Which Bluetooth Speakers for Car Music is Perfect?

Bluetooth speakers for car music is everywhere nowadays. If you want to listen to your music in the park, picnic, beach, or in the car, then this is for you. It has a built-in battery. These speakers are available in various sizes, colors, designs, and suitable for every use. Some Bluetooth speakers are small that easily fit into your pocket. Some speakers are waterproof so you can use them on water.

Bluetooth Vs Wi-Fi Speaker

There is a difference between Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi speaker. You connect a Wi-Fi speaker via wireless internet to your smartphone. Whereas, a Bluetooth speaker directly connects with your smartphone or computer without internet. In other words, a Bluetooth speaker is not dependent on the internet or Wi-Fi signal. This feature of Bluetooth speaker makes it convenient to use in parks, beach, or any outdoor place, even in your car.

What Features Make Bluetooth Speakers for Car Music Best?

Convenient Use

This is the first consideration, because during driving you may be focusing on the road instead of fumbling with buttons on the Bluetooth speaker to play. Bluetooth car speakers should be convenient to use. The selected speaker model should have integrated buttons for adjusting volume, answering calls, and so on.

Some Bluetooth speakers have built-in motion sensors. The sensor identifies when you open the door and automatically connects the speaker with your phone. The speaker must also have a clip to hang or clip it to any edge.

Audio Quality

A Bluetooth speaker must have good audio quality. There are some technical specifications you should be looking for before buying it.

Audio Driver: Bluetooth speakers have two drivers – one for highs and the other for lower frequencies. Also, you need to check the output power of a speaker which is normally mentioned in Watts (W).

Frequency:  All Bluetooth speakers have a frequency response. A normal human can hear from 40 Hz to 20KHz. At the low end of the audio, there’s a ‘Bass’ sound, whereas at the higher end is the ‘treble’. Both should be equal and balanced to get an overall good quality of music.

EQ Apps:  Most of the Bluetooth lacks bass and treble. That’s why using an EQ is a good choice. You can download this small software on the App Store which may provide a better music experience in your car.


Speakers come in a wide range of prices. Different brands have different features to offer with varying prices. Don’t think that an expensive product is the best. No doubt higher-end models sound better but the tact is to have the best sound, with good features but at an affordable price.

Purchasing from an established brand is always good to buy from there. Some good brand names are JBL, Bose, Jabra, Echo, Ultimate, and Infinity who are manufacturing and designing Bluetooth speakers for cars with good quality sound and mostly below $100.


If your Bluetooth speaker is not durable and strong, then you cannot carry it outdoor with you. Choose speakers with IPX ratings that warranties their waterproof and shock-resistance features. IPX rated speakers can be submerged in water for up to one meter for 30 minutes. In this way, the speaker can be carried on water.

Portability and Battery Life

A Bluetooth speaker must be small and light enough to easily carry from one place to another. They are usually portable as they’ve powerful batteries. These speakers are meant to be used outdoors for extended hours. Therefore, look for this characteristic while buying one.

The standard battery power of most Bluetooth speakers is from 1500 to 2000 mAh that is sufficient to use for 8 to 10 hours of continuous playing your favorite music.

Voice Assistants in Bluetooth Speakers

Voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enables you to simply speak to your speaker about what music to play instead of giving the command through your smartphone. These voice assistants become more useful especially in your car when you’re driving.

The voice assistant is not only for playing music, you can also ask for weather forecasts, general or sports news, your favorite NBA score, and even language translation. However, the voice assistant speakers need a Wi-Fi internet connection to perform these tasks. This internet connection can be managed from your smartphone during driving.

Jabra Freeway Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

This Jabra Freeway Bluetooth speaker is a stylish, lightweight, and impressive design suitable for any car décor. The speaker is specially designed to be used in closed spaces like a car, due to its 3-speaker coupled with Virtual Surround Sound feature. So be relaxed, and stay focused on the road, and let this Jabra Freeway handle your music and calls.

Highlighted Features

  • This Bluetooth speaker is black and has 5 ounces of weight.
  • You can use your voice to make and take phone calls completely hands-free by touching any button and by announcing the name of the incoming or outgoing caller.
  • Its FM transmitter can also send your favorite tunes and calls to a built-in car sound system.
  • The unit has auto ON/OFF, audio streaming for music playback, podcasts, or getting directions from your car GPS technology.
  • The Bluetooth speaker offers 14 hours of talk time with 40 days of standby time and 2 hours of charging time.
  • It has 3 mini-speakers and has an output power of 7W.
  • The speaker has dual-mic active noise cancellation technology, which filters out background noises and hooting cars disappear.
  • The device can easily be charged by using your car charger.
  • To save its battery power, the Jabra Freeway is fitted with a motion sensor. If it does not detect any motion in the car for a long time, then it automatically shuts OFF.
  • The speakerphone has a visor clip which makes it easily portable.
  • The speaker has a range of 33 feet.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker may not be the cheapest option but for the stunning features it offers, it is worth your money. Remember the penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is around $100 for the first-time violation. So this Bluetooth speaker can save you this penalty side by side providing you fun and entertainment during driving.

In the end..

To travel in style, some people like to enjoy their own personal party while listening to the music with their Bluetooth earplugs during driving. If not, then, your car needs a speaker that matches its style. Some speakers can fit in your car’s dashboard space while some others can be hanged or can be placed in a different place in your car. These speakers provide a variety of sound quality depending on your budget and brand. These speakers are great gateways to your fun zone without taking care of jumbled wires.



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