[Expert Recommended] Best Tools For Cutting Tall Grass

Last updated on March 17th, 2022 at 10:34 am

The first and foremost obstacle in achieving a tidy and well-maintained grass is not having the right tools that are efficient when it comes to performance, quality, and convenience. The best tool for cutting tall grass in your hand for maintaining your lawn can completely change your maintenance game.

Top 5 Tools For Cutting Tall Gras

These grass cutting tools will provide you not just with the job getting done in no time, but a whole lot of an experience!

1.    WORX Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher – the best tool to cut high grass


  • 3 cutting depth adjustments
  • Cutting line indicator
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Corded
  • 12-Amp Motor
  • Lightweight – 14 pounds


  • Blade slips over loose adjustment
  • Does not work fine through thick, matted turf

Trimming and cutting tall grass is no longer a troublesome task when you have WORX electric lawn edger and trencher. Weighing very less, about 14 pounds, this lawn tool is the most versatile when it comes to handling and portability. Besides comfortable handling and controlling, this machine is powerful enough to induce greater torque. Along with performance and functionality, this lawn edger comes with a D grip handle with reliable pivot joints that ensures maximum control with ease.

2. Makita Cordless Grass Shears – the best hand tool to cut tall grass


  • Precise trimming
  • Simple ergonomic design
  • A 3-stage adjustment for cutting depth
  • Cordless system
  • A built-in motor initiate 2500 strokes per minute
  • Tool-less blade changing system
  • 6-5/16 inch width for optimum cutting


  • Does not go into narrow spaces
  • Additional charger purchase

Do not doubt the smaller size of Makita cordless grass shear as when it comes to efficiency, it offers ultimate performance than other alternatives that are available in the market. From modern design to convenience and portability Makita provides customers with the best lawn tool. You get uninterrupted cutting time with its high power battery and variable settings and adjustments.

3.    Remington String Trimmer


  • Powerful output through 159cc 4-cycle gas engine
  • Unique shape reaches tight corners
  • Easy landscaping with 14” cut width
  • Folding handle eases transportation
  • Single lever 3-position adjustment
  • 22 inches cutting swath
  • Off-set trimming head


  • The gas tank is smaller

Turn your toughest of the jobs into simplest tasks with Remington string trimmer. The best way to cut down tall weeds is to own a machine that offers incredible power output and comfortable handling. It helps in having precise cutting through every kind of grass. Larger cutting width reduces the time to cut grass in larger spaces.

4.    BLACK+DECKER 60V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Max 60V lithium-ion battery
  • Push-button power cut
  • Saw blade cuts up to 1 ½ in.
  • Dual-action blade
  • Lightweight – 8.4 lbs
  • Portable


  • Does not come with a blade sheath
  • Blade bend at times

Trimming tall grass or even smaller grass is not a problem for this Black & Decker cordless hedge trimmer. Its powerful lithium-ion battery offers ultimate performance on the ground. Along with a long-life battery, its comfortable handle and lightweight give a longer performance as compared to alternative lawn tools that are in competition.

5.    WORX Cordless String Trimmer


  • 2 in 1 trimmer and edger
  • Rotating head switches easily between trimmer and edger
  • Compact and lightweight – 4.2 lbs
  • Auto-feed line
  • Adjustable spacer guard
  • 20V lithium battery


  • Auto feeds the line every time you restart even if there is no need to

Grass or weed cutting tool can vary in various manners from performance to quality. This one comes with the ultimate quality and durability along with performance. This 2 in 1 trimmer and edger gives you an edge when it comes to maintaining your lawn with least effort. You can get closer cuts with this lightweight and cordless lawn tool.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tools For Cutting Tall Gras

Just as there is no defined best way to cut tall grass, you can not claim a particular product or a method as the best way to cut overgrown grass. There are products from manual weed cutters and handheld grass cutting tools to cutting grass with push mower, grass shears, shaft trimmer, and lawn and edge trenchers, that vary in their performance as per the requirement.

Treat yourself with the best grass cutting tool that not only will help in making the task easier but will also help you in reducing the time taken to get done with the job along with maintenance of the machine.

It does not matter what product you are going for, the most important of all is to consider what creates the difference in using different tools along with personal preference.

Without any further blabbering, let’s look into things that must not be overlooked while making a purchase for your perfect grass cutting tool.

Wheel type

Talking about key considerations, wheels are one of the most important features to look for before making a purchase. The wheel adjustment holds accountability for the functioning of the machines in various settings.

Considering the most important function of the machine, portability is important along with performance in various spaces from narrow to wide. One wheel at the front and two at the back are the most versatile when it comes to controlling and maneuvering through tricky spaces.

Power source

Seeing the overall efficiency of the machine, power source plays a crucial role. To get reliable and consistent cutting there are four types you can choose from as per your requirement.


This type comes with a cord that needs a power source to start the motor.

  • Uninterrupted output
  • They are more powerful than other alternatives
  • Perfect for professional tasks


As the name specifies, these are cordless machines that use a battery to charge. To get the best out of these is to charge the battery to longer working.

Unlike powered or corded machines they offer;

  • Better access to narrow spaces
  • Do not need a dedicated power source to work
  • The only drawback is the low running time


These machines solely work on human labor. The effort is being out by the user to get the task done.

  • Manual weed cutters are perfect for indoor gardens
  • Can be used in narrow and tight spaces without any hindrance
  • Comes in a versatile range of shapes, sizes, and functionality
  • The only drawback of this type is the labor and effort that is required


Offering the most coverage, these machines do not need any corded power source and batteries to work. These machines operate with fuel, which makes them the best tool for cutting tall ornamental grass without any doubt.

  • Best suitable for heavier tasks
  • Uninterrupted working hours
  • Offers perfect control and handling when it comes to tall grass
  • Engine machines are not portable and demand larger spaces for storage

Cutting depth

Not to overlook the versatility of your grass cutting tools, it is important to consider cutting depth of the tool. The requirement for cutting tall grass varies with the area and the intended use of the tool. For instance, for pavements, taller grass needs nothing more than trimming, whereas, for bordering and edging, proper cutting to various lengths is required.

Choose the machine that at least comes with three specific cutting depths that can be adjusted with a lever system or push-buttons.


There are two most vital factors to consider talking about blades.

First is the material that is used to make the blade; stainless steel is the strongest and the most reliable for any kind of cutting and trimming.

Secondly, the angle of the blade plays an important role in getting sharp and satisfactory cuts.

Cutting swath

Along with cutting depth, the cutting swath is another important feature to ensure efficient cutting. Longer blades are meant to cover a greater area in one session, unlike smaller blades.  Whether it is a hand tool to cut tall grass or a machine, larger blades offer more efficient performance and functionality.

Personal preference

It is up to you; cutting grass with push mower or a handheld manual grass shear. Personal preferences play an important role in choosing the right tool to cut high grass. For instance, how often do you need the tool, what is the size of your lawn, will you be using it indoor or outdoor, and power source or portability.

Comfortable handling

Cutting tall grass can be a time taking task. You do not want your hands and wrists aching like anything after getting done with the job. Combining functionality with ease and comfort always go for the tools that offer comfortable handle size and material.

Besides all these important factors, everyone buying a new tool must consider the maintenance of a machine. Tools to cut grass require some kind of maintenance that may include replacement of various parts. The machine that comes with replaceable parts makes sure that the tools you are using do not go to waste over time.

We do not live in an ideal world, there are chances that you may not get every feature in one product, but what can be done is, choosing the one that holds the most of the key features that are best suitable to your personal needs.

To avoid scams and poor-quality tools, we have gathered the most versatile and the best tools to cut tall grass.

Let’s have a look!

Type of Tool

The variations are numerous and every other product looks the best. Keeping the key considerations priority, choosing the right tool to cut tall grass may vary depending on the type of product available in the market.

Widely used and the most popular tools for cutting tall grass are listed below to better understand how they differ when it comes to functionality regarding various cutting and trimming tasks.


Edger’s are designed to make neat and tidy edges around the plant beds and between the lawn and the pavements; places where other bulky and bigger machines cannot be reached.

Best for; cutting grass or weed edges.


You can say, strimmer is a handheld power string trimmer that is used to get rid of unwanted grass or weed. It is compact, portable, and light in weight.

Best for; trimming rough edges of grass and weed.


As the name specifies, a trencher is used to dig trenches. They vary in sizes from walk-behind models to attachments for tractor and skid loader for heavier tasks.

Best for; dig trenches

Grass shear

Grass shear is a hand tool to cut tall grass. Being the best manual weed cutter, it offers the most convenient way to cut tall grass in a standing position without the need of any power source.

Best for; cutting and trimming tall grass and edges


It is a corded and cordless, handheld cutting tool that comes with various configurations. Its revolving blades, speed and height adjustments offer versatile use.

Best for; cutting extra length of the grass

All-in-one/multifunctional tools

Thanks to technological advancements; there are multifunctional tools that can add on and remove various parts as per the requirements. It is as simple as adding various attachments to your existing tool and using it for the required purpose.

Best for; trimming, cutting, edging, and digging trenches.


Finding the best tool for cutting grass is not as overwhelming as it sounds if you are sure about what your needs and requirements are. Along with personal preferences, having adequate knowledge regarding the best tool for cutting grass is crucial in making the right decision. Every product differs in terms of functionality, durability, quality, and key features that create the whole difference. Going for the product that does not meet your needs and requirements will never meet the expectations – which eliminates the factor finding the best product.


1.      What can I use to cut tall grass?

There is no hard and fast rule and method to cut tall grass but the right product that meets your needs and requirements. The best way to cut tall grass is to get a tool that is powerful enough to get through tough spaces and offers longer battery life along with ultimate performance.

Sun Joe, Black & Decker, and Worx offer the best lawn maintenance tools.

2.     What is the best height for cutting grass?

The height of the grass depends on the type of grass you are going to work with. whereas specific height varies, a typical range for grasses falls between 1 and 4 inches high to get precise and clean cut.

3.     How do you cut long grass by hand?

Cutting tall grass with your hand is not a problem if you are working in smaller spaces. The scythe is the most economical and convenient tool for cutting grass of any height. If you are working on larger spaces a grass shear is the most efficient way to cut tall grass.

MAKITA cordless grass shear is the best to cut grass by hand.

4.     What is the best tool to cut tall grass and weeds?

Without any doubt a string trimmer can reach spots where a lawn mower cannot reach. With that, Remington RM1159 High-Wheeled String Trimmer is a very light in weight yet powerful tool that gives clean and precise cutting.

5.     How to clean up an overgrown yard?

Cleaning an overgrown yard does not need to be stressful if you are aware of the right way. Following the right steps you can easily clean an overgrown yard in no time.

  • Work in stages
  • Own the right tools
  • Remove debris first
  • Mow open areas with larger and more powerful machines
  • Go for the edges in the end

Having the right tools along with adequate knowledge can not only save time, but will make it easier and fun cleaning your yard.



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