[Editor’s Pick] Best Tractor Snow Blower Combination

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Getting any of the best tractor snow blower combination will help you clear your garden or lawn and this will never let you skid on the snow again. For the related purpose, you need to case study the features but in a much simpler and here we have done the job for you. This guide holds a thorough info about the snow thrower covering the type from household to commercial level.

Based on the type, clearing width, clearing depth, fuel efficiency, integrated comforts, we have selected Simplicity Dual Stage Signature as the best tractor snow blower combination in the category.

Top 6 Best Tractor Snow Blower Combination

  1. Simplicity Dual Stage Signature

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Hot Features

  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Operates in -20 °F
  • Steel Serrated Auger
  • Dual LED Headlight
  • Engine Capacity: 420 cc
  • Heated Hand Grips
  • Electric Chute Rotation
  • Deflector Control Panel

The Simplicity features the super-powerful model with a 420 cc high-end engine. The potent serrated steel auger makes it easier to shred the old or compact ice. The body and the whole design are temperatures bearable up to -20 °F—this makes it workable in the harshest weather conditions.

The horsepower of the engine with the brushless motor are integrated to produce an RPM of 2600 with high quality. The machine has a commercial grade gear case thus helping in adhering the harshness of work. The electric chute rotation and control pod enables the user to adjust the chute and its rotation without leaving the position.

  1. EGO Power+ SNT2100

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Hot Features

  • Battery Powered
  • Brushless Motor
  • Clearing Width: 21 inches
  • Push Button Start
  • Variable-Speed Control
  • LED Headlights
  • Foldable Handle
  • Weather Resistant
  • Robust Steel Construction
  • Dimension: 45 x 35 x 22 inches

The EGO Power+ SNT2100 acquires a robust steel body that allows to endure the weather condition. The push button start allows the user to start the machine without any hectic. It is light weighted and comes with foldable handle offering compact storage. When it comes to the power source, it is packed with an efficient brushless motor.

This snow blower offers a clearing width of 21 inches. You can also utilize it in the night because it comes with LED headlights on the front. So, now going out in the snowy days is not difficult if you have this snow blower, just push the start button and you are ready to go.

  1. Snow Joe SJ627E

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Hot Features

  • Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Voltage: 40 V
  • Throwing Range: 25 Feet
  • LED Lights
  • Powerful Motor: 15-amp
  • Steel Auger
  • Speed; 3000 rpm
  • Clearing width 13 inches
  • Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 26 inches

The Snow Joe SJ627E is an aesthetic model that features a safety switch to prevent any possible accidents. The LED headlamps are integrated to get a clear vision enough. The powerful motor gives a robust experience in work. The economic price with subtle design gives a complete pack.

Adjustable direction of the chute allows you to throw snow at any point within a range of 180 degrees. The snow thrower blows the snow with a maximum range of 25 feet. The light weight of 33 lbs. makes it easy to transport.

  1. Ariens Compact (24”)

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Hot Features

  • Engine Capacity: 223 cc
  • Throwing Range: 40 Feet
  • Engine Cycle: 4
  • Adjustable Chute Range
  • Adjustable Chute Rotation
  • Robust Track Tires
  • Aesthetic Body
  • Six Forward Speed
  • Two Reverse Speed

The Ariens Compact 24 inches allows you to cover your whole garden with clearing path potential that makes it an efficient model. The manufacturers claim a five-year warranty with a steel body making it robust.

The In-Dash Halogen headlights gives a super clear view in the night time to work neatly. The body is embedded with large directional snow track tires giving it an ideal grip, thus the movement thru rough terrains.

  1. Snow Joe SJ619E

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Hot Features

  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Wattage: 40 Volts
  • Electric Powered: 14 amp
  • Throwing Range: 25 feet
  • Clearing Width: inches
  • Capacity: 720 lbs. snow per minute
  • 3 W LED Headlight
  • Foldable Handles
  • Easy One Hand Control

The Snow Joe is a mark in manufacturing electric snow blowers within an economical budget than the other market. The model is average sized with large clearing width capacity of 18 inches making it the best tractor snow blower combination for household use.

The machine is integrated with a steel auger and 2 rubber blade making shredding of compact snow easier and smooth. The electric power of up to 15 amp gives a robust potential to the motors. Handles are foldable with detachable chute allowing the user to transport with less space taken.

  1. Husqvarna ST224

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Hot Features

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Engine Capacity: 208 cc
  • Weight: 199 lbs.
  • Handle Height Adjustment
  • Engine Type: OHV Throttle Control
  • Idle Down Technology
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes
  • Clearing Depth; Up to 18 inches
  • Electric Starter

Husqvarna is a labeled pro in making robust and the best tractor snow blower combination with powerful brushless motor. The steel auger and the blades ensure smooth operation along with the help of power steering and disc transmission.

The LED headlight and the electric starter combines to give the aura of convenience to the user, making it much handy. The model deals with clearing depth of up to 18 inches. The blower is made with potent body that tolerates every harshness of weather.

Features You Should Look in To Buy the Best Snow Blower Combination

Check out these general features that gives the general insight over the snow blower machine. They will direct you fulfil the gap according to your need.

Clearing Width

The clearing width of any track apprehends the capability of tractor snow blower—choosing the snow blower according to the clearing width is an adequately noticeable factor.  The clearing width must be according to your requirements, and work load otherwise, going for average or small one will only put extra bulk of effort.

  • Entry Level Snow Blower: 20″ – 28”
  • Moderate Level Snow Blower: 22″ – 30″
  • Professional Level Snow Blower: 26″ – 36″

The moderate level tractor snow blower that ensures a width of average 26 inches is commended in the market because of its preference in work and rate economy as compared to other higher-class models. On the other hand, if you are willing to go for something extra comfortable, then professional level snow blower with larger 32 inches clearance will help you clear a normal size lawn in a just 4 to 5 rounds.

Throwing Distance

The throwing distance is the ratio or length of snow thrown by the snow blower. More power of snow blower amends more length of snow blown. The adjustability of snow blower helps you place the waisted snow to the place you need that to be (avoid snow throwing to neighbors).  

  • Entry Level: Up to 40′
  • Moderate Level: Up to 50′
  • Professional Level: UP to 50′


The auger is a spiral metal that is corkscrew-shaped or rotating blade. It is located at the front of the snow blower–scooping the snow and transferring it to the center of the machine.

Auger in Single Stage Snow Blower

It performs discharging of snow in a single motion while being attached at the front of the snow blower machine.

Auger in a Two Stage Snow Blower

In this case, the auger works as snow crushed and likewise devoted exclusively to collecting the snow and transferring it to the center. An impeller discharges the snow.


The impeller (or turbine) is the second part of a dual-stage snow blower, just behind the auger. It grabs the snow and propels it up the chute.


The chute is a walk thru of snow, most of the times (single stage) auger directly pushes the snow outside thru the snow blower. The chute is adjustable and can be directed to any of the direction. Most of the models are electrically controlled thru the control panel. The covering of the chute is likewise commendable and the composition must be considered likewise.

Winter Conditions

The engine and the structure must be enduring to the harsh weather conditions. The normal bodies get rusted and damaged in extreme snow—but some of the top companies never fail to provide tough models with extra robust protection against the weather.

Snow Depth

The snow depth is the width of snow layer that can be cleared by any of the best tractor snow blower combination. The height of front elevation decides a pitch of clearing snow depth. Different ratios according to the measurement of snow blower are given as:

  • Entry Level Snow blower: Up to 12″
  • Moderate Level/household use: Over 12″
  • Riding Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo: Over 12″

Clearing Area

The clearing area is the area covered by any of the garden tractor with snowblower. This area ratio states the potential of the snow blower. It is mostly considered in electric snow blowers, as they need to cover a specific area with one full charge.

  • Entry Level Snow Blower: Up to 1000 sq ft
  • Moderate Level Snow Blower: Over 1000 sq ft
  • Professional Level Snow Blower: Over 2000 sq ft

Self-Propelled or Non-Self Propelled

The self-propelled snow blowers are factorially greater engine wise, they chew compacted ice and snow much easier with much larger auger. They are vigorously integrated with multiple forward speed presets. The single stage snow blowers are majorly non self-propelled—if one is mature enough to push and handle then using a single stage snow blower will be economically efficient.

Pros of Self Propelled

  • Their engine is much powerful.
  • No potent muscle work is required.
  • The working is a lot easier.
  • Shredding is power potent.
  • Some have reverse preset as well.

Cons of Self Propelled

  • It is pricier than non-self-propelled.
  • Consumes more fuel.

Types of Snow Blower

Depending on the sort of power source, any of the best tractor snow blower combination can be divided mainly into two categories—electric snow blower and gas-powered snow blowers.

Electric Snow Blower

The electric snow blowers are integrated electric battery, to clear light snow that is less than 12 inches, the electric snow blower is commendable to use—from sidewalks and small driveways.


  • They are lightweight.
  • Can be used on decks and steps.
  • They operate on places where larger gas-powered models face hurdle.
  • Electric snow blowers needs less often and complicated maintenance.
  • No often oil fill ups.


  • Need is a cold-weather extension cord
  • Need an electrical outlet within the range of wire to operate

Gas Powered Snow Blower

The gas-powered intakes gasoline fuel and operates same as a vehicle. Unlike an electric one, they operate on periodic refills.


  • They are more powerful than any of the best snow removal tractor with electric integration.
  • They don’t cord, extension or electrical socket to operate.
  • No potential muscle work is required.
  • Operation is much comfortable.
  • Faster working.


  • Pricier than the electric snow blower.
  • They need complex maintenance.
  • Often needs oil refills.
  • Takes more real estate.

Types of Snow Blower Depending on Operativity

The discussion about the types is not closed yet, moving on to the types of snow blower depending on the sort of operativity must be taken in count. Based on working, there are three stages of snow blower—single, double, and triple, they are quite explicit and have different beneficial measures.

Single-Stage Snow Blower

The single stage snow blowers are one of the common tractor snow blowers, that is commendably known for single operating auger responsible for whole shredding and throwing of snow.


  • They throw the snow once with an auger directly out through the chute.
  • They are the lightest and smallest,
  • Easiest to handle.
  • Good for suburban areas that get average snowfall.
  • They are much affordable.
  • Take less fuel.


  • They are not recommended to be used on gravel surfaces, because of ground contact auger.
  • They are less powerful and cannot be used on heavy snow.

Two-Stage Snow Blower

The two-stage snow blowers throw the snow twice as compared to the single stage snow blower. The augmentation part is a metal auger with an impeller. The auger summons up the snow and throws it to the center of the machine. Then, the rotating impeller directs the snow out through the chute. This keeps a balanced circle of snow getting out of place.


  • They can be used on gravel and concrete.
  • Taller buckets capable of tearing through the snowdrifts and pile-ups.
  • More powerful than one stage


  • They require much fuel than the single stage snow blower.
  • They are pricier than single stage snow blower.

Three-Stage Snow Blower

As compared to single and dual stage, in three-stage snow blower there is an addition of metallic auger. The rotation cycle of throwing snow away is increased with one more step. The additional metallic auger shreds the snow into tiny particles, then the second auger processes and adds spaces, the last play role is of the impeller that pushes it out of chute.


  • They are the most powerful type of snow blowers.
  • Best for gavel and unpaved ground.
  • Throws snow much farther.
  • 50% more faster and efficient than two stage snow blowers.
  • Self-propelled wheels
  • Heated grips
  • Single-press chute control


  • Needs more space.
  • Require more fuel.

How to Maintain the Snow Blower?


The best tractor snow blower combination is a robust option to clear the area being scattered with long snow. In order to get the finest helpful product within the range, we must acknowledge some of the important features like clearing width of the model, clearing depth, power source (electric or gas). Any of the riding lawn mower snow blower combo might be difficult to store, whether it is self-propelled or not, the adjustability of control panel, the engine reliability. These compatibility measures are important to look in before buying the snow blower tractor combination. Weight of the machine should be considered so that the storage and transport might be easier.


How to make your snow blower work more smoothly?

The working of any of the best tractor snow blower combination can be increased by putting in some of the pro secrets. Try these:

  • Add some non-stick cooking oil to the impeller and auger rotating site.
  • Change oil often (in the gas-powered engines).
  • Maintain properly when needed.

What is the difference between 2 stage and 3 stage snow blowers?

The 2-stage snow blower is integrated with a single blade auger and single impeller—as the process of throwing snow is based on two directions, once the auger shreds and pushes it to the center then the impeller throws it out thru the chute, on the other hand, in the 3 stage the cycle is dependent on three (one more) steps, the addition of one more blade auger, processes the snow into tiny pieces, then the same as the dual-stage goes on.

What is the most powerful type of snow blower?

The snow blower with gas-powered engine is considered as the most potent type of throwers. They can put in the capacity as much as of 1000 lbs. per minute and a range of up to 40 feet. After the snow blower with gas power, the electric has less range but they need less regular maintenance and fuel refills.

How to choose a snow blower?

The secret of acknowledging the features before buying any of the best tractor snow blower combination needs to be robust. Compatibility of the snowblower must be matching to your need—like if you have less space for storage and less space to clear up then go for compatible electric models, but contrarily if you have to cover large area with a lot of room spare then gas-powered are the best choice for you.

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