Best Tablet For Dji Phantom 4 – [Editor’s Pick for 2023]

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Imagine this, you spend high amounts of money on a DJI phantom 4 and you’re all excited to use it, but wait, the tablet that you bought starts to lag, and oh, now the entire mood has been ruined! Frustrating, isn’t it?

When you have spent such a big amount on your phantom 4, then why not do a little more and keep your completely prepared at all times?

Any smart person would look out for the best tablet for phantom 4 pro to prevent any frustrating situations.

Save yourself time and energy because it’s time to benefit yourself from it. All you need it to buy the best tablet for dji phantom 4.

Why should i invest in a dji phantom 4 tablet?

There is only one main reason:

The best tablet for pilots will make your flight worth your money. Being professional, we understand you cannot take the risk of compromising on your photography quality.

Hence, the best ipad for phantom 4 will make sure that the entire shoot is done in a single go without lagging and any other interruptions. Make this fruitful investment and be the best photographer in town (or the world, who knows!?).

Truth to be told, the entire game is about choosing the supreme dji phantom 4 tablet that fulfills your needs the best. How to decide that?

This is where this article comes in. This article is the ultimate guide to the best device for phantom 4, both tablets and Ipad that will soon be the reason for your rising name!

Choosing the best device for phantom 4

Sometimes we are so excited for our phantom 4 that we forget to consider the quality of the device which will assist it. But don’t worry! This small guide is enough to walk you to the best tablet for phantom 4.

Fighting The Sun!

The angry sun is bound to ruin our happiest moments. However, now is the time to fight it. In order to do that, make sure your device has a “sun visor” so that under the sunlight, everything is still visible to you. This will enable you to continue being productive even under the furious sun!


This is one of the crucial factors on whose basis the best tablet for dji phantom 4 pro is distinguished from a normal one. This feature will decide if your device will get stuck or not, so make sure to draw a fair comparison between them.

Dji Phantom 4 Tablet Compatibility

Wi-Fi only and cellular Ipad both are compatible. Cellular ones, however, provide GPS and you won’t have to enable the actual cell service to use it.


This is one of the most important considerations. You don’t want your tempo breaking each time the battery runs out. Hence, dji phantom 4 recommended tablets are such that have a long battery life to give you an uninterrupted experience of shooting!

Other Features

Other features include extra features that are not extra actually! They play a major role in making the best device for phantom 4 more efficient and reliable. They include features such as sensors, being light weight, not overheating easily.

Knowing the required features can sometimes make it more perplexing for you to decide the best tablet for phantom 4 among so many. The following are some of the options that stand out for their incredible features and price!

8 Best Tablet For Dji Phantom 4

The time of heading out in the markets to look for products is over now because we’ve already done that for you! After a thorough research, we narrowed down some of the competent dji phantom 4 compatible tablets that you can get your hands on.

1- Apple iPad Pro

Apple, as we all know, is one of the leading brands to doubting its quality is out of question. However, there are other factors which makes it compatible with your DJI phantom 4.


        • It has a liquid retina display.
        • The size of display is 12.9 inch.
        • Face ID feature is available.
        • Allows 4K video recording.
        • Battery life is up to 10 hours.
        • The connecting source is USB.


  • Huge display size see things clearer.
  • The best tablet for dji phantom 4 pro.
  • High rating and popular.
  • High quality camera.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Overly priced.
  • Low battery life.
  • Only one connecting source.
  • Heavy in weight.

A smart decision is to invest less, but invest wisely. Following the same trend, this dji phantom 4 tablet is a worth-making investment if you are about to start your business on a big platform. The more you give, the better you get. Someone who gave a chance to this best tablet for drone flying is ready to give it a five star. If you are looking for the best tablet for dji phantom 3 professional, mate, get this!

2- Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580NZKAXAR 

Who doesn’t know Samsung? We all do. This is another one of the most talked about brands and of course, when considering the best tablet for phantom 4 drone, we had to bring this into our notice too. Here’s why:


        • Works with Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.
        • Battery can last up to 13 hours.
        • Has a screen of size 10.1 inch.
        • Allows multi-fasting.


  • Long lasting battery.
  • A powerful processer.
  • Does not lag.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Flash memory is only 16 GB.
  • Normal sized screen.

The benefit of buying from a renowned brand is such that you can rely on it because we already know that it is bound to be the best tablet for phantom 4 pro. Without wasting your time elsewhere, add this to your cart because it falls in dji phantom 4 recommended tablets list as can be seen by this customer’s review, “Always loving this tablet and long lasting life.”

3- Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Now let’s talk about something cheap yet effective. Are you tight on budget? Don’t worry, we’ll lead you to the best tablet for phantom 4 drone WITHOUT having to compromise on its quality. Scroll down to go through our choice for you!


        • An HD display of 10.1 inch.
        • A processor of 2. GHz.
        • 2GB ram and 16GB rom.
        • Built-in Alexa.
        • Range speakers of 2*3W capacity.
        • Can be connected through Wi-Fi.


  • Under your budget.
  • Can turn into a smart screen hence easier to control.
  • High loud speakers.
  • Alexa can tell you anything, anywhere.
  • Light weight and portable.


  • Normal sized screen.
  • Flash memory size is too less (2GB).
  • Less wireless communication sources.

Even though it is cheaply priced, some of the customers seemed to be unsatisfied from its quality. However, if you cannot afford something more than this, then you can take your chance as one customer of it expressed his reviews regarding it as, “I really liked the hardware and the potential of the product.” So, maybe it works fine for you!

4- Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch

Oh, SAMSUNG is too favorite to be not discussed again. With benefiting us ever since with its innovative technology, it has once again done us the favor of blessing us with the best android tablet for phantom 3. Why? Scroll down!


        • 1 inch display.
        • 2GB ram and 32GB internal storage.
        • Multi-tasking with a powerful processor.
        • 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera.
        • Two connecting sources: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


  • Affordable price.
  • More storage space to rely on.
  • Responsive and efficient.
  • Good camera result.
  • Allows face to face chat.
  • Highly rated.
  • Declared as the best tablet for phantom 4 pro.


  • The display size is normal.
  • Heavy in weight.

If you are getting all of these features at such a low price, then trust us mate, you don’t have create a hole in your wallet by going for pricy tablets. This one is just as much supreme and best android tablet for phantom 4 as the others, so why pay more?

Moreover, it is one of the dji phantom 4 recommended tablets as someone who bought it had to say about it, “Totally love it and highly recommend.”

5- 10″ Windows 10 Fusion5

The ideal package is to buy a product that is both efficient and affordable. Likewise, we chose this tablet by “FUSION 5” which is also the best tablet for phantom 4 drone in its own way.


        • Ultra slim screen.
        • Comes with Windows 10 installed in it.
        • 4GB ram.
        • Can use both Bluetooth and USB as connectors.
        • 1 inch display.


  • User-friendly.
  • Comfortable to hold and work with.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • High storage space.
  • Portable and stylish.


  • USB port other than 3.0 won’t work with it.
  • Normal display size.
  • Battery life doesn’t last for long.

To you an honest advice, this is the best tablet for drone flying which comes to us at such a low price. Honestly, at a low price, we were not expecting it to be the best tablet for dji phantom 3 or others as the customers say. They claim for it to be an excellent technology in a small package.

6- Android Tablet 10 Inch

To talk about a different brand, “HOOZO” stands as the top-class one in manufacturing some of dji go 4 compatible devices such as this one which is the best android tablet for phantom 3 or 4.


        • Uses Android 8.1 Go OS version.
        • 1GB ram.
        • Uses 5G Wi-Fi.
        • A display size of 10.1 inch
        • 5MP real-facing camera and 2MP front-facing camera.
        • Built-in GPS and Bluetooth.
        • 16GB storage.


  • Affordable price.
  • Runs fast and smoothly without lagging.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Powerful processor.
  • A built-in microphone is also available!


  • Less storage.
  • The screen is of normal size.
  • Cameras are of less megapixels.
  • Less storage.

If you’re looking for something cheap for a small-scale business, then this is it. It is the best tablet for dji phantom 4 pro that one can get on such a low price. Anyone who bought it was satisfied by its quality as this customer says, “It is the best android tablet for phantom 4 for the price.”

7- Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB)

When we talk about “APPLE”, we are talking about quality. As we all know well, “APPLE” is well known for manufacturing dji phantom 4 compatible tablets which certainly stand out.


        • Wide 10.5 inch screen display
        • 128GB storage available.
        • Two 7MP and 8MP cameras.
        • Touch ID security.


  • You can see clearer and bigger things.
  • High storage memory.
  • Good resolution pictures and videos.
  • Efficient security system.
  • Party with its high volume speakers!
  • Extremely fast and responsive.
  • Best ipad for dji phantom 4.


  • Heavy in weight.

We know the price is over the odds but, the features are also outstanding. So for the professionals, there is no other best ipad for flying that you can bet on. If investing means getting the best ipad for phantom 4, then why not!?

A customer of it said, “Great value for a first rate price.”

8- Apple iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB)

If you’re looking for phantom 4 ipad mini 2, then this is your place. Doing us favor since ever, “APPLE” has once again shocked us with this mini tablet which is, for the following reasons, the best ipad for flying


        • 9 inch display.
        • Touch ID sensor.
        • 8MP and 7MP cameras.
        • 10 hours of battery life.
        • Connecting source is “lighning”.


  • High security.
  • Good camera quality.
  • 5 star rated hence the best ipad for phantom 4.
  • 1080HD camera quality.


  • Screen is, obviously, too small.
  • Less battery life.
  • Only one connecting source.

Apple has never failed to inspire us. With this phantom 4 ipad mini 2, you can conquer the world of photography! Its attractive appearance combined with its useful features make it the best tablet for pilots as well as the best ipad for dji phantom 4 specifically. So, why miss out on this? One of its users said they loved what it had to offer.


The products that we have included are hands down the ideal dji phantom 4 compatible tablets. After considering your needs and your budget, go through our list of 8 best tablet for dji phantom 4.

We are confident that you can now figure out the best tablet for phantom 4 out of all of these dji go 4 compatible devices.


What tablets are compatible with DJI go 4?

Dji phantom 4 tablet compatibility is highest with iPad air (2019).

What is the best tablet for a DJI Drone?

The best tablet for dji phantom 4 is Apple iPad mini 4.

Does DJI phantom work with Android?

Yes, any best android tablet for phantom 4 would.

What is the best tablet for DJI Phantom 3?

The best tablet for dji phantom 3 is Apple iPad mini 3.

What is the best tablet for DJI Phantom 4?

The best tablet for dji phantom 4 is Google Nexus 7.

What phones work with DJI fly app?

Phones such as vivo NEX, vivo X27, LG, Google but it depends on your DJI phantom




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