Welding Helmets Guide – Name brands and types

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Welding helmets guide is a compilation of recommended welding helmets. What are welding helmet name brands? This guide outlines the name, features and types of welding helmets you should consider while purchasing a welding helmet. This welding helmet reviews will help you to find cheap, best and quality welding helmets for a professional welder and amateur alike.

Welding Helmets Name Brand

Jackson Safety


Lincoln Electric

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (MEMCO)

Optrel Helmets S.A.

Welding Helmets Safety Ratings

When looking at welding helmets, you may see the words “ANSI Z87” or some variation of that name. This is a rating that indicates how safe the helmet is in regards to protecting your eyes and head from debris and other hazards. There are three ANSI safety ratings:

Welding Helmets Safety Ratings

Z87+: Meets all requirements of an ANSI certified helmet.

Z87: Meets most requirements of an ANSI certified helmet, but has some design flaws (such as not providing enough protection for eyes).

Z87-.5: Does not meet any standards for eye protection and should not be worn during welding or cutting operations.

Welding Helmet Accessories

Welding accessories include


face covers,

neck covers

lens shade

Lens Types and Price Ranges

The price of a helmet lens can vary greatly depending on the brand, type, and features it offers. For example, welding helmets with auto-darkening lenses are much more expensive than those without. Some companies also provide a cheaper version of their auto-darkening lenses that don’t have all the features as their more expensive counterparts. The cost can also be affected by other factors such as:


Type (polarized or non-polarized)

Depending on what brand you choose for your welding helmet and what features your replacement lens has built into it (auto darkening or not) will determine how much money you spend on replacing them when they break or get scratched up over time while working in harsh environments like an industrial construction site where there’s a lot of dust around from cutting metal pieces into different shapes using torches and other tools such as grinders/sanders etc.

Shade range

The shade range of welding helmets is a measure of how dark the lens can get. The higher the shade number, the darker the lens. Most lenses start at 8, but there are many different shades available to accommodate needs for different types of projects.

The shade range of welding helmets is a measure of how dark the lens can get. The higher the shade number, the darker the lens. Most lenses start at 8, but there are many different shades available to accommodate needs for different types of projects.

Shades 6-13

These shades are used for welding on thin sheet metal or light gauge steel up to 1/8″ thick. They also work well in dimly lit areas where you don’t need total darkness but still want better visibility than lighter shades provide. This is an essential type of helmet if you’re working in an area where there’s a lot of light pollution (like near an open window).

Shades 14-17

These are great for most general welding tasks and offer excellent protection when working with thicker materials such as 1/4″, 3/16″ and 1/8″ steel plate or 3/16″ thick mild steel tubing, as well as when grinding down materials at high speeds that might otherwise fly off into your eyes (such

Welding Helmet Types

If you are looking for the best welding helmet, you have to know what type of helmet is the best for your needs. The three main types of welding helmets are passive lens welding helmets, auto-darkening welding helmets, and standard fixed lenses.

Welding Helmet Types

Passive lens. This type of helmet does not contain an electric arc sensor but it does have a filter inside that filters out harmful UV rays from getting into your eyes. These types of helmets can be used in any situation where there is no danger from arc flashes or sparks such as when grinding metal or grinding tools.

They also work well in low light conditions because they do not require a flash to trigger when viewing objects close up like with other types of helmets.

Auto-darkening goggles (ADG). These come with sensors that detect high levels of ultraviolet radiation so they automatically darken when they detect it by using photoelectric cells which turn off a light source inside the lens causing them to become darker than normal levels making it easier for welder’s eyesight without affecting their ability to see clearly while working on projects around them safely without having damage done directly onto their eyesight due to exposure during use time periods which could occur if there were no protection being provided beforehand before wearing anything else besides just regular glasses instead;

however these are usually only used while working outdoors where sunlight may affect someone’s vision while trying hard enough at doing something important enough so think carefully before making any decision whether buying one or not since this may turn out costing lots more money than anticipated which could end up being too much once everything’s done being paid off completely before buying anything else later down further into future years after purchasing new equipment instead.”

Auto Darkening vs Passive Lens

When you’re shopping for a helmet, you’ll want to keep in mind the difference between ADF helmet (auto darkening) and PVS (passive viewing system). This is not only because they are the two most popular types of welding helmets today but also because they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

ADF helmets can be more expensive than PVS units, but they don’t require any special handling or care. They’re also very easy to use-just flip down the front lens when you need shade and flip it up again when you don’t! In addition, many manufacturers offer models with built-in sensors that will adjust intensity levels as necessary without requiring new settings every time they are turned on or off by hand.

PVS helmets offer enhanced sensitivity at certain angles (usually overhead), which makes them ideal for those who work with vertical surfaces often since these helmets typically offer better peripheral vision than other options do; however, this advantage comes at the cost of reduced protection against UV radiation due to how much light passes through these lenses before reaching your eyes when compared against an ADF model

Welder helmets are crucial to safety.

Welding helmets are crucial to safety. To protect your eyes, you should use a welding helmet with a shade that matches the type of welding you are doing. If you are working in an industrial setting, there is a high probability that you will be required to wear a face shield and/or helmet. Your employer may provide these items for free but if they don’t, then it is important for them to be affordable because they are crucial to your health and well-being while on the job site.

Welder helmets are crucial to safety.

Your eyesight is precious so why would anyone risk damaging it by not wearing proper eye protection? For example: A worker who doesn’t wear protective eyewear while using their grinder or circular saw could end up permanently blind if something goes wrong such as: sparks fly into their eyes or something else causes damage (like dust). The best way to avoid this type of injury happening is by using quality products like those made by reputable companies like Miller Electric Mfg Co., Lincoln Electric welding helmet etc..

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Scissors for Trimming Weed

When it comes to purchasing the best welding helmet, there are some essential things to know. For this reason, we will give you the buying guide that will help you to choose the proper type of welding helmet. I will, at this point, explain those factors to consider.

  • You need to consider the safety of the helmet you’re willing to buy. Since there are lots of welding helmets, you have around, check whether it’s durable enough for you. The durability of every helmet does matter a lot.
  • Also, you need to consider the type of helmets with auto darkening filter. These types of helmets are reactive to light, and they’re the best types as we speak. They are quite different from the passive helmets we’ve been seeing. Auto-darkening helmets are the most recent types of welding helmets. This type of helmet does have a viewing lens, which allows the welder to see brighter and clearer
  • One of the most important things to consider while acquiring a welding helmet is the view size. The typical view size of the welding helmet ranges from 6 square inches for light to 9 square inches. Before you purchase a welding helmet, you must choose the view size contingent upon your comfort and inclinations.
  • Also, it is essential to have a welding helmet that has an adjustable delay controls, as this can be extremely valuable. This control feature does enable the user to set to what extent the lens needs to stay dull after the arc work is done. A short delay is useful for the track welding process as this will assist the client in doing the work quicker.
  • While purchasing a welding helmet, you should check whether you can adjust it in those four directional patterns. Also, you need to be sure you can tighten the helmet around the head, and does not fall off when one bends.

Since we have seen the essential factors to consider when buying the best welding helmet for mig, it’s on this note I present to you the top 6 best welding helmet for mig.

Top 6 Best Welding Helmet for Mig

1. 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100


  • Adjustable crown straps included
  • Large knobs for easy adjustment
  • It has a padded front headband, which is structured to distribute pressure evenly

The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet is still the best welding helmet for mig. One of the most dangerous works is welding. You can’t toy with your eyes, which is the main reason you need the best helmet.

This product does have an auto-darkening filter, which transits from light to dark shade immediately after detecting the welding arc. Also, it does provide full protection from infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

This welding helmet also provides workers an accurate view of the area they’ll be welding; they can see everywhere when the helmet is worn. The 3M Speedglas Welding helmet also has a head suspension, which has an ergonomic design. This head suspension will make you feel comfortable wearing it.

Furthermore, this welding helmet is designed with side windows with five dark shade filters, which helps increase the peripheral view area.

When you raise this helmet, it will also make you comfortable This helmet has a ‘high point,’ which is higher than other helmets you see around. You do not need to tighten the headband too much because this welding helmet is more balanced. You can easily adjust this helmet to give you what you desire. The 3M Speedglas Welding helmet remains one of the top of the line welding helmets you can have around.

2. Welding Helmet, Black, 3350 Series


  • It is lightweight
  • This product has a Solar Switching Speed
  • ADF Controls feature included
  • Highly durable and long-lasting

This helmet remains the best welding mask auto-darkening helmet you would love to buy. This product has solar cells lens shade, with a 5-13 viewing area. It has a universal size, which means different head sizes can wear this helmet.

This helmet gives you a very comfortable welding experience, as it does not add any adverse effect to your head. This product will protect you from all the lightning issues you’ll experience while welding.

This product also comes with additional cover lenses, for the inner area and the frontal part. There are areas for batteries, but they do not come with it; you have to purchase them. The company designed this product to perform great functions and make you have lovely welding experience.

The Welding Helmet also has optical clarity, which makes you see every point very clearly without stress. It also has a widescreen view, which even makes it more perfect for your use. This product only comes with a color, which is black.

The Welding Helmet also has an auto-darkening series. This series transits from light to dark shade immediately after the welding arc is detected.

3. Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


  • Lightweight, as it weighs just 1.4 pounds
  • This product features a solar cell and two lithium metal batteries
  • It has a color touch screen control

This product is yet another best welding helmet on the market from top helmet brand. It is highly durable and long-lasting from. It prevents you from getting hurt during your welding process. Just buy and enjoy your moment while working.

The Esab Auto darkening helmets come with an optical class rating, which has a fully adjustable Sentinel’s shade. With this shade, you can switch over to grind without taking off your helmet or removing your glove. You can control these settings in the best way you like.

This product also has a control panel with backlit display. This feature makes it pretty convenient to read in low-light situations. It is pretty easy to set up without having to go through the user manual.

This product also has a color touch control panel in the display area; it has eight separate memory settings. The product also has externally activated four grind button.

One exciting thing about this helmet is that you can replace the lens at the front cover within seconds without having to remove the helmet. It is just a helmet you cannot but have as a welder.

4. Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet


  • It is durable, lightweight, and long-lasting
  • It features a grind mode/ shut off
  • This product features a more extensive viewing lens
  • It comes with an extra viewing lens in the box

This product is another excellent product for the price. The Hobart helmet enables the user to see very clearly with its larger viewing area lens. This product also features three arc sensors, which gives a more effective arc detection. It also has both weld and crush mode to improve profitability at each welding period.

This product is one of the professional auto-darkening welding helmets you can have around. It furnishes the welder with more prominent adaptability in low-light circumstances. The Impact demonstrates that you’re not kidding about welding, as it has professional features you can’t but appreciate.

This product has a full-featured performance with durability, long-lasting, value, and style. The Hobart Impact Series welding helmet has a great structure, which is also worthwhile when it comes to offering a welding helmet answer for different welders.

The Impact Series auto-obscuring helmet is planned with the most recent LCD lens innovation for top tier eye protection. This helmet is planned and worked because of strength and solace. The Impact Black helmet is produced using lightweight and tough polyamide. Also, it does include the newly and comfortably designed headgear.

5. YESWELDER Large Viewing Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet


  • True color lens technology
  • This product features an extra-large viewing area
  • It has an increased battery powered life
  • Durable and long-lasting

This product is yet another best welding helmet for the price. This product does make you see every aspect pretty well. Also, it reduces eye strain by controlling and minimizing the green coloring in the display screen.

The YESWELDER helmet makes the user see clearly with its larger viewing area lens. It also gives a more effective arc eye detection. Additionally, it has both weld and crush mode to improve profitability at each welding period.

This product has an increased battery life, which makes you keep using without stress. It is highly durable and convenient to use. This product is one of the latest and most durable helmets, which does meet the safety and technical standard of the company.

With the widescreen view, it makes you see much better and much more extensive. The large viewing area makes you have a clearer vision of the area you’ll be welding. Also, the headgear is extensively adjustable, which gives you great comfort when wearing it.

6. Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Helmet



  • A solar power welding helmet
  • It is lightweight, yet durable
  • This product is long-lasting and comfortable for use
  • It does have an external shade control

This product is yet another best welding helmet under 200. The Instapark welding helmet comes with four arc eye sensors. It also has an auto-darkening filter, which does not have any adverse effect on your eye.

It does have powered cells and one replaceable battery. The auto-obscuring channel significantly lessens the need to flip the welding helmet here and there between torch placements, which lifts efficiency by diminishing the stop-and-start time required with inactive lens welding helmets.

The Instapark Solar Powered Welding Helmet is planned with the most recent LCD lens technology for eye protection. This helmet is very durable and long-lasting. The strength and solace are things to consider when purchasing the best helmet.

The Impact Black helmet is produced using lightweight and tough polyamide. Also, it does include the newly and comfortably designed headgear. It is consolidating with Instapark’s progressive new structure with external controls and changes for the dark state, and affectability.

Although this product is lightweight, it is capable of lasting for a very long period because of the materials used. Also, the product does have a consistent performance, which tends to maximize the user’s comfort.

Lincoln Electric Viking

Lincoln Electric is a manufacturer of welding products and accessories. The company has been in business since 1895, when it was founded by Charles Lincoln.

Lincoln Electric Viking

A comparatively expensive helmet producer Lincoln Electric manufactures a variety of welding equipment, including welding helmets, torches, welders and other accessories. The company also produces industrial clothing to protect workers from the heat generated during welding processes.

The thing about Lincoln viking welding helmet is one of the most popular products offered by this manufacturer. This helmet is designed for use in both MIG welding and TIG welding operations. It features a digital display that provides information about temperature and amperage levels, as well as an automatic lens shade control that ensures clear vision even in harsh conditions.

Other features of the Lincoln Electric viking welding helmet include:

– 4x magnification auto darkening lens system

– adjustable headgear that can be worn with glasses or goggles

– adjustable sensitivity settings for different types of metal


Having considered the top 9 best welding helmets for mig, and you’re looking for where to buy these products, you can always get these products on Amazon. Alternatively, follow the links above. Most of those products are very much affordable. These best welding helmets for mig welding will make you have excellent experience. To this end, I recommend these products as the top 9 best welding helmets for mig.


What are some practical applications of plasma cutter?

Plasma cutter is used to cut through a variety of materials, such as steel and aluminum. They can also be used for cutting joints and making holes.

It make very precise cuts in thick materials, which makes them valuable for industrial purposes. They are often used in the manufacturing industry to make things like airplanes, cars and electronics components.

Some examples of practical applications of plasma cutter include:

Cutting holes in metal sheets (such as when installing windows or doors)

Cutting joints between pieces of metal (such as when building an airplane)

What is a passive welding helmet?

Passive welding helmets are handheld, battery-powered devices that protect the eyes of welders. They act as a filter, redirecting light from the arc eye of the weld to prevent damage to the eyes. Welders wear passive welding helmets during fabrication or assembly processes when they need to look closely at their work.

The two main types of passive welding helmets are full-face and half-face. A full-face helmet covers everything but the wearer’s mouth and nose, while a half-face helmet only covers the eyes and forehead area. The type you choose depends on your specific needs as a welder and what kind of job you’re doing.

Passive Welding Helmet Uses

A passive welding helmet can be used for many different types of welding jobs, including:

MIG/TIG/stick/arc welding

SMAW/GMAW/FCAW/SAW/PAW (flux-cored) electrode metal arc welding (EAM)

Laser beam cutting and laser beam welding (LBW)


How is welding Hood different from welding helmet?

Welding hoods are used in the field of welding and metal working. They help to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and sparks. They can also be used as a protective mask against dust and fumes when working in dangerous environments such as construction sites or factories. Welding helmets are used in the same way, but they have a separate filter on them that protects the eyes from harmful UV rays and sparks. Welding helmets also have a visor that can be raised or lowered depending on what you need at the time.


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