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Are you tired of using smart phones on your DJI Spark and fed up seeing bad pixel images? We have a solution, go and grab the best tablet for DJI spark.

Best tablets make it easier for you to know whether you are getting the right amount of exposure or not. Best tablets will able you to see a better resolution picture quite well and, enabling you to get great videos and stills from long heights.

Best Tablet For DJI Spark

To operate your DJI Spark effectively, you should be aware of the compatibility of tablets so, you can have a better control over your DJI Spark. Don’t fly blind, make sure the tablet you are using is one of the best and suitable for your DJI Spark. Otherwise, you are going to miss one of the best facets of your drone.

Let’s take a look at the things you should consider before buying the best tablet for DJI Spark.

Top 6 best tablets for DJI Spark

1. Apple iPad Mini 4

Apple iPad Mini 4Check Price on Amazon

Apple iPad mini 4 comes with 2048 x 1536 resolutions. It is currently going for approximately $279.99. Don’t shake yourself by knowing price tag, though. Apple iPad Mini 4 comes with a great spec and features. This model comes with 128 GB memory space, 7.9 inch retina display, Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, n, AC) + Cellular + MIMO + Bluetooth 4.2. It has an amazing battery life of up to 10 hours. Apple iPad mini 4 can able to take an SD card when an adapter accessory is hooked up for more storage space. It is a very light weight tablet of about 12 ounces. This tablet uses Apple iOS 9, dual-core A8 chip and quad-core graphics. This is the best tablet to use DJI spark.

You are able to purchase with 90 days limited warranty. Everything else aside, you can also purchase the 2-year, multi device protection plan for 40$ as well.

2.  Nexus 7 Tablet By ASUSNexus 7 Tablet By ASUS

Check Price on Amazon

This is the best DJI spark tablet to pair in an affordable price of around $299.77 with the controller for multiple reasons. It has a lot of great specs, and gives plenty of options from which many DJI Spark users can take advantage of. It comes with 16 GB and 32GB storage space with 7 inch screen with 1200 x 1920 resolutions, and LED-backlit IPS LCD touch screen system.

Tablet includes a 1.2 MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, auto focus for the rear, and a large f2. 4 apertures as well. This allows you to get vivid images as your DJI Spark races along.

Dual-banded with WiFi and an optional 4G LTE network for internet speeds. This will allow you to transmit and record video from your DJI Spark with ease and with no lag at all.

The operating system of this android version tablet is 4.4 (KitKat) with a great processor speed of 1.5 GHz.

Nexus 7 Tablet by ASUS comes with the 90-day of warranty.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tablet ASamsung Galaxy Tablet A

Check Price on Amazon

Samsung galaxy tablet A is a versatile designed tablet for all kinds of users with a budget friendly price range. It is equipped with bright and imperssive display that looks good even under the sunlight. It also has an optional blue light filter to reduce eye strain and to balance the brightness, making content easier to be viewed at night or even in dim night settings.

The beauty of the image is its 8.0 MP rear cameras and 2.0MP front camera. The best point of this tablet includes 32GB internal storage, bonus 32GB MicroSD card.

It comes with android 9 Pie operating system with which is the great combination of fast performance and amazing rapid power efficiency.

Other specs include 802.11 a/s/g/n/AC 2.4G + 5GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm audio and 9 hours battery life. DJI Spark is the best compatibility with Samsung galaxy A Tablet.

4. IPad mini 2IPad mini 2

Check Price on Amazon

Why do you need a bigger device rather than using smart phone? Having gone through the experience of a drone crash because you could not see the tree branch through the small screen? You only need to buy a bigger screen tablet to fly DJI Mavic. We come up with the solution of iPad mini 2 because it has the brightest screen to fly drone in a normal sunny day.

It comes with the display of 7.9 inches and with a lot of amazing specs like 16GB flash memory, 1 GB RAM memory, and with a great operating system of 1.3 GHz.

You can fly your DJI Spark with continuity of 10 hours. IPad mini 2 is the best option to fly DJI Mavic air just in $104.98 with a minimum 90-day warranty.

5. Samsung galaxy tablet S6Samsung galaxy tablet S6

Check Price on Amazon

If you don’t want to break the bank with expensive tablets, then we can recommend you the Samsung galaxy S6 at a friendly-budget price range of $679.00

The screen size of this tablet is 10.5 inches with the resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It comes with 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S6 offer is just as capable as iPad Air can be; it is one of the best android tablet. This model comes with the latest and greatest mobile processor with snapdragon 855.

It is one of the fastest charging tablets with a battery capacity of 7040mAh built-in and has a storage memory of 128GB. This device is little more expensive among iPad tablets, but it is one of the best devices Samsung is offering for JIG Spark compatible tablets.

6. Apple IPad AirApple IPad Air

Check Price on Amazon

Apple manufacturers confess that they are slowing down their earlier releases to encourage consumers to buy their latest version with extra good features.

However, the latest version of apple tablets is great for drone flyers and gives high quality features that everyone is looking for. Moreover, it captures high quality video without lagging.

While capturing various footages from 10.5 inch screen, it ensures you to give a clear and wide view. IPad air, weights 456g, you can easily carry around without feeling any burden.

It comes with an 8MP rear camera and 7MP face time HD front camera, which gives you high resolution image even from the greater heights. This device is equipped with A12 Bionic processor that is powerful enough to handle anything you throw its way.

The screen of this model is sharp and dynamic and the battery will last the whole day.

BUYER’S GUIDE | Best Tablet For DJI Spark


Before buying a tablet, you should consider first the system on  a chip that is (Soc) because you don’t want it to be dawdling. If you are buying android tablet then the processor should be of snapdragon 801. If you are looking for iPad then both cellular and WiFi is compatible with DJI Spark.


The size of the tablet is another consideration for DJI Spark. For a bigger view you should buy a big size tablet of around 12 inches in height. But for this you should buy an adapter too, which will vary your tablet size accordingly.

Shades and visor

When you go out on a sunny day, you cannot be able to see your tablet clear or sun rays may also affect your screen. So, shades and visor for tables also come under consideration.

Operating system and other specifications

When you are looking for an operating system, grab the one with 4.1.2 android or later and for iOS 8.0 or the next. You should buy a tablet with more storage space and the one with at least a MicroSD slot. If you are looking a tablet for long flight recordings buy a one with dual slot.

Conclusion | Best Tablet For DJI Spark

We recommended you the best tablets for DJI Spark. Above given all the tablets are highly duty tablets that can easily manage the needs of live streaming. Just remember, smart phones generally don’t perform as well as tablets. These are best tablets in direct sunlight in affordable price. These tables specifically designed for outdoor use.

We have recommended to you all the proper appurtenance you need for your DJI Spark and now you can hit the skies without any hustle.



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