Best Tig Welder for Aluminum – Buying Guide & Review 2023

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The fancy metal crafts that you get to see for everyday use come through a process that is more complicated than you think. The key to any well-defined metal object is simple: good skills and an efficient best TIG welder for aluminum. 

However, not all TIG welders are the same. They differ from each other in terms of their features. A TIG welder is not one of the common topics, so we are mostly in the dark regarding what is the best tig welder for the money. But it’s time to be more aware and to make more accurate decisions!

With the following guide, you can design a rough image of the best tig welder in the world before designing that metal sheet!

Things to Consider while Choosing Best Tig Welder Machine

This summarized buying guide is a route to your best buy. With this, you can narrow down what you need and if you’re betting on the right TIG welder.

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      • Amperes

The number of amperes required depends on the purpose of use. The minimum amperes should be 30 which are enough for a 0.1mm thick metal sheet. But the same amperes won’t work on a car body, hence stressing upon the statement that it depends on your purpose of use.

      • Volts (110V OR 120V)

The volts on your TIG go parallel with your electric outlet installation. The advantage of using 110V is that it can be switched into any plug but on the downside, it works with limited amperage. However, if you are about to weld a thick metal, then you will need 220V for more defined and accurate work.

      • Duty Cycle

This refers to the time duration before a TIG welder is overheated. The best starter tig welder will have a fanning system that prolongs this duration so that you have to pause less, and work more!

      • Spool Gun Capability

Since you’re on this page, we assume you are specifically looking for a good tig welder for aluminum. Spool gun capability allows a welding machine to weld aluminum and hence, without this feature, your welder won’t be able to weld it.


These points being said, we understand it can get overwhelming sometimes to choose the best ac/dc tig welder for the money. But calm down, that’s where you’ll need us. Scroll down to open the gate to the variety of best tig welders for aluminum that you did not know had already got your back!

9 Best Tig Welder for Aluminum

The purpose of this article is to lead you to your best welder for home use that will be different for everyone but more or less, all of them are a master of their game.

1. Amico

Looking for something affordable yet effective enough to fulfill your target? You are where you should be. This TIG welder by “AMICO” is a mixture of features which overall makes it the ideal cheap tig welder for aluminum. 


  • Appropriate for welding a range of materials such as steel, alloy, etc.
  • Has advanced IGBT technology.
  • Protection during short circuits.
  • Gives you precise and defined welding in no time.
  • Protection against overheating, overcurrent, over-voltage.
  • Automatic gas control.
  • Best PORTABLE tig welder due to its lightweight.


  • Being DC only, it might not work perfectly for aluminum.
  • A spool gun is needed.

Other than these complaints, the majority of the people were satisfied with its performance as one of them commented on it saying, “The power of three in one.” 


For people who are about to invest in a TIG welder, make sure it is the ideal aluminum tig welding machine. With that on our mind, we landed on this TIG welder by “EASTWOOD” which is a must buy.


  • High-frequency start leads to precise welding.
  • Has a high duty cycle.
  • Being AC, it is perfect for welding aluminum.
  • It can weld thick materials into exactly how you imagined them!
  • Popular among the customers.


  • It has a fixed working-level e.g. 110V on AC with 15amp current is fixed.
  • Single-phase voltage.
  • Heavy in weight (less portability).

These features themselves explain why it is the perfect 200amp ac dc tig welder which is all that your business needs! Its users have described it as the best “beginner” tig welder.


LOTOS has been our favorite brand for too long now. Its products are talked about and being a big name, its efficiency is guaranteed. 


  • Being 200amp AC, it is the best aluminum tig welder for the money.
  • Suitable to provide precise welding for steel, alloy, etc.
  • Adjustable arc current can give the exact desired shape of your material.
  • Dual voltage input.
  • The best budget ac dc welder.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Its repairing parts are not available.

As it is quite clear, its pros not only outweigh the cons but are also too much for a cheap tig welder for aluminum. So, why miss out on it? As one of its customers already says, “Even after a whole year, the welder has held up great.”


As can be guessed by the name, it is a pro in welding. Even though it comes at a price over the odds, its performance is accordingly outstanding.


  • It is more than just MIG and flux core welding.
  • Suitable for true lift welding as well as stick welding.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • A clear display to show all energy levels etc.
  • Portable and easy to use.


  • Expensive.
  • No foot pedal mentioned.

That’s it, the only issue would be the price but once you know how profitable buying this best home shop tig welder is, this issue will become more of an investment. One of its customers has to say, “It is the best one so far!”


“HITBOX” brings us this whole package TIG welder that has all of the necessary features to start up your business. Using this TIG welder, we believe you will do justice to your skills.


  • It’s a multi-tasking welder e.g. MMA, TIG pulse, etc.
  • Additional accessories such as earth clamp to make your welding much easier.
  • Easy to operate and convenient to work with.
  • High-frequency tig welding machine.
  • Protection against short circuits.


  • Expensive. 
  • Cannot be used for AC with arc-break.
  • Do not weld aluminum.

Other than its inability to weld aluminum, it is the best starter tig welder as can be reflected from this customer’s statement, “I bought it as a beginner and I’m loving it!”


For anyone in learning, this is what you should go with. It’s a good TIG welder to bet on when you aren’t sure about what you need. 


  • Being light in weight, it is easy to move.
  • Portable.
  • IGBT technology is available.
  • High-frequency TIG welder.
  • Works at 200amp.


  • DC only.
  • Makes noise while working.
  • Might lag.

If you can compromise on these things, then it’s a great unit for its price. Not only it will help you understand your skills, but you can also learn the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of welding. A customer of it said, “It has everything I need and more.”


We want you to be the best in your field, hence all of our units are powerful and durable. This unit is not only powerful, but it can also make up for the lack of your skills (if there are any at all!).


  • Wire-speed control can help improve performance.
  • 7 different voltage selections available.
  • Positive customer feedback.
  • It can weld both thin and thick materials into defined ones.
  • Portable and user-friendly.


  • High power consumption.
  • The duty cycle is only 30%.
  • Do not weld materials more than 5/16 inches thick.
  • Expensive.

People who have used it call it the best investment of their life and we couldn’t agree any less! Buy this once and earn and learn from it for as long as you want (try not getting tired of it!).


Looking for a welding machine to be used in the industry? Stop, because this is exactly what you were looking for. With all of the useful features, this best budget ac dc tig welder is the next big thing!


  • Multi-function as it can be used to weld alloys, steel, and what not.
  • Uses flux-cored wire for better current flow.
  • Allows dual voltage and current input.
  • If your unit overheats, it will be detected automatically.
  • In the case of low voltage, it automatically switches to energy-saving mode.
  • It is simple and easy to operate.
  • Light in weight hence portable.


  • It does not weld aluminum.
  • A spool gun is not included.
  • Customer feedback is not convincing.

Other than its less rating, we assume you can figure out why it is the best unit due to its features and services that it has to offer.

9. Mophorn MIG Welder

We know all of them to appear to be the same, but it’s crucial to know that there is so much more than just appearance. This unit by “Mophorn” is a go-to when looking for the best aluminum tig welder for the money.


  • Wide range application.
  • It is ideal for tig welder for aluminum and steel due to its double-pulse technology.
  • Gives you constant and stable control over the arc.
  • IGBT technology contributes to making it the best cheap tig welder for aluminum.


  • A spool gun cannot be used with it.

With cons as less as this, we think you already know why we call it the best aluminum tig welder for sale. It can also be seen from this customer’s comment on it which said, “I cannot be any more pleased.”

Final Verdict

To sum it all up, all of these recommendations are exceptionally good in their own way. However, at the end of the day, it depends on your purpose and your knowledge which can decide the right TIG welder for you. 

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Alpha TIG-200X is the best so far.
AHP Alpha is the best TIG welder for the money.
Amperes, volts, duty cycle must be taken into consideration.
After the invention of low-cost power inverters, they aren’t anymore.



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