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If you like camping, and have a hobby or you just want to spend a weekend away from the hectic daily routine and want to make sure that you purchase the best camping air mattress that will make your time fun rather than tiresome, then you are in right place. 

Camping together is one of the best types of hangouts for friends. It is also third best type of date for couples if you ask. Camping gear involves many things, but the best among them is a mattress that will give you a good night’s rest so you can start off fresh in the morning. 

In this article, we will discuss some best Camping Bed For Two people that are best quality and are sure to give you a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling well rested and ready to start a new day with excitement. 

Top 6 Camping Bed for Two 

With that being said, let’s have a look at six best Camping Bed for Two. 

1. EXPED MEGA self-inflating MATT DUO 10

EXPED MEGA self-inflating MATT DUO 10

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  • Easily adjustable 
  • Soft and strong 
  • Comes with mini pump for desired stiffness 
  • High quality fabric 


  • Full inflation can be time consuming 
  • Deflating this mattress also needs time 

Key features 

  • 77.6 x 52 inches in size 
  • 3.9 inches thick 
  • 9 lbs. in weight 
  • Self-inflating pump 
  • A mini pump for quick work 
  • Open cell PU foam insulation 
  • TPU lamination 
  • Okeo-Tex certified Polyester material 

This two person sleeping pad is constructed with high quality material to provide a comfortable night to you.  The 3.9 inch sleeping bed camping provides an equal level surface and comfort for sleeping. 

This camping bag has an R-value of 9.5 which means that this camping bed, with it’s soft to touch fabric and high quality material and insulation, is one of the best camp beds for tents. 

This double sleeping bag is perfectly sized for a 2-person tent and is perfect for base camping, car camping or even for home usage. The top and bottom fabric of this two person sleeping bag is so soft that you will feel like sleeping on feathers. 

This best double sleeping bag has two valves for easy inflation. The mattress comes with two pumps for each of the valves so that you can save time and get your desired thickness. The quality is also very good so you can use this mattress for many years without any damage. 

Customer review

Very comfortable. I am 6’5 and my partner is 5’3 and we both fit on this mattress perfectly. This sleeping pad is just the perfect thickness and is very easy to carry around. I ordered it after reviewing it and it is perfect. It is easy to use and easy to inflate and deflate.

2. Light speed Outdoors Deluxe 2 person sleeping pad: 

Light speed Outdoors Deluxe 2 person sleeping pad

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  • PVC free 
  • Durable 
  • No strong smell 
  • Light weight 
  • Easily packable 
  • Easy to carry around in a backpack


  • Might take time to inflate 
  • Requires 4D batteries with pump 

Key features

  • 79” x 55” x 7” in size 
  • 6 lbs. in weight 
  • PVC free TPU material 
  • Battery operated pump 
  • Comes with a bag for storage 

This is one of the best double sleeping bag for couples looking for a comfortable sleeping bed. It is an affordable option for campers who want to have a quality two person sleeping bag. 

This best double sleeping bag comes with a battery operated pump so you can easily fill it whenever you need it. The pump with this camping beds for two takes time to fill so if you can’t stand to wait long you can upgrade it by purchasing a faster pump. 

The camping mattress pad is light weight and easily packable so you can take it anywhere with you in your backpack. With this sleeping bed camping and hiking experience will be most comfortable and enjoyable.

Customer reviews 

Durable, un-smelly and delightfully fuzzy. Very comfortable and feels remarkably durable. No strong smell out of the package. The pump worked well and I didn’t need to re-inflate it even after a few nights of sleeping on it with my husband.

 3. Eureka RIO grande Queen camping Airbed

Eureka RIO grande Queen camping Airbed

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  • Soft to touch fabric 
  • Raised end for pillow 
  • Light weight 
  • Easy to pack 
  • Rechargeable pump 


  • Expensive 

Key features

  • 79” x 55” x 6” Queen size bed 
  • 5 lbs. in weight 
  • Rechargeable pump 
  • Suede resembling fabric with TPU mattress material 

This PVC Free down double sleeping bag is made of soft fabric. The specialty of this 2 person sleeping pad is that it has a non-slippery outer shell with a raised end to use as a pillow. This best air mattress for camping holds air tightly packed to provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience. 

This most comfortable camping bed is very light weight and easily packable with a rechargeable pump so you can take it anywhere with you easily. The queen size double sleeping bag also gives you enough space so two persons can sleep on it easily without having to squished together uncomfortably. 

Customer review 

High quality and comfortable. I was initially concerned that this mattress would be too thin to be comfortable for two people. This is not the case at all. It is incredibly comfortable. The pillow area holds your pillows in place so they don’t slide off the back of the mattress. The pump works great. It fills the mattress in one minute. We are very happy with our choice.

4. Therm-a-Rest Camper Duo Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest Camper Duo Sleeping Pad

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  • Each person can decide for air level on their side of the mattress 
  • Separate chambers for both campers 
  • 3 inches thick stable support 
  • Small sized when compressed 
  • Easily packable


  • Expensive 

Key features 

  • 77” x 50’ x 3” in size 
  • 4 lbs. in weight 
  • Requires manual filling 
  • Can be filled with a mini pump 
  • 75D polyester fabric 

This down double sleeping bag comes with a double wide design so you and your partner can sleep easy on your sides without having the problem to fall in the middle of the mattress during the night. 

The best two person sleeping bag has two chambers with enough space between so that two persons can toss, turn and sleep easily without the risk of falling between the gap and having to fall on ground. 

This camping beds for two has separate valves for filling air so you and your partner can decide the level of air each of you want in your side of the mattress for comfortable sleep all around. 

The best camp beds for tents has low-bulk construction that allows it to compress down to a very small size and makes you able to pack it with you on any adventure. The best double sleeping bag also has Neo Air construction that allows the mattress to have a stable support of 3 inches so even if you are a side sleeper, you will feel comfortable.  

Customer review 

Great night’s sleep. Lightweight. My wife and I got this for car camping and it is great. We have used it for two trips and there is plenty of room for both of us and our dog.

5. Coleman Queen camping cot with side tables and battery operated pump

Coleman Queen camping cot with side tables and battery operated pump

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  • Foldable steel frame 
  • Separable air bed and cot 
  • Easy pull out side table 
  • Comes with a battery operated pump 
  • Stays firm and intact throughout your sleep 


  • heavy weight 
  • Only suitable for car camping

Key Features

  • Twin Queen folding bed 
  • 78” x 59” x 22” in size 
  • 41.9 pounds in weight 
  • Steel frame 
  • Supports 600 pound weight 

Colman folding Airbed is the most comfortable camping bed for people who want a comfortable sleeping experience after a hectic day of camping and hiking. This best camping mattress for couples is foldable with a steel structure to support the weight of two campers who are 600 pound heavy collectively. 

The package includes camping beds for two people with two side tables, one air mattress and a pump that is operated by battery for quick air filling. The coil construction in this best camping mattress for couples contours to your body to provide support and relaxation to your body. 

This Camping Bed for Two is leak proof to ensure that the air stays intact and the mattress stays firm throughout the night for better sleeping experience. 

You can use take this sleeping bed camping or use it at home. The easy pull out side tables with cup holders give you enough storage space and the sewn on cover ensure that the mattress stays on the bed while you are sleeping on it. 

The bed comes with an easy to carry storage bag so that you can pack the bed in it and take this sleeping bed camping with you. 

Customer review 

Excellent camping upgrade. The bed is easy to set up and take down and is packaged conveniently. It is very comfortable but requires extra cover on the mattress as it feels cold when lying on nit during the night. We are extremely happy with our purchase. It has taken our camping experience to a whole new level. 

6. King Camp Deluxe Series Self inflating Camping Pad

King Camp Deluxe Series Self inflating Camping Pad

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  • Affordable 
  • Self inflating 
  • Rapid inflating and deflating process 
  • Damp proof 
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Comfortable 


  • Surface is a bit slick 
  • Can be slippery from top 

Key Features

  • 78” x 51” x 3” in size 
  • 11.5 lbs. in weight 
  • Self-inflating double sleeping bag 
  • 150 D oxford polyester material 

This self-inflating Camping Bed is perfect option for couples who are looking for an affordable high quality two person sleeping pad. The King Camp Deluxe Double sleeping bed has two non-corrosive brass valves that allows you to inflate and deflate the mattress in a quick matter of time. 

The R value of this best two person sleeping bag is 7.4 which means that this camping mattress pad can withstand cold temperatures easily. With a good R value and amazing damp proof material, this best double sleeping bag is sure to get the camper through a cold night ensuring a comfortable and cozy rest throughout the night. 

The couples backpacking sleeping bag comes with a carrying bag and a repairing kit. You can take this best camp beds for tents with you on camping, fishing, self driving tours and other outdoor activities easily. 

Customer Review 

Easy to blow up to firmness you like. Self inflates well. Easy to blow up to firmness you like. Wouldn’t bring it backpacking but it’s great for car camping. Folds down to the size that’s slightly bigger than a 5 gallon bucket. 

Things to consider before buying a Camping Bed for Two 

Camping beds come in various forms and qualities. To ensure that you get the best camping air mattress with the best size, weight and insulation, there are a few things you need to consider before buying a two person sleeping pad. 

Follow this guide and make sure that you consider and check these things on your list for most comfortable camping bed, so that you get your money’s worth and a fulfilling camping experience. 

Type of camping mattress pad

There are usually two type of camping beds that you can choose from; sleeping pads and mattresses. Sleeping pads use the thermal technology. They are filled with pure foam. They are made to provide warmth and support so even when you are camping in a cold night, the sleeping pad will keep you warm and comfortable. Sleeping pads are compact and lightweight in general and it is easy to pack them inside a pack to take on your camping with you. Air mattresses on the other hand provide more cushioning and thickness than a sleeping bag. They are heavier than any camping mattress pad and might not fit in the backpack. Nonetheless air mattresses provide more cushioning and thickness than sleeping pads. A good air mattress provides distance between ground and sleeper to provide a comfortable sleep. 

Insulated tops with padding

Insulated mattresses provide warmth and comfort during cold night outdoors. Extra paddings on the mattress also keep you warm and don’t let the cold ground make you feel uncomfortable. 


Most best camping mattress for couples comes with electric or manual pumps. Electric pumps are usually rechargeable. All you need to do is attach the tip of pump with the valve in mattress, turn the switch on and the pump will fill the mattress. 

Manual pumps are also good as you can fill the air by yourself without having to worry about running out of battery or having no electricity connection around. 

Self-inflating camping mattress 

A Self-inflating camping mattress is the best camping air mattress. Just lay out the bed, open the valves and the mattress will inflate on its own. No need to work filling the mattress!  

Poly Vinyl Chloride Free camping bed 

PVC’s are used in mattresses to eliminate the risk of air leaks from the mattress. These materials can cause skin allergy to some people sensitive to PVC’s. So if you have a sensitive skin, make sure to look out for mattresses that have PVC in their build. 


A good night’s sleep helps you relax your mind and muscles after a long day of outing or camping. To start a new day feeling energized and refreshed, a relaxing sleep is just what you need. To ensure that you get that comfortable peaceful sleep after a tiresome day, make sure to get the best sleeping bag or mattress and take it with you when you are going camping or hiking or to any outdoor adventure. 

You can choose any single or double bed according to your sleeping preferences and the number of persons going out with you on camping. You also need to consider your preferable material, e.g. PVC free, non-slippery etc., and a mattress that is affordable for you. 

With the right mattress, you will surely wake up fresh and happy in the morning, ready to start a new day with new energy. 


Question 1. What is the best bed for camping? 

Answer: Coleman air bed with side tables is the most comfortable sleeping bed to take out camping and on vacationing. 

Question 2: Are camp beds better than air beds? 

Answer: Self-inflating mattress are a very good option if you want to stay warmer during the night. Air beds are preferable over camp beds as they provide warmer cozier sleeping experience. 

Question 3: Are air beds good for camping? 

Answer: air beds are made from thick material, are easily rolled and can be taken anywhere easily in a backpack. Air beds have a water proof surface and are resistant to punctures so they are a good choice to take with you on camping. 

Question 4. What bed has the best weight limit? 

Answer: Coleman Queen size foldable air mattress has a weight limit of 600 lbs. which is very good considering it is a camping mattress and has a thick steel frame. 

Question 5: How do you pack a pillow for camping? 

Answer: most camping mattresses and air bags come with a raised side to use as a pillow. If your camping bed doesn’t have a raised edge to use as a pillow, use a pillow cover and fill it with clothes or soft fleece. That way you can save space and pack light. 



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