Top 12 Best Table Tennis Paddle For Intermediate Player – Review Guide 2023

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It might be an ideal opportunity to begin looking for best table tennis paddle for intermediate player, on the off chance that you’ve been playing table tennis for quite a while and you’re hoping to update your hardware to help upgrade your capacities.

Today, right now, investigating the absolute best table tennis paddle for intermediate player, helping them rule their rivals.

It ought to be noticed that as players become progressively acquainted with the round of table tennis, they regularly begin to procure inclinations, regardless of whether it be how they hold the best ping pong paddle, restoring a hit with a turn, or playing nearer/more remote away from the table.

I’ve had players turn up with some dreadful table tennis bats before and the most noticeably terrible thing is that frequently they’ve paid great cash for these pointless marked bats.

Thus, I’m going to begin by giving you what not to purchase before proceeding to make a couple of proposals of my own.

Buying Guide


Force isn’t founded on the hard material that is utilized on the cutting edge and handle of the best ping pong paddle. All cutting edges are wood overlaid and some contain slight layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber which lessens the weight and retains the effect of the shot.

It is imperative to pick great cushioning between the outside of the oar and the edge. Force is estimated by the bringing shot back.


Control is estimated in striking force and hitting time. Materials to keep a note of when estimating control is the elastic quality, cushioning thickness, and course of the pips on the elastic face.

The stickier the elastic, the more control one has ready with their shots.


The last element that is significant for learners up to proficient players is the capacity to make shots hard for your adversary to return by including a turn the ball in your shots. Turn is subject to the quality and fitting of the elastic on the edge.

Difference Between Ping Pong And Table Tennis


In table tennis, the ball is required to be tossed more than six inches upwards from an open hand and afterward hit from behind the table’s benchmark. Be that as it may, in less conventional ping pong games, serves might be hit straight out of the hand or following a ricochet on the table.


In present-day table tennis, games go up to 11 focuses, players having two serves one after another. In many ping pong coordinates, however, the conventional 21 point group is utilized with every player having five serves on the other hand.


Just as the typical singles and duplicates match, ping pong has a few varieties around the globe. One of these is Rundlauf (round the table). Beginning in Germany, it is an incredible route for bigger gatherings of players all to appreciate ping pong simultaneously. Fundamentally, two groups of players structure two lines driving the enemy of clockwise around the table tennis table.

Top 12 Best Table Tennis Paddle For Intermediate Player


1. Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle


Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

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  • Predominant Construction
  • Intended for learning essential strokes and culminating ball control
  • The ideal decision for apprentices
  • Customized Memory Book stockpiling case

This product has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Another extraordinary passage level best table tennis paddle is the Killerspin JET200. Valued near the Stiga Titan and Butterfly 401, this is another acceptable decision for the player simply starting to get progressively genuine about their play. While it comes up short on the intensity of the Stiga Titan, its control is marginally better.

Killerspin best table tennis paddle is a relative newcomer to ping pong gear, however, they have just earned the notoriety of creating high caliber and forcefully styled hardware at a decent cost. While the wood in their 5-utilize sharp edge isn’t treated similarly as the Stiga Titan, the cutting edge holds up well to play as hardly any clients announced any issues with breakage.

One region where the Jet200 best table tennis paddle stands apart is like its elastic. Their elastic will, in general, be fresher than that of its rivals, giving it more control without trading off a lot of turns contrasted with different items at their level. While its speed rating of 6 is somewhat low for an expert evaluation best table tennis paddle, for players concentrated on control and improving their games, it is an extraordinary decision.

Customer Reviews

Amazing hold, lightweight, cool itemized plan and shading, excellent cushioning and bundled in a top of the line box that gives it an ultra-premium feel regardless of whether it is at the mid-value point.

2. Stiga Pro Carbon


Stiga Pro Carbon

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  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Highlights Carbon Technology for Power and Speed
  • Execution Ratings-Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • Ultra-lightweight Balsa wood focus employ

This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Stiga’s determination for the middle-level player is our next professional ping pong paddles. The Stiga Pro Carbon (survey) starts to get into a portion of the more advanced development that you see in better quality professional ping pong paddles, yet being evaluated around the upper center range, is still sensibly enough for a player who is getting increasingly genuine about their play.

The Stiga Pro best table tennis racket utilizes a 7-employ cutting edge, with two of those handles being carbon fiber. This makes the oar a progressively unbending while returning shots just as lessens the weight.

Disregarding this, the best table tennis racket gives a top-level turn, which is noteworthy for the best table tennis racket that plays as light as this one. Too this cutting edge gives a 9.9 in speed, settling on this racket an extraordinary decision for those needing an all the more unpleasantly adjusted game.

Customer Reviews

The fastest method to improve your ping pong game is with a decent oar. I am a recreational player with a table busy working, and my Win/Loss apportion has gone up essentially after purchasing this oar.

3. STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket (T1260)


STIGA Titan Table Tennis Racket (T1260)

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  • Execution Level
  • ITTF Approved Inverted Tournament Rubber
  • Precious stone Technology Hardens Blade
  • Intended for ideal speed and turn

This product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

The best table tennis racket we will take a gander at is the best estimation of what we will rank. The STIGA Titan good ping pong paddles give players incredible control at a relatively wallet-accommodating value, making it extraordinary for the fresher player.

This is a good ping pong paddles for players simply entering genuine play, particularly if those players are concentrating on guarded play.

The Stiga Titan good ping pong paddles is an even table tennis bats made by an organization with a since quite a while ago settled notoriety as one of the worldwide pioneers in ping pong gear.

While these table tennis bats don’t have an indistinguishable degree of materials from their awesome oars, the Titan has a significant part of a similar innovation as the very good quality Stiga paddles.

Customer Reviews

Or on the other hand an essential oar. Great middle oar for somebody keen on figuring out how to include reverse-pivots and additional methods. The value we paid merited the progression up to the following level.

4. Butterfly 401

Butterfly 401

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  • ITTF affirmed; incredible elastic and wipe
  • Ergonomic grasp
  • Competition affirmed
  • Worked With Special Butterfly Yuki Table Tennis Rubber

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

The Butterfly good ping pong paddles is another section level table tennis bats that is an incredible initial step up for players right off the bat in their advancement.

Estimated on the lower end of mid-go and appraised 8 in both speeds and turn and 8.5 in charge, the 401 good ping pong paddles is a decent decision for players hoping to build up a fair game while keeping their fiscal speculation sensibly low.

It hangs out to what extent it endures. Most clients detailed that the elastic kept up its tastelessness for any longer than ordinary best ping pong paddle for spin at its value point and the sharp edge is built all-around ok to hold up to the beating that gear in workplaces and rec rooms regularly faces.

Where this best ping pong paddle for spin comes up lacking is in its play balance. Most section level best ping pong paddle for spin offer considerably more control than the Butterfly 401. Also, the handle is littler than normal, making it a troublesome table tennis bats for players with bigger hands to utilize.

Customer Reviews

Lightweight bat for tenderfoots, great control and turn. It isn’t as thick or substantial as the expert high turn and control bats. It will improve your game! ( If you practice.)

5. DHS Hurricane II


DHS Hurricane II

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  • Fitted Play: All-Round
  • With a Landson wrist support
  • 2 pounds

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Our next decision is more costly than these passage level best ping pong paddle for spin, however, it is an incredible decision for the individuals who utilize a shakehand, or Asian, style of hold on their rackets.

The DHS professional table tennis paddles are an expert bore model, which makes its more significant expense purpose of somewhat more attractive for its objective market.

If there are downsides to this professional table tennis paddles, one is that the elastic will, in general, lose its crudeness rapidly and numerous clients lean toward lighter rackets. In any case, particularly for players that need a ton of turn in their game, the DHS professional table tennis paddles is an incredible decision.

Customer Reviews

It didn’t take me long to figure out this bat as the weight was great. Extraordinary reaction on cuts, slashes, and turn. Anticipating some extraordinary play with this oar.

6. STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket


STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

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  • Highlights STIGA ACS for Control and Speed
  • Execution Ratings-Speed: 90 Spin: 92 Control: 89
  • ITTF Approved Rubber
  • Execution Level

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Another middle of the road level professional table tennis paddles, the Stiga Supreme offers an extraordinary lightweight oar for players hoping to step up their games without spending lavishly on a lot more costly model.

It is extraordinary for receptive players hoping to concentrate on the guarded play, particularly on the off chance that they are confronting players who like to play with power.

If there are disadvantages to the Supreme, they have to do with its battles to deliver a great deal of intensity.

This cutoff points how far back players can play from the table, which notwithstanding the lightweight taking into consideration snappier response, would make it negative to progressively cautious players. All things considered, its blend of lighter weight makes it an extraordinary oar for players concentrating on returns and guard over the offense.

Customer Reviews

I resembled “THIRTY-FIVE BUCKS FOR ONE PING PONG RACKET?” however my significant other – who has a progressing contention with another out of control table tennis monstrosity – swears it’s a distinct advantage. Since he wins more, he’s significantly less surly. Upbeat spouse, glad life!

7. Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis Paddle


Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis Paddle

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  • ITTF endorsed, 2.0mm high-pressure Nitrx-4Z elastic, JET600 SPIN N1
  • Rivalry level racket for the middle of the road or propelled players
  • Appraisals out of 10: Speed 8.0, Spin 9.0, Control 8.5

This product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Accompanies a 30-day warranty halfway cheap ping pong paddles which outskirts nearly on a propelled level racket, the Killerspin Jet 600 packs a great deal into an cheap ping pong paddles that marginally arrives at a better quality cost. This is a competition level oar at a value open to a player who is as yet refining their game.

The issue that numerous buyers of this cheap ping pong paddles detailed that its capacity and speed take some getting acclimation. Too, the handling development will, in general, make even slight modifications in your hold significantly more sensational by the way it feels and reacts.

Customer Reviews

The speed falling off the bat is a lot quicker and I can put far more turn ready. It takes some getting used to yet once you play a couple of games with it you won’t return to a customary bat.

8. Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Paddle


Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Paddle

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  • Proficient Grade Equipment
  • Predominant Construction
  • Customized memory book
  • Improved precision

This product has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.

While valued among better quality rackets, the JET800 wooden ping pong paddles give top-line hostile and competition level execution. It is the decision of many top proficient players including pretty much every top American player and Chinese gold medalist Chen Qi.

The Jet 800 wooden ping pong paddles have a 7-employ wooden sharp edge with carbon fiber layers included for additional toughness and return power, giving it a 9.5 rating in that class.

Too, its lightweight makes permits players to not surrender their capacity to return while its high-caliber, uncommonly treated elastic gives this wooden ping pong paddles a solid turn rating for a repulsively adjusted racket.

On the off chance that there is a disadvantage to it is past its value, it would be that it is a serious advance up from most wooden ping pong paddles. Numerous clients announced an expectation to absorb information in becoming accustomed to this custom table tennis paddle. By the by, while the JET800 is the most costly model right now, obviously get what you pay for as this custom table tennis paddle is both tough and almost unmatched in its exhibition.

Customer Reviews

I initially bought the Jet200 paddle from Killerspin and it quickly improved my game. I began having the option to control my top turn and dropping in power shots that would cruise over the table beforehand. Following a couple of long stretches of utilizing the Jet200, I chose I required somewhat more control for my aptitudes.

9. The Xiom MUV 5.5s Table Tennis Racket

The Xiom MUV 5.5s Table Tennis Racket

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  • Adjusted execution across turn, speed, and control
  • Simple to simply get and play with
  • Affirmed by the International Tennis Table Federation

This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

The XIOM MUV 5.5S is the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player since it was intended to be adaptable and give beginners a fair blend of turn, speed, and control without exaggerating one specific zone.

This was finished because of the tenderfoot player from the beginning. This reasonable way to deal with execution and the materials utilized makes this perfect for those players who have not hit a propelled level yet. In any case, this best table tennis paddle for intermediate player is as yet endorsed by the International Table Tennis Federation.

The specific turn, speed and control appraisals for this racket can fluctuate contingent upon where you look however generally it’s turn and control numbers vigorously exceed its speed rating. This implies the elastic is on the milder side and has some cheapness to it for ball snatch. The meager wipe likewise gives this custom table tennis paddle a hindered feeling of control as it so happens.

Customer Reviews

A piece on the overwhelming side particularly contrasted with my Stiga Titan. Is by all accounts holding up well, however. Turn level appears to be not too bad enough for office ping pong, however, I wish it was a piece grippier since it says “high turn”.

10. Joola Team Master Table Tennis Racket

Joola Team Master Table Tennis Racket

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  • 8MM spong to back things off
  • Tramp elastic for included consistency
  • 5-employ wood for pop and contact
  • Inward handle with an ergonomically planned hold
  • Five reinforced layers of compressed wood
  • Affirmed by the International Table Tennis Federation

This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

Joola utilizes what they call their “Tramp” elastic and it’s a decent elastic for the cash. It doesn’t do one thing truly well – it’s simply reliable and trustworthy.

The Speed and Spin appraisals for this custom table tennis paddle come in around 75 each relying upon where you look. I’ve seen Spin numbers more like 80 for this best tennis racquet for spin and control yet toward the day’s end, which is getting excessively picky. Speed and Spin details anyplace underneath 80 naturally support Control specs – incredible for individuals searching for more control on cutting edge shot strategies.

The 5-employ wood utilized has a tolerable reaction and fly to it and the handle is entirely agreeable gratitude to the Ergo Grip select to Joola. With everything taken into account, if your searching for the best-premade paddle for control and a reliable reaction as you improve your expertise level, at that point my assessment it’s the Joola Team Master.

Customer Reviews

Incredible Control, Pretty moderate, however god for near table

11. Killerspin Diamond TC Premium Table Tennis Racket

Killerspin Diamond TC Premium Table Tennis Racket

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  • The best materials I’ve seen utilized for a premade paddle
  • Unfathomable speed and force unrivaled in the premade paddle showcase
  • High-strain Fortissimo elastic opponents numerous exceptionally assembled arrangements
  • Two layers of titanium carbon and five layers of delightful finished wood
  • The perfect oar for the accomplished, hostile disapproved of player

This product has a rating of 3.8 out of 5.

In light of the value point I’ve laid out here, it’s nothing unexpected that Killerspin’s first-class premade paddle best our rundown by and by.

The RTG Diamond TC Premium Racket is the Lamborgini of premade ping pong paddles because of the “only the best” approach Killerspin utilized when gathering this goliath. Killerspin planned the RTG Diamond TC Premium table tennis racket for proficient International Table Tennis Federation rivalry endorsed play and it shows dependent on the materials they’ve decided to utilize.

Tying down the best tennis racquet for spin and control star level execution are two Fortissimo rubbers which are it’s an establishment for speed and turn.

This best tennis racquet for spin and control isn’t for fledglings, but instead for the decided player and its center is force and speed. Killerspin uncommonly made the Diamond TC RTG table tennis racket for ping pong players who love a dynamic, super-speed game.

The moment you wind up and return a ball with this thing, you simply realize it’s worked to smash dreams, actuate tears and set focuses aside. It’s boss. Easy.

Customer Reviews

Inconceivable Paddle! Extraordinary feel and takes your game to the following straightaway. Honestly, it remembers the elastic for the two sides.

12. JOOLA Spinforce Professional Table Tennis Racket


JOOLA Spinforce Professional Table Tennis Racket

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  • 7 layers with carbon compressed wood and 2MM wipe for first-class speed and force
  • Joola’s “Unendingness Rubber” gives the most extreme tastelessness to incredible turn
  • “Max Soft” wipe for ideal ball terrific and hold times
  • Multilayer configuration aids solidness, quality, and speed
  • Incredible rackets for helping players move past tenderfoot level status

This product has a rating of 3.7 out of 5.

The Spinforce product offering (the Spinforce 400, 500 and 900) are known for their turn evaluations. The 900 speaks to the best of the bundle and gives players best in class turn. Speed appraisals contrasted with the 400 and 500 renditions.

That is the reason I feel it is perfect for the middle of the road players versus amateurs. You’ll need to have some fundamental shot procedure aced when playing with this racket.

With turn being the concentration here, it’s significant that Joola is additionally a patron of the US Olympic Team! On the off chance that you are hoping to improve your turn more than different aptitudes, at that point I state to take the Joola Spinforce 900 into genuine thought.

With everything taken into account, this is an even racket, profoundly agreeable when close by and has turn capacities unparalleled by other premade best table tennis paddle for intermediate player. With these particular highlights, the Joola SpinForce 900 is viewed as outstanding amongst other ping pong paddles for transitional players.

Customer Reviews

Extraordinary for turning and can help score on the present with little exertion and procedure.


On the off chance that you have the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player that you love yet don’t see it right now, a remark underneath. I’d love to recognize what individuals are playing with and why!

If you’re searching for the best table tennis paddle for intermediate player; I exceptionally recommend you pick a premade ping pong paddle.

From our rundown, there is a premade ping pong paddle for anybody paying little heed to your expertise level.






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