown water.

From here, it gets joined to your constrained air-in-floor brilliant heating framework and flows the warmth around the house. The water goes through the equivalent pex pipes so it very well may be warmed. An indoor regulator can handle this entire system. Nobody would even require speculation that your heating component utilizes wood and can be worked to warm a few structures.

Indoor Or Outdoor Wood Furnace

They can be adjusted in the two settings. Their heating instruments can fluctuate and can have either framework. It generally relies upon the brand you are purchasing from, where you intend to set it up, and different particulars of the model.

Forced Air Wood Furnace

This type of wood furnace uses wood chips, cordwood, or wood pellets as fuel to warm a whole house. They are generally found inside, and warmth from them is coursed with pipes by a blower fan. Chimney stacks for these are generally on the top of the house. Most of the larger models of this system can deliver 65,000 BTU each hour, while smaller ones would have a lesser value.

What is Better? Wood Furnace VS Wood Stove?

Wood Furnace

If you plan to buy a wood furnace, attempt to get something that is EPA-approved. It may cost you some extra, yet it will be smoke-free if you run it appropriately. This will establish a better air climate for your family just external your home and keep you shielded from any natural complaints. Notwithstanding, this can set you back more than the woodstove.

Wood Stove

If appearance attracts you, the consuming wood fire of an indoor wood stove will be something you could not imagine anything better than to have in your home. Choosing a reactant or a half breed stove, particularly if you live in developing zone seven or higher, will give you more control in controlling the temperature inside your home. In any case, this makes even more of a wreck and residue inside the house. Besides, this will require more exertion to cleave up the wood and put it in.

Is Add on Furnace any Better? Best Indoor Wood Furnace!

The best add on wood furnace will gobble up more wood than a wood stove however will likewise give you a superior heat output, particularly if you live in a numerous-story house and might want to warm every one of the floors successfully. In addition, the wreck does not make it inside your home with this one.

How To Install A Wood Furnace?

To begin with, track down a reasonable and fitting area where you plan to install your wood furmnce. It ought to be on the ground floor of your home so that heat can be conveyed uniformly all through your home.

You ought to likewise ensure that you have adequate space to stack wood and deal with the debris.

Also, guarantee that the environmental factors of the heater are non-ignitable. You would prefer not to ignite your whole house. Ensure that there is a 12-inch distance from non-ignitable dividers and a 36-inch distance from burnable ones. The floor under the heater definitely must be non-flammable.

For that, you can install a solid section, pre-assembled oven board ceramic tiles under the floor, and treat the close by dividers with 28-measure sheet metal.


At last, you need to install a ventilation system. Since a wood furnace makes smoke, you need a stack to get that smoke out of your home. We would exhort a straight vertical chimney stack; the lesser twists it has, the better it is. You could pick between an insulated chimney stack approved by UL or a stonework chimney stack.

Besides, the chimney stack ought to be two feet higher than anything inside ten feet of the smokestack on a level plane. Make sure to cover your chimney stack so that birds or some other creatures can’t enter it.


These are all of our picks for the top 12 wood stoves and furnaces. All of these furnaces are rated 4 out of 5 stars and have the appreciation of satisfied customers. These furnaces are EPA certified and are perfect for indoor use. You can select any of these furnaces according to your needs and it sure will keep your house warm and cozy during winter times.

These furnaces produce very small smoke emissions and all of the furnaces include ash drawers for easy cleaning. These features make these furnaces very low maintenance and perfect for any home. Choose one stove according to the size of your house and the furnace will do the rest.


What is the best wood furnace to buy?

DROLET wood furnaces are equipped with a builtin air wash system, fire brick lining, and strong metal doors and are available in all sizes for all kinds of homes.

How does an indoor wood furnace work?

An indoor wood furnace works by burning wood to provide heat. A firebox is filled with fuel that is wood in this case and the furnace heats air via a heat exchanger.

What is the most efficient wood-burning furnace?

Drolet HT2000 is the most efficient wood-burning furnace. A pleasant hearth is also a very good wood stove for indoor use.

Are wood furnaces safe?

Wood furnaces are as safe as they can get. With a diesel or gas fuel furnace the risk of any accident is always high. A gas or diesel furnace can cause leakage or any combustion but wood furnaces are safe.

How long does a wood furnace last?

Some standard wood furnaces last 2 to 3 years but high-quality strong wood furnaces last a lifetime. If you want the wood stove to last forever, you need to be sure to operate it properly and do regular cleaning for clean functioning.

How much is a wood furnace?

A wood furnace normally ranges from 2500 dollars to 13000 dollars. You can select any wood furnace from this range.