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  • The package of this Beyblade includes;
  • Beyblade burst star storm stadium
  • 2 Beyblade burst switch-strike right/left spin launchers
  • 2 Beyblade right-spin tops
  • One Beyblade is of the type Burst Switch-Strike Genesis Valtryek V3 right-spin top.
  • The other Beyblade is Burst Switch-Strike Satomb S3 right-spin top.
  • The tops can smash and strike with each other and burst into pieces. However, the burst rates vary during the multi-tiered forceful battle.
  • The top has a two-part forge disc – DR26
  • The Beyblade has good resilience and balance, excellent power, high endurance, side by side with a cool look.
  • This Beyblade is for children having ages 8 years and up.
  • The sides of the Beyblade are excellently engineered and shaped making it a reliable top for other competitors’ Beyblade battles.
  • The compartments for stadium outs are a bit smaller, which is a plus feature.


It was released in August 2018 by the manufacturer Hasbro. The Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm is inspired by the animated series. The product comes with Switch Strike Battle Tower and includes 2 level stadium, Battling tops, and launchers. The Beyblade is intended to compete among the last spinning Beyblade with an immense battle experience that flips between 2-players’ or 4-players’ ways.

No doubt this is one of the top-rated and well-known Beyblade from Hasbro. The Beyblade burst tops can ‘burst’ into pieces and awarding 2 points for the other player. The first player who achieves 3 points wins the battle.


  • The stadium of this Beyblade provides a remarkable battle design.
  • The launchers are high-end in quality.
  • An ideal product for the kids who want to enhance their battling skills to the next level towards mastery.
  • Its stadium is durable and strong enough to hold heavy Beyblades for battling.
  • Its two-part forge disc is compatible with other two-part forge discs.
  • The components of this Beyblade are also interchangeable with most of the other Beyblades, except Beyblade Burst Rip Fire Tops.
  • Its assembly is very easy and takes less time.
  • The arena of the Beyblade is not as loud and disturbing as all the other arenas.


  • The plastic of Beyblade is not high-quality and breakable since it is made to explode into pieces.
  • The platform of the stadium is very small with a small lip and can send the Beyblades out of the stadium if players become so aggressive during their battle.
  • The App is not available in all languages and available in selected countries.
  • There is no guidance provided in the instructions manual on how to assemble the forged disc. For this purpose, you need to watch the video on YouTube.



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