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While cutting down long pieces of substance on table saw, it is essential to have some sort support during cutting. By using the best table saw roller stands you can get a support to move wood or metal further to your preferred spot.

You have online access to choose saw roller stands, but the main thing you need to note is how to choose the right product. We’ve unearthed different products, designs and brands, and crop up with our best pick of top roller stands.

Top 9 Table Saw Roller Stands

1. Vestil STAND-H 14″ Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand


  • Easy to assemble
  • Works perfectly with heavy weight materials.
  • Well-built and highly functional.
  • Steel base provides a solid reliable base
  • Easy to move


  • Doesn’t come with rubber feet

Vestil STAND-H is specially designed as helping hand when working with long length materials. It is equipped with 2 inches chrome plated rollers which enhance the functionality and last longer.

You don’t have to worry about stand tripping because heavy duty cast steel base provides a firm support to heavy length material. Height of each roller stand are easy to adjust with gas charges cylinder and friction lock screws.

Presenting a flat single roller design, it is excellent for use in woods and machine shops. Vestil STAND-H is light weight which is easy to move from one place to another which made it stand out from other roller stands.

2. Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand


  • Provides portable work support.
  • Ideal for supporting cabinets and doors.
  • Do not damage surfaces


  • Little bit unstable
  • Instructions are unclear

JawStand XP roller stand plays a role of helping hand with strong grip. By using Rockwell you don’t need to call anyone for help to hold heavy objects. JawStand XP raises 25”-43”, and allows for 2 extra inches of fine adjustments, you can line up screw holes or simply put the project where you need it. It holds up about 220 lbs, and it don’t get tired or complain about heavy load and weights only 15lbs you can easily take it to everywhere.

There are multiple uses of JawStand XP, it is the ultimate tool for working on byicycles just flip them and clamp in the top tube and have access to everything at the height you need.  Like other roller stands JawStand XP doesn’t use rollers for support, which can misdirect the project.

Surfaces with low friction provides a smooth release when you’re ready to place the project. Whether you’re professional woodworker, or a maintenance worker JawStand XP is your prefect partner for one-one person jobs which require a second helping hand.

3. Rockwell JawStand Portable Work Support Stand with Clamping

Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  •  High height as compare to traditional rollers
  • Bubble indicator for leveling.
  •  Padded foot to prevent floor from scratches


  • Limited Surface

Rockwell JawStand is more than a stand, it is an additional assistance. When you are requisite to perform a tough repairing job, sawing, installation or a construction job and in need for of extra pair of hands, Rockwell is what you need. It provides the enough support you needed to accomplish your project.

Anyone who has used table saw or miter saw frequently will find JawStand essential. It is not only used as extra hand for holding goods and clamping, it is also a good accessary for shop. It is equipped with bubble indicator for the perfect leveling indication.  This tool improves the concept of traditional roller stand, and adds extra features to create work support stand.

Low friction of JawStand helps to pass over it in a straight path. Traditional rollers leads to inaccurate cuts, pull the work off line and away from fence. Head provides full 90 degrees diagonal. Built in tilting head is capable of holding a material up to 1 ¾”. JawStand does a great job at holding a door in place for hanging, or using 2×4 brace to support crown molding during hanging it.

4. WORKPRO Folding Roller Stand 

Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  • Made of steel body
  • Easy to fold the roller when not in use
  • Affordable and durable


  • Not so good to pass through thick vegetation

Workpro folding roller stand provides stable support through their eccentric foots on uneven surfaces. Its metal body allows you to handle any load. It features cast iron base, which provides you to support 250 pound load capacity, which means it is appropriate for various ranges of activities.

Workpro is durable and high quality roller which provide guaranteed high performance. Foldable body and pedestal with ball bearings allow to work with Table Saws, Miter Saws, Planners and Jointers for Log, Timber, Firewood and Metal Material.

5. BORA Portamate PM-5090 Adjustable Pedestal Feed Roller 

Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  • Portable support
  • Adjustable height
  • Extra strong capacity to hold heavy stuff
  • Polished steel roller.


  • Little bit unstable

BORA portamate is portable, flexible and rock solid stable, you’ll get all these features with this handy pedestal style feed roller. This roller support stand solve the problem of freedom movement while working with large work pieces, it also solves the problem of stable support.

Easy to ensemble, it will fold flat for convenient storage. Table saw rolling stand is equipped with non-slip rubber feet and a wide stance ensure stability. Height is adjusted from 27” to 43-3/4” through adjustment handle, it is ideal to use with table saws, drill presses and other shop machines.

Its heavy duty 150 lb capacity allows you to take on the day. It is easy to fold for storage and portability. These features makes this product the need of every woodworking shop or DIY enthusiast. 

6. PROTOCOL Equipment Universal Rolling Base for Large Power Tools and Machinery

PROTOCOL - Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  • Heavy duty steel stabilizer.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Locking Levers.
  • Fixed and Pivoting Wheels.


  • Don’t Provide Height

PROTOCOL Equipment Universal Rolling Base allows to easily change the layout of your workshop with flexibility. Heavy-duty rolling steel base supports up to 400 pounds to arrange your heavy machinery and stand-mounted power tools to suit the need of your project.

Base sides can be easily adjusted from 12 to 33 inches in 1-inch increments for a custom fit to your tool stands. Two swiveling and two fixed 3-inch casters, allows to direct base motion easily. To stable the unit aluminum foot are locked down with rubber-footed stabilizers. If you are looking for a crowded workshop than get rolling.

Roller support stand is faced with a work support market filled with plastic casings, bulky designs, and overlay-complex features.

PROTOCOL Equipment recognized as an opportunity of innovation. It is manufactured from steel frames, engineered designs with portability in mind to make it best stabilizer to quiet bow. Our aim is to create products that exceeds the traditional performance standards. Say goodbye to your traditional and unreliable. Say hello to professional guide.

7. Bora Portamate PM-2700 Adjustable Conveyor Roller

DORA - Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  • Locking Sides
  • Versatile
  • Folds for storage
  • Mobile Out-feed roller.


  • Little bit unstable

How much time you have wasted only in moving material around your shop, either loading/unloading, from a machine or a container? Now you can easily move your material, packing, loading and unloading a breeze with this incredibly versatile conveyor rolling system.

Bora port mate’s PM-2700 gives you unparalleled mobility in your shop, you can everything in this portable package. You just need to roll it to your desired location, open it up, adjust the height according your need and get to work in an easy way. Conveyor system is made up of strong and sturdy material. You can easily lock down to unmovable frame, with smooth rollers to move heavy stuff is too easy.

Another feature of material roller stand is it can easily combined with two, three, or more together to make long conveyor. When you’re done than folds away easy storage for next time. This rolling stand is so useful for your workshop you’ll find yourself using it again and again.

8. DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DW7440RS)

DEWALT - Best Table Saw Roller Stands


  • Wide stand base.
  • Folding legs
  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty


  • Instruction are unclear

Flexible and dependable, DEWALT Rolling Table Saw Stand pairs heavy-duty aluminum construction with inventive details. It keeps your work at an ideal height while helping you keep work pieces under control for accurate cuts. Having weight of 33 pounds with folding legs and convenient heavy duty wheels helps in easy transportation. The stand’s wide base and rear offset legs are specially designed to provide stability and support for feed control. It is equipped with quick-release levers which allows the legs to be folded for more convenient storage, and a heavy-duty kickstand allows the unit to stand upright with the saw still attached for improved mobility and more convenient storage.


Now you can easily get best quality support and stability with these roller stands while using saw. The reviewed products are the Best Table Saw with Rolling Stand that offers versatile functionality. They are durable, portable, stable and easy to accommodate different weights and they have a variety of features that guarantee you top-notch services. For ultimate performance, you can get these top 9 roller stands.

Bonus Product – Toughtbuilt 3-in-1 Roller Stand

Toughtbuilt 3-in-1 Best Table Saw Roller Stands

Check Price On Amazon

Besides these products, Toughtbuilt 3-in-1 roller stand make its place in the top roller stands for table saw because of its amazing features and high-end construction. 


  • Adjustable Miter Saw Extension
  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage
  • Custom Feet
  • Stable Secure
  • Durable Strong Heavy Duty Roller
  • Miter Saw

Toughbuilt roller stand will not disappoint you when it comes to price. It comes at affordable rates, yet offers high-end construction along with ultimate performance.

Buying Guide – Roller Stand For Table saw

Before choosing any roller stand you’ve to define your business domain, by defining your business domain choosing the right product would be easy. You must consider the stability, height adjustment, material and mobility of the product before choosing these stands.

Types of roller stand 

Speaking of the types, Best Table Saw Roller Stands come in four basic types that you will see in the market. All comes with its own pros and cons. 


This is the simplest basic roller stand. On top of an adjustable base is a basic roller that runs in one direction only on ball bearings. A version on this features multiple rollers ranging from 2 to 5 rollers that are fixed in a frame. The rollers, despite the number, still work in the same way, but the support area is greater.


On one side, there’s a roller like the one mentioned above, and on the other, there’s a set of enormous round bearings. These enable easy movement in a variety of directions. The name originates from the fact that switching between different types of rollers is quick.


This design is similar to a flip-flop, however, the third side is a basic flat plate. You can use the rest, with the workpiece remaining stationary.


Instead of one, this roller stand has two narrower, side-by-side rollers. The rollers may be adjusted separately up to 45 degrees from horizontal, giving the roller stand enormous versatility in terms of the shape it can hold. The pipe stand is a variation on this; two rollers are set at a 45° angle to create a V for the pipe to sit in.


The type of legs is the other important aesthetic distinction along with grip on the surface for Best Table Saw Roller Stands.

T-shaped Legs

The most basic are inverted T shapes constructed from tubular sections of steel.

These legs are quite wide to enhance stability, you should double-check the size to see if they provide a trip danger. The legs are almost often hinged so that they are easy to fold up for storage purposes, especially when not in use. You could even find it easier to mount them on the wall if you rig up a bracket.

The T-shaped legs, on the other hand, cannot be modified for levelling. If your floor isn’t level, you’ll need to either level it in some way by shimming. That is never the best option since it jeopardises stability.

Three and four-legged roller stands

Other roller stands have four legs that are the most popular for stability. The leg heights on both models, three and four-legged, commonly adjust separately, which is quite beneficial for levelling.

The major downside to the models with three or four legs is that they cannot be folded for storage purposes, thus takes more space.


  • The most important feature of the roller stand is stability. These table saw rollers allows you balance the weight of your material and keep it steady while you are cutting. These roller stands provide stability and can be easily adjusted.
  • Heavy-duty roller stand is ideal when you need to support and keep long workpieces, like wood or pipes or wood level and steady.

Adjustable Height

  • Roller support stands comes with different range of height. You can easily adjust height from different ranges, which means it support material for almost any tool.
  • These affordable saw roller stands are designed to make your efficient and comfortable. These adjustable roller stand for table saw is ideal when you need support and height for long workspaces.
  • Material roller stands are suitable for elevation drops to adjust height for different ranges.


  • Another important feature to look for its quality is the metal of saw roller stand. These roller stands are designed with different heavy-duty metals for ultimate performance.
  • Chrome rollers allows your material to glide smoothly and prevents it from rust, solid cast iron base makes it very steady.
  • Aluminum body provides the high support for holding material and ideal for long workpieces.


  • Table saw support roller is equipped with ball bearings which helps you to transport your material in direction.
  • The stands are designed with lightweight metal to make it easy to move from one location to another.

Weight Rating For Roller Stand For Table Saw

For many individuals, the most important factor is the weight rating for the best roller stand. 

The highest weight it can safely carry is perhaps the most significant element. 

For many individuals, the most important factor is the weight rating for the best roller stand.  The leg construction is crucial in this case. Various designs offer different weight holding capacities, such as; 

T-shaped: 200 pounds.

Four-legged models: 500 pounds.

Heavy-duty tripods: 1,500 pounds.

The strength of the structure is pretty obvious from the construction design, solid castings are the strongest when it comes to weight holding capacity. An extra wide roller stand may not support higher weights as per their design. Most of the Best Table Saw Roller Stands will offer a reliable grip on the ground surface as per the design.

FAQs – Best Table Saw Roller Stands

How do you choose a roller stand?

Choice of roller stand depends upon the business project if you are looking to store high weight and also looking to move the weight from place to another than you will use some heavy roller stand. Choosing a roller stand depends on your business problem.

Are roller stands the same as support stands?

Support stands designed to securely hold glassware, plates and other lab equipment in place during routine equipment. Roller stands are more durable than support stands because they can bear easily move from one place to other, support maximum weight storage and work also as helping hands.

How durable is a roller stand?

Roller stands allows to store weights up to 250 lbs, also allow the facility to move these weights through roller stands and easy to adjust height of different ranges.

Where are roller stands used?

Roller stands are used in workshops, they provide heavy duty features, support weights of different range, easy to move, provide different height ranges.

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