[Photographer’s Pick] Best Telescopes For Astrophotography

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When you were young and often wondered about what would you opt as a profession on growing up. The thoughts of becoming an engineer, doctor, scientist, and even an astrologist came to our minds, right?

I believe some amongst you also thought of taking up a career in astrophotography? No? Whether you believe us or not but astrophotography is a popular hobby and a way of enjoyment for many people around the world. These are the space lovers who love exploring space and stars, planets as it just has a certain feel to it.

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The knowledge and curiousness of exploring the vast outer space which harbors so many secrets invisible to the naked eye. The space geeks amongst you, if you are looking for the best telescope for astronomy or a best telescope for stargazing, worry no more you will get a taste of it all here. Well, we have a solution for you space lovers out there who are on the search for finding the best telescopes for astrophotography.

First, let’s take a look at some of the factors to be aware of before buying the best telescopes for astrophotography.

Top 6 best telescopes for astrophotography

1.      ESSLNB Beginner Telescopes for Adults and Kids


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Starting off our list with one of the best beginner telescope for astrophotography. Rated at 3.8/5 stars on the site. Let’s take a peek at what this beginner’s telescope offers at our hands.

Key Features

  • Best gift for younger children with interest in exploring space and planets.
  • 80mm in range with a large size lens to get wider images.
  • Easy to install the mount and take pictures or videos.
  • Additional items include a separate bag and some accessories in casing.
  • High quality lens and tech makes possible for getting high resolution images and magnification.
  • The 80 mm refractor with its advance features makes this telescope one of the best 80mm refractor for astrophotography.
  • Easy to adjust angle and direction in both horizontal and vertical axis as per requirement.
  • The tripod is stable and easy to move again so kids can get the picture even while moving and view their favorite objects of space.

What makes this the best refractor telescope for astrophotography is the fact that it has a fast planet location feature allowing the kids to easily take the image by locating their target easily on the telescopes. So buy this affordable telescope for your kids and even for yourself if you are relatively new in your love for this field before it’s too late.

Customer Review
  • A great telescope for beginners like us which is easily assembled. The additional accessories with the lens are also a treat in this package couldn’t had been happier!
  • A great beginner’s telescope for both age groups alike. With its quality tripod stand and its almost weightless capability it’s working just fine for me. So far happy.


2.      Gskyer Telescope Astronomical Telescope


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This high quality German made telescope falls amongst the list of best telescopes for astrophotography and not to mention amongst the best telescope for photography, due to their trusted technology. Rated at 4.5/5 stars. Want to know why is that so? Take a look down below.

Key Features

  • Ideal for you anywhere on any location whether it be the outer space or some far away mysterious scenery.
  • Strong ocular lenses to bring the moon and its neighboring objects closer to you in a realistic manner.
  • Comes equipped with its tripod made from high quality steel.
  • Telescope comes also with 3 different eyepieces of different power levels, thus different magnification for versatility depending upon your preference.
  • Easily adjustable height of tripod.
  • Best quality optics make it one of the best type of telescope for astrophotography catering your every need.
  • Easy to use.

Stargazing or astronomy, this telescope with camera mount is certainly a good choice for your space exploration. Then what are you folks waiting for add it to your cart today!

Customer Review
  • Easily assembled by my daughter while I took my rest now, we have a perfect time for bonding while gazing at the night stars. Easily moved around wherever I want. Except the plastic adapter , in the end it’s a best budget telescope for astrophotography.
  • I had some difficulty while getting this up but managed none the less, after my struggle of locating the move in it’s small lens I was happy with the result of the image. A good product!


3.      Meade Instruments  Infinity 102 mm Refractor Telescope

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Another taken freshly from the list of top-notch best telescope for astrophotography. Although not a cheap telescope for astrophotography you’ll soon agree with us why it’s certainly qualified for the top telescopes for astrophotography. Rated at 4.1/5 stars this telescope with camera mount offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Ultra-high aperture size though it offers a range of different sizes with just minor increase in its prices.
  • A great feature of this telescope is that the mount is made in such a way that makes it easier for you to track your objects regardless of the time of the day.
  • Includes an astronomical guide DVD for the user’s help and ease with warranty.
  • Has a red precision feature so you can without difficulty pinpoint and store your object’s location and keep gazing at it.
  • Versatile viewing situations with accessory lenses aiding to increase the power levels of the existing eye pieces.

So, enjoy our 102 mm heavy duty telescope if you are on the lookout for the best telescope for stargazing or the best telescope for astronomy trust us, it’ll keep you happy in both departments. Buy it soon!

Customer Review
  • Purchased it for my husband so we both could star gaze. And believe us we weren’t disappointed in our choice this telescope is truly the best for its given price in the market.
  • A great equipment to get your thoughts started on astrophotography, my son and I assembled this pretty soon and were happy with the image of the moon. Although the lack of manual while checking out the lenses power could be improved upon. Satisfied however!

4.      MAXPLATER Refractive Telescope

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Rated at 4/5 stars, this MAXPLATER professional type telescope is one of its kind due to its some interesting features, which will definitely want you buy this cheap telescope for astrophotography. Look below for what it offers.

Key Features

  • Although cheap but amongst the best telescope for deep space astrophotography. Surprising isn’t it? Well it’s worth it keep reading.
  • Ideal gift for families, kids, and friends to enrich their mind with the knowledge of outer space.
  • Finder feature makes easy to spot far away objects in space.
  • Is a telescope with a camera built in, exciting right?
  • High quality design ensures its durability of both design and the casing. Thus, even with young children your telescope is as safe as possible.
  • Tons of accessories include a guide, backpack for storing things, adapter for smart phone, camera control, tripod and filters.
  • Portable for beginners and compact. So, novices out there you may have found your telescope that takes pictures in a decent way with simple instructions.
  •  Smart phone control possibility.

Apart from this MAXPLATER telescope is made in such a way to enable high res images, with more brightness and clearness.

Customer Review
  • After searching through several telescopes and their reviews I finally settles on this option and am fully happy with its performance.
  • Bought this great gift for my grandson who’s very fond of space and science. Since this will be a great beginners telescope for him to practice his skills on. Easily recommended to all beginners out there.


5.      Orion 09007 SpaceProbe Telescope

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Orion is a trusted and well-known brand in making scientific products with gold-standard quality for a long time. Their best telescope for deep space astrophotography could be time-consuming to talk about and are something which is explained honestly. Rated at a good 4.5/5 stars. Let’s take a look at the pros of the top telescopes for astrophotography.

Key Features

  • Stable stand for ideal viewing without imbalance.
  • Portable and lightweight in application, so easily taken out to your desired spot for exploration of outer space.
  • Includes extra tray on the bottom of the stand to store the additional items arriving with the telescope.
  • Ideal for the whole family to stargaze around due to its power range.
  • Parabolic viewing from the lens enables a fuller picture of the universe making you lost in the wilderness of it.
  • Offers the amateur to professional level astrophotography.
  • Find scope feature is advanced.

So, as you can all probably guess the might of their brand and how confident they are of their technology. Thus, without further boasting of its self-speaking features, the decision falls in your hands. Want to buy it or not before you lose the chance forever.

Customer Review
  • I was nervous upon buying this since I never had operated one or seen up close in my entire life. However, after setting it up in an hour almost I was happy with my investment and now are confident about using it again and again.
  • Being a strong fan of planets, my last telescope couldn’t capture Saturn entirely but this one did as you could see in the picture below. So happy with its results!


6.      Celestron NexStar Telescope

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As we always sign off with a bang, last but not the least Celestron Brand is like the king of various and strongest of the telescopes out there in the galaxy. As professional as possible and budget-friendly. Standing at 4.3/5 stars. Let’s check out some of their amazing features below.

Key Features

  • Perhaps the first in the market to be computer operated telescope.
  • Easy to carry and portable so you always have your companion with you, never miss a moment.
  • Best telescope for astrophotography under $1300.
  • Ultimate picture quality of various planets and deep space due to the lenses and aperture limits.
  • Contains an auto feature to detect the nearby planets and galaxies for you to peek and enjoy.
  • Free download available of top software for astronomy.
  • SkyAlign tech helps in setting up the telescope in under no time at all in the right direction.
  • Professional quality experience at a reasonable price.

It certainly is the best celestron telescope for astrophotography, is’nt it? So, sit back, relax and buy from our trusted brand, so you can delve into the deepest parts of the vast galaxies out there covered in darkness and waiting for the light of the best telescopes for astrophotography to reach them.

Customer Review
  • Working superb and giving quality images for 3 years now. A tip of advice would be to purchase a better computer along with the scope as well to get an even more amazing image from the lens.
  • Great in its operation however from my experience, it would be handy to consider buying a power cable before using this scope for longer durations.


Power of the telescope

While evident from the name the power of the telescope is important to consider when buying your telescope. The telescope of more power rating will show the image of the planet or star in a much more magnified way than a low power telescope. Although a higher power telescope means you’ll need to buy an additional apparatus for your eyes while watching. So, keep that in mind.


Perhaps the most important is the support or as people call the mount of the telescope. This factor is important as well since the support of your telescope will determine how you will be moving about when tracking different celestial objects. It’s a crucial aspect in determining the best telescope for astrophotography. You can easily get a telescope with a camera mount or a telescope with digital camera as well.

Optical speed of lens

More the speed of your lens the faster and higher resolution of your image. Hence a larger optical speed of lens is vital for a good result of astrophotography.

Principal ratio of lens

A crucial aspect of the image design of your telescope, which will eventually determine the depth of the image of the space. If your telescope chosen is of a small aperture then you can’t possibly track objects far and deeper into space.

Observing piece

Similar to a navigation button on your telescope this small but important aspect of your telescope gives a good precision dot for your tracking of outer space. Mounted on the top of the telescope usually, making it easier for you to search for new planets and stars and keep a track of them.


Conclusively, while the market is stocked up with best quality telescopes and other quality telescopes as well but for you. However as stated above keeping those factors in mind and own’s own science interests go for what you would enjoy and if you would like being around in the long run, chose the best quality telescope when buying and make the best decision of your life.




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