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Since we are halfway through February, it is time to start thinking about what you want to do on Valentine’s Day. 

One of the best ways to enjoy oneself throughout the holiday? 

Through throwing a celebration in honor of love in all of its manifestations (while eating some yummy chocolates and candy, of course).

And if you need to stock up on some festive decorations, you’re in luck because there’s a new area on Amazon exclusively for Valentine’s Day décor, loaded with things relevant to the holiday’s theme. 

You’re in luck if you need to stock up on Valentine’s Day decorations.

It doesn’t matter whether your Valentine’s Day celebration is for couples, friends, children, or a mix of everyone you love; adding some festive decorations is a simple way to quickly bring some fun color to your room, and it will also get your visitors in the spirit for love. 

These Amazon bargains include balloons, banners, and even champagne flutes, and the prices start at only $5 per. Additionally, you can spend a little money to do so.

Amazon’s Selection of Valentine’s Day Decorations

Hanging up colorful garlands, such as this four-piece felt set with banners that read “love” and “xoxo,” along with lots of hearts, is a simple way to bring some quick Valentine’s Day enthusiasm to your gathering. 

This set features banners that say “love,” “xoxo,” and “hearts.” 

The set comes with strings for easy installation, allowing you to hang it anywhere from your fireplace to a window to a wall. 

One customer exclaimed that they “Loved this garland!” before saying that it is “great for hanging as it is directly out of the box or chopped to match your decor.”

  • Buy It! Labrostar Felt Valentine’s Day Garland 4-Piece Set is now available on Amazon for the discounted price of $13.27 (regularly $22.99).
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Do you intend to partake in alcoholic drinks during your celebrations? 

Purchase this set of sparkly champagne flutes made of plastic, which comes in 30 pieces and is available in three lovely hues, including rose gold. 

Whether you use them only once at your party or save them for use at other events in the future, they will prove to be an investment that was well worth the money. 

One reviewer rated them five stars and termed them “I wrote that they’re sturdy, durable, and gorgeous!” after praising them as “excellent” and “wonderful quality.” Also, that color is amazing!”

  • Buy It! Champagne flutes with a homey feel and rose gold glitter are available for $25.99 on
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And, of course, your guests could always use a little something sweet to snack on, so why not stock up on some adorable heart-shaped lollipops to hand out, display as décor, or throw out as party favors at the end of the evening?

The red lollipops, which have a cherry taste, may be purchased in sets of 12 for ten dollars, and larger groups are also available if you want more candies. 

One of the reviewers said that they were excellent for their party. “They have the perfect shape, and they taste amazing… The public responded positively to them.

  • Buy It! Lollipops in the shape of hearts, sold in sets of 12 by Dreidel Company for $9.99 on
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Get into the mood for Valentine’s Day by perusing the following list of festive decorations, which includes pillow covers, string lights, and candles designed to look like tealights.

  • Buy It! 12 Deybby Romantic Rose Tealight Candles are available for $8.29 each when purchased through DEYBBY Natural Scented Soy Wax Tealight Candles Bulk, Romantic  Rose Aromatherapy Luxury Tea Candle Set of 12 - 4 Hour Burn Time|Great for  Valentine's Day, Birthday : Health & Household
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  • Buy It! The Simhomsen Embroidered Heart Square Tablecloth is available for $19.99 and can be purchased at
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  • Buy It! Tifeson Valentine’s Day Pillow Covers are now available on Amazon for $8.99 (regularly $11.99).
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  • Buy It! Hanging Red and White Hearts by Akio Craft are available for $9.59 for a set of six on

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  • Buy It! the “Be Mine” Burlap Banner Party Props at Amazon for just $4.99 (reduced from $7.99).
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  • Buy It! Red Wooden “Love” Blocks by Ornativity are available for $14.99 on
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  • Buy It! Valentine’s Day Heart String Lights by DmHirmg are available for $11.99 at
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  • Buy It! KatchOn’s “I Love You” and Heart Balloon Decorations are available on Amazon for $11.97.