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Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 04:05 pm

So, what do you think?

With some exceptional skills, you can get that deer? Well, 50% yes, but what about the other 50% that depends on the equipment?

Now, with equipment, you may think we’re talking about an outstanding bow hunter, except for we are not. The bow hunter, yes it matters, but there’s something else too that determines if you’ll get the deer today or return home empty handed.

That is, its release.


As much as your eyesight matters, the best thumb release for hunting will enable you to attack your target at the exact aimed position. One of its numerous pros are that with it comes the accuracy of your shot.

Additionally, the fact that you can make adjustments to it such as changing the angle, speed, release point etc. helps the hunter control it better. Being light in weight, they are a breeze to carry (and an atom bomb in action!).

On the downside, they are usually a bit pricey but several pros surely outweigh a single con. So, are you ready to buy a thumb release bow as yet?

If you are, then you may be looking forward to thumb release reviews, but rest assure, you already have the best one on your screen.

Now, imagine spending bucks on a stylish bow hunter only to find out that it has a terrible thumb release. Well, who’d want that? To help you not become that someone, we have listed a brief criteria that will guide you in narrowing down the best thumb release for hunting which is just as skillful as you.


The purpose of all constructive thumb release reviews is to enable you have a clearer picture of an exemplary thumb release for bow. Scroll down to unfold the key to an ideal thumb release for hunting.


The weight does not only affects its portability, but also your performance. The wrong weight can potentially hinder the efficiency of your shot. If you buy a thumb release too light, then you might not have the force sufficient to play your shot, and if you opt for a heavier one, then it may pull the arrow down with its weight. The ideal choice is to take the mid road by buying a suitable thumb release relevant to your needs.


The noise made by your thumb release is a warning alarm to your target. It makes a clicking sound, the target hears it, and boom- it’s gone before you know. For this, all the high-class bow thumb releases are meant to be noiseless. This way, you can quietly and secretly aim at your target without alerting them of danger.


Archery or hunting can take unpredicted hours of our time. It can be as less as a single hour and as high as 10 hours. In this case, we should be prepared for all situations. That is, your thumb release bow must bring a padded wrap for wrist along it. It will prevent from straining your wrist and also give you a better grip. This feature must especially come with archery thumb releases which require higher accuracy and more time.


As of now, there are two types of bow thumb releases; a 3 finger bow release and a 4 finger thumb release. Both of these are equally efficient, the latter one, however, has an upper hand due to its provision of better stability.  After the types come their quality. There should be some depth in the grooves so that your fingers can rest properly. Other than this, they should be soft in material, otherwise, they can result in blisters. You can test them by holding them in your hand and see if its fits you suitably.


As we discussed this above too, it’s one of the crucial features in a thumb release archery. Keep an eye out for the flexibility of adjusting angles, size, location etc. in your thumb release for bow. This will help you get nearer to your target than ever. When you’ve the control, you’ve the victory.

After having this benchmark on your hands, we are confident you know what does the best thumb release for hunting looks like. However, to choose the right one from several bow thumb releases can be one daunting experience. But only up till now.

Top 6 Best Thumb Release For Hunting

The following products are top 6 best thumb release for hunting that have been selected after an extensive research.

1. Tru-Fire Smoke Archery

  • It has an adjustable trigger.
  • It is made out of Nylon.
  • Has a foldable strap to secure your wrist.
  • It can be adjusted in 16 different ways.
  • It is made in the USA.
  • The jaws are durable.
  • It is dime sized head.
  • Also comes with a threaded rod to adjust the length.


  • It is soft to hold and hence comfortable to use.
  • More than 65% people rated it a five star.
  • It is the best compound bow thumb release.
  • It comes from the best sellers.
  • You can operate it smoothly and easily.
  • It lets you have a strong grip on the release.
  • It is compact and sturdy.
  • It is light in weight.


  • It has chemicals that can cause cancer.
  • It has no 360 degree head rotation.
  • Their life-time warranty is reported to be a fraud.
  • The straps may loosen over the time.

This compound bow thumb release is perfect for both the lefties and the right-handed people. The fact that it can be adjusted in sixteen ways makes it suitable for the professionals as well as for the hunters struggling with it.

Being compact yet powerful, this thumb trigger release stands out for its exceptional features and quality. Unlike many, it has designed the firing mechanism in a very unique and efficient manner. For those who are a newbie at this sport, this is the perfect place to start from. It guarantees you complete security and comfort.

No matter how many archery thumb release reviews you go through, its high accuracy makes it one of the best archery thumb releases.


Someone who gave this best thumb release a chance left a comment under it that read as follows, “Has been great so far, have over 1000 shots with no issues, love the fold back feature.”


  • It is a 3 finger bow release.
  • The trigger is made out of stainless steel.
  • It also has the trigger travel available.
  • It is relevant to all ages and sexes.
  • One of the ideal thumb releases for archery.


  • You can make a wide number of adjustments with it.
  • A very strong and sturdy thumb release for hunting.
  • Can be used by the beginners too.
  • A very lightweight thumb trigger release.
  • It has an exceptional mechanism.
  • It is tough and durable.


  • Contains cancer causing elements.
  • The trigger is a bit loose.
  • Less than 25% people gave it a five star rating.
  • It does not swell in a 360 degree rotation.

People have mixed views about this cheap thumb release. For some, it was their best life decision while others regretted buying it. However, its strongly built body helps it last for a long time and also in giving you a good return of your money.

Its ability to adjust in a variety of ways makes it a spectacular handheld release for hunting on whom you can rely for your next archery adventure. So, what is there to wait for? Go grab it now, since it is already short due to its increased demand!


A customer of it bet on this product and after giving it a four star rating, they had to say, “Would give 5 stars but the only thing wrong with this release is it ate into my D-Loop rather quickly.”


  • It has a quite smooth operating system.
  • It is made out of aluminum alloy.
  • A 3 finger bow release.
  • A very responsive trigger.
  • It can fit in your hand perfectly.
  • It has an automatic bow release system.


  • It is super easy to use due to its system.
  • It is light in weight and portable.
  • Gives you accurate shots.
  • It is fast in action.
  • More than 80% people gave it five stars.
  • It will shoot your shot without any error.
  • The adjustable settings are user-friendly.
  • A reliable thumb release archery.


  • It has no 360 rotation.

If you are looking for some practice in archery, you may start with this thumb trigger release for hunting. Not only is it easy to use, but it can also help you become a professional in this regard.

It ensures to make your shot exact and in time. So, if your next plan is to go hunt a deer, then take this along and get your target easily. With its extra fast action, it is highly unlikely for you to miss out on the target.

Other than this, it comes at an affordable rate, which it makes it an amazing cheap thumb release for the money.


A user of this product was glad to review it in the following words, “I have about 100 shots with this release! I like how it has adjustable settings. Easy to use with gloves unlike the ones with finger holes.”


  • It is made for small hands.
  • It can make you a pro at arrow flight and archery.
  • It has molded finger grooves.
  • It is compatible with on both string loop and bow string.
  • It has automatic lock system.
  • It has sturdy and rugged construction.
  • It allows you to hold the bow steady.


  • It has been specifically designed for the youth.
  • One of the best crisp thumb releases for archery.
  • It is comfortable and soft to hold.
  • With this thumb release, there are zero chances of blisters.
  • It has high ratings.
  • Reliable lock system makes it secure to use.
  • A durable thumb release.
  • It is light in weight and portable.
  • The trigger actions is pretty smooth.


  • It might not fit big hands well.
  • The bright color may make it prominent.
  • It contains harmful chemicals.

There should be something for the little ones too! For the youth or adults with small hands, this is the ideal bow release for you. It will fit your hands comfortably and perfectly.

With giving you exact shots, you can train while using it and step up your archery game. Weak people can also use this with little or no effort. It requires pretty less force and hence it is a piece of cake for everyone.

It is safe for children’s use and keep their fingers protected at all times, while bringing a dramatic improvement in their performance.


Most of the people bought it for their little ones and they seem pretty satisfied with it as can be reflected from this person’s review, “Got this for my daughter and works great, esp for the price. It does work on a d loop but not as easy as a trigger type.”

5. Orpaz OWB Holster for CZ P10c Holster:

  • It is molded out of nylon 6.
  • It has an efficient locking and release mechanism.
  • Comes with level 2 retention.
  • It is fully adjustable and can be rotated as well.
  • It fits 2 and 1.5 inches the best.
  • Made in Israel by their SWAT.


  • It has been designed to fit your hand comfortably and securely.
  • It is adjustable to all sort of sizes.
  • It is light in weight.
  • Has a smooth operation.
  • It is made out of a strong material.
  • It is an ergonomic and easy to operate.
  • It is inexpensive and worth every penny.
  • More than 50% people gave it a five star!


  • Its design can be improved further.
  • P10C may rattle in your holster.
  • The size of the holster is pretty huge.

An ergonomic thumb release is what we all look for. Coming at a decent price, this thumb release is what makes you sure of your victory. Since you can rotate it, there’s hardly any chance that your target will get out of range.

For people looking for something powerful yet within the budget, we doubt there is a better thumb release for bow. For all of these reasons, it is the best thumb release for hunting as well as archery. It’s time to get that deer now!


People totally loved this decent thumb release. One of them has said and we quote, “I would recommend this holster to a friend if they were in the market for a cheap one that does the job.”

6. Carter Just B Cuz Release

  • It is suitable for any hand size.
  • However, it is perfect for the big hands.
  • It has an interchangeable system of tension.


  • Not limited to a specific hand size.
  • The best carter release for hunting.
  • It is suitable for the professionals.
  • It has a five star rating overall.
  • The shots made with it are accurate.
  • It comes from a trusted brand.
  • Its first priority is to ensure maximum comfort.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It can be used by the lefties as well!
  • 100% people gave it a five star!
  • This thumb release is outstanding.
  • It has unbeatable adjustability.


  • Might be a bit expensive.

Even though the rates are comparatively higher, the quality is unbeatable. Whether this is the first time you’ll buy it or you have been through many archery thumb release reviews before, you’ll know there’s nothing like carter hunting releases.

They stand out among all the other due to their exceptional performance and guaranteed results. Even if you don’t have skills, this thumb release will make up for it and you’ll soon be the best hunter on your team!


“Best release aid I have ever used. Super high quality and solid release.” Well, from a product with 100% five star rating, what else do you expect?


To converge the entire screen in a single paragraph, all of these are the best thumb release for hunting. They have an edge over each other due to a single line difference. However, you should check these all against your budget and your skills, only then you’ll be able to buy the suitable one for yourself.

If you are confused about some things, you aren’t the only one. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that may help you too.

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Are thumb releases good for hunting?

Yes, they make your shots more accurate.

What is the best hunting release?

Tru Ball Max Hunter.

Is a thumb release more accurate?

They are not more accurate than one another.

Where do you anchor with a thumb release?

It depends on how you release it. For “wrist-stap” release, you should place your thumb against your jawbone to give it a stable anchor. For the “handheld” one, put the “V” that your index and middle finger creates against your jawbone.

How do I choose a bow release?

Look out for its grooves, 4 finger grooves are recommended. It should be noiseless, comfortable, adjustable and of suitable weight.



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