Best Touchless Trash Can

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Everyday items with little additional features can make your daily life a lot easier. The best touchless trash can would be highly touch-sensitive, soft closing, odor countering, and must be equipped with some kind of mechanism to secure bin liners.

Things to consider 


  • A regular-sized wirecutter trash can has a volume of at least 15 to 20L. Smaller and larger sizes are also available to suit personal preference.
  • However, odd sizes make it difficult to find the right bin liners every time you visit the grocery store.

Motion sensitivity

  • Highly sensitive products are less annoying and easier to work with.


  • Fingerprint proof body makes cleaning way easier.  Stainless steel exterior gives a sleek and elegant look and helps help the product to merge into the décor of the surroundings.

Odor Control

  • Odor absorbent carbon filters control any foul smells and keep the odor trapped inside of the touchless trash can.

Top 7 Best Touchless Trash Can

1. GLAD GLD-74507 Trash Can 


  • 50% more capacity as compared to a regular 13-gallon trash can.
  • Odor protection prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Easy storage and discarding of bags from the rear bag compartment.


  • Odd capacity levels make finding bags difficult


  • Fingerprint resistant body
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Intelligent sensor mechanism
  • No bin liner required
  • Touch switch included for manual operation
  • Inner rim to hold bag in place for easy emptying
  • Soft closing lid
  • Requires 6 AA batteries

Fingerprint resistant body of this touchless stainless steel trash can keeps it gleaming and pitch perfect at all times and saves you from frequent and exhaustive cleaning. It has double the capacity of a regular trash can that can save you from multiple emptying trips. The bag rings keep the bag slack neatly secured in place and preventing it from falling in

Cloroxtm odor protection inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the lid and lid frame and prevents the trash from smelling rancid, for the lifetime of the product. The soft-close lid is designed with a controlled lid closure so there is no banging each time it closes.

GLAD gives a 30-days money-back guarantee on this touchless garbage can further secure your purchase.

Customer Reviews

“This can allow us to fill our recycling needs for the entire week. The bag is easily placed and secured in the can and the ease of removing the bag is the same.”

2. AmazonBasics Rectangle Trash Can


  • A plastic interior bucket can be removed for easy disposal.
  • Soft closing increases the life of the product


  • No sensor.
  • Not much durable.


  • 50-liters capacity
  • Rectangular shape
  • Manual foot lever
  • Soft-close lid
    • Fingerprint resistant body
    • Smudge resistant metal exterior
    • Stainless steel material of build
    • Removable plastic internal bucket
    • Stay-open mode 

The only thing better than an auto operating trash can is an auto operating touchless trash can. The removable inner lining makes it easier to operate and the smudge-resistant and fingerprint-proof body does not need frequent cleaning.

The stay-open lid feature takes convenience to a new level.

Customer Reviews

“Fantastic bin! Very stylish and looks far more expensive than it was. Up there with it’s more expensive counterparts. Easy to clean. The inner removable liner is an added bonus as other bins don’t have this.”

3. iTouchless 4 Gallon Sensor Trash Can 


  • Dual odor filter
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Less capacity than other cans.


  • 1 Absorb-X Odor Filter
  • Lemon-Scented Fragrance Cartridge included
  • Energy Efficient
  • 100% Touchless
  • Sensor-Operated Lid
  • 4 AA batteries required
  • silver-colored ABS plastic lid
  • Fingerprint-resistant exterior

This can include a carbon odor filter that will completely absorb the smell of the trash you put in it. In addition to this, it also has a lemon scent but you can replace the fragrance cartridge.

The trash can body is made of white steel that looks elegant and has a fingerprint system as well. It also has a light that turns green and red depending on whether the can is open or not.

Customer Reviews

“Bought 2 of these as I have limited space in my bathrooms. They are very neat and fit nicely in limited spaces. They are tall enough to hold good about waste and the best part is NO CONTACT!!!”

4. EKO Mirage Sensor Trash Can


  • No bin liner version makes for more inner capacity
  • The smaller size adds to the convenience


  • Batteries are not included


  • Fingerprint resistant body
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Intelligent sensor mechanism
  • No bin liner required
  • Touch switch included for manual operation
  • Inner rim to hold the bag in place for easy emptying
  • Soft closing lid
  • Requires 6 AA batteries

This is a smart trash can with modern motion sensing technology. As soon as something is bought near it, it opens on its own. You don’t need to touch it at all. It frees one from the hassle of putting and removing bin liners, with the new liner-free feature, increasing internal space, and decreasing overall dimensions. The satisfying soft close feature prevents it from slamming shut with a loud bang.

Customer Reviews

“Perfect hands-free trashcan for our kitchen! The motion sensor is great and loves that it also has a manual open and close setting. It’s a good size and looks sleek. The rim is lightweight making it easy to replace trash bags. Would recommend for anyone looking for a hands-free trashcan!”

5. iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can 


  • Fingerprint proof surface
  • Pet guard keeps your pets from making a mess
  • Dual power options add to the convenience


  • Batteries are not included. You have to purchase it separately.
  • The electrical cord doesn’t come with it either.


  • 1 Absorb Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter
  • Touch-sensitive lid
  • Stainless steel body
  • 100 % touchless
  • 2 power options AC or battery powered
  • Pet Guard lock feature

Pet owners, this one is for you! We all know how much our pets love digging and diving through the trash. This trash can will save your life with its pet guard. The pet lock feature keeps pets out of the trash can even when you are away. This product can be kept outdoors, in your backyard or patio as raccoons are not allowed to dive into it.

The fingerprint-proof surface makes cleaning easier than ever. Its lustrous metallic surface goes well with the décor of your office or bedroom. With the motion of your hands, the lid opens on itself.

It is equipped with 1 Absorb Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter, which neutralizes odors and keeps your surroundings smelling fresh and clean at all times.

Customer Reviews

“This can have been a complete lifesaver! No more animals getting in the trash can, no more ripped bag, no markings on the wall. This is the best touchless garbage can”

6. iTouchless 13 Gallon Oval Sensor Touchless Trash Can 


  • A carbon odor filter prevents the trash from releasing a foul smell.


  • Can’t be used without batteries. Even if you just used the open and close button instead of the motion detector you will still need batteries.


  • 100% touchless
  • Sensor equipped trash can lid
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Coating on the exterior
  • AbsorbX Natural Activated Carbon Odor Filter
  • 2 power options (AC adapter or batteries)
  • 3X batter life

This battery operated garbage can feature the present-day motion-sensing technology, just move your hand once, the lid opens automatically. The perfect duo of hygiene and convenience saves you from being exposed to illness-causing bacteria. Absorb-X Activated Carbon Odor Filter absorbs and neutralizes foul smells for a fresh and clean smelling home (odor control trash can).

It does not constantly run on the power it draws power only as needed. This trash can has three times greater battery life as compared to other models. It gives you two power options, you can either use 4 D size batteries powered by an AC adapter for it to last for up to 1.5 years. However, the batteries alone can also suffice you. With such a large volume you can keep it for days without removing the bag (13-gallon touchless trash can).

The manufacturer even offers two years after-sale services so this is another upside to this product.

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Customer Reviews

“Works great!! The top opens and shuts no problem. Also, a feature to stay open if standing in front of an “electric eye” for peeling veggies, etc. Very pleased with my purchase”.


7. Ninestars DZT-80-35 Automatic Touchless Trash Can


  • The micro fitted lid keeps odors trapped inside
  • Ring liner prevents the bags from overhanging.
  • Non-skid base keeps it in place


  • Not much durable as compared to other trash cans.
  • Doesn’t accommodate AC adapters


  • Ultra-quite motor
  • improved battery compartment design
  • automatic energy saving mode.
  • The micro fitted lid keeps odors in
  • New removable ring liner
  • brushed stainless steel finish
  • Requires 3 D batteries
  • Non skid base

The suave chrome finished trim and brushed stainless steel exterior of this trash can effortlessly merge with the aesthetic of your room and even compliments it. It is highly sensitive to motion, hence, easier to work with.

Extra-large opening keeps the trash from dropping out and making a mess. Micro fitted lid (airtight trash can) tightly encloses and locks in all kinds of odors. The skid-free base secures the trash can to the floor and prevents slipping accidents.

Customer Reviews

“Large capacity trash that is very responsive to motion sensing. I like how it stays open as long as your hands above the sensor (won’t close on you). The opening is super wide and operation is quiet.”


This is an extensively researched study on touchless/ motion sensing trash cans. Only the best products in the market (best automatic trash can). Have made it to this list. Size, capacity, durability, and technical features of each have been critically analyzed against the rest of the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do trash cans last?

A good quality stainless steel body touchless trash can will most definitely last you for at least more than 5 years even after rough use

2. what is the best touchless trash can?

The best touchless garbage can according to amazon US rating is iTouchless DZT 13.

3. Are touchless trash cans worth it?

If you are buying a pricier touchless trash can, you are buying it for life. The best kitchen garbage cans are built to last. It may require an occasional battery change. However, you will never find yourself replacing a dirty or rusted trash can.

4. What is the best motion sensor trash can?

iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Trash Can be regarded as the best motion sensor trash can, as it is highly touch-sensitive, by just bringing something near it, the lid opens on its own. This feature makes it touch-free, convenient, and hygienic.

5. What is the best outdoor garbage can?

The best automatic trash cans for outdoors would be pet-proof or animal proof, iTouchless 13 Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can, comes with pet lock to prevent stray animals such as raccoons and cats from looking through the trash.



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