The Best Wireless Router For Multiple Streaming Devices

With many devices in the house, it is difficult to get reliable signals with old model routers. The best wireless router for multiple streaming devices makes sure that you can connect as many devices as you want without making any compromise on the speed of the network.

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Things to Consider

Wireless AC

  • You have the following two options in this category: 802.11ac and 802.11n wifi
  • The 802.11ac is better when multiple devices are connected to the router because it is more efficient
  • You can commonly find 802.11ac as compare to another one in smartphone or single antenna devices

Quality of Service (QoS)

  • It is beneficial in case of multiple devices because it can prioritize certain traffic
  • As calling and games require more bandwidth to work continuously so they will be preferred over downloading


  • Good quality RAM is important because it promotes the smooth transfer of data and service
  • The CPU and RAM collectively reduce traffic and improve the speed of transfers and streaming


  • It is because of this feature you can connect multiple devices to the router
  • It ensures fast speed and improves the negative effects of the multiple devices connected to the router

Dual-band and Tri-band

  • When you can connect more than 1 network to your router then it is considered to be dual or tri-band
  • The dual-band is created with 2 networks of 5GHz and 2.5 GHz
  • Whereas, the tri-band is created using 2 5GHz networks and one 2.4 GHz network
  • These routers will help you to reduce congestion created by multiple devices

Top 9 Best Wireless Router For Multiple Streaming Devices

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1. Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System


  • Easy setup
  • Content filtering
  • 2nd generation
  • Automatic updates


  • Only one Ethernet port
  • Monthly subscription for some services


  • With this wifi system, you get the coverage of 5+ bedrooms with reliable and fast network
  • This intelligent mesh wifi is 2nd generation but is also compatible with the 1st generation products
  • Once a month it automatically gets updated unlike other routers ensuring the high-speed performance
  • For a dependable network, the single mesh wifi system provides you multiple wireless access points
  • It takes only a few seconds for setup and managing is quite easy through the mobile app

With the high speed, the best wifi router for multiple devices comes with the coverage good for 5 bedrooms that provide a reliable network. To maintain the performance of the network best wifi router for multiple devices automatically gets updated after a month.

The best router for multiple devices provides you the option for content filtering but unfortunately to avail of this feature you have to pay for a monthly subscription. This 2nd generation best router for multiple devices is compatible and works with 1st generation devices as well.

The other problem with this product is that for the wired connection it only gives the option for a single Ethernet port.

Customer Reviews

The wifi coverage is fast, reliable, and secure.

2. Google Nest Wi-Fi-2nd Generation


  • Simple setup
  • Google Home integration
  • High-speed performance


  • Lacks in backhaul channel


  • It includes 2 routers that give high-speed network to the total area of 4400sq ft
  • One of the routers connects to the modem and the other is placed to provide you buffer-free connection
  • This system is compatible with 200 devices and can give 4k streaming
  • It has intelligent working that automatically installs updates when required and keeps the speed fast
  • You can manage and make the settings easily on the app

The best wireless router for home comes with 2 routers to ensure high-speed performance. You directly connect one router to the modem provided and the other is placed to make sure the speed won’t drop down in any corner of the house.

The best wireless router for home provides you a wide coverage of 4400sq ft that makes it compatible with more than 200 devices that can have 4K streaming without any buffering.

All these settings can be managed through the nest wifi app. The best wifi router for home also works intelligently by automatically updating the required settings to maintain the speed throughout the house.

Customer Reviews

The performance is good but you can install it using app-only and doesn’t provide the option to install it through a web interface.

3. TP-Link Archer Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router


  • Affordable
  • Ethernet ports
  • Easy setup


  • Not for long-range
  • No USB port


  • This dual-band router gives the high speed of 1200Mbps that reduces buffering and makes it ideal for 4K streaming
  • It has 4 Gigabit LAN ports that allow you to plug-in your devices
  • MU-MIMO feature ensures fast speed when multiple devices are connected
  • It provides you parental control and the option for guest wifi
  • Through the TP-link app you can manage the settings easily

If you are looking to get a high-speed router at the tight budget then this best wifi router for home is for you. This one of the top wireless routers gives you a speed of 1200 Mbps that makes it ideal for 4K streaming.

This one of the top wireless routers has LAN ports that support your other devices. And to maintain the speed of wifi among multiple devices it has the feature of MU-MIMO. Through the app, you can easily manage the settings and have parental control over your kid’s devices.

The issues that you might face are that this device is limited to use for small area coverage and also you don’t get the option for USB ports.

Customer Reviews

I have a single room apartment and this works great in it.

4. Netgear Orbi Whole Home Wi-Fi System


  • Extended coverage
  • Speedy network
  • Parental control


  • Bit expensive
  • Complications in connecting to older devices


  • With the mesh wifi system, you can get the coverage of 5000sq ft and connect 25+ devices
  • A band is created between the router and satellite to provide maximum speed for your devices
  • The Ethernet port and wireless wifi add up to total power of 3Gbps of streaming
  • The parental control allows you to pause the internet on device, view history and also provides a filter for the websites
  • It gives you advance protection from cyber threats
  • The setup and managing of this app has become easy with the Orbi app

Due to the Orbi app, the setup of this best home router for streaming is quite easy you just need to connect it and then manage the setting through the app. The best home router for streaming creates a band to provide fast speed between the router and the satellite.

Along with the advanced protection from cyber threats, the best wifi router for streaming also provides parental control that allows you to view history, filter the sites, and also pause wifi option in a device. The total of 3 Gbps power is provided by the best wifi router for streaming through Ethernet port and wireless wifi.

The cons of this product are that it is priced at a bit higher rate and also for the older devices it can create problems.

Customer Reviews

The coverage of this router is great and works amazingly.

5. Linksys EA7500 Max-Stream Dual-Band Router


  • Simple setup
  • Fast streaming
  • 1500sq ft coverage


  • Fluctuations in speed
  • Software isn’t robust


  • The wifi router provides the coverage range up to 1500sq ft to over 15 devices
  • Through the Linksys app, the setup of this router has become very easy
  • You can enjoy 4K streaming and play games without any buffering in high quality
  • This dual-band router goes up to the speed of 1.9 Gbps
  • The MU-MIMO features ensure high-speed network to multiple devices at the same time

The best router for high speed internet can provide the wireless coverage of a network up to 1500sq ft that connects to 15 devices easily. The good router for streaming provides you buffer-free 4K streaming and gaming experience at fast speed.

You can depend on its fast speed as it reaches up to 1.9 Gbps. The managing of the best router for high speed internet is quite easy and you can control it through the Linksys app.

The good router for streaming has the advanced feature of MU-MIMO that won’t slow down the network speed even if it is connected to multiple devices. The only problem is that it doesn’t have the robust software.

Customer Reviews

It is a good product and there is no issue in signals and connectivity. But the signals won’t reach every room.

6. Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi Mesh Router


  • Wide coverage
  • One app control
  • Elegant design


  • Not easy installation
  • Not the fastest network


  • This device works as a mesh router and a hub too that can connect to 100+ compatible devices
  • The pack of 3 mesh routers covers the total area of 4500sq ft and the system is expandable to 32 mesh routers for further coverage
  • You can easily manage and control with the single app
  • For the added security it has introduced the feature of content filtering

This multi-purpose best wireless router for streaming video can be utilized as a hub or mesh wifi whatever your preference is. With its 3 mesh routers, you can connect 100+ devices over the coverage range of 4500sq ft. The network can be further expanded to 32 mesh routers if additional coverage is needed.

The content filtering feature of this best wireless router for streaming video allows you to control what your kids watch on the internet and also preview the history. All these settings are made easy using only 1 app.

The issues that are related to this best router for many devices are that it is not the fastest network and also installation might cause problems for you.

Customer Reviews

This router is working well for me and I am satisfied with speed and performance.

7. Netgear Nighthawk X10 Smart Wi-Fi Router


  • Three-band speed of 7.2 Gbps
  • Durable
  • Versatile


  • Expensive
  • Signals aren’t strong


  • Get fast wifi speed from this router to the total coverage area of 2500sq ft
  • It provides 6X1 ethernet ports so you connect your gaming consoles and other devices
  • This router is loaded with advance technologies like 1.7GHz quad-core processor and 4 antennas
  • You can attach USB for external storage or can create personal cloud storage to save data
  • With its app, you can have advance parental control to keep your kids in check

This router for multiple devices has a coverage area of 2500sq ft and can connect devices up to 45. The best router for multiple users allows you to connect different devices like gaming consoles or computer through the Ethernet ports.

With a 1.7GHz quad-core processer and multiple antennas, it is loaded with advanced technologies. To store your data best modem for multiple devices provides you the option for attaching the USB or creating cloud storage.

You can have parental control over your kid’s watch timing through the settings from its app. The drawback of this device is that it is high priced and signals aren’t that fast.

Customer Reviews

It is a great router. I have been using it for 2 years and happy with it.

8. Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Wi-Fi 6 Router


  • Wifi 6 support
  • Fast performance
  • ASUS Air protection security


  • Expensive


  • This router is specially designed to provide fast streaming for the gaming devices
  • The router performs with 1.8GHz quad-core CPU and 2.5G gaming port
  • This gaming wifi is compatible ASUS mesh wifi system to provide all-house coverage
  • With its advance monitoring controls, you can specify the bandwidth limit for a device and even prioritize devices for the usage of network
  • The ASUS Aiprotection feature neutralizes any threat you might face

This gaming mesh wifi router is specially designed to provide a fast network to the gaming devices. It is also compatible with the mesh wifi network so you can have coverage of the network in the whole house.

The best home router for multiple devices works at the fast speed of 1.8GHz quad-core CPU that ensures the durability of the network. What’s unique about this best router for high speed internet is that it gives you the option to limit the bandwidth to certain devices and also you can prioritize devices for signals with this.

Along with all that it also protects against internet threats. But with all these features the price of this router is also high.

Customer Reviews

I have been using it for quite a time now and cannot stop praising the performance of this router.

9. Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 Wi-Fi 6 Router


  • Wifi 6 technology
  • 8k streaming
  • Wireless security
  • Advanced parental control


  • High price


  • This wifi 6 router is compatible with all the old devices as well along with the wifi 6 devices
  • It has 8 simultaneous streams so you can connect more devices without slowing down the network signals
  • Its 5X1 gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to connect gaming consoles and computer devices
  • This router is filled with different advance technology like QoS, smart connect and MU-MIMO
  • You can connect the storage device and it also gives you cloud storage so you can access it from anywhere
  • The Nighthawk app lets you have parental control that can manage the access and filters of different websites
  • It supports the protocol of WPA2 wireless security
  • The Netgear protects the devices connected to the routers from internet threats

If you are looking for the router that provides you advanced features like MU-MIMO, QoS, and smart connect then this is the option for you.

This best router for streaming utilizes wifi 6 technology and is compatible with old devices as well. With its 8 streaming antennas, you can enjoy fast signal speeds without slowing them down.

The multiple Ethernet ports allow you to connect your computer as well as gaming consoles. With the secured connection, the best router for streaming gives you parental control through which you can control the management of different websites. The only issue of this product is the price tag of this device which is a bit high.

Customer Reviews

It worked out great at the start but then the signals started to drop with time.


With any of the best wireless router for multiple streaming devices above you can achieve high-speed internet among multiple devices. These routers are specifically designed to support multiple devices at one time without compromising the streaming speed and fast network.

We’ve mentioned all the top choices for the best wireless router for multiple streaming devices in the market and the decision is now up to you for which one to use.


1. what is the best wireless router for streaming movies and multiple devices?

Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System is the best wireless router for streaming movies and multiple devices.

2. What is the best router for streaming?

Netgear Nighthawk RAX80 Wi-Fi 6 Router is the best router for streaming available in the market.

3. What kind of WiFi router do I need?

Most importantly you need to determine if you are connecting single or multiple devices with it. Other than that all the factors that you should consider besides this one are mentioned above in the guide.

4. What is the best wireless router for multiple devices?

According to the popularity among the customers, Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System is the best wireless router for multiple devices.

5. How many devices can 100mbps handle?

In 100 Mbps a router has the capability of handling 3-5 devices.

6. How many devices are too many for a router?

Every router has different capabilities, some might claim 100 devices but we would not recommend buying it because it will have a poor signal connection.









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