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With summers just around the corner, canoe Fishing can be your perfect getaway to relax on a sunny weekend. However, looking for fish using a canoe, or a kayak can be very exhausting, and it can take a serious toll on your arms.

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Minn Kota Endura C2 30

☞Shaft length: 30 inches
☞Thrust: 30 pounds

To eradicate this struggle, we have compiled a list of the best trolling motors for canoes or kayaks. Not only will these motors make your movement easier. But they will also ensure that no fish get scared away with any unnecessary noise since they are so noiseless.

What to consider when buying a trolling motor?

Mounting Systems

The first thing to consider is a mounting system since your trolling motor must be attached to your canoe or kayak.

  1. Bow Mounting

Kayaks and Canoes are not suitable for bow mounting. Although many motors are designed specifically just for this. It owes its popularity to its foot pedal control and a sliding hinge.

  1. Engine Mounting

Engine mounting takes up little space on your canoe however, it is not very cost-efficient and lacks maneuverability.

  1. Transom Mounting

Last but not least is Transom mounting which is the perfectly sufficient mounting system. It structures a dense bar that allows the trolling motor to be mounted on.


The second thing to consider is thrust. Thrust is defined as the amount of power that is needed to boost a canoe. To figure out your canoes thrust just know that two pounds of thrust is needed for every hundred pounds of loaded weight. Since most trolling motors have the ability to boost canoes weighing 1500 pounds or more so is your canoe falls within this limit you will do fine.


Weight is a crucial factor when it comes to canoes generally. The only safe way to travel in a canoe is to make sure that the stern stays above the waterline. So, choosing a trolling motor that does not weigh too much is a safety requirement.


Some trolling motors come with foot pedal controls which are not at all efficient for canoes. Canoes do not have a lot of space in them and thus a foot pedal control trolling motor will not work in your favor. A remote-controlled or hand control motor is the right option

Battery Power

Trolling motors, like any other motors, are electrically powered and thus require some power for its operation. The size of the trolling motor is directly proportional to the amount of power it requires. Usually, a 12 Volt battery is sufficient more a canoe to function properly.

Shaft Length

12 inches or one foot is the prime shaft length as recommended by kayakers or canoeists. This actually makes sense because it is always to ensure that the shaft inclines in 12 inches from the water level. To get the perfect fit everyone has to measure their canoe but keeping in mind this 12-inch rule helps a lot. Longer shafts curb movement in shallow waters but shorter shafts lead to a lot of noise.

Fresh or Saltwater Fishing

It is important to consider the material that your trolling motor is made out of. Whether it is covered with metal, only then it can survive the effects of saltwater fishing.

Since most people prefer fresh waters to salt waters, most trolling motors cater to that need. For saltwater fishing trolling motors covered with metal especially alloys that can alleviate the corrosion brought on by saltwater are recommended.

8 best trolling motors for canoe:


1. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Shaft Freshwater Transom

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Shaft Freshwater Transom - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  • Shaft length: 30 inches
  • Thrust: 30 pounds

Garnering the spot of number one on our list of the 7 best trolling Motors for canoes is the Endura C2 30 freshwater transom-mounted trolling motor by Minn Kota. It is exceptionally fast and very lightweight, making it a bestseller. It features a 30-inch erosion-resistant shaft and an easy to fix liver bracket.

It ideal for long fishing hours since even after running on high speed for up to 4 hours it still has an ample amount of battery power left.

Since it has been created for the freshwater it is not recommended to be used in saltwater. However, overall, it has a great build and features 8-speed controls, with a very cost-effective price making it an ultimate trolling motor choiceIt also comes with a 2-year warranty, so you do not have to worry about its longevity.

  • Noiseless
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Ideal shaft length
  • Not suitable for saltwater

2. Minn Kota 1358790 Powerdrive 45_BT Bowmount- top-selling

Minn Kota 1358790 Powerdrive 45_BT Bowmount- top-selling - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  • Shaft length: 45 inches
  • Thrust: 45 pounds

The second trolling motor on the list is another Minn Kota product since they are so good at what they do. The power drive 45_BT bow-mount trolling motor is a sturdy piece of equipment that keeps you right in the middle of where you need to be on top of the water, on top of the fish, at all times. It features a universal sonar 2 that keeps the transducer and the wiring completely masked and protected. Its electric foot pedal provides good control and steering.

It is noiseless and has a decent lifetime however, some users have reported that it takes quite some time to get adjusted to its foot pedal.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Deploy assist lever
  • Noiseless
  • Only 4 -inch long wire for battery

3. MinnKota Edge 70 with Latch and Door Bracket

MinnKota Edge 70 with Latch and Door Bracket - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  • Shaft length: 45 inches
  • Thrust: 70 pounds

When it comes to strong and sturdy trolling motors Minn Kota Edge 70 bow mount trolling motor is as indestructible as they come. It is robust and has an impact on a resilient composite head that survives a lifetime.

It is a specimen of strength when it comes to strong sturdy structures, however some reviewers have reported that it has some problems despite its strong structure that hits the water like nothing else. Some users have experienced a lack of longevity with respect to some of its parts especially the cord that wears out pretty quickly.

  • Up-to 5 speed controls
  • Sturdy
  • Speed control 4 is not as strong, whereas speed control 5 is too strong

4. Minn Kota Riptide SC


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  • Shaft length: 36 inches
  • Thrust: 55 pounds

And the 4th item on our list is none other than another Minn Kota product that is the Riptide SC transom trolling motor. This motor has a very easy to use design and delivers a massive 45 pounds of power and precision.

It features a lever lock bracket with a quick-release lever lock that is resistant to flexing and UV – damage. It is a noiseless unit but does not have a very long life as lots of its users have reported having to take the motor to the repair shop after just three or four uses.

  • Noiseless
  • Saltwater safe
  • Not durable

5. MotorGuide Bow Mount Foot-Control- High-rated

MotorGuide Bow Mount Foot-Control- High-rated - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  • Shaft length: 45 inches
  • Thrust: 55 pounds

Motorguide bow mount foot-control trolling motor is a great device that offers a multitude of features. It has patented variable-ratio steering or VRS that lets its users accurately position their board even in high tides.

Its foot control has been designed to ensure that no hands are busy so fishing can be enjoyed uninterrupted. It is noiseless and is ideal for freshwater use.

It has been advertised as a 12 Volt motor however some users have reported that it is not a 12 Volt but rather a 24 Volt motor. Other than this small mishap it works fine. It’s a great item for its price point.

  • Noiseless
  • Patent Variable Ratio Steering
  • Not a 12V motor

6. Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater with Universal Sonar 2

Minn Kota Ulterra Freshwater with Universal Sonar 2 - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  •   Shaft length: 60 inches
  •   Thrust: 80 pounds

The first item on our list is a motor that can automatically deploy and store itself with the mere push of a button and that is the Minn Kota Ulterra freshwater bow-mount trolling motor. It has an i-pilot remote that lets the user automatically stow the motor. It also features a foot pedal that can do the same.

It features a smart GPS that locks onto specifics fishing spots remember spots and controls the speed. Universal sonar 2 keeps the wiring protected.

There is a conflict of opinion regarding its durability some people have claimed that it has worked perfectly for them while others have reported damage after minimal use.

  • GPS
  • Universal Sonar 2
  • ]Not durable

7. Minn Kota


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  • Shaft length: 45 inches
  • Thrust: 55 pounds

With the 5-speed setting and a 55LB of thrust, the Minn Kota edge L&D trolling motor has an easy to use directional indicator and durable design. It is a 12 Volt motor that features a 106D digital charger and weighs only 61 pounds.

It has large windings that allow heat dissipation Ensuring that the product is always cool it features a 45 inches long shaft ideal for many canoes. It is a foot pedal that is connected with the five-inch cable and provides 5-speed settings.

It is a freshwater item making it unsuitable for saltwater use.

  • Folds up
  • Good pedal controls
  • Not for saltwater

8. Newport Vessels NV-Series 46lb Thrust

Newport Vessels NV-Series 46lb Thrust - BEST TROLLING MOTORS FOR CANOE

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  • Shaft length: 30 inches
  • Thrust: 46 pounds

The last but not the least motor on our list is the Newport vessel NV- series trolling electric motor. it is a budget-friendly item that provides strong power thanks to its 46-pound motor.

It is noiseless so it does not interrupt you’re fishing at all. It features an 8-speed control system three of which are for reverse speeds. It is suitable for saltwater usage since it has been made with good corrosion-resistant materials. Making it perfect for saltwater use meanwhile being fresh water friendly.

Although it is corrosion free it’s transom mount is made up of plastic material thus making it very vulnerable to breakage.

  • 30-inch fiberglass shaft
  • 5-point LED battery meter
  • Plastic transom mount


We know the struggle of trying to relax with fishing but ending up exerting even more due to motorless canoe paddling and for that, we have combined a list of the top 7 best canoe trolling motors. Surely using one of these would put you at ease and make fishing the fun and relaxing activity that it is supposed to be.

Enhance the luxury of your Sundays or vacations and go out on your canoes or kayaks without any trouble and relax with the help of any of the motors present on our list. we hope that whatever product you choose is the best one for you. Happy fishing!


  1. What kind of battery do you need for a trolling motor?

A: Most people assume that car batteries are a replacement for trolling batteries but that is quite the misconception. They are not durable at all and will definitely damage the motor after long term use. A deep cycle marine battery is the perfect battery for a trolling motor.

2. Do you need to register a canoe with a trolling motor?
A: Since most states require registering the canoe when a trolling motor is mounted on it and hence, the battery gets automatically registered.

3. How long will a battery last with a trolling motor?
A: Longevity of a battery for a trolling motor depends on several factors. Some of these can be how much the canoe weighs, or under what weather conditions it is operated, or how old the motor is. Generally, for newer models, 12 Volt motor is enough to last for eight hours or so.

4. Is it legal to put a trolling motor on a canoe?
A: It is legal yes, but whenever any type of trolling motor is installed onto a canoe or a kayak it needs to get registered. However, registration is not required if the canoe or the kayak is to be operated on private property. It means that every time you go fishing on public property you will need to carry your registration card with you

5. What size battery do I need for my trolling motor?
A: 12 Volt deep cycle marine battery is generally suggested as the ideal size for trolling Motors. with a 110-ampere hour rating, it provides a decent runtime.

6. Can you use a regular battery for a trolling motor?
A: No, a regular battery more specifically a car battery will not work for a trolling motor it will end up damaging the motor itself.

7. How many pounds of thrust do I need for a trolling motor?
A: It is important to know that for every 100 pounds of weight you require 2 pounds of thrust. considering that the trust will vary for different Motors.

8. Can you run a trolling motor out of water?
A: If done for a short time the motor will not cause any damage. However, if it is run for a longer time it will definitely heat up and cause some serious damage as the water acts as a coolant to prevent the motor from heating up.



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