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Finding a good musical instrument can be a bit difficult when you are on a budget. But the good news is that there are many cheap ukuleles Available in the market. To get the best ukulele under 200, read on our buying guide and review of top 7 best ukulele under 500 dollars.

What to expect from a ukulele under $200?

Different people have different preferences when buying a ukulele. Some people want low cost product and some like to get an expensive product. There are different preferences for the size of the instrument too, but the one thing that no one wants to compromise on is quality.

While a cheap ukulele will have many rough frets or other faults, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a 200 dollars ukulele will be bad. On the other hand, ukuleles that are available in the range of 200 dollars are mostly made of laminated mahogany or solid wood and are very good in quality and produce awesome sound.

What to look for when buying a ukulele under 200$:


Most ukuleles are often available in 4 sizes; concert, soprano, baritone, and tenor. Which size you select depend on your preference. Different size cater to different hand sizes and produces different type of sound. Sopranos are used for traditional sounds and are small in size meaning that people with large hands can have difficulty in playing them. Baritone, on the other hand, sound like guitars and perfect for people with big hands.


Ukuleles often come in three different types, providing different sound quality. There are acoustic, bass and acoustic-electric. Selecting one type will mean that you will opt for that particular sound of the ukulele so consider your preference before selecting a ukulele.

Type of wood:

Different ukuleles are made of different types of woods. The made of ukulele impacts the sound and the quality of the instrument.Most budget friendly ukuleles are made of mahogany which is light weight and affordable, and also provides high quality sound. Expensive ukuleles are made of solid wood. Solid wood is generally better than laminated wood.


Ukulele come in different styles and designs. Some have classical design and colors while other have simple designs with different colors. Some more cool ukuleles are also available under 200 dollars. These designs include Les Paul style ukuleles, artist’s signatures and tattooed bodied designs. The one instrument you select should complement your own taste and style.

Top 8 best ukulele under 200

 Now that you have a clear understanding of the things you should consider when selecting a ukulele, let’s read our best ukulele under 200 review.


1. Ukulele Soprano Mahogany Vintage Hawaiian Ukulele; best ukulele for beginners

Pin on Ukulele Lessons

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Key features:

  • Type: soprano ukulele
  • Body: mahogany and walnut wood
  • String material: soft nylon strings
  • Tuning pegs: sealed 18

This best uke under 100 has higher gear pegs than any standard ukulele which provides it more stable and finer tunings. It also ensures that the uke remains in tune much longer than any standard ukulele. The uke also uses high quality copper material rather than a low quality brass zinc alloy, which means that this cheap good quality ukulele is less corrosive, harder and rust free. The fret ends can be a bit rough on cheap ukuleles, but it is not the case with this ukulele. This best ukulele under 100 have fine, manicure and highly polished fret wire ends. The fret boards are also very smooth and polished cleanly. The nylon strings in this good ukulele for beginners are very smooth and tuned perfectly for an amazing sound experience. The fret board and bridge are made of walnut wood and uke front, back and sides are made of mahogany.


  • Fine tunings with 18 sealed pegs
  • High quality copper used
  • Hard, corrosion and rust free
  • Seated and well finished frets
  • Smooth and polished walnut fret board
  • Soft nylon strings
  • Beautiful sound and penetrating tone


  • Higher frets are a bit off

Customer review:
This ukulele is a great starter kit. The sound quality is better than my other two expensive ukes. I would highly recommend it to new players.

2. HUAWIND 21 Inch Soprano Ukulele for Beginners; smallest ukulele, cheap but good HUAWIND 21 inch Soprano Ukulele for Beginners, Kids ...

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Key features:

  • Type: soprano ukulele
  • Body: basswood and solid wood
  • String: soft nylon strings
  • Metal tuning pegs

HUAWIND makes some really good ukuleles for beginners. This particular ukulele is the smallest soprano ukulele as it measures only 21 inches. The traditional style and sound of this cheap ukulele for beginners allow you to play your favorite tunes without any difficulty. The basswood body of this best ukuleles for kids give you a crisp pleasant sound. The bridge is however, made of good quality solid wood. Tuning pegs are made of high quality metal which are long lasting. This best ukulele brand for beginners makes smooth ukulele surfaces that will not irritate or scratch your skin. This ukulele is also eco-friendly and the nylon strings make it produce such good sounds that it will become your favorite music instrument in no time.


  • Smallest soprano ukulele
  • Classic, traditional look
  • Smooth surface
  • Made of High quality wood
  • Crisp and pleasant sound
  • 5 color options


  • Not good for big hands

Customer review:
I bought it for my son. He loves to play it and has become so good at playing it. Mind you, he didn’t have any experience with playing a ukulele before. This Ukulele came with a kit and everything he needed to learn to play and he is doing very well.

3. Enya Nova U 23’’ Concert travel Ukulele with Beginner Kit: best concert ukulele for beginners Enya Concert Ukulele Nova U 23'' Carbon Fiber Travel ...

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Key Features:

  • Type: Concert Ukulele
  • Body: Multi Carbon Fiber
  • Strings: Enya Fluorocarbon String
  • Tuners: gold open tuning pegs

If you want a ukulele that looks like an electric guitar, this is the perfect choice for you. The body is made of carbon fiber with polycarbonate and is water proof so it will be very easy to clean. Neck, finger board and bridge are also made of carbon and poly carbonate. The ukulele has overall durable construction. This best concert ukulele for beginners provides better sound than wooden ukuleles because of its body type and the side holes design that ensure self-resonance during playing. The ukulele is very lightweight and have a thin body so as to be perfectly travel friendly. Due to the body type, it can cope with temperature and humidity very well. This best ukulele under 200 is perfect for all type of players with the amazing features of radius fret board, arched back and cutaway body. It also comes in different colors so to cater the preference of every type of player.


  • Better than wooden ukuleles
  • Electric guitar like looks
  • Water proof and easy to clean
  • Durable body
  • Side holes design for self-resonance
  • Lightweight with thin body
  • Temperature and humidity resistant
  • Comes in 5 colors


  • Dark color frets can be hard to decipher

Customer reviews:
It is a lightweight ukulele that is best in every way. The ukulele is very comfortable to hold with no hard edges. The design is very nice and the action is just as I want. The sleek and thin body makes it feel very nice and the semi hard case is very firm. The holding pouch is also very cool. The sound is very bright and very different than other ukes and I like to play it very much.

4.   Diamond Head Ukulele DU-150: best classical soprano ukulele Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele - Mahogany Brown ...

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Key features:

  • Type: soprano ukulele
  • Body: maple front back, maple sides
  • Tuners: nickel plated
  • Strings: nylon

This affordable fine-tuned ukulele has vintage sound and look. The mahogany semi-polished wood gives it a look of a prized collectible. The bridge and finger board of this good ukulele for beginner is made of solid wood where the neck and body are made of maple wood. The frets are made of smooth nickel silver and provide easy playing action. This ukulele has nylon strings that produce a true Hawaiian sound. The 15:1 gear ratio tuners allow quick and easy tuning and smooth playing.


  • Fine toned, affordable
  • Vintage look and sound
  • Clear glossy finish
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy playing with nickel fret board
  • Beautiful Hawaiian sound
  • Ease of tuning with 15:1 ratio tuners
  • Tie-on bridge makes changing strings easier
  • Solid wood bridge and finger board


  • Strings do not look professional
  • Strings might need changing

Customer review:
I have learned 4 cords and have started to play a song properly with the help of this ukulele. I originally bought it for my 13 years old son but end up liking it so much that I started playing it myself. My son has also learned several codes and plays many songs on this. It is being used so often by me, my two sons through the course of 1 year but is doing great still. I love this uke!

5.  Hola! Music HM-21BU Ukulele Bundle: best uke for big hands:

Hola! Music HM-21BU Soprano Ukulele - Review. Quality checking

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Key features:

  • Type: soprano
  •   Body: maple and rose wood
  •    Strings: nylon
  • Tuners: silver geared

This best ukulele for the money has beautiful design and glossy finished body. The top, back and sides are made of maple wood and the bridge and finger board are made of rose wood. The different colors, 10, to be precise, make it a favorite brand as it caters to preference of different customers. You can choose any ukulele you like from ten available colors. The string on this ukulele are made of nylon and the tuners are silver geared. The 12 silver nickel frets make it very easy to play any type of tune. The overall length of this beautiful ukulele is 21 inches which means that it counts among the smallest ukuleles in the market. The high quality string produce beautiful Hawaiian sound.


  • Small and beautiful body
  • Cool design
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Maple body, neck is made of nato wood
  • Premium Italian Aquila strings
  • Comes with canvas bag and uke strap


  • If not stretched regularly, strings can sound bad

Customer review:
It is a wonderful bundle of ukulele with accessories. It comes with a case, strap, and picks. You can learn 2 month of playing classes free. It has mahogany construction and is available in many colors. The strings are high end and the tuning is easy and consistent. My son’s teacher said that this is the best ukulele for good sound quality. I was really pleased with this purchase. I would definitely recommend it to others.

6.  Cordoba 15TM Ukulele; best ukulele for the money

Cordoba 15TM, Tenor Ukulele - Natural | Sweetwater


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Key features:

  • Type: tenor
  • Body: mahogany
  • Strings: premium Aquila strings
  • Tuner: silver tuners with pearl buttons

Cordoba is considered among the top rated ukulele brands. This handmade ukulele has very high customer rating thanks to the quality of the product and beautiful sound that is produced through this music instrument. The top, back and sides of this beautiful classical style ukulele are made of mahogany. The attractiveness is increased with beautiful satin finish and the size is perfect to use for any type of person. This handmade ukulele provides amazing sound with a very small size and a perfect price which makes it the best ukulele for beginners.


  • Best-selling product by Cordoba
  • Beautiful instrument with a perfect size
  • Satin finish for a high end look
  • Full and rich sound
  • Easy playability with smooth music flow
  • Easy handling without any rash
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals


  • Neck is not wide
  • Strings can become lose

Customer review:
Wow it is so easy to play I bought the toner has very good sound. I was worried about it being too loud but it is perfect. I don’t have any problem with it so far.

7.  Enya Pineapple Ukulele 21 Inch for Beginners, ukulele with best accessories

Enya Pineapple Soprano Ukulele EUP-70 KOA 21 Inch Ukelele Bundle ...

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Key features:

  •  Type: soprano
  •  Body: HPL KOA, mahogany, Rich lite
  • Strings: Enya Carbon Strings
  •  Tuner: Open Machine Head

ENYA makes some best ukuleles for beginners. This classical ukulele with cool design, mahogany neck and advanced fluorocarbon strings ensure the quality of voice. This handmade cost effective musical instrument has matte finishing and open machine head tuner that optimize the overall playing experience.


  • Durability and Great quality
  • No effect of humidity and temperature
  • Comfortable holding
  • Premium sound
  • Best quality tune with fluorocarbon strings
  • High end tuning pegs
  • Free accessories included


  • Intonation is off on the low string

Customer review:
I bought 3 musical ukuleles from Enya and this is the best deal I have ever got. It has a nice warm tone and feels very good in hand. This particular ukulele is quieter and different from other models due to its size. It is a bit heavy. I love the accessories and goodie bag with it. The gig bag is better than any other ukulele. I would recommend this to every beginners.


A ukulele is a perfect choice if you want to relax for a bit. Buying a high quality ukulele will be a great choice if you want to enjoy mellow tunes and pensive in the beautiful trances of nature. Many high quality ukuleles are available in an affordable range of 200 dollars. These ukuleles are made of beautiful woods and have beautiful designs.

We have reviewed some best ukuleles in the market and made this list containing the top 8 products. All these products have high customer reviews and nearly very less return rate which means that all the customers who have bought these ukuleles are satisfied with them. Above mentioned ukuleles are available in an affordable price range, are made of high quality woods and produce such beautiful sound that you will love to play them. Even when you want to entrance the stage at some point, you will not be disappointed with the resulted quality of these musical instruments.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: how much does a ukulele cost?

Answer: ukuleles are available in beginners and professional qualities each ranging in price. Best beginners ukuleles are available around 50 to 200 dollars.

Question 2: what is the best ukulele for a beginner?

Answer: Ukulele Soprano Mahogany Vintage Hawaiian Ukulele is the best ukulele for a beginner as it has fine tune, best sound quality and your fingers can adopt to the strings pretty easily.

Question 3: what is a good ukulele brand?

Answer: ENYA makes some good ukuleles for beginners which is why it is considered as one of the top brands in ukuleles.

Question 4: what size ukulele for beginner?

Answer: the soprano ukuleles are best for beginners as they are considered normal for most players who are starting to learn to play. Soprano ukes have soft, bright and classical tones that most beginners like. The average size considered best for a beginner’s ukulele is 53 cm.

Question 5: which is easiest ukulele to play?

Answer: Diamond Head Ukulele is easiest to play as it has fine tune and soft strings that even beginners can play easily.



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