Carter Enterprise Wise Choice Release

Last updated on March 12th, 2022 at 07:54 am


  • Self-closing jaw
  • Set screw tension adjustment
  • 4.8 ounce in weight
  • 8 x 5 1.5 inches in dimensions

From all theCarter Enterprise Wise Choice release is the most popular amongst all the other Carter release because of its amazing quality and functionality that has no match to the other products that are available in the market. 

Coming to the design, it offers a left-handed and right-handed operation along with an adjustable self-closing jaw. To change the left or right-handed operation all you have to do is unscrew that thumb barrel and screw it to the other side of the thumb release. 

Moving further to the functionality and performance, it has a tight and nice bowstring that does not leave a lot of space in there for a D-loop to move around even if you are at a full draw. It comes really handy and useful in accurate aiming and targeting. 

Carter Enterprise adds versatility to their products as much as possible. This thumb release is not just that, but you can use it as a back-tension release if you tweak around settings a little bit. If you are looking for a back release, but you are not interested in investing in a dedicated one, this product comes as a rescue. In short, you are getting two products; thumb release and a back tension release in one product that does not only save money but also time and effort. 


  • It offers high-end quality and durability.
  • You can use this as a thumb release and as a back tension release by adjusting the settings a little bit.
  • Self-closing jaw offers a convenient and productive functionality to the thumb release.
  • It comes in various colours that add a style to your weapon.
  • This is made with the most durable and rust-resistant material. 
  • It is very light in weight preventing wrist strain for longer period of uses.


  • Some of the users complain about noisy performance.

Customer review 

Most of the customers are really happy with their Carter Enterprise Wise Choice release. Here is what people have to say about their personal experience with Carter thumb release, “As soon as I realized that the problem was not in my aiming skills but the thumb release I was using, I started looking for another one. After reading various popular reviews about this thumb release, I instantly decided to order it, which was the best decision I made ever. Despite not ever hearing the name, I was impressed with the satisfaction customers was showing. 

I am glad I got Carter Enterprise thumb release as it offers me sharp and accurate aiming and target, unlike other thumb releases. Besides the performance, it is highly comfortable in the hand.”



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