Caldwell Zeromax- Best Bench Rest For Rifle Shooting

best bench rest for rifle shooting

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Key Features

  • Has 23 inches length
  • Has 12 inches width
  • The framework of durable tube steel
  • Features elevation adjustment
  • Offers rock-solid shooting
  • Non-destructive shotgun
  • Comes with ballistic nylon rear rest
  • Easy to use
  • Allows easier adjustment

Bench rest shooting is the essence of a hunter’s life, and it acquires precision and accuracy so that you would not miss even a single shot and take your prey down in no time. For this purpose, you might be looking for the best bench rest for rifle shooting, and I am here to resolve this matter for you! While looking for perfect bench rest, know that you can easily count on Caldwell Zeromax Rifle Shotgun For Outdoor Range. This is one of the best benchrest you can buy!

Let’s take a look at the features of this product. You will see there are multiple reasons for choosing this one as it comes in a versatile design having a full-length rest which is not only convenient but straightforward and comfortable also with more effortless operation.

This bench rest has adjustment knobs that you can easily place. Because of its more effortless adjustment, you will not have to remove the gun from the bench rest. So, it is more plausible to use, and you can enjoy more comfortable and smoother hits with your rifle.

Accuracy is the prime concern that tends you use a bench rest. Right? So, it is the exclusive feature you must not compromise on. This product is built-up with a durable and sturdy tube steel frame and offers elevation adjustment- making it a rock-solid shooting base for your rifles and shotguns.

Being non-destructive in nature, this bench rest is explicitly amazing and comes with a nonmarring, filled, medium varmint front bag having a ballistic nylon rear rest. It ultimately helps in holding your gun without facing any destruction against any point of contact while maneuverability. Additionally, you do not have to get yourself troubled because of tricky assemblage as it comes with a user-friendly framework.

Last but not least, getting this much at a friendly price is the need of every buyer. Fortunately, it offers you multiple functional specs that you look for in a bench rest yet comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Comes with filled medium varmint front bag
  • Has micro adjustment for elevation
  • Decent recoil reduction
  • It offers rock solid shooting base
  • Ballistic nylon rear rest
  • Easy to adjust


  • Easier elevations’ adjustability would be appreciated

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best Bench Rest Rifle Shooting

The customers who reviewed this bench rest are super satisfied with its working. The versatility of its design makes it even more comfortable to operate, and as it comes with feasible functionality, so users enjoyed exact and accurate shots because of this rest. Also, it features decent micro-adjustment for elevation that helps in having a great shot. But the adjustability for elevations is a bit harder, yet overall CaldWell Zeromax is the best product to have.





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