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  • This Bottle Jack Heat Press Machine’s force capacity is 6 tons (12000 pounds’ total force).
  • It has a strong frame made of H-shaped stainless steel coupled with a 6-ton jack.
  • The machine works under a temperature range from 0 to 400-degree F.
  • The press machine has a power of 500 Watts and uses a voltage of 110 Volts.
  • The machine has a working surface of 3” x 5”, as it has dual platens.
  • The unit also includes 2 stainless steel legs for dripping.
  • It also features a heavy-duty spring with good elasticity.
  • the diameter of the jack is 2.8” while the minimum height of the bottle jack is 8.5”.
  • It is a very heavy machine and weighs 41 pounds including a jack and stainless steel plates.
  • The appliance has an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of both plates.
  • The unit delivers around 1000 psi pressure for 10g of a flower.
  • Its platens and control box can be removed easily from the machine.
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.


Another good-quality bottle jack heat press machine by Dabpress. This is a complete jack heat press machine. You just need to plug-in and start doing your job without any hassle. This heat press machine is ideal for domestic or home-based applications.

This is also called a manual machine as you have to use your force to run the unit. Its dual insulation layers work to keep your press at a reasonable hot temperature. This ensures 200 F can be reached in under 5 minutes. The repair and maintenance of the machine are easy. Its sensors sense the exact temperature.


  • The machine is solidly built, durable design, and able to deliver good results.
  • The heat blocks are of high quality, have thick bamboo insulation and dual heat controls.
  • It’s heating rods and thermocouple detects the accurate temperature and delivers results accordingly.
  • All the parts of the jack press machine are replaceable for easy maintenance.
  • Its anodized working surface ensures easy cleanup.
  • Its bamboo insulator promises speedy heating-up and prevents the bottle from jack from over-heating.
  • The ergonomics design of the handle grip enables you to move the press machine easily.
  • The product offers more than 6,000 hours of service time working.


  • The press machine does not include a pressure gauge, as the gauge cannot be installed on the jack.
  • It is a little bit expensive compared to other available options.



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