Best tennis shoes for high arches

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All tennis enthusiast would know that your performance only peaks when you are fully relaxed and comfortable. Often it becomes very difficult for people with high arches to deliver their best. In order to boost your performance on the field without any pain and fatigue, shoes designed especially for high arches are a must.

Choosing one, however, from the vast array of products available can be a hefty task. Not to worry, because we did the hard part for you. Below you will find reviews for the 8 best tennis shoes for high arches currently on the market.

What to contemplate when finding the perfect tennis shoe for high arches?

Let’s head toward the factors that are very important to consider while buying tennis shoes for high arches.


Every shoe type can’t cater to high arches. Most people commit this mistake, they buy a standard size for them without trying it. You should always try one size bigger. Usually, the standard size doesn’t fit high arches due to change in shape. Always remember to try shoes with socks you are going to wear while playing. This will make sure that you don’t have any problems during the match.


You need to be at your best fitness level to play tennis. It is very important to have comfortable shoes on the court. Always wear shoes with proper cushioning and a comfortable inner sole. Your feet always get ultimate rest with cushioned shoes.


Innersole is very important for people with a high arch. If your shoes are specifically designed for high arches, they will contain space and proper cushioning. It will provide you comfort at all times. If the innersole is good, it provides help in shifting balance without adding pressure on the backbone. You can’t win the matches if your shoes are not the best.


Ventilation is also an important factor to consider. With proper breathability, your feet don’t get moist. In the summer heat with breathable shoes, it becomes easier to play. It is very hard to play with sweaty feet.

Rubber Outsole

Whichever style you choose for your shoes, the outsole should always be rubber made. A rubber outsole will maintain comfort at indoor courts and outdoor courts as well. It is very reliable and durable. Flexibility is another concern for most of the players. Rubber sole provides enough flexibility to react actively at every shot.

List of top 8 Amazing Tennis Shoes for High Arches

1. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker- best tennis shoes for high arches


  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Dimensions : 11.3 x 7.4 x 4.2 inches; 15 Ounces


  • Variety of options
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable leather used


  • Does not provide ankle support

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This Adidas product is specifically designed for high arches. It is made from a hundred percent fiber. This highly recommended pair of shoes is of export quality with a flexible and comfortable rubber outsole.

Keeping in mind the concerns of people with high arches it has low shaft measurement. The measurement of the platform is in the range of zero to three inches. The measurement of hoot opening is between zero to three inches. These are one of these best shoes available in the market for tennis players with high arches.

Overall, the product received plenty of positive reviews from its various users. The only negative about this shoe was its lack of ankle support. These shoes are shorter than some of the others in the market.

2. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018- top tennis shoes with high arch support


  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Dimensions : 14.1 x 9.6 x 4.8 inches; 15.04 Ounces


  • Best for high arches
  • Breathable & flexible
  • Shock absorption is very good


  • Not fully waterproof

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A super durable mesh is used to make Adidas Barricade. To make these shoes comfortable Adidas has used a soft and comfortable tongue. The fitting of the shoes is also up to the standards. A very high-quality cushioning is used in these shoes. Boost cushioning is the best cushioning that Adidas offers.

The design of the shoes is very versatile. It can fit your feet easily. Your feet are locked in the shoes tightly. The midsole of shoes is very comfortable and provides extra stability. The shift of balance is never a problem with these shoes. You can play without any tension if you are wearing this beauty.

Overall a good product but due to mesh material they are not waterproof. It is suggested that you should always dry them properly if they get wet. It is one of the problems that you can face with these shoes.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe for high acres


  • Manufacturer: ASICS America Corporation
  • Dimensions : 15 x 10 x 5 inches; 12.6 Ounces


  • Comfortable
  • Incredibly breathable
  • Very good grip


  • Not a good option for hard surfaces

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ASICS is not a new name for shoes. ASICS is well known for its quality. GEL venture 5 is a100 percent synthetic shoe. These export quality shoes provide you extra care with a rubber sole. It also has a rear gel cushioning system.

Its sock liner can be removed according to your requirements. The sole has been made in such a way that it takes care of lugs. Lugs used in the shoes are best for any type of terrain. The rubber outsole is always on the point. Flexibility is improved immensely by this type of sole.

In public opinion, these shoes are not suitable for hard surfaces. Also, there’s a question mark on the durability of the shoes. Many reviewers were happy with the overall quality product.

4. Saucony Men’s Ride 9 – good support Running Shoe


  • Manufacturer: Saucony
  • Dimensions : 11 x 4 x 7 inches; 9.4 Ounces


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth shoes
  • No pressure on heels while landing


  • Narrow design
  • Not fully waterproof

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Ride 9 is a hundred percent synthetic shoe. These are also export quality shoes with a rubber sole. The design of these shoes is very unique. Tongue and the collar of the shoes are exceptional. The tongue is padded, and the collar has a flex film upper. That is why these shoes are very lightweight and fit easily.

The sole of the shoes is of very high quality. You will feel secure while landing on heels. There’s no pressure on the heels while landing. Moreover, to provide extra flexibility a tri-flex outsole is used in the design.

However, some reviews suggested these shoes are not fully waterproof. Water can enter the shoes due to mesh design. If you can take care of these shoes in wet conditions, they are good to go with.


5. Adidas Men’s cc Sonic m Running Shoe- high arch tennis shoes


  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Dimensions: 7 Ounces


  • Extremely comfortable
  • High quality
  • Amazing traction
  • Padded collar and tongue


  • Tight tongue
  • Narrow

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Adidas has many products to offer. The Sonic m Running Shoe is another good product for high arches. These are manufactured using a hundred percent textile and synthetic material. As always to make it best for tennis it is equipped with a rubber sole.

These are very lightweight shoes with only a weight of 7.8 ounces. The breathability of the shoes is second to none. Your feet remain dry and moisture-free. The outsole is specially designed for sports and is very supportive for running.

Some users found its tongue not up to the mark. They were unamused by its tight-fitting.

6. Brooks Men’s Beast ’16 – sneakers with high arch support


  • Manufacturer: Brooks
  • Dimensions: 13.6 Ounces


  • Maximum traction
  • Impressive grip
  • Better cushioning
  • Best quality outsole


  • Very costly
  • Few color options

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If you are looking for shoes manufactured using synthetic material and mesh you should take a look at Brooks Beast. It is a good product with most of the features required for high arches. Brooks has taken care of fashion trends while producing these shoes.

Other features include very good traction that allows you to play easily at hard surfaces. Midsole with a very good cushioning makes your life comfortable. And the outsole is there to provide proper grip so that you don’t slip.

Overall, most of the people liked this product. Some people had some complaints regarding the price of the shoes. Not all people can afford to have this product because of its high cost.

7. Wilson Men’s Nvision Elite-M- top-selling shoes for high instep and wide feet


  • Manufacturer: Wilson Tennis Men’s Shoes
  • Dimensions: N/A


  • Quality design.
  • Durable
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Very good sole
  • Best fitting


  • Costly
  • Bad option for low arches

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Nvision is an export quality shoe manufactured using a hundred percent Rayon. You don’t get too many products in the market that are made from Rayon. The sole is made up of rubber to make them best for tennis.

The midsole of the shoes is of high quality. It always provides an extra bit of support to you. They are always in great fitting and never cause you a fitting problem. To make them more reliable 3D arch support is also included in the package.

But their use is limited to high arches only. Low arched people will just have to consider something else.

8. New Balance 1006 V1- womens tennis shoes with high arch support


  • Manufacturer: New Balance
  • Dimensions : 12.6 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches; 1 Pounds


  • Very stable
  • Very comfortable
  • Impressive design
  • Very good fitting


  • Expensive

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Export quality, hundred percent synthetic V1 tennis shoes are a great buy for a tennis player with high arches. A rubber sole is used in these shoes to put the least pressure on your heels while landing. The upper portion is made up of a mesh to make them breathable.

The durability of the shoes is great. You can play while having these shoes on your feet season after season. The midsole provides you extra cushioning for a comfortable experience. Comfort is never going to be an issue with these shoes.

If anything were to deter people it would be the cost.


We have seen a lot of people who stop playing due to fitness issues. High arches have discouraged many people. We do not want you to quit your favorite game only because you have high arches. We have discovered some of the best shoes available on the market that will cater to your need. All these shoes contain most of the requirements. You only have to select the one that matches your preference the most.


1. Why do we need different shoes for high arches?

To provide extra care and prevent injury special shoes for high arches are required.

2. How can I make my balance good with different shoes?

The innersole of the shoes is something that will help in improving your balance.

3. How bumpy midsole is useful?

Blood circulation is improved immensely with the bumpy midsole which is great for your health. It takes care of some other important aspects as well.

4. What is the role of the tongue in the shoes?

The tongue of the shoes should be chosen very carefully. It can cause rashes if it does not fit well.

5. How to keep the toes secure?

The only thing that can secure your toes during intense games is a toe cup. It is there right in the front to cushion any possible impact.

6. Are shoes made up of mesh durable?

Yes, they are durable because the more the breathability of the shoes is the higher their durability is.



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