Carvana asked 1500+ employees to pack their Bags

Carvana laid off employees, stock updates

Carvana’s stock has dropped 97% this year.

Employees affected by the layoffs are sharing their experiences on LinkedIn below.

An internal message said Carvana would lay off about 1,500 people, or 8% of its workforce, on Friday.

This is because the company’s stock has dropped sharply this year, the market for used cars is getting worse, and there are worries about the company’s long-term direction.

Hard days ahead

The CEO of Carvana, Ernie Garcia, sent an email with the subject line “Today is a hard day.” In it, he talks about economic problems like higher financing costs and delays in buying cars. According to him, the company “failed to accurately predict how this would all play out and the impact on our business.”

“Today is a trying day. “The world around us has become more difficult, and in order to do what is best for the business, we must make some difficult decisions in order to adapt,” Garcia wrote in an email to employees on Friday.

Inflation played its part

As interest rates rise, inflation stays high, and fears of an economic downturn grow, more and more tech-related jobs are being cut.

Carvana has also grown quickly, but it made some mistakes during the coronavirus pandemic in order to take advantage of a used car market that was stronger than ever before.

The company’s stock closed at $8.06 per share on Friday, down 3.1%. After reaching a record high of $376.83 per share on August 10, 2021, Carvana’s stock has dropped by about 97% this year.

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How it unfolded?

According to the letter, the layoffs mostly affect employees in Carvana’s corporate and technology departments, as well as some operational positions where the company is “eliminating roles, locations, or shifts to match our size with the current environment.”

Garcia says that the affected employees will get separation and severance pay, health care coverage for an extra three months, and other benefits.

Garcia says that the affected employees will get separation and severance pay, health care coverage for an extra three months, and other benefits.

“I apologize to those who have been affected,” Garcia said. “We made a similar decision in May, as you are all aware. It’s reasonable to wonder why this is happening again, but I’m not sure I can answer it as clearly as you deserve.”

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Closing thoughts

During the pandemic, Carvana grew rapidly as shoppers shifted to online purchasing rather than visiting a car dealer, with the guarantee of hassle-free buying and selling of used vehicles at a customer’s home.

Carvana, on the other hand, did not have enough vehicles to meet the surge in consumer demand, nor did it have the facilities or employees to process the vehicles it did have in stock.

As demand slowed due to rising interest rates and recessionary fears, Carvana purchased ADESA and a record number of vehicles at exorbitant prices.

Expert Views

The layoffs come two weeks after the company’s stock dropped after missing Wall Street’s top- and bottom-line expectations for the third quarter. Carvana reported revenue, profit, and sales declines from the previous year.

Following the results, Morgan Stanley downgraded the stock and reduced its price target. Analyst Adam Jonas attributed the shift to deterioration in the used car market, the company’s debt, and a volatile funding environment.

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