[Reviewed] 7 Best Wakeboard Tower With Bimini

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Boating is entertainment when it comes to upgrading your boat; undoubtedly a Wakeboard tower with Bimini is a great investment that adds a lot of fun, joy, functionality and most of all the resale value of your boat.


Top 7 Best Wakeboard Tower With Bimini


1. Big Air Super Shadow Wakeboard Tower

Big Air Super Shadow Wakeboard Tower 

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  • Glen Raven Jet black Sunbrella fabric
  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • 76” x 76” square frame that can adjust virtually to any position
  • The speed tested up to 50mph on the water

If you are bound to budget, but like the idea of a forward-facing tower, then this big air’s super shadow Wakeboard tower with Bimini top is an affordable one. It looks great and offers a stable pull. It’s designed in a way that it stands high enough to allow you to mount accessories without any distraction and any hustle. It’s high enough that you cannot hit your head above the tower.

This super shadow Bimini fits overall big air Wakeboard towers and also all other towers in the market. From overall the sides, it is above 6 feet, you can have all the shade coverage this universal Wakeboard tower Bimini top offers you.

This super shadow Bimini frame is made of 7/8” bright anodized aluminum tubing that prevents the frame from corrosion. That gives you a light frame with long-lasting durability. To attach the frames with your tower it comes with non-marking clamps of nylon.

The Bimini of this tower must mount onto round tubing instead of oval tubing, square tubing or flat plate. This wake tower bimini top is hand-sewn and double stitched. The fabric is used is a well-known fabric called Sunbrella fabric, which is stain resistant and fade-proof.

This Bimini is amazingly compatible with a big air Wakeboarding tower or any other tower.

Customer Reviews

I am very happy with this product purchase and was able to install it on my wakeboard tower at the total time of four hours without any hustle and experiencing frustration. The instructions in the installation book are adequate. I would recommend this product to my friend and family.

2. Reborn Catapult Wakeboard tower

2. Reborn Catapult Wakeboard tower 

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  • It is 6063 aircraft aluminum tubing
  • The tower can fit 78” to 106” in between the deck mounts
  • It comes with stainless steel hardware
  • Reborn Catapult is foldable over tower top bimini

It is an opportunity that doesn’t miss a chance to purchase a Reborn catapult tower with foldable tower bimini with this extraordinary feature and fantastic price. Since the past ten years of designing, manufacturing and most importantly supplying wakeboard towers, bimini tops and speakers to the other brands. Now, reborn will supply its products directly.

Available sizes of bimini are 58” wide or 74” wide too. This wakeboard tower and bimini top are made from marine grade VIII UV resists acrylic as same as sunbrella. It gives you a 5-year guarantee of no fading and no deformation. Available sunbrella bimini top colors are jet black and navy blue.

It offers you seamless 2.25inche, 6063 aircraft aluminum tubing. All the wakeboard towers with bimini tops were designed with low storage in mind. The installation of it is an easy task. It will take you no more than two hours.

Customer Review

It is the best wake tower bimini combo. Bimini does a great job and adds character to the boat. This wake tower is much lighter than the one I had before. I have my speakers and connected them to the front bar. This is the perfect gadget I have in the summer.

3. Monster Tower Wakeboard

Monster Tower Wakeboard

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  • The tower can fit any boat with a beam width between 7” and 102”.
  • The monster power wakeboard is built using 2.5” diameter
  • It comes with easy to follow instructions for installations.
  • The monster tower wakeboard tower has a choice of polish and anodized.
  • It is black powder-coated

The monster tower wakeboard tower has an innovative forward-facing design. It is a trend-setting option that will grab attention out on the water. This attractive tower is sure to breathe life into your boat. It is way easier to install. It is designed specifically to give your boat an awesome look. Whichever color you look for, the tower is constructed from a 2.5-inch aluminum pipe for extraordinary strength and corrosion resistance.

This tower comes with an easy to follow instructions for DIY installation and also fits any boat which is longer than 16 feet with a width of 72” to 102”. It is perfect for universal accessories with speakers, lights, biminis, and many more. Plus, you have an option of mounting that includes side mounting, forward and aft folding. Additionally, the tower features an anodized finish and prevents towers from corrosion and the polish lasts longer.

Moreover, it comes with five years of warranty and integrated two-point navigation light. Although, there are many high-end models on the market. But this tower is great and has amazing specifications in case of its mid-range price and high-level performance. If you are going boating this is the must-have accessory you can have.

The monster tower bimini top can easily and quickly installed onto your tower and gives you a marvelous look.

Customer Reviews

This tower is easy to install with the help of instructions I installed it with ease. It is one the best product of the MTK tower by itself. It also offers a combo of wakeboard tower and bimini top. For more information you can check the monster tower website they can help you.

4. Reborn Wakeboard Tower Pro 1580

Reborn Wakeboard Tower Pro 1580

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  • Reborn wakeboard tower with bimini has a black canopy
  • It comes polished that will last longer.
  • Fully adjustable stainless steel frame

You got a lot more fun and joy, then just relief from the intense summer sun. Then go and grab your product as this Reborn Wakeboard tower is designed perfectly that meets all of your requirements. This universal bimini top for wakeboard tower features to fit the most popular wakeboard tower on the market.

Before buying bimini top wakeboard tower, make sure which size will fit your tower. it is fully adjustable, it may slide forward or backward for little adjustments. Moreover, the support arms it has can be at the front, above or below for the attachment required for your tower.

To check the size, measure across the boat in between the front and rear legs and at the height you would like your bimini to be.

For this bimini top wakeboard tower, sizes should be less than 82” and above 63”. Front and rear legs sizes should be 1580mm width x 1900mm length or 62inch width x 75inch length respectively.

This is the cheapest wakeboard tower bimini top we reviewed in our guide.

Customer Reviews

I love this bimini top for a boat with a ski wakeboard tower. It is one of the high-speed bimini tops I have experienced. It offers a great deal at the cheapest price. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

5. Monster Tower 1 Wakeboard mount

Monster Tower 1 Wakeboard mount

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  • Universally fit for all boats with the beamwidth of 60” to 102”
  • It comes with a strong and stable 2.5inch diameter 063 T6 aluminum
  • This model includes quick-release mounts for folding and storage

This Monster Tower MT1 wakeboard tower is a relatively affordable option made out of aircraft-grade aluminum 6063 – T6 with a 2.5-inch diameter. It is one of the strongest and most stable wakeboard towers for four wins boat we have reviewed in our list.

It includes quick-release knobs on the front mounts and it also folds easily for storage. To protect the tubing from harsh marine elements and prevention of corrosion it features a polished and anodized finish.

Moreover, it comes with additional accessories that you can load up your MT1 wakeboard tower. the 2.5” diameter tubing allows many possibilities to make it your own style with speakers, light, racks, biminis, and more.

MT1 tower, which is designed to be silent, fits boats of any length with a beam measurement of 60 to 102 inches. Additionally, the monster paw base pads which are the brand innovations allow you to attach directly onto curved surfaces. And zero torsion mounts reduce the possibility of stress fractures.

Other features include DIY install with easier and simpler instructions with which you can update the modern look of your boat in a few short hours.

Customer Reviews

It is the sturdiest tower I have seen before. The tower is well built and comes with instructions to install. The Plus point of having this tower is a detachable leg that allows you to fold it and pack it when not in use. This model is excellent creativity by Monster Tower.

6. Origin Advancer Wakeboard Tower

Origin Advancer Wakeboard Tower

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  • Origin advancer wakeboard tower can fit for small and medium boats
  • Installation of this model is easy and simple
  • It comes with a universal fit for all boats with beam 78” to 106” width
  • Beautifully glossy black powder-coated

The origin advancer wakeboard tower is strong and reliable among others. It may be the best option for those who are looking for extra wide beamwidth.

This tower is designed perfectly that will suit any boat, bowrider, ski boat, alloy, inboard, and outboard. There is no doubt in the authenticity of the product as Origin advancers have been around the industry for the past 10 years.

In general, it designs, manufactures and supply wakeboard towers, bimini tops, racks, and speakers as well.

The measurements of this tower are up to 8” between the front deck mounts and 56inch to 72inch between the rear and front mounts. Additionally, it is easily adjustable whenever you want. Its rear legs will adjust up to 100 inches. But for narrowboats, you may need to cut the top tube.

Moreover, it comes with a seamless 2.25inch 6063 aircraft aluminum tubing. It has fully adjustable stainless steel hardware.

With additional features, if you want to store your boat in a garage or may collapse the tower ahead after the long-distance trip, then simply detach the rear legs from the deck mount.

With this addition to your boat, you can protect your purchase with 5-year warranty deal and get peace of mind.

Customer Review

It is an amazing product valued much more what you paid for. It is a worth buying model at this affordable price with highly features and good quality. This model is nicely polished and easy to install. I highly recommend this boat bimini top extension.

7. Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower

Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower

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  • Krypt flat cargo wakeboard tower fits many boats
  • The installation steps of this model are easy
  • Its bimini is 75 inches in length

A Krypt tower is a well-known brand that produces quality wakeboard tower-mounted biminis. The products they produce are least expensive on the market. These universal wakeboard tower biminis are made with a 1inch seamless stainless steel frame, stainless hardware, and a heavy-duty canvas of 600 danier.

If this summer heat shrinks you then get out of the sun and a boat in the shade with this well known Krypyt tower’s bimini top. You can mount it either over the tower or under the tower bimini tops.

This krypt bimini’s provide up to 6 pretty cool shades for hot summer days. The fabric of this bimini top made with 1200 denier that is the heavy-duty canvas.

The additional description includes fully adjustable arms up to 10 more inches on each side. Krypy tower bimini is considerably affordable then aerial wakeboard tower bimini and many other competitors’ brands.

Customer review

This model is easy to assemble and exactly meets my requirements. It offers high quality and have a nice fabric bimini. If you really want to benefit from the nice appearance of this Krypt wakeboard tower with bimini then this I highly recommended.

Boats are not only machines, but they are more like portals to the watery world. Unfortunately, considering the best Wakeboard tower with Bimini is not an easy job. This buying guide details why some towers are absolutely, amazingly better than others and also helps you chose the right one for your boat.

Image result for Top 7 Best Wakeboard Tower With Bimini

Before picking any Wakeboard tower make sure about your needs, requirements and also the one that will fit your boat, match your style and provide the best features you need. You should consider a Wakeboard tower with Bimini that is made of high-quality materials and built with awesome workmanship.

The only first and last thing boat owner worries about when out on the lake with friends and family is the tower breaking or not performing as it should.  Through research, we explored more than 20 manufacturers all over the world. Few of them are Indy, Roswell, monster tower, big air, wake works, air boom, etc.

The Wakeboard tower with Bimini usually takes two to three hours for the installation of simpler designs. For complicated designs, it may take seven to nine hours for construction.

Things To Consider Before Buying


If you are considering a Wakeboard tower with Bimini, there are certain things that you have to have to look for to make sure it’s going to be safe, functional and long-lasting. The first and the last thing to consider before buying any Wakeboard tower with Bimini is safety. So, you need to install it rightly, built it right because there are some people, they are going to be pulled by these Wakeboard towers. When it comes to safety, one should be taken care of all the ups and downs. So, make sure that the tower is firmly secure in the boat.

Smooth welds

The next must-have thing is smooth weld. Look for a smooth weld Wakeboard tower. Usually, it is known as a row of nickels on the weld where the little flux is overlapped well all around. It would be better if it’s powder-coated as it will help its prevention from corrosion.

Types of Bimini

There are many kinds of Wakeboard tower Bimini tops. Few of them are master craft, Moomba, Nautique, centurion & Sanger, universal and many others. Each one of them provides different characteristics and features that are bound to fit all of your needs. The best thing is getting the custom made Wakeboard tower Bimini top if you don’t have a boat that fits our pattern.


The manufacturers we mentioned are few top ones in our list that fit all advance marine boats and pontoon boats and are incredibly strong and rattle free. Usually, they are finely polished and come with mounting hardware and single bolt feet for installation. To prevent corrosion they are protected with an anodized coating that will look great for years.

In this buying guide, we have reviewed the top 7 best wakeboard tower with bimini for your boats. With the latest upgraded wakeboard tower with bimini, you can protect your skin, extend your time out on the rivers or lakes. With an adjustable wakeboard tower, you can easily meet your requirements without any hustle. By getting these high quality, affordable products for your access you can have fun and enjoy the peak summer season with your friends and families. We have listed them after thorough research. Hope we helped you.





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