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Music and road trips go hand in hand. Listening to something sweet, with your windows down,
wind in your hair, and a heart full of peace is truly serene. Music is the perfect travel buddy. But
have you ever craved something more organic? Maybe your fingers play along to the rhythm of
the song.

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Traveler Guitar 6 String Acoustic

☞Weight: 5.59 pounds
☞Dimension: 32 x 12 x 5 inches
☞No of strings: 6

How about a travel electric guitar? Don’t be so shocked, travel electric guitars do exist. So, buy
one from the best 8 travel electric guitars that we have listed below and make every road trip a
live jamming session.

Things to Consider When Buying Electric Travel Guitars

Size & Weight

The major reason to purchase a travel electric guitar is its portability. And this is where size and weight
jump in. The reason why size and weight both matters is that some guitars are small in size and heavy in
weight. Whereas some guitars are light in weight but large in size. So we have to keep both factors in
mind so we can select our travel guitar. Keeping this in consideration, we have searched some guitars
that are easy to go with you.

Playability (Scale Length & Nut Width)

What are scale length and nut width? You should while purchasing. Scale length is the length by which
the string is attached from bridge to nut. On the other side, nut width is the width of the neck at the nut.
And they both play a huge part in playing guitar. It is preferred that you get a guitar with a similar neck
specification as your main ax. On the contrary, shorter scale length guitars are easier to play.

Hand Orientation

The perfect guitar for you mostly based on your hand, that is which hand you play with. Always check
before buying whether it is for left-handed people or right-handed. In case, hand orientation is not
mentioned then assume that it is accessible in both options.

Price Range

Traditionally, regular guitars are less expensive than travel guitars. As these travel guitars are specially
designed for being portable. And if something is designed specially that it cost heavy. Ordinary price
range lies between $150-$300, but there are some guitars more expensive than these.


A travel guitar as compared to traditional guitar has hardly any frets. So, if the neck is smaller you can
easily transport it.


Lastly, assure you to purchase a guitar that attracts your eyes. Get one that motivates you to play more
frequently. As this is the whole point to have a travel guitar. We have listed some guitar with appealing
looks. You will just have to pick one that gets your attention.

Top 8 best travel electric guitar


1. Traveler Guitar 6 String Acoustic- Best travel electric guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-light Electric Travel Guitar - Muziker UK

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Travel guitar 6 strings Acoustic-Electric guitar is an amazingly designed gadget from solid maple. And it is
a one-piece neck-through version, just like the other members of its gang. It comforts from a black
walnut fingerboard. This stylish guitar contains the latest electrifying pickup for amplification.
It weighs above 2lbs and supports the oar-like design shape. The tuning is in-body that saves a lot of
space. While reducing its length to around 30% less than nearly ¾ sized full-scale guitar.

  • Reduced noise levels for quieter play.
  • In-body tuning
  • Designed to transport easily.
  • Does not require the power to play.
  • Updated pickup
  • Nice sound quality
  • Sound levels create issues sometimes.
  • Tuning is difficult at first.

2. Traveler Guitar 6 String portable electric guitars

Traveler Guitar 6 String portable electric guitars

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6 String Electric Guitar is an amazing choice as a travel guitar. It is lightweight and with its full-scale neck,
being a compact design, it is simply the best option to go for. It also has that inbuilt tuning technology
which makes it a good quality guitar and is easy and fast.
A musician who travels a lot would love this guitar. As this instrument is a compact body, contains
instruments that will serve to qualify. And will make the musician happier.

  • Durable.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Tuning is fast and easy.
  • The tone and clarity are fine.
  • Action on a full-scale neck is amazing.
  • Input jack quality is not that good.
  • Hard to restring.

3. Traveler Guitar 6 String EG-1 –best lightweight electric guitar

Traveler Guitar 6 String EG-1 –best lightweight electric guitar

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Most customers will love its appealing display and the full-scale neck of this instrument is something
eye-catching. These attributes give this instrument and extraordinary playability. When added 4 tone
knobs, this gives this guitar more functional. Some users may feel the action bit high, and when used
with the built-in headphone; amp is the best as to a usual amp.
This guitar is lightweight and designed durable. Owning a beautiful guitar with great-sounding is an
excellent instrument for all your travels.

  • Full-scale versatile neck.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design.
  • Clean tone.
  • Additional durable bag included.
  • The width of the body creates an issue.
  • Issue with strap knob placement.

4. JAMSTIK PORTABLE MIDI travel practice guitar

JAMSTIK PORTABLE MIDI travel practice guitar

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What is so unique in Jamstik? Well, this guitar is operated by your mobile phone; total wireless. Not just
this, it comes with a spare portable midi electric guitar with collective guitar lesson programs. This MIDI
controller can connect with your tablet, laptop, smartphone, and Bluetooth. As it comes with guitar
lessons so you probably do not need any previous experience.
Jamstik+ uses real frets and string. Moreover, it comes with detectors; which gives you quick feedback
after finding your finger placement. Travel guitar with a course program which means you can play it

  • Can be operated with smartphones
  • Best for beginners
  • Contains guitar lesson programs
  • Uses real strings
  • Quite expensive

5. Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series – headless electric guitar

Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series - headless electric guitar

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This pro series Travel guitar comes with custom piezoelectric pickups & single-coil electric pickup. So,
you can play different tones and styles with a single tool. Generally, it sounds awesome via electric and
acoustic amplifiers. Special feature includes that this guitar provides you special internal low pickup
system and headset. Which allows you to listen in private without batteries or amp. It comes with an in-
body tuning system and portable design.

  • Full-length fretboard
  • Full-length fretboard
  • Ideal for private listening.
  • Easy to tune
  • In-body tuning
  • Portable
  • Lacks tonal range

6. Lava me2 carbon fiber – finest travel guitar electric

Lava me2 carbon fiber – finest travel guitar electric

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Lava me2 guitar provides you extensive range and loud frequency tone and weighs only 3.7 pounds. As
being lightweight it is portable. The freeBoost Technology is applied to the L2 pickups which use
scattered surfaces of Lava me3 as speakers. These speakers produce improved sound. It utilizes super
AirConic carbon fiber stuff. Which can adjust to a temperature between -20 to 90 degrees?

It is designed the way that while playing you can shift your guitar is different positions. It is one of the
most advanced fret machines.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Well-designed
  • String tension accuracy up to 0.005mm
  • Strap buttons are not standard

7. Cordoba guitars 4 string acoustic-electric bass guitar

Cordoba guitars 4 string acoustic-electric bass guitar

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Next up we have the Cordoba guitars 4 string acoustic-electric bass guitar. It is slightly bigger in size than
its previous edition but that only adds to its tuning accuracy. The only drawback I could spot in this
guitar that it is meant to be operated purely as an acoustic guitar.
Its body is manufactured in all-mahogany wood, and the strings are made in phosphor bronze. It is
extremely light in weight and has great user reviews on Amazon. Overall, it has all the ingredients to be
your next travel electric guitar.

  • all-mahogany wood
  • Phosphor bronze strings
  • Slightly bigger in size

8. Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster pink lightest electric guitar

Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster pink lightest electric guitar

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The squire by fender mini Stratocaster is the ideal partner for the musician who is looking for a
lightweight instrument. Also, good in its looks, and have classic styling. For solid tuning stability, it
consists of squire single-coil pickups along with 5 way converting for variety and lastly a hardtail bridge.

  • Lightweight and thin
  • Portable
  • 3 single-coil pickups
  • The fretboard is a little dry.


In an attempt to keep pace with our fast modern life, and are always ready to go natural, there are
plenty of travel guitar options out there to fulfill your needs. Whenever you are looking for a travel
guitar, your priority checklist should be portability. Except for that if you are a touring musician who
needs to perform. Then you can go to other factors as well. The market is getting advance and
manufacturers transform to those modern design concepts. So, when buying a travel electric guitar
consider what you need and what is suitable for you.
Winding it up, we hope our review helped you to pick your musical gadget. Happy Jamming!


  1. Are travel guitars easier to play?
    Travel guitars are easy to go but have a shorter scale length. Not the same to regular guitar but
    somehow easy to play. The only issue occurs that fingers are sometimes too fast for the strings. And
    small-sized guitars are expensive. But are portable and reliable.
  2. Can I bring an electric guitar on a plane?
    You can always take your guitar with you as your luggage or as your carry-on. If you are flying in a
    commuter plane that your guitar is probably going in the hold. And if it is a bigger plan you can bring it in
    as your carry-on. TSA guidelines state that a passenger can bring only one musical instrument as a carry-
  3. Can I teach myself to play the guitar?
    A good coach is never less expensive. Maybe guitar classes do not fit in everyone’s budget. Because of
    these factors and yes many others too, many people out there are teaching themselves. They want to
    teach themselves to play at their pace. So, the positive news is that you can self-instruct.
  4. Is guitar harder than the piano?
    No doubt the guitar is quite difficult to play but music is less complicated so it is easier to learn. Guitar’s
    strings are quite tough as compare to piano keys as they are too much close together. But over time
    playing guitar tends to get easier where the piano gets complex.
  5. Can I play an electric guitar without an amp?
    Technically yes, guitars can be played without an amplifier. However, they won’t be that good when
    they are plugged in. Usually, the musician says that the amplifier is the critical part while setting up the
    electric guitar. The amplifier boosts up your sound and adds a spare ‘oomph’ to it.
  6. Is acoustic or electric guitar better for beginners?
    You should know your interest. In which you are more interested that will be the easiest guitar.
    Generally, electric guitars are easier to play. Acoustic guitars come with heavier gauge scale strings
    which require rigid fingering and picking. Just select a guitar you know which is more suitable for your


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