[Security Tips] Best Biometric Door Lock Residential

Last updated on March 18th, 2022 at 11:05 am

Security is always a top priority for your house. A biometric door lock residential provides you a safe environment for your house as the door can only be unlocked if you are physically there. Furthermore, these devices take you out of the stress of taking your keys everywhere without losing them.

Top 9 Biometric Door Lock Residential

1. Harfo Smart Lever Fingerprint Lock


  • 3D fingerprint sensor
  • Deadbolt Button
  • Long battery life


  • The default password requires changing


  • It has an OLED display and a voice guide to assist you in installation
  • The data of 300 people can be added in this machine and it gives the owner chance of keeping track of them
  • It gives you the flexibility of choosing between fingerprint, access card, passcode, and a backup key
  • This device has a fast recognition system and has an accuracy system of 99.86%
  • It has a deadbolt button that only admin can access

The stainless steel biometric door locks have oxidation that protects it from the scratches. These versatile biometric door locks give you the option of adding a passcode, fingerprint, access card, and a backup key for security.

With the deadbolt button, this one of the finger scan door locks gives additional security as it can only be accessed by the admin. This one of finger scan door locks has the capability of storing the data of 300 fingerprints with a fast recognition system.

With the help of the OLED screen now you can enter and delete the entry with just a single click. Also, this one of the fingerprint scanner locks includes a voice guiding system so you can easily install the device.

Customer Reviews

The security plans of these locks are great. I have 3 of these lockers installed in my house for security.

2. Samsung Pull Biometric Fingerprint Lock


  • Double authentication
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Mortise sensor


  • Expensive


  • This device can store 100 fingerprints and 31 user codes or RF-ID tags
  • This automatic locking device is suitable for doors with the thickness of 40-80mm
  • It is battery operated and also has an emergency power contact
  • It comes with a sleek design that goes with the exterior/interior of office or residential building
  • The mortise sensor automatically closes the door for you and the usage is quite easy as well

Along with the modern and sleek look of this one of the fingerprint scanner locks, it gives additional security as well. You can easily use the finger sensor and also the numeric pad, but additionally, the fingerprint scan door lock gives the option of adding the RFID mode.

With the mortise technology, you just need to close the door and it will automatically lock the door. For added security, the fingerprint scan door lock also has a theft alarm to alert you in office or residential area. With the capacity of 100 fingerprints and 31 codes makes it a durable product.

The only con with the biometric fingerprint door lock is the price it comes in. You can get more features out of the other locks with less money.

Customer Reviews

The product was easy to use and is great. But the menu is not user-friendly.

3. WeJupit Biometric Digital Lock


  • 3 security options
  • Anti-peep feature
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Setting up can be confusing


  • This enables you to have a fingerprint, passcode, and backup key code. For extra security, you can add the combination of two things
  • It can store 200 fingerprints and identifies in just 0.5 seconds
  • It includes the feature of anti-peep unlocking system
  • This stainless steel lock is easy to install with a long battery life of up to 1 year
  • You need 4 AA batteries along with this door lock

This stainless steel biometric fingerprint door lock has the capacity of feeding up to 200 fingerprints that it detects and unlock in 0.5 seconds.

The home fingerprint lock works with 4 AA batteries that can last up to a year. This home fingerprint lock gives you an option between three ways, you can have a fingerprint, passcode, or backup key lock. Furthermore, the fingerprint scanner door lock also allows you to keep the password with the combination of any two out of the three options.

With its anti-peep unlocking system the fingerprint scanner door lock gives you extra security. The con of the product is that the setup might be confusing for some people who are just beginning with such locks.

Customer Reviews

One time it automatically deleted the fingerprint, but other than that it gives satisfactory performance.

4. Ultraloq Bluetooth 6-in-1 Fingerprint Door Lock


  • 6 options for unlock
  • Anti-peep keyboard
  • Dual data encryption


  • Some parts are made of low-quality materials like plastic


  • This device gives you 6 ways to choose from for opening the door
  • The anti-peep feature provides you additional security
  • It also has the feature of auto lock and unlock that makes it easy to use
  • With the code or an e-key, you can give permanent access to your closed ones
  • With the dual data encryption, no one can unlock the door without your permission

Apart from the fingerprint access fingerprint door handle lock also gives the option of the anti-peep keyboard, auto-unlock, smartphone control, shake to open, and mechanical key.

With the dual data encryption, the fingerprint door handle lock enables the owner to permit who enters and when. For your closed ones the fingerprint deadbolt lock allows you to send code or an e-key to them. For your comfort, it has a feature of auto lock and unlock.

With all these benefits there is a slight disadvantage of this fingerprint deadbolt lock that makes it less durable. Many components are made using plastic that makes it an average quality product.

Customer Reviews

The design is pretty but there is a lag in fingerprint identification which makes it a bit frustrating.

5. Ultraloq 5-in-1 Keyless Door Lock


  • 5-in-1 multipurpose device
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Fast identification


  • The app needs to be updated for smooth control


  • This lock gives you the option of choosing between 5 ways: passcode, fingerprint, mechanical key, smartphone and shake to open
  • With its smartphone control, you can easily manage the settings and logs with your iPhone and Android
  • It has a capacity of 95 fingerprints that it can identify in less than 0.5 seconds
  • With the single latch, you can install it easily

The zinc alloy construction of this lock makes it water and dustproof. No wiring and drilling are required for installation just a simple latch system makes the installation quite easy.

This one of the fingerprint scanner locks is suitable for both left and right-handed doors. With the OLED display, you can have new entry or remove previous ones with a single click. The 5-in-1 all features of this one of the fingerprint scanner locks allow the entrance through a passcode, fingerprint, smartphone, mechanical key and shake to open feature.

With the quick response time of 0.5 seconds for identification, the fingerprint recognition door lock allows us to enter 95 fingerprints. The only issue with this fingerprint recognition door lock is when controlling through smartphone the app might need constant updation for smooth working.

Customer Reviews

The look and results are great. But there is an issue in the working of Bluetooth.

6. Dato Biometric Door Lock


  • Quick identification
  • Wireless installation
  • Internal storage
  • For left and right handle doors


  • Confusing installation for beginners


  • The installation of this lock is very easy and no wires are required
  • It quickly identifies the fingerprints within 0.3 seconds
  • This lock is ideal for residential spaces with its minimalistic design
  • It comes with internal memory that stores multiple fingerprints without the need of any app

This finger scanning door lock is ideal for both residential and commercial use. The installation is quite easy because it doesn’t require any wiring that simplifies the process.

The one-touch technology used in this fingerprint door lock helps you to unlock the lock as well as turn the knob at the same time. With its internal storage, it lets you save around 40 sets of fingerprints. This one of the finger print door locks identifies each fingerprint in less than 0.3 seconds and unlocks the door.

The battery life of this biometric door knob is durable as it comes with the capacity for 8800 fingerprint scanning. The only issue with this biometric keyless entry door lock is that the installation might confuse you if you are new at installing these kinds of gadgets.

Customer Reviews

It is good but I won’t rate it 5 stars because the instructions manual is vague at few steps.

7. Rulart Biometric Door Lock


  • Easy installation
  • Emergency backup
  • 300 fingerprints can be entered
  • 0.25 seconds identification
  • Dual-mode


  • USB cable for charging comes with a short length


  • The one-touch unlock feature allows you the finger touch from a 360-degree angle and identifies it in 0.25 seconds
  • It comes with locking and channel mode that allows flexibility and also takes care of your privacy
  • This lock is applicable for both left and right-hand doors, and are good for doors with the width of 35-55mm
  • The easy installation just require 2 screws to hang on the door

This advanced technology thumbprint door lock allows you to save around 300 fingerprints that it can identify in 0.25 seconds. You don’t have to worry about the angle you touch your finger with the machine it accepts the finger touch from 360 degrees.

The installation is quite easy you just need 2 screws to attach the lock to the door. The security fingerprint lock has 2 modes including lock and channel mode that makes the switching easy according to the requirements.

Furthermore, the emergency key-unlock method that provides you the easiness of back up in case you forget the password. The only issue you face with this lock is that the length of the cable for USB charging is small.

Customer Reviews

I have used many locks before and so far this one is the best with easy installation.

8. SwiftFinder Reversible Level Door Lock


  • Anti-peep virtual password
  • For both left and right side doors
  • Versatile
  • Voice guide


  • Passcode setting is complicated


  • It comes with the ideal measurement to fit any standard door
  • The installation is easy and requires 2 screws on the door
  • This flexible door lock enables you to keep a backup key for unlocking, a passcode, access card and fingerprints
  • It has a limit of 300 users and the owner can track each entry easily
  • You can have more security with the anti-peep virtual password that allows you to create multiple security passcodes
  • It is suitable for wooden door and is not recommended for metal doors

This all-in-1 multipurpose finger scan door lock gives you multiple options to ensure the safety of your home. You can set a passcode, fingerprint, or use an access key and a backup key to unlock the door. The lock can be used on both sides of the door and the handle is easily reversible as well.

Its unique anti-peep feature allows you to enter a random number-original number-random number in case you are with someone and don’t want them to know the password. It enables a maximum of 300 users and the owner can easily track everyone’s movement.

The installation is quite easy as well, you need screws on the door and you can attach it. But keep in mind is just suggested to use on wooden doors and not metal doors. Another issue is that the setting of the passcode is not easy.

Customer Reviews

The product itself is nice but the instruction manual can be improved, especially instructions on the setting of the passcode.

9. Ultraloq Secure Finger ID Premium Fingerprint Lock


  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with smartphone
  • Easy installation


  • No dedicated app


  • You can store up to 95 fingerprints in the biometric lock and the response time of this device is 0.5 seconds
  • This water and dustproof lock allows you to set a passcode with the anti-peep technology
  • There is a place for the hidden key at the bottom for the case if someone tries to hack the lock
  • With its long battery, it gives you access up to 8000 times and also has an alarm that alerts of low battery on a smartphone app
  • They have a single borehole for the easy installation

This dust-proof and scratch-free lock enable you to easily unlock the door in 0.5 seconds with 95 fingerprints capacity. You also have an option for adding a passcode with the anti-peep technology.

In case if someone tries to hack the lock, it has a hidden keyhole at the bottom of the device. The battery life of this lock is long that can last up to a year with 8000 times access. It also gives you an alert on the smartphone app when the battery is low.

For easy installation, it comes with a single borehole. The con with this product is that there is no dedicated app with this yet.

Customer Reviews

It was very easy to install, but in the day time, it is very hard to see the digits on the screen.

Things to Consider

Options for locking/unlocking

  • Choose a versatile device that gives you the option for more than just the fingerprints
  • Many products give additional features like passcode and mechanical key
  • For advance security look for the ones with voice recognition, anti-peep keyboard, and an access card

Battery Life

  • Choose a door lock with long battery life so you and your family can access it multiple times
  • The robust battery life means it gives you the chance of accessing the doors more time
  • Additionally, look for the door that gives you the option to attach an external battery as well for the case if the internal battery runs out


  • You don’t want to buy a lock that is not durable and gets damaged easily
  • For more durability go for the biometric locks that are made of stainless steel
  • The other materials you can look for is alloy, it will last you for years

Quality Rating

  • The door locks are available in multiple quality standards that you can choose
  • The most trusted one is the ANSI standard for locks
  • Choose a product that has been testified and approved by some trusted bodies


With these biometric door lock residential, now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family and house. This article includes all the basic things that you should know before buying a door lock that guarantees your security.

Good luck in finding the best option.


1. What is the best biometric door lock?

With the advanced features and stylish look Harfo Smart Lever Fingerprint Lock is the best biometric door lock.

2. Are biometric door locks secure?

There are many other options for keyless locks but the biometric is the safest one because it requires your physical presence.

3. How do you set a fingerprint lock on a door?

After buying the keyless lock, start by drilling holes in the door. Then set the deadbolt and latch of the device and now install the lock. After the final check, you can simply add your fingerprint to the device.

4. What is the best keyless entry system for homes?

With the multiple ways to unlock the door, Ultraloq Bluetooth 6-in-1 Fingerprint Door Lock is the best keyless entry system for homes.

5. How do you set up a fingerprint scanner?

Go to the settings of your phone, from their click on “Lock” and choose the lock type “fingerprint”. Then simply add the fingerprint and you are good to go.

6. How does a biometric door lock work?

They use simple scanning and converting mechanism. When you touch the fingerprint scanner with the fingers the device gets the signals in numerical form and the finger template is saved.



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