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Instead of buying a tent that might not leave enough space for you after you have parked your beloved bike or has no room to place other variants have a look at these tents for motorcycle camping that we have shortlisted for you. We have thoroughly researched on what problems bikers face while camping and have located products that will eliminate all the general issues.

Features for the Best Tent Motorcycle Camping

As a passionate roadie, you might be looking for the best tents for motorcycle camping or simply an upgrade. There are some features that you need to look into before purchasing a motorcycle tent camping


The size of your motorbike tent is determined by a few factors

Size of the motorcycle: Store your motorcycle in the vestibule area to safeguard it from harm. To guarantee that it will fit, check the measurements of your motorcycle to the vestibule space in your motorcycle tent.

Storage area: Consider how much storage space you will require inside the motorbike tent for your things. You may always put your belongings on your bike or on the ground between the two wheels.

Sleeping quarters: Even though your motorbike tent promises to sleep four people, this is usually not the case unless you enjoy sleeping like sardines in a tin. In a tent of 4-people, 2 people can accommodate easily. 


The ideal motorbike tent is one that is affordable, especially if you are on a backpacker’s budget! However, don’t sacrifice price for quality; when it comes to choosing a motorbike tent, you must strike the ideal balance between quality and affordability.

Size and weight

Space make sure to check the dimensions out so that you are aware of the amount of space you are investing.

Because you’ll be transporting your motorcycle tent on your bike, it shouldn’t be too heavy or big. Less than 8kg is an optimum weight for a motorbike tent, and if you spend a little more, you can get something even lighter.

Wind and water resistance

Make sure your tent is water-resistant to avoid waking up in a puddle of water. Most motorbike tents are waterproof, but if you are concerned, try it first. Storms can erupt out of nowhere, making the weather unpredictable. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a motorbike tent with wind protection, as the wind chill may be quite uncomfortable.


Ventilation is essential in a motorbike tent, especially in hot climates. Nothing beats waking up drenched in your own sweat and panting for fresh air. On evenings when the weather is clear, a mesh body and vents are ideal for ventilation and stargazing.

Check your motorbike’s estimated availability to load and weigh your kit to make sure you don’t overburden it with motorcycle camping gear. 

Other Features you must go through includes

  • Material: the material of the tend will make all the difference. It will determine if you will get soaked in rain or sleep peacefully in your waterproof tent.
  • Design: features like integrated windows and bent-able poles will have a huge impact on your experience. The windows will act as ventilation and bendable poles make it easy to pack the tent up.
  • Transportation: as you will be carrying the tent along with you so you need to check beforehand how it packs up and how the maximum size it can be shrunk to.

With motorcycles drawing you towards open highways, scenic spots and freedom drives you might not have any clear idea of where you will be camping at night. A compact motorcycle camping gear will come in handy under such conditions.

Before you start your journey to unwind take a look at the rundown, we have for you. We have mentioned lightweight and best tent for bike touring for two persons and more so you select one that suits your needs.

It’s time that you familiarize yourself with the awesome compact camping gear for motorcycle camping we have shortlisted for you and make your adventurous road trip more comfortable and easier.

 Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping

ImageFeaturesRatingsView Product

CATOMA Motorcycle 2-Person Camping Tent

☞2-person Tent
☞Dual-door and Dual-vestibule
☞Two-wall design
5View Product
ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

☞Two-pole design
☞ Water-resistant
☞ Superb ventilation
4.5View Product
The North Face Wawona 6 Tent

☞6-person Tent
☞ Product includes stuffsack
☞ 14mm heavy duty poles
4.5View Product
Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

☞Has a motorcycle camp feature
☞ 12- foot long
☞ Footprint is 18’x18’
4View Product
Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent

☞ Has large windows
☞ Has a welcome mat
☞ Fly, floor and seams are all waterproof
4View Product
Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Backpacking Tent

☞Constructed from bomber material
☞ Has bent-able poles
☞ 19.5 x 4.5 inches when packed
3.5View Product
Marmot Orbit 4 Person Camping Tent

☞Design includes canopy
☞ Has detachable vestibule
☞ Is waterproof
3.5View Product

☞Roof mesh is breathable
☞Rear and front door measure 40”x40”
☞ Has reinforced floor
3.5View Product
Crua Core Dome Tent Base

☞Has an aerodynamic design
☞Is equipped with a jumbo zipper
☞Dome measures 16x12 foot
View Product
Exped Venus II UL Tent

☞The design is “ridge tunnel”
☞Has flat and aerodynamic pole sleeves
☞Has two vestibules
3View Product

1. CATOMA Motorcycle 2-Person Camping Tent

Key features

  • 2-person Tent
  • Has dual-door and dual-vestibule
  • Has two-wall design
  • Carrying-bag is included in the kit

First and foremost, we have this lightweight switchback tent by CATOMA. We have ranked it as the best lightweight touring motorcycle tent based on the review of consumers.

If you don’t want to get something over the top then this minimal tent will be the perfect addition to the trip. Plus, if you are super conscious of the weight you want to add to the bike then is the ideal product for you.

In terms of design, this best motorcycle for camping has dual-door and dual-vestibule. So, you get ample room for exit and entry. Plus, the additional space for storage will keep your gear safe. (in case you have no idea what tent vestibules are then read below)

What are tent vestibules?

The easiest way to describe tent vestibules is that they are like mudrooms. These are present in front of the tent or on its sides. You can use the space they provide to place your gear or use it as an entryway to clean off before entering the tent.

Its two-wall design will keep you and your equipment safe from unforeseen weather. It also makes the process of setting up and packing super easy.

The polyurethane used makes sure that you stay dry during rainy days. The taped seams and bathtub floor further reinforce the tents waterproofing capabilities.

Being the best motorcycle tent, it comes with a carrying bag for the motorcycle along with a roll-down closer. In short storing, your tent will be a super easy process.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent

Key features

  • Has two-pole design
  • Water-resistant
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Has superb ventilation

The main aim behind this best tent for motorcycle camping was to present the ultimate aspects of mountaineering. In doing so Zephyr was able to make the best tents for bike touring. Out of all the models we have selected this one for you due to its amazing design and features.

Its two-pole design is ideal for those of you that don’t feel like getting into hassle. It eliminates all the extra components and frustration that you might have to handle with other tents. So, this best lightweight 2-person tent will allow you to have more time to tackle other things.

The vestibules and polyester on the tent provide a sealed space so you will be safe from water and harmful UV damage. Plus, when it gets humid you the mesh door and walls will provide ventilation.

The interior of this best tent for motorcycle travel has storage packets, guy ropes, and a gear loft. In short, this tent is fully equipped for any kind of trip.

3. The North Face Wawona 6 Tent

Key features

  • Spacious (6-person)
  • The stuff sack is designed as a duffel-bag
  • Has 14mm heavy-duty poles

Next up we have a one-man tent for motorcycles that has room for 6 to 8 persons. So, if you and your crew are planning a trip and are looking for a single huge tent then North Face has got you covered. When traveling with the gang it’s always better to carry one tent instead of multiple.

This best tent for motorcycle touring is perfect for you and your travel buddies.

All in all, this is quite a good tent for motorcycle camping as it has a portable chateau, high ceilings and large windows. The design of this spacious tent is easy-pitch with color codes.

Not only is this single-wall tent durable but is also completely water-proof, the best lightweight 2 person tent and has an easy pitching feature. Its two massive vestibule doors provide ample room for other activities and can be opened up to allow in the fresh air.

As far as the airflow is concerned you can also use the large windows to let in air. These windows will also help in providing an expansive view. So, you can set the tent up at a nice location and enjoy the view all through the day.

This motorcycle shelter with a floor has a ceiling high enough for a person to stand easily. For easy transportation, the stuff sack has been designed like a duffel bag. So, you can pack and transport the entire tent with ease. The tent also has tablet and mesh pockets so you can store all gear.

The vents present at the top help in preventing condensation so you can sleep easily. The tent also has 14-mm heavy-duty poles, dry internal lines and loops (Velcro lantern and hang loops). The poles are also pre-bent so the consumers will be able to get more space.

You can also purchase a footprint by North Face to add a floor to the tent.

4. Vuz Moto Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

Key features

  • 12- foot long
  • Footprint is 18’x18’
  • Has a motorcycle camp feature
  • Has a secure enclosure

This best tent for motorcycle camping has a very spacious design so you can go camping without having to compromise on space. The footprint of 18’x18’ and the spacious design of this Vuz Motorcycle Tent make it quite a large and comfortable piece to opt for. You can even park your bike in the tent to keep it safe from dust and rain.

Using the camping tent space, you can park your bike in the tent. Plus, you can also store all your gear in the enclosure which is attached to the tent. This secure enclosure will hold all the gear that you need while you’re on the road.

The space in the tent will allow you to work on the bike while staying inside the tent. For convenient access inside and outside the tent, it has been designed with four entryways. There are multiple doors so you can easily shut them off in order to get some privacy. The mesh panel acts as a bug defense so you can sleep with proper ventilation without having to worry about bugs.

This innovative tent for a motorcycle has been ranked as a “3-season tent”. Plus, the waterproof feature of this tent provides protection and strong winds and heavy rains so you will be safe inside the tent when the weather worsens. The floor of this tent is also waterproof so you can sleep without getting wet. 

The kit for this motorcycle pop-up tent includes two very strong aluminum poles that can be set up swiftly. This 18-foot long small motorcycle tent stands up very easily and can be fit into small spaces.

5. Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Camping Tent

Key features

  • Has large windows with closure
  • Has a welcome mat
  • Fly, floor and seams are all waterproof

Next up we have a deluxe yet small tent for motorcycle camping which is perfect for 4 to 6 persons. The architecture of this tent is high-volume with steep walls, so you will get quite a big living space.

The two windows of this tent are large and can be opened up smoothly to allow in air. The windows feature two options for closure: a zip-up made out of polyester and a mesh closure. The polyester can be used when you want a complete closure while the mesh can be used when ventilation is required.

Other major features of this tent include quick stash, door zippers with storm flaps, bedside tables, bin pockets that are stable, and sidewall pockets.

Other exciting features include a welcome mat, gear loops, buckles, and webbing that are color-coded. Plus, the Velcro tabs are used to connect the fly to the pole structure. Thus, you get extra stability and perfect pitch.

To ensure that you get a good night’s sleep the entire tent has been designed to be waterproof. When packed completely it weighs only about 11 lbs.

Big Agnes is quite an esteemed name in enclosures for journeys. Its Big House 4 model is one of the best-performing tents. It is quite affordable while still being spacious.

The big house 4 prioritizes function and comfort above all features so customers get the best product. In short on using this tent you and your bike can dwell in peace the entire night.

6. Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Nemo Dragonfly Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Key features

  • Constructed from bomber material
  • Bent-able poles are included
  • Dimensions, when packed, are 19.5 x 4.5 inches

In case you are looking for the perfect balance between a lightweight tent that is packable and that has ample living space then this product is ideal for you.

While reading through consumers’ remarks we realized that this model is an adventurer’s dream. As its interior volume is quite generous so the campers can stretch and sit in the tent. The bomber material used to construct this tent makes it quite durable. Plus, this material doesn’t weigh the tent down so it is easy to carry the tent down.

This model has dual vestibules that are trapezoidal shaped so they provide ample space for storing the gear. The roll-back points make it easy for one to enter.

The poles of this tent are pre-bent, hubbed, and Featherlite. The high-arching pole maximizes the volume of the tent. This model weighs only 2 lb and can be packed down to just 19.5×4.5 inches.

The nylon tub which is integrated into the tent helps in providing waterproof and ultralight floor. As for the fly, it is made from premium nylon and is coated with silicone. Thus, not only is the tent durable but will also protect you against the weather.

The strut-protected vents are able to release humidity. This is especially useful during storms. For those of you that want a fast set up the matching webbing and color-coded poles will assist you a lot. For privacy purposes, opacity mesh has been added to the side panels.

As the stage sack is dual so you can easily distribute the load between two bikes. The diffusing light pockets attached to the tent can transform the headlamp into a tent lamp. In short, the tent has been well designed and you will love owning it.

You can purchase this model with full confidence as the company believes in its merchandise and offers a lifetime warranty. Make sure to get the tent from an authorized dealer of NEMO.

7. Marmot Orbit 4 Person Camping Tent

Key features

  • The design includes canopy at the front porch
  • The design includes a detachable vestibule
  • The tent is waterproof

Marmot has had an amazing track record in creating outdoor equipment. So, on purchasing a piece by Marmot you can rest assure that you are investing in a good tool.

This model right here uses the latest moto-camping technology to set a higher bar. Its integrated canopy at the front porch and detachable vestibule will help provide extra room for storage. As the shelter space of this one-man tent for motorcycles is expansive thus you will get a relaxing and perfect area to lay down.

The seams of the tent are weatherproof while the floor is taped so you will get the utmost protection against weather and dry land.

Other prominent features include a non-transparent mesh and dual interior pockets. So, use this tent with the ease that all your requirements will be met.


Key features

  • Roof mesh is breathable
  • Rear and front door measure 40”x40”
  • Reinforced floor

Next up we have Harley Davidson camping gear that has enough room for your motorcycle and four people.

The roof of this doom tent is constructed from mesh so it’s quite breathable and the space will be fully ventilated. During warm weather the roof act as a godsend. The mesh present on the rear and front doors is designed to help against insect protection. The doors also include a zipper flap in the inside.

The vestibule for the motorcycle has been designed to be detachable. So, when you feel like not having your motorcycle stored in the campground you can take the storage off. The seems of the reinforced floor further provide weather resistance.

The kit also includes 14 tent stakes made out of aluminum and a carry bag.

9. Crua Core Dome Tent Base

Key features

  • Has an aerodynamic design
  • Is equipped with a jumbo zipper
  • Dome measures 16×12 foot

In case you are looking for a tent that is smaller than a huge living space and larger than regular camping enclosures then you will love this model. This dome tent by Crua Core has a perfect size.

This tent has an airframe structure that has been constructed using top-notch polyester. This polyester is super breathable so you will get continuous airflow while using this tent. Plus, the B3 bug mesh on the inside of the tent will help keep the pests away. The outer layer protects you from harmful UV rays and is water-resistant.

The aerodynamic design helps cover all the bases of one’s daily activity. Using the jumbo zipper you can enclose the space for some privacy. Plus, the huge vestibule area present on the front is ideal for storing your motorcycle or gear.

The dome of this lone rider motorcycle tent measures 16×12 feet and is one of the largest domes that you can get your hands on.

The Core is one of the best tent available on the market so you waste any more time and get yourself this tent.

10. Exped Venus II UL Tent

Key features

  • The design is “ridge tunnel”
  • Has flat and aerodynamic pole sleeves
  • Has two vestibules

We will be round-off this list of the best tent for motorcycle camping with an amazing tent by Exped’s Polaris. Out of all the tents available in the market, this one is the coolest-looking and is also very light in weight.

The design of this tent includes three poles that are sectional and a full, single pole. These poles form the exoskeleton of the tent.

The two vestibules that are integrated into the tent will assist you in protecting the gear from dust and wind. This tent includes a single wall which is waterproof as it is composed of nylon. All in all, you get resistance from wind, rain and snow.

To optimize the storm capabilities of the tent a single point for anchor has been integrated. Plus, there is a triangular guy-out that will also assist you. For an intuitive setup features like cord tensioners and pockets for pole tension has been added. You can easily tear the net down without having to tackle confusing knots.

On using this net you can spend more time enjoying the scenery or resting, as this tent will not require much effort from you.

Essentials for Motorcycle camping gear 

Here are some camping gears whether it is for the motorcycle or recreational camping, you must have 

Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag and a sleeping pad might be termed number one and a half instead of number two. It is essential for a successful day in the saddle, and after a long day of riding, you’ll want to sleep in a comfortable place.

There are several solutions available for both. The vast majority of sleeping bags are made of one of two materials: feathers or synthetic materials. Investigate the weather conditions you’ll be encountering and make an informed decision.

Most sleeping bags are rated down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, but if you anticipate being in temperatures colder than that, alternatives for such regions are also available.

Tent Heater

Whether you are camping in spring or in winter, a tent heater is one important piece of gear that you must have. They are safest, light in weight, and easy to carry around.

In case you are looking for such heaters, continue reading: Best Battery Powered Tent Heater

Torch /Headlamp

Obviously, it would be dark and you will need light to get on to the right direction. Headlamps or a torch would be handy. The light will be a lifesaver. LEDs flash brightly, consume little power, and pack a tiny amount of space. 

The light, like the tent and sleeping bag/pad, will be the unsung hero of your camping gear.


With this detailed guide at your disposal, you are now ready to purchase your very own tent. So, get one of these best tents for motorcycling and travel with ease.

So, while you are planning and preparing for a road trip to get away from all the worldly stress and worries, with this list you will have no one less thing to worry about. We made sure not to include tents that weigh a lot, have a disoriented weight ratio or ones that might affect your mileage.

If you have any queries make sure to leave a comment. You can also check out our HOME PAGE for more amazing reviews.



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