Top 6 Best Ukulele Brands For Intermediate – Buying Guide 2023

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If you are practicing ukulele for a long time and already learned a few of the tunes, then you need an upgraded version of the best ukulele brands for intermediate with the quality sound. Here, you landed on the right page. We in this buying guide give you in-depth information.

All the best ukulele brands for intermediate come with Aquila nylgut string and with high-quality sound. For those who want to enhance their skills by practicing to achieve at the advanced level, these given below best ukulele brands for intermediate are best you can have.

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Your struggle won’t go waste because it’s a time to grow. Here, in the next section, we bring you a buying guide that will tell you the things that are must look before choosing any best ukulele brands for intermediate.

To make the best sounding ukulele, these brands use the best materials, design, and even finishing. Let’s take a look at what factors make the best ukuleles for intermediate players.

Things To Consider Before Buying


If you are thinking that every best ukulele brands for professionals deliver the same sound, then you are totally wrong. Truth to be told, every ukulele sounds differently. You need to go for those good brands that are consistent in delivering an amazing sound.

The best instruments give quality ukuleles that look and sound wonderful. When you strum the ukulele everyone wants to get the best sounding ukulele.


When we talk about the consistency of the best intermediate ukulele, we meant the sound of the good ukulele brands. The top ukulele brand is popular for its sounds and consistency. They should also remain consistent even after the tuning. As a rule of thumb, not all the intermediate ukulele brands are best and consistent.

Therefore, you must consider the brand before buying the best intermediate ukulele.


Appearance is one of the important factors to consider when looking for the best intermediate ukulele. Out there in the market, there are some good ukulele brands and some are not. Some of the brands for intermediate ukulele don’t retain their appearance and beauty for a long time, which is the highly considerable thing to consider before buying.

The best ukuleles should be made of high quality and finishing. And every intermediate ukulele brand differs this factor.


When you start searching for the best ukulele brands for intermediate you will find that there are several good options available. But your main concern should be the money that balanced with the features it offers. There is some best mid range ukulele with the best of features it can have. And some intermediate ukulele is so expensive and does not give you the sound and quality you desired for. We in this buying guide, offer you a mixture of high end ukulele with the best ukulele for the money. So stay right in.


The last thing to consider when looking for the best ukulele brands for intermediate is the material that most of the brands use in the constructions. The types of wood make a difference regarding tone. Some of the gadgets are made of best solid wood ukulele and some are made of softwood. Most of these are built with Koa wood and some are made with rosewood which is also popular material among ukuleles.

Top 12 Best Ukulele Brands For Intermediate

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1. Kala KA – 15S – BLK Intermediate Ukulele

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  • This is the top ukulele brand that features an all-mahogany body.
  • The body of this best high end ukulele is put together nicely which makes it a solid instrument to play on hand.
  • The tone of this best Solid wood ukulele is greatly balanced, consistent and above all crispy.
  • Moreover, it comes in an affordable price range that makes it easy to buy and convenient.
  • It is a durable model of intermediate ukulele.
  • Besides, it comes with a walnut fingerboard that makes this model a professional ukulele.
  • It comes in a black satin finish that makes it look more attractive among others.



  • Good quality
  • Best solid wood ukulele
  • Budget-friendly price range


  • Need proper setup
  • Rough edges

The Kala KA -15S-BLK Soprano Ukulele is the editor’s top pick and is the good choice of best ukulele brands for professionals. This is the highly recommended intermediate ukulele brand that is why we chose it in the first one in our review.

Customer Reviews

Customers had been loved this best ukulele brands for intermediate and said that Kala is an overall great quality guitar with nice sound and stunning looks the only thing lacking is the good set up and fret heights.

2. Kala KA-EBY-T Ebony Tenor Intermediate Ukulele

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  • Made of exotic Indonesian ebony laminate.
  • It features contrasting maple wood binding.
  • Featuring a total of 18 frets including marks of positioning at 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th
  • Moreover, it is made with a satin finish that does not pick any fingerprint.
  • This is the best sounding ukulele and truly incredible when comes to tone. It offers punchy, sweet, and rich and a lot of others sound.
  • Besides, the case can be sold separately.



  • Incredible model
  • Bright sound
  • Best quality


  • Need to adjust string height

The second in our top list is again the brand of Kala KA-EBY-T, which is one of the best ukuleles. It is an outstanding instrument under the dollar 300 price range. If you are looking for a stunning model with the best quality try this.

Customer Reviews

With 94% of 5 stars rating, this is the best ukuleles for the money that sounds amazing and looks beautiful. Some of the buyers claimed that this is the advanced professional ukulele that delivers you a robust tone.

3. Cordoba 20TM Tenor Intermediate Ukulele

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  • This is the best tenor ukulele under 300 in an affordable price range, which makes it convenient for every person to buy and enhance their skills.
  • It is the best ukulele which is made of Mahogany top that is also solid and makes it durable.
  • Moreover, the accessories include Aquila Nylgut Tenor strings with which you can play a number of sweet and crispy tones to show your talent.
  • Natural satin finish features help users to use it free as it won’t retain any finger marks on this best tenor ukulele under 300.



  • Durable model of intermediate ukulele
  • No finger marks
  • Mahogany back and sides


  • No bags

Cordoba is the next brand that is popular enough and offers you a bundle of instruments with excellent quality, stunning appearance, and outstanding playability. This brand offers its customers a mixture with a great balance of traditional craftsmanship and innovation in technology.

Customer Reviews

One of the happy customers had to say that “this best tenor ukulele under 300 that sounds quite nice and plays easily.

4. LAVA U Carbon Fiber Intermediate Ukulele

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  • LAVA U Carbon Fiber intended a unique way to let the design of the intermediate ukulele to grew by itself. It uses mechanical stimulation and an algorithm to build a pattern has up to 142 units’ bionic structure.
  • This professional ukulele moves the soundboard more organically as it reaches up the bass of the instrument.
  • Moreover, it comes with a free Boost technology that lets you change the sound only by one finger.
  • It comes in a total of five different colors.
  • These best quality ukuleles that look and sound wonderful permits you effects like Reverb. Delay and Chorus with or without plugging model.
  • This is the best ukuleles made with the durable special material and luxurious mold.



  • Best design
  • Works on different conditions
  • Superior sound quality and effects


  • It buzzes a bit

This LAVA U Carbon Fiber is a renowned best ukulele brands for intermediate that gives users some extra unique features to play and colorful ukulele to show their playing skills to everyone. If you are a music enthusiast then this best mid range ukulele is perfectly made for you.

Customer Reviews

A lot of users give positive feedback and said that the quality is top-notch, decent strings, solid top and best ukuleles for intermediate players.

5. Luna Maluhia Concert Intermediate Ukulele

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  • This is a great combo of sound and detailing concert model.
  • The full instrument is made of mahogany which is actually the best solid wood concert ukulele.
  • Moreover, the soundbox of the best quality ukuleles that look and sound wonderful has engraved the word “peace” in different languages around the soundhole.
  • Besides, the soundhole itself comes with a peace sign shape that does not a barrier between sound and shape.



  • Outstanding sound
  • the best ukulele under 300
  • intricate detailing design on the top


  • strings lacking durability

Luna is a well-known brand that not only deals with ukuleles but also with other instruments. This is the best-reputed brand regardless of the type of instrument you are searching for. When comes to intermediate ukulele made by Luna, it is worth saying that they are solid and high end ukulele for every type of user. Here, we reviewed one best.

Customer Reviews

Users said that it is best ukuleles for intermediate players especially for those who have a hobby of playing. It is easy to use and tuned nicely.

6. Diamond Head DU 200C Intermediate Ukulele

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  • It comes in good ukulele brands and is made of mahogany, which permits you to play with a lot of clarity and resonance in regards to tonal qualities.
  • The entire instrument is made of best solid wood concert ukulele from top to bottom that is the best ukulele in full size.
  • It is equipped with gold-plated geared tuners to ensure that your best ukulele has the proper intonation.
  • Moreover, this best ukulele includes a gigbag to store the intermediate ukulele easily and take it anywhere you want.



  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Designed for concerts
  • best low price ukulele


  • strings are not well

Diamond Head DU-200C Deluxe is a solid wood concert ukulele that was constructed and designed in a way to give you all the advantage of this size. It is one of the best top-notch quality ukuleles that look and sound wonderful and is the best ukuleles for intermediate players.

Customer Reviews

A satisfy customer said that” I am surprised by the quality considering the price. First of all, it’s got a good intonation, and that makes it a real playable instrument instead of a toy. It’s got a loud sound and has a good tone. I have a better ukulele like my Oscar Schmidt OU 240 SWK but that was five times the price. I have lowered the nut 0.5 millimeters for real good action. It is the best ukulele and I always have it around wherever I go, unlike my more expensive one that I always keep at home.”


Above mentioned all are the affordable model of best ukulele brands for intermediate to purchase. Their manufacture cost is cheaper that is why a lot of brands have entered into this business and expand the choices for users that usually made them confusing. In this buying guide, we compiled a list of best ukulele brands for intermediate that might help you in purchasing yours.


1. What is a good intermediate ukulele?

The above-mentioned all are the best intermediate ukulele.

2. Which brand of the ukulele is the best?

KALA, Diamond Head, Cordoba, Luna, Lohanu, Donner, Hricane, Fender, Lanikai, Hola are the few best ukulele brands for intermediate.

3. How much is a good quality ukulele?

The mentioned above all in the buying guide is the best quality ukulele.

4. Is ukulele easier than guitar?

Yes, learning the ukulele is much easier than learning the guitar. With the practice of a few days, one can start playing and making music with the help of the ukulele.

5. How do I choose a ukulele?

The section we entered in this buying guide of things to be considered might help you choose a ukulele.

6. What ukulele should a beginner buy?

For beginners, soprano and concert ukuleles are the best for a beginner to buy.

7. What size ukulele should I get?

The traditional size is 20 inches, which is the most common size and the other size is a concert ukulele that is 23 inches which are perfect for intermediate players.

8. What’s a good brand of ukulele?

KALA, Diamond Head, Cordoba, Luna, Lohanu, Donner, Hricane, Fender, Lanikai, Hola these are few good ukulele brands for intermediate.

9. How much does a ukulele cost?

Most of the ukuleles are under 300 dollars that give their best even at an intermediate level. Few are above $300 that are for more advanced level players.




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