Best Tablet for Stock Trading

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A tablet is an ideal companion for a day trader if your phone’s screen size just isn’t sufficient and you don’t want a laptop.

iPads are the best tablets for stock trading, but we can also recommend a few others based on your needs, design preferences, and budget.

Of course, there are also many awful tablets available, but you can be sure that none of them have the features included in our ranking chart.

Here, we compare the best Apple inc products with the best Android phones and tablets from companies like Samsung and Xiaomi, as well as any worthy Windows tablets, maybe from Microsoft’s Surface line, and other options.


Factors to Take into Account When Purchasing a Tablet for Stock Trading

Now that you know the best trading tablets, it’s important to go over the important parts so you can make better decisions.


best tablet for stock tradingDisplay

First off, a trading configuration frequently demands that you use a split-screen interface, which is a capability best demonstrated by devices like iPad.

Other options would be viable if they offered at least 11-inch panels with 1080p or 2K resolutions.

Additionally, while an IPS display is preferred, TFT screens with a refresh rate of above 90 Hz are also good.

Simply told, an 11-inch IPS screen size with Full HD resolution is a fantastic place to start, and depending on the budget, you can easily go higher from there.



Stock Trader like tablets with simple designs that make them easy to carry around.

Therefore, it is advised to choose a tablet that barely exceeds the 1.1-pound threshold if you intend to buy one for trading on-the-go.

The sleekness of the form, at roughly 0.25 to 0.28 inches, would be another resource that is special to form factors. A more mobile trader would find it beneficial to have a protective screen covering and an aluminum chassis simply for the sake of resilience.



My first preference is a device with the most up-to-date connectivity that can connect to any internet network of my choosing.

Additionally, although Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 are the recommended choices for 2022, consumers on a tighter budget can get by with the dual-band Wi-Fi AC capability.

Considering tablets with a SIM Card slot makes sense if you are often on the go. In this manner, you may always access cellular internet.

When it comes to connectors, a normal USB Type-C port is recommended, but if the device supports Thunderbolt 4, like the Surface Pro 8 and apple iPad Pro 11, nothing tops it.

If you want to look at tablets that are good for trading, compatibility for an external keyboard and a kickstand are essential because you can then use the device in various modes to suit your tastes while keeping it upright.


Equipment & Compatibility

Every tablet designed for trading has a varied amount of processing power.

Therefore, it is advised to choose a chipset with at least an octa-core configuration, without getting into the specifics of each CPU model.

Although 6GB RAM might be a decent estimate if you intend to use split-screen frequently, 4GB RAM seems to be the absolute least.

Furthermore, if you’re on a tight budget, you can settle for a 4-core processor, which will still allow you to use some of the top trading applications, including Upstox Pro, Zerodha Kite, Wealthfront, and others.

The trader in you should feel at ease with 128GB of storage, or at the very least 64GB, with the option to upgrade the same using an SD card.

When it comes to stock trading app compatibility, I favour Android the most when it comes to operating systems, followed by iPadOS and Windows.


Battery Life

If trading is one of your top goals, you should have a strong battery because the charts, graphs, and datasets severely deplete the battery.

Therefore, the minimal minimum battery size for tablets used by stock traders should be 6000mAh. Aim for a minimum of 8 hours of screen time (SOT), with devices like the Samsung Tab S8 and Nokia T20 having a 13-hour battery life as their maximum.

And while a strong battery is wonderful, you are better off if the smartphone supports rapid charging through a Type-C connector that is extremely quick. This makes it simpler to quickly replenish the same, especially if you’re constantly on the go.


Other Qualities

Traders frequently use video and audio calls to communicate with brokerage companies and clients. That is precisely the reason you need to search for tablets that have excellent camera configurations, especially an 8MP front-facing camera followed by dual microphones and stereo speakers.


Surface Pro 7 from Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 behaves very much like a laptop and a 2-in-1 when used with the bundled keyboard. This is a wonderful tablet for day traders who want the simplicity and comfort of the Windows OS.


Images on the display are clear and vibrant. Multiple applications can run simultaneously without any issues. The Intel graphics coprocessor also produces the best pictures possible.



This model is comparable to the best laptops now on the market thanks to its Intel i5 processor. The laptop’s fast processor and low amount of heat mean that the user can keep an eye on stock prices and charts without any lag.

Although you can also choose from Intel core i3 and i7 models, I strongly advise that you go with the well-balanced i5 for trading stocks.


Storage and RAM

With 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage, this laptop is as powerful as they come. This makes it easy for the user to switch between stock screens and save important data and documents about the market.



The Surface Book has a beautiful appearance and can be used as a tablet, laptop, or even in “studio mode,” where you can use the Surface Pen to draw or take notes. If you trade equities, this is a wonderful tool for anything else.


Other Qualities

Day trader often use PC stock trading apps like eToro, MetaTrader, and others on their best laptop. However, most of these apps don’t work well on Android and Apple smartphones. Tablets with the Windows operating system, however, can execute these programs effortlessly and effectively.


Battery and the Verdict

This model can last for a very long time with its 10.5-hour battery life. In the end, this is one of the rare times when a tablet’s battery life does what it says it will. This particular gadget is ideal for anyone who wants to use trading programs on the Windows platform and wants to do it with a captivating device.



The bundle includes a keyboard.

Any PC app can be used.

The display is colorful and vibrant.

longer-lasting batteries

high performance processor.


The camera is of terrible quality.

It’s really pricey.



Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 2

If you want to trade stocks on a high-end Android tablet, you’ve come to the perfect place. Samsung has produced a long-lasting, future-proof gadget with the Galaxy Tab S7. If you’re interested in a 2-in-1 gadget for trading, there is also a tablet and keyboard version available.



The Tab S7 has a large TFT display with a respectable resolution. Making the finest trading decisions is feasible because of the model’s 84.6% screen-to-body ratio, which enables you to operate and monitor many trading programs simultaneously in crystal-clear detail.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: the ideal tablet for trading stocks

Performance of the Processor

It is powered by a powerful processor that is just as good as the best processors from Apple ipad pro and Qualcomm. A major bonus is that the processor also supports 5G technology. Along with this processor, a respectable GPU is offered to facilitate stock market workflow.


Storage and RAM

It is one of the greatest Android tablets you can buy because it offers tons of storage space and more than enough RAM. Applications can be saved and run concurrently (and switched between). If you need more on-device storage, several variations provide higher storage possibilities. All devices support the expansion of storage via MicroSD cards.


Other Qualities

Security upgrades for this gadget are promised for at least four years. The Knox security platform from Samsung will protect your device from all threats. As a result, it is a wise choice for stock traders since they can rest assured that their money is safe at all times.


Battery and the Verdict

With a battery life of about 15 hours, the tablet can work well for a full workday. The tablet can function effectively for an entire workday with a slightly shorter battery life of about 15 hours. On the other side, the Galaxy Tab S7+ has a slightly larger super AMOLED display than the Galaxy Tab S7 fe.



an enormous amount of computational power.

Multitasking is ideal on a large screen.

There is a stylus in the box.

Excellent degrees of security exist.

a protracted-lasting battery.

The camera is set up beautifully.


This display is not an AMOLED.

Quite expensive.

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Apple iPad Air 4

The iPad Pro is without a doubt a fantastic tablet, but it also costs a lot of money. This is why I opted for the Apple iPad Air over the iPad Pro: the Air provides superior value without sacrificing either. This is the ideal option for individuals who want to get a refurbished iPad but don’t want to fork over a hefty amount of money.



The apple iPad mini has a smaller display than the iPad Pro, which has a considerably larger screen, but it has a much longer battery life. With a brightness of 500 nits, its Liquid Retina IPS LCD screen is suitable for outdoor use as well, allowing you to watch the stock market while on the go.


This is a great option for traders because it works well and has strong security. The same chipset that powers the iPhone 12 line of handsets and is around 40% quicker than its predecessor powers Apple’s iPad Air, guaranteeing that it keeps you up to date in terms of usability and performance. It is also linked to a neural engine. This means that for a half-decade, you can use this tablet for trading without worrying about an upgrade.


Storage and RAM

The iPad mini has a considerable amount of RAM and internal storage, so you can open and close all of your stock apps quickly and don’t even need to worry about the size of your files and papers. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money trading stocks, there is also a 64GB version available for an even lower price.



This device’s outstanding 7 MP HD front camera is ideal for conference attendees.


Other Qualities

One of Apple’s biggest features is that it offers the best security. The information you keep on an Apple device is completely secure. Thanks to TouchID, FaceID, and other means of authentication, only your cards may be used to complete purchases.


Battery and the Verdict

Thanks to its 10-hour battery life, the iPad Air may be used continuously during a workday. The model also meets the latest standards for WiFi 6, which allows faster connections and faster access to stock updates from different companies. Apple tablets also have one of the most secure authentication mechanisms of any manufacturer. Given all of these elements, it rapidly emerges as the best iPad for stock trading in 2021.



Long battery life is a benefit.

A high-performance chipset.

compatible with WiFi 6.

Excellent camera.

The gadget is easily transportable.


It could be better, but the speaker output isn’t up to par.

The back camera is without a flash.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung is a market leader in tablet computers. Some tablets like samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra might be useful for stock trading. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a fantastic tool for anyone who is interested in day trading, forex, cryptocurrencies, or long-term stock market investing.



The tablet performs admirably in terms of display. It doesn’t have a large screen, but it’s also not small.

It has a Full HD solution,can check the statistics and graphs linked to trading stocks. Two speakers are located on the back of the television and give super sound in addition to the outstanding graphics, enhancing the immersive experience of viewing the news.

tablet for trading stocks



The Samsung S6 Lite is a fantastic option if you don’t want to use the smartphone for power-intensive applications like video editing or 4K rendering because it is powered by the Exynos CPU.

It is ideal for mundane tasks like browsing stocks and swiftly moving between trading apps to receive the latest information.


Storage and RAM

Here, you have access to 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. Despite this tablet’s low price, if you want to save about $100 and don’t mind using a smaller screen and a processor that is a few years old, you should think about the Galaxy Tab instead,  because it also makes a terrific day trading device.


Concept & Cameras

The device is easy to use and carry around because of its light weight, which is advantageous for stock trading. Additionally, it includes an S-Pen for taking brief handwritten notes.


Battery and the Verdict

The tablet’s battery life is around 12 hours on a full charge. One of its best features is the DeX mode, which lets you switch quickly between a tablet and a PC.

One of its biggest features is the DeX mode, which enables speedy switching between a tablet and a PC. You can send windows that are open on your PC to your tablet and vice versa.



Bezels with thin edges

Battery life is rather lengthy.

In DeX mode, synchronization

An S-Pen is included with the bundle.

slender and light.


Qualcomm’s CPU might use some improvement.

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Microsoft Surface Go 2

When you are trading stocks on the go, it would be beneficial to have a tablet that provides you with the same degree of power as the PC in your workplace. The Surface Go 2 fills that role. This is the second (and final) item made by Microsoft on this list; however, it is less expensive than the Surface Pro 7.



With a Full HD resolution and a 10.5-inch screen, you have plenty of space to view stock graphs and statistics.

For stock trading, use the Microsoft Surface Go 2.


Despite having an Intel core Pentium 4 processor and standard RAM, this tablet operates like a beast. There are also other combinations, from this one to the Intel M3, which is more powerful.

If you are serious about trading stocks, it depends on how much money you want to spend on the variant.

You have the option to use any PC app you choose on the tablet because it runs Windows 10 Home. For stock traders who want to eToro, TradingView, etc. on their tablets, this is especially helpful.


Camera and design

Because of its excellent design and excellent handling comfort, carrying this model is simple. The Microsoft Surface’s 8 MP back camera and 5 MP front camera can be used for video conferences.


Battery and the Verdict

One requirement for the best laptop when trading stocks is a long-lasting battery. With the Surface Go 2, the battery won’t drain as quickly. You won’t ever have to worry about having to stop trading because of its 10-hour battery life.

After all, if you’re searching for an economical Windows 10-based tablet with a long battery life, this is one of your best tablet options. Investors in stocks shouldn’t ignore this investment.



Very secure.

It has two functions in one.

High-quality display.

batteries with a long life

provides support for any stock trading app.

thin and lightweight construction.


The cost is still very expensive.

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Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Contrary to ordinary stock exchanges, commodity trading is not time-sensitive. You should use a tablet like the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus, which is affordable, portable, and easy to use, because you can pretty much trade assets around the clock.

Additionally, the Tab M10 Plus has more storage space than the Smart Tab M10, making it the best tablet choice for traders who use a variety of apps and assets to keep up with the rapidly changing nature of the world markets.



Trading on a tablet is significantly superior to using a smartphone’s tiny screen. On the other hand, the Tab M10 Plus has a screen with Full HD resolution and smaller bezels, which make it easier to see when For individuals who want to read through endless amounts of data before making any investments, this device offers a “eye comfort” setting.

best e-reader tablets


With the octa-core CPU found in the Tab M10 Plus, managing numerous programs like Market Pulse, Moneycontrol,, etc. is now simpler than ever. While you go between your trading account and price tracker, the processor keeps your screen from freezing.


Storage and RAM

The PowerVR graphics coprocessor handles the visuals, while the RAM makes sure you can manage several applications, tabs, and resources without experiencing system latency. You can increase the storage capacity thanks to microSD slots.


Concept & Cameras

The M10 Plus is really lightweight, which is a great way to describe it. You can move around with this tablet very swiftly while trading and monitoring the market. It has a rear camera by default, and a front camera is optional if you want to communicate with interactive brokers in real time.


Other Qualities

Lenovo has made the decision to pre-install Android 9.0 on all of its smartphones. For those who prefer to listen to music while not trading, the device comes with a Type-C connector and stereo speakers. When it comes to connectivity, WiFi AC is essential because it lets you connect to the internet at lightning speed.


Battery and the Verdict

It is one of the best tablets for trading commodities in terms of price, battery life, and how much it costs. It performs better than other items in terms of safety because of Face Unlock.



assistance with Face Unlock.

access to the internet quickly.

RAM that is quick to operate

very long battery life.

of very high caliber as a display.

high-performance processor.


The building is fragile.

warms up a little.

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Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro

Though Vastking is a lesser-known brand in the tech industry, it seems to have a bright future. The Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro, which the company has been releasing over the years, is the one we believe would be most appropriate for stock traders.



It features a full HD display with minimal bezels. It is ideal for viewing material and monitoring share market charts since it has rich colors and clear images. You can view them in great detail and examine them.



An octa-core processor with a 1.6GHz processor core powers the tablet. However, the Kingpad K10 Pro represents amazing value when compared to the cost. The software works very well. You can open a lot of trading apps at once and switch between them without any lag.


Storage and RAM:

You won’t have any trouble storing your investing and stock-related papers because there is room to increase the storage beyond the basic amount offered. The tablet also includes 4 GB of RAM, which is enough to operate trading software.


Other Qualities

There aren’t many security mechanisms on the device, but it boasts one called “facial recognition” that only you can use to unlock the tablet. It also includes a keyboard and a pen, so you can use it as a 2-in-1 best laptop if you need to quickly type something or scribble something down.


Battery and the Verdict

Also, even though the company that makes the tablet says the battery will last for 12 hours, most users say it only lasts about 8 hours. It isn’t all that horrible, though, given the device’s price point.


This is the tablet to choose if you’re seeking a cheap and dependable 2-in-1 device that includes a keyboard and stylus to make your stock trading operations easier. At a price range under $250, the Vastking Kingpad K10 Pro is simply uncompetitive.



decent-quality camera.

using facial recognition to unlock

bright and vivid display.

includes a pen and a keyboard.

The cost is reasonable.


a brand with little popularity.

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Dragon Touch Max 10 Plus at No. 8

The Dragon Touch Max 10 Plus, the last and least expensive device on my list, is the finest tablet for stock trading if you want a primary device covering all the essentials.



A full HD QLED display is a feature of the tablet. It is simple to keep an eye on and analyze the stock market. The gadget can read and view Netflix and YouTube videos.



Performance of the Processor

This model has an octa-core processor. Even though this Dragon Touch tablet can run all the software you need to trade stocks, don’t expect to use it to play games or edit videos.


Storage and RAM

The smartphone features 32GB of storage options in addition to 3GB RAM. A 128GB SD card can increase storage. Your essential demands can be satisfied by this cost-effective tablet.


Battery and the Verdict

A 10-hour battery life is also a characteristic of the Dragon Touch Max 10 Plus. If you are trading stocks, your gadget shouldn’t lose power. The tablet charges fairly quickly when using a USB-C connector.

As a result, you shouldn’t have high expectations for your inexpensive tablet. It is still a great tool for people who wish to use it for mobile stock trading but aren’t seeking a cheap device under $100.



using USB Type-C to charge.

long battery life of ten hours.

a built-in system for eye care.

Display with a full HD color gamut


There are issues with the camera.

The processor is not impressive.


Questions regarding the best tablet for Trading

How should stock traders choose their tablet?

Since stock traders need to look at many different sets of data before making a decision, a tablet for them needs to be good at doing more than one thing at once. Additionally, the device’s battery life must be long-lasting. Since these customers often deal with large amounts of money, these devices also need to be very safe. A good display, camera, and CPU are additional benefits in addition to this.


Do tablets allow for day trading?

On a tablet, you can day trade. This is supported by many programs, like E-Trade, Webull, Acorns, TradeStation, etc., which let you do precisely that.


Can I day trade on a Chromebook?

Yes, day trading can be done on Chromebooks as well. If you’re thinking about using a Chrome OS tablet, I advise you to look into the Google Pixel Slate, which is arguably your best tablet choice.


Does the iPad allow for forex trading?

Yes, you can trade currencies even on an iPad mini. For that, stock trading app like Ameritrader, FXTM, and MetaTrader are excellent. In addition to FX, you can trade stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies.


Which tablet is ideal for stock brokers?

Interactive brokers need a tablet that can do more than one thing at once because they need to look at a lot of data before making a decision.

These devices frequently handle big financial transactions, so they must be exceedingly secure. A beautiful display, a powerful camera, and a quick CPU are also essential.


Is trading today doable on a tablet?

Day trading can be done on a tablet. This is possible with a number of programmes, including E-Trade, Webull, Acorns, TradeStation, etc.


Is using a Chromebook for day trading appropriate?

With Chromebooks, day trading is also feasible. If you’re thinking about using a Chrome OS-based tablet, which may be one of your best options, I urge you to look into the Google Pixel Slate.


Can you trade foreign exchange on an iPad?

You can trade forex on the iPad. You may do this with the use of numerous programs, including Ameritrade, FXTM, and Metatrader. You can trade cryptocurrency, futures, and stocks using an iPad.


Is trading today doable on a tablet?

Day trading can be done on a tablet. This is possible with a number of programmes, including E-Trade, Webull, Acorns, TradeStation, etc.


Is using a Chromebook for day trading appropriate?

With Chromebooks, day trading is also feasible. If you’re thinking about using a Chrome OS-based tablet, which may be one of your best options, I urge you to look into the Google Pixel Slate.


Can you trade foreign exchange on an iPad?

You can trade forex on the iPad. You may do this with the use of numerous programs, including Ameritrade, FXTM, and Metatrader. You can trade cryptocurrency, futures, and stocks using an iPad.



Trading stocks is no longer simply a side job. Recently, it has gained popularity and become a major source of income for many people. If you’re thinking about a career in stock trading, here are the top three choices you should take into account:

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is the most powerful tablet PC that can be used to trade stocks. You get a bigger screen to work on, more power, and a dual operating mode.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a great choice if you’re looking for the greatest Android-powered tablet for trading. The Lenovo Tab P11 Plus gives you the best of both worlds at the same time by delivering excellent performance at a reasonable cost.

The Nokia T20 ought to be the ideal low-cost option for you. For just $250, it provides a large battery and a high-resolution display.

Since stock trading requires investment, stock traders must also invest in the right equipment. I sincerely hope that this list has helped you find the best trading tablet for you.


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