Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection to Make Your Space Comfortable

If you want to keep your space comfortable, the best home window film for heat rejection can help you reduce the warmth of the sun reaching your place. The insulation layer can hinder up to 95% of Ultraviolet radiation or more depending on the level of heat control the window film provides. Some of the films also obstruct glare and provide privacy.

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How to Choose the Best Window Film for Heat

The window films can benefit you in many ways, you need to know what you are looking for before you buy them for yourself. The price and features offered should be considered. The things that you need to keep in mind to get the best window film for heat are as follows.

Fitting and Installation

  • It should fit your window well and stick properly to the glass.
  • Hiring an installation expert will help you get the procedures done professionally.

Window Tinting

  • Decorative films, UV films, solar films, and security films are some of the types.
  • You can choose a tint according to your requirement.


  • Colored films, computer designs, and other attractive films are available.
  • You get tailored options based on appearance and different purposes.


  • Color or appearance differs depending on the chosen tint.
  • You get transparency with a higher hue proportion.

Protection Layers

  • Choosing a window film with enough protection layers provides security.
  • Additional resistance layer prevents glass shattering.


  • It reduces heat keeping your place cooler, dropping energy costs.
  • It filters sun rays.

UV Rejection

  • UV rejection reduces glare and heat.
  • This film conserves the exquisiteness of your furniture while keeping your space comfortable.

Fade Resistance

  • Well-built window films do not fade with time.
  • It is tough towards sun glares and has fade resistance.


  • Cost varies for different film types.
  • The window size and complexity will affect the cost.


  • The warranty assures your investment safety.
  • Anything can happen even if the window films are well-built and installed.

Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection

To help you get out of the struggle for choosing the best option, we have listed some of the hot picks for the best home window film for heat rejection. Studying them while considering your requirements and budget will help you land on the right product.

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1.      3M Heat Blocking Window Film

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  • Window film measures 5.16 ft. x 17.5 ft.
  • Insulates five 3ft. x 5ft. windows
  • Plastic material with a clear finish
  • Dual-sided scotch tape for an airtight seal
  • Simple and quick installation

The 3M heat blocking window film kit keeps cold breezes out and mild air in through the heat control film and mounting scotch tape. These transparent films can cover your five 3’ x 5’ windows and stay up long term.  The dual-sided scotch tape comes along with the films to hold tight between the films and the window surfaces.

It delivers a crease-free fit, lowers condensation, and avoids frost accumulation. This clear heat blocking film is easy to install. You just need to apply the scotch tape on the window frame, take off the paper lining, place the film on the tape, and your insulation is done. You can use this insulation kit on aluminum, painted wood, or vinyl clad molding.

2.      STATINT Window Heat Film

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  • Product dimensions: 17.52” x 1.42” x 1.42”
  • Black-silver colored film covers 17.5 in. x 6.5 ft. area
  • It provides daytime privacy protection
  • Security protection to avoid splashing of shattered glass
  • Blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Controls heat for a comfortable environment
  • Glue-free easy installation

This window heat film is black-silver providing 17.5 in x 6.5 ft coverage. It reflects harmful UV rays to block them from reaching your skin and fading your room furniture. The STATINT window reflective film provides daytime privacy and uses no adhesive to stick to the windows. Nobody can see you from outside but you can enjoy the view outside. At night, you have to pull off your curtains as there is stronger inside light.

Spraying soapy water on the film back and the window will easily adhere it to the window or door. It also saves you from paying huge bills by keeping your room cool in summer and warm in winter. You can rest assured as this window reflective film prevents the shattered glass from flying and hurting you. It provides 91% UV light protection, 88% infra-red, and minimizes glare.

3.      KESPEN Heat Reducing Window Film

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  • Black-silver colored 35.4” x 1.77” x 1.77” film
  • Covers 35.4 in. x 16.4 ft. window or door
  • Great daytime privacy blocking the external view
  • Saves energy with heat control
  • UV protection
  • Easy installation and removal

The KESPEN heat reducing window film reduces heat transmission through the window by reflecting some of it. It adheres by static cling simply by using soapy water. It offers you privacy by providing a mirror effect during the daytime. You can sit by your window and enjoy sipping coffee without any external disturbance.

This heat reflective window film keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, lowering your energy cost. It blocks 96% of harmful rays and keeps your skin and furniture protected. These films also reduce disturbing glare. You can customize the glass to give a fashionable look to your windows. These films have wide applications to be used for kitchen, bedroom, restroom, offices, sliding doors, and living room. You also get an installation guide to carefully apply them.

4.      HIDBEA Heat Control Window Film

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  • Product Dimensions: 35.4” x 1.42” x 1.42”
  • 6 mil thick film providing 35.4 in. x 8.2 ft. coverage
  • 4 color options: silver, black-silver, brown-silver, blue-silver
  • One-sided mirror privacy during daytime
  • 95% UV blockage, and glare reduction
  • Removable anti-scratch layer
  • Easy application without any glue

This one-sided mirror heat control window film adds privacy to your room in the daytime as the light intensity outside is greater than inside. Nobody can see you from outside but at night, you need to draw curtains because the reflective effect disappears when the light inside is greater. This high-quality window film blocks 95% of UV and 90% of IR rays for optimum light to reach your space. You block heat from windows to reduce the internal temperature during summertime.

Nothing it needed to apply it, you just require soapy water. This film is available in various colors and can be used in bedrooms, kitchen, restrooms, and office spaces. The 6 mil thickness provides quality insulation. The anti-scratch layer can be removed if you want.

5.      Gila Heat Resistant Window Film

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  • 36 in. x 15 ft. roll for 3 windows
  • Product dimensions: 36.75” x 2.38” x 2”
  • Energy-efficient declining 79% solar energy
  • Reduces UV and glare
  • Easy installation
  • 2-year warranty period

The Gila heat resistant window film features highly reflective material on the outer side for daytime privacy protection. It cannot conceal views at night as the sunlight drops and the reflective effect disappears. It sends away 99% of UV rays and reduces glare up to 82% making your space comfy. You can consider it as the best UV blocking window film for 99% blockage.

The 3’ x 15’ film roll can cover up to 3 windows. The durable adhesive firmly attaches your film to the window. It does not take much time, you just need some weekend time to install and enjoy the heat control benefits. The application kit can help you get a smooth finish. It also comes with a 2-year warranty period against defects.

6.      Coavas Window Film Heat Control

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  • 6” x 78.7” roll
  • Product dimensions: 2.8” x 1.2” x 1.2”
  • Blocks 90% IR, 98% UV rays, and glare
  • Daytime privacy protection
  • Glue-free installation
  • Reusable PVC material

This reflective window film for privacy allows you to enjoy the morning view without any external disturbance. The privacy level it offers during the day is 4/5 while at night it drops to 2/5. Blocking 90% of IR rays keeps your rooms cooler in summer. It also blocks 98% of UV rays preventing your skin from any harm and your furniture from againg and fading. The glare is lowered to 68% reducing the harsh light from entering your room. You can apply it in minutes by spraying water. It is also reusable so you do not need to bother while installing it in your rented apartment. You can simply peel it off and roll it into your drawer.

7.      WPCTEV Window Film Heat Control

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  • 7 in. x 6.5 ft. film roll
  • 85% IR and 97% UV rays blockage
  • Glue-free design and easy installation
  • Anti-scratch layer
  • Daytime privacy protection
  • 30-day return policy

This one-way window film saves your interior furnishings by blocking 85% of infra-red rays and 97% of UV rays. The window film to keep heat out in summer and retain in winter saves your electricity bills. 10% of VLT decreases glare.  It does not require any chemical adherence and attaches with just soapy water. The 6 mil thickness provides quality insulation. You get high daytime privacy but at night, the sunlight goes down so the reflective effect disappears. WPCTEV has a 30-day return policy in case you find any defects in the product.

8.      VELIMAX Heat Reducing Window Film

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  • 4 in. x 6.5 ft. roll
  • 95% UV, and 87% IR blockage
  • Mirror effect for daytime privacy protection
  • Self-adhesive cling film
  • Reusable

The VELIMAX heat reflective film for windows provides you daytime privacy blocking the view from outside. This works only when the external light is brighter than the internal. During the night you do not get this privacy protection because the side with greater light only behaves like a mirror. To keep your room comfortable, it blocks 95% UV rays and 87% IR rays. The film is self static and can be removed easily without leaving any stain.


Putting an end to the heat reflective window film reviews, we would suggest that you go for the one based on your requirements. This way you will get the best outcome. There are multiple tint films available in the market with different levels of privacy, heat control, UV protection, and installations. The best window film to reduce heat will save you from energy costs all year round keeping your space comfortable and relaxing.

To read more content related to this article you can visit window tint heat reduction.


Does window film work in winter?

The films that you install over your windows help in insulation though they are extremely thin. They prevent a significant amount of heat loss in colder months to keep your interiors comfortable. You cannot avoid total heat loss but they reduce it to a noticeable amount. Even winter sun rays can have a fading effect on your furniture. To prevent this and to protect your skin from UV damage, these window films play an important role.

What is the best window film for heat reduction?

When privacy is not the concern and heat reduction is your priority, the solar film is the best window film for heat reduction. It helps to reduce some amount of heat and glare. If you need both privacy and heat control then reflective window film is the best one. It provides maximum heat control and privacy.  The Gila heat resistant window film blocks 99% of UV rays and reduces 82% of glare.

Does window film keep heat out?

Reflective window films are darker than solar films so they have maximum heat control. Darker tints offer greater heat resistance than lighter ones. The highest reflective films keep away 99% of ultraviolet light and offer great privacy protection during the daytime as the light intensity outside is higher.

Does window film provide privacy at night?

The window film does not provide privacy at night because the mirror effect disappears when the light intensity inside is higher. During the day, the sunlight is greater than the internal light so you get privacy but at night you have to shut off the blinds as the inside light gets greater than the outside.

Does window film go on the inside or outside?

The window films go on the inside to keep them protected from harsh weather and benefit the most from their functionality. They last many years than exterior films. The internal films perform well against UV rays, glare, and heat. You can reuse them but the exterior films have little longevity and limited performance options.

How do you put window film on house windows?

Before you install the window film, you have to make sure the window surface is thoroughly clean. Then remove the backing protective film. Then you have to apply soapy water on the window surface and smooth side of the window film. Squeeze the extra water and dry with a towel. You can read the installation steps that come with your product. Some films come with a mounting dual-sided tape that needs to be applied to the window frame.

How much does it cost to install window film?

The window films cost between $2-$100 per square foot. The installation cost can be $2-$10 per square foot. There are also instruction manuals if you want to install it by yourself. Window film tints are an inexpensive option to have a great heat control system at home.



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