Best Tablet for Animation Recommended for Graphic Designers

If there is any important accessory for graphic designers, then it’s the drawing or graphic tablet. Such graphic tablets allow users to draw an image or animation with a special pen like stylus.

As people lead to the modern era of technology, so, it is necessary to become aware of new technology that increases efficiency. With the digital drawing tablets, artists now have the freedom to choose any brushes or paints to do their artistic work. There are many options of Best Digital Drawing Tablet in the market with great features.

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What to Know Before Purchasing the Best Tablet for Animation:

Key Features and Specifications

There are many factors that impact the functionality and quality of graphic drawing tablets.

So here are some essential features that should be considering:

Pressure sensitivity

The Animating Tablets come from 300 to 3000 of pressure sensitivity. The harder you press the stylus, the higher the pressure sensitivity level, and the line becomes thicker.

So the benefit of higher pressure sensitivity is that it allows you to make a finer thick line, which is important whenever you work on high-resolution graphic drawings.

When choosing the size of a tablet, there are two factors of size:

  • Size of an active area
  • Size of an overall device

The active area of the tablet which we draw on. And bigger the active area will allow to working on large arts or drawings, and you don’t need for panning and zooming.

And overall device size includes all the surrounding areas of a tablet. If you do many drawings, then you will be easier with a compact tablet.

The higher the resolutions, which refers to lines per inch (LPI), the more details of your drawings you can add. And the larger tablets have greater resolution than smaller ones.

Responsiveness refers to the speed, and it depends on the graphic tablet’s driver or computer’s specifications. So before buying the tablet, make sure which kind of software installed in it.

Stylus type

There are many stylus types of drawing tablets like:

  • Battery-powered styluses
  • Rechargeable styluses
  • EMR styluses

To purchase the table, just ensure that the tablet you select has the more comfortable stylus.

Many drawing tablets have many customizable short keys and programmable buttons, and what you can program them may vary by tablets. So to do a specific task, you need to confirm that your tablet has that hotkey.

The battery of a drawing tablet base on how you are using your tablet or even outside weather. But it’s good to have at least a total battery life of a tablet on a single charge.

The warranty’s length depends on the brand of the model or the manufacturer’s warranty from the starting purchase. But it’s good to have a tablet with a warranty of at least one year or more.

Display Vs. Non-Display Tablets

  • Display Tablets.

Display tablets are very useful or easy to use for beginners, and you can easily draw with the same intuitive way that you would do with paper and pencil. These tablets are also very good to create high professional and quality work.

  • Non-Display Tablets.

Non-display tablets refer graphic tablet that connects with a computer by USB cable. Non-display tablets refer graphic tablet that connects with a computer by USB cable. You draw on the tablet, and you will see your drawing on the computer screen. But these tablets are not good for travelling.

Top 7 of Best Tablet for Animation

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1. HUION KAMVAS 22 – graphic drawing tablet 2020

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  • Full HD 1080P IPS with 21.5 inches Screen
  • 0 Pen Tech with capacitive sensor pressure
  • Two connections modes
  • Efficient color presentation
  • Movable desktop stand

HUION KAMVAS 22 tablet is well suited with all types of office softwares and also ideal for all kinds of online operations. This KAMVAS 22 apply by a digital pen PW517, which design with the capacitance pressure sensor.

For connection, this design with dual USB-C gates and make the connection via USB-C to USB-C cables or 3-in-1 cable. This KAMVAS is not a Stand Alone Animation Tablet, so you need to connect it with the laptop or computer. And it is also important to connect the cables with their appropriate gates. Otherwise, the device will not operate.

Customer Reviews:

People really love this Animation Tablet because with drawing art, you can also use it for any online purpose and it has all office softwares. People really love it.

2. 2019 – H1161 Huion Inspiroy – graphics drawing tablet

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  • 11 * 6.875 inches’ screen
  • Has touch strips
  • Ten customized shortcut keys
  • Sixteen short keys
  • Battery-free pen
  • USB-C port

H1161 Huion Inspiroy is the Best Tablet for Drawing because it gives you the natural drawing or art experience. It is environmental-friendly and needs no charge to use. It contains a USB-C port which can be connected in both ways.

This tablet has a tilting brush on a drawing software within the range of 60 degrees to support the tiling operations like Photoshop. It also has full lamination crafts, which provides a large working area and makes the tablet visually frame-less.

Customer Reviews:

People love this tablet because of its great result. The software easily installed in this, and this is very easy to use. This tablet has great value-of money and a great choice. It also has great pressure sensitivity and has great quality.

Highly recommended.

3. Wacom DTC133W0A ONE – Digital animation or art Tablet with the 13.3-inch screen

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  • Include creative software
  • Wacom Pen technology
  • Batter-free
  • Digital freedom
  • Allow distance learning or remote working
  • Enhance drawing or sketching experience

Wacom One is a great Animation Tablet with Screen for all creative or artistic uses. It gives great experience weather at work, play, or home. It contains a large HD screen that comes with innovative software to begin. By using this tablet, you can sign documents digitally, take notes quickly, take or edit pictures, or many more to do.

To customize or enhance your experience with this tablet, you can easily use the WACOM pen or any other digital pen. Wacom one also allows you to work with any mac, Pc, or android, for drawing or sketching, by connecting the tablet with your smartphones.

Customer Reviews:

People or specially the animation beginners, really love this because this is the best Animation Tablet for Beginners. It gives a great result and has great features.  It’s really budget friendly and highly recommended for beginners.

4. M708 UGEE – graphics drawing tablet with 10 * 6-inch large active area

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  • Easy to set up
  • 8 customizable keys
  • Left and right handed mode
  • Many compatible software
  • A stylus pen
  • Pen holder
  • Drawing gloves
  • Tablet cleaning brush
  • Replacement nibs

Have you ever feel interruption whenever you create or draw an image on a small size tablet? Here is the UGEE graphic drawing tablet with a 10 * 6-inch large active area for windows and mac, which allows you to focus on your imagination or creativity.

It contains a pen with 8192 pressure sensitivity that allows you to sketch or draw the line trawl-free and more precisely. It also contains customizable keys that improve work productivity and defined by user friendly in the board setting.

It also contains other Equipment for Animation like

Customer Reviews:

People feel glad by using this and consider this one of the best Animation Drawing Pad. It has a very reasonable price and also easy to use. The animation equipment, installed softwares, and many other features are really great. So, far great!

5. H610 Huion Pro V2 – graphics drawing tablet

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  • Battery-free stylus
  • Eight press keys
  • Sixteen short keys
  • Circular side and anti-slip design
  • Enough space for creation
  • 0 OS android supported
  • Compatible with android 6.0, MAC, and windows 7 or above

If you are finding the best Animation Pad for Pc, then here is the H610 Huion Pro V2 drawing tablet, which allows you to connected with your PC or android devices to use.

To use this, you must ensure that a tablet completely plugs with a USB cable, and whenever you need to connect it with any android devices, then you must OTG adaptor. The driver of Huion regularly updated, so you can go to the Huion official website and can install it on your PC from the web.

Always installed the Huion new driver on your PC and after installed the driver, add the Tabletdriveragent or Huion into the whitelist.

Customer Reviews:

Many people or professional artists use this tablet and love its functionality. It really works great and efficiently. People love this product because the installation of a driver or tabet’s setting is very easy and really easy to use.

People are pleased with their purchases because its greatly fine or comparable with other electronic equipment. Highly recommended.

 6. Q11K Huion Inspiroy – 11*6.87 inches’ graphics drawing tablet with a digital pen and pen holder

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  • Digital pen with 8192 pressure sensitivity
  • 5080LPI resolution
  • Mainstream system supported
  • Drawing software support
  • Customizable shortcut keys
  • Support e-learning

For beginners, new designers, or professional artists, this Q11K Huion Inspiroy is one of the best Drawing Tablets for Animation. It is well comparable with android devices, mac, or window 7 or above.

Instead of drawings or animation, this tablet is also very useful for teaching or e-learning. It’s a well replacement tablet from traditional paper or mouse because teachers can easily broadcast your courses through many streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Bloc, or many more. And students can easily learn or take notes from that platform by using this smart tablet.

It also really perfect for online work or online meetings. By using this tablet or its softwares, you can easily do mind-mapping, draw drawings, capture ideas, and more, and easily share this with your friends or colleagues.

What’s more than that, you can also edit your videos or photos or can play games. The Huion tablet is always and ever best choice for painting, sketching, drawing, gameplay, etc.

Customer Reviews:

People are happy and satisfy by using this tablet; because it is very easy to use and one of the Cheap Animation Tablets from other tablets.

People highly recommend this because of its great price, working area, pressure sensitivity, wireless feature, light and slim in weight, and smaller size of its pen than other digital pen models.

7. CTL4100 Wacom intuos – graphics drawing tablet with software

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  • Battery-free pen
  • Shortcut keys
  • Connected to android
  • Connected to windows or Mac OS
  • Included creative softwares
  • Helper for students and teachers

The Wacom intuos Animation Drawing Tablet has been made or designed for those who are going to start the painting, drawing, or video/photo editing on their PC or Mac. By using this, you will get all digitally creativeness or accuracy with this graphic tablet.

You will get with this, a super light accurate digital pen, the stylus design, and the installed creative softwares or many more.

Customer Reviews:

People use a Wacom tablet and highly satisfied with its use. It’s really easy to use and good in price. It is also really good for beginners with a slight learning curve. For passionate graphic artists, this tablet is highly recommended.

8. Cocar – graphics drawing tablet with 21.5 LCD IPS screen

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  • Give great performance
  • New upgraded and extra stylus design
  • Multi-platform and programmable
  • Ergonomically design
  • Provide professional technical support

Cocar is the Best Drawing Tablet, and this is not a standalone product. To use this, it must be connected by desktops or laptops to work. It is also highly compatible with Mac OS and windows 8 or above, and it will not work with the chrome OS.

This drawing tablet also comes with a protective film in the shape of a plastic layer to avoid damages to the areas from scratches or grease etc. To install its drive, you need to disable or close any firewall software or anti-virus, and you also need to close any type of non-essential background software.

Some softwares prevent the drive installation, so it’s necessary to uninstall or remove any background software.

Customer Reviews

People use this Cocar drawing tablet and love it because it really works great and efficiently. The installation of a driver is really easy and also easy to use it.

Highly recommended for the graphic artists!


Finding the right and Best Drawing Tablet for Animation is as good as the best result. But the selection of the right graphic tablet depends on your requirement that you want a tablet with you can travel or not. It also depends on your experience level, budget, and priorities.

To choose the Best Tablet for Drawing and Animation, here is some buyer’s guide that will really help you to learn about the pros and cons of drawing tablets. So you will easily find out which model of tablet will fulfill your requirements.

You can select any type or model of a drawing tablet, but all in all, always and must look out for a comfortable stylus, pressure sensitivity, or many other features of a tablet. If you are finding the best graphic tablet and does not sure which is the best for you? Then you can visit amazon, where you will find a lot of drawing tablet products in different ranges and features.


What is the best tablet for animation?
Wacom takes top positioned in the market, and the best animating tablet is Wacom Cintiq 22 because it gives an amazing performance and provides a large and high-quality drawing area.

What tablet do animators use?
Mostly the animators use an Intuos pro model because of its 3D animation feature. It is great in size and has a multi-touch surface area. It’s a great choice of animators.

Can you animate on a tablet?
A tablet is just like paper or a pencil so, for animation or digital animation, you need animation software on a tablet. By having the software on a tablet, you can animate.

Is an iPad good for animation?
Yes, an iPad is good for animation but only for 2D animation. Because for a 3D animation, you need tons of buttons, windows, or more.

Can you animate without a tablet?

Yes, you can animate without a tablet by drawing on paper, took pictures of each page, and then view the pictures in rapid order.

Can you animate without a drawing?

Yes, there are many 3D animators that can create perfect animation without a drawing.

What is the best size for a drawing tablet?

The best size for a drawing tablet is a medium size. The medium size of the tablet is round about; 6 to 8 inches or A5 size.




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