Top 6 Best Solar Powered Security Camera – Buying Guide

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 10:44 pm

Safety is always a top priority of every person. Nowadays, everyone is installing cameras in their house, yards, offices etc. With so many camera options, you must select something reliable.

Therefore, for this purpose solar powered security camera is considered the best. As not only they are reliable but they also provide you with an opportunity to keep an eye on your property all the time. Also, as these cameras are attached with solar panels, you don’t need a power supply for the functioning.

Therefore, to help you out we’ve mentioned below a buying guide and a list of top security cameras that work on solar energy.

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☞Weight: 9.9 ounces
☞Size: 6.8 x 7.3 x 4 inches

Things to Consider Before Buying

Just like anything else while selecting the best solar powered security camera there are prominent key factors that one should totally look into.  We have listed all these factors below and you should have a look.

 1. Amount of electricity produced

Firstly you need to check the quantity of electricity solar panel can generate this quantity will be affected by many factors like the weather condition at the moment, tilt angle and the amount of sun exposure the solar panel gets. 

We recommend that you place your solar powered security camera outdoor where it can get direct light and can charge itself. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the security camera solar panel isn’t being hindered from the shadows of nearby objects. 

In order to improve your outdoor solar powered wireless security cameras, charging make sure to wipe the surface of the panel regularly using a clean cloth or wet tissue. 

2. Battery size

Secondary you need to see what battery size your wireless solar security camera system requires. Batteries are essential when solar panels for security cameras are not operating.

You need to make sure that your solar powered wireless camera batteries with capacity of 10 times more output than that of solar panel or else the batteries of solar powered wifi security camera tend to get damage. 

 An easy way out of this is just to consult the sellers of the battery powered wifi security camera. They know the system well and would recommend the best.

3. Footage

Getting solar wireless security cameras with a port for SD card is a good option for those of you that need to keep track on unusual activities. 

With the latest technology, it is very easy to manage or playback the recordings made by the solar powered surveillance camera. In case there is an option for SD card you can save all the footage on any Cloud Service which you find easy to use. In this way, you will be able to access these recordings from anywhere.

Or you can have a look at a battery operated outdoor security camera with memory card. 

4. Wi-Fi

Do double-check to make sure that there is a Wi-Fi connection available where you intend to install wireless solar security cameras. Your solar powered security camera wifi will be able to send you alerts when it detects any movement. 

So getting an outdoor security camera with sd card motion activated is definitely a good call. 

With no network connection you might not be able to get a live view using the solar powered wireless surveillance cameras but you can still use the SD card slot and re-play the recording. 

With the introduction of solar powered security systems that are able to operate on 3G and 4G data, you can get a live feed via the camera and keep a constant check. 

5. Cost

Lastly, you need to set a budget in order to decide how much money you are ready to invest in a wireless solar security camera. The absolute best solar wireless security camera will cost more but will last you for a long time and they come with many benefits. 

Instead of selecting fake wireless solar powered security camera have a look at all the products we have shortlisted for you today. We have even mentioned solar powered security camera system that have HD display so that you are able to recognise objects and details while using them. 

Table Summary


☞Weight: 9.9 ounces
☞Size: 6.8 x 7.3 x 4 inches
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REOLINK Go Outdoor 3G/4G Solar Security Camera

☞Weight: 1.81lbs
☞Size: 3x3x4.5 inches

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REOLINK Argus 2 Outdoor Camera System

☞Weight: 3.8 pounds
☞Size: 2.3 x 3.8 x 2.3 inches
View Product
MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

☞Weight: 1.1 pounds
☞Size: 7.9 x 6.1 x 5 inches
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Ring Spotlight Cam

☞Field of view: 140° horizontal, 78° vertical
☞Size: 4.96 in x 2.72 in x 2.99 in
View Product
Arlo Pro 2

☞Weight: 10.9 ounces
☞Size: 9.9 x 9.7 x 5 inches
View Product

Top 6 Best Solar Powered Security Camera

1. SOLIOM S60 Solar Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM S60 Solar Powered Security Camera

Check Price On Amazon

Key features:
1. day and night vision of 1080
2. Is waterproof and has Wide Angle
3. The installation process is easy
4. Is equipped with motion detectors with alarm

Of all the best solar powered security camera listed below this one is our favourite. With its 1080 video quality amazing mobile application and reliable construction, this product will surely win your heart. you can use the mobile application to view the footage life and interact with anyone who is in range. 

One-of-a-kind 160-degree vision off this solar powered wifi camera assists it in being the best in this collection. Furthermore with night vision, you can monitor the area even in the dark.

This solar panel security camera Can be left on at all times or can be switched to  motion activation. With the three settings of sensitivity, you can select one that matches your requirements and surrounding.  There aren’t many solar wifi security camera Which come with such way settings make sure to have a look at this product for moving on. 

The solar panel is attached above the camera system. Therefore, you have to make sure that the area where you are placing your camera will get enough sunlight. This feature will not cause much problem as the panel is present above the camera and will easily get the sunlight.

Customer Reviews:
This maintenance and power free camera is loved by its users. Customers loved that this camera is easy to install and provide excellent video quality even in the dark.

2. Reolink Go Solar Security Camera

Reolink Go Solar Security Camera

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Key features:
1. No Wi-Fi required
2. Rechargeable battery
3. 1080p full HD
4. 33ft starlight night vision
5.Two-way audio and remote live 

If you are looking for a solar powered motion light with security camera, then consider this one. This is a battery powered security camera with night vision outdoor. It doesn’t need wi-fi for its operation, as it operates on the 3G and 4G  LTE networks just like your mobile phones. Therefore, this feature allows you to access the footage from your mobile.

Therefore, this solar wireless outdoor security camera can be used in rural areas, woods, trailers, rv etc. because of this significance it is considered as the best solar security camera.

It provides 1080p full HD view and covers the area range of 110 degrees. Also, to provide you a clear view of the picture at night it has 33ft straight night vision. With the help of these features it will record everything perfectly.

It also contains two-way audio and built-in mic. Thus, by using the mobile app you can talk to anyone in the vicinity of the camera. This feature can prove valuable to ward off the burglars. It also has a micro-SD card slot in it, by which you can save all the recorded motion in the SD-card.

Customer Reviews:
This product is a people pleaser and has received a rating of 4. The only problem people faced is difficulty in setting-up the cellular setup for camera.

3. REOLINK Argus 2 Outdoor Camera System

REOLINK Argus 2 Outdoor Camera System

Check Price On Amazon

Key features:
1. 130-degree view angle
2. Cordless installing
3. Rechargeable battery and solar panel powered
4. Full 1080p HD
5. 33ft Night vision
6. SD card recording

If you are looking for wireless outdoor security cameras solar powered that will cover a large area or that can cover more than one area, then consider this option. As this product contains two cameras, and each one of them can cover an area range of 130 degrees. Also, it has 1080p HD video quality and can see up to 33ft in day and night. All these features in this solar outdoor security camera will help you in making your property safe and sound.

If your yard doesn’t get much sunlight, you don’t have to worry about it. As apart from solar charging, this camera has a number of other charging ways. They contain batteries that can be charged by powering them with the solar panels or by plugging a micro USB cord in it.

You have to get a solar power kit for security camera separately, as the solar panel is not attached with the camera. Therefore, with these solar powered wireless security cameras you have the freedom of fixing the solar panel in some other place that contains a lot of sunlight.

This best solar powered security camera have wi-fi features in it. Therefore, you can connect the camera with your mobile phone and can see the footage whenever you want. You can also insert the SD card in it to record all the footage.

The only drawbacks it has is that it doesn’t work without the wi-fi. So, if you are looking for a camera for a place that doesn’t have constant wi-fi supply, then this camera will not be the wise choice. Also, the solar panels for security cameras and the charging cords doesn’t come with the camera, you have to buy them separately later on.

Customer Reviews:
This product has received a rating of 4 stars by its buyers. People are definitely pleased by its long battery life, easy to use features and great picture quality.

4. MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

Check Price On Amazon

Key features:
1. Solar powered and long battery life
2. HD view
3.  Night vision
4.  Wide detection range with fast sensors
5.  Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof

This solar powered outdoor security camera will attract those people who love nature and wildlife and want to keep an eye on all the surrounding animals. This camera comes in a camouflage pattern. Therefore, you can hide it from the yes of the people. This battery powered wireless security camera can rum on its solar powered battery packs for more than 6 months.

The image quality of this camera is not that good. It varies from 12 to 16 megapixels, depending upon the model of camera you choose. And its angle of vision is also only 90 degrees. 

Therefore, it is suitable for small areas. But it does have the night vision feature. Therefore, you can easily keep an eye on the surroundings. Also, it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof in nature and will work perfectly for a very long time.

Unlike other solar powered surveillance cameras it doesn’t contain the feature of remotely viewing the camera’s footage. but you can store the video on the SD card.

Customer Reviews:
This product has received a rating of 4.2 and is absolutely loved by its users. This is what one customer had to say about their experience, “After 8 months, I am still using the camera without any issues and have been really happy with this purchase.”

5. Ring Spotlight Cam – Solar Powered Wi-Fi Camera

Ring Spotlight Cam - Solar Powered Wi-Fi Camera

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Key features:
1. Field of view: 140° horizontal, 78° vertical
2. 1080p HD view with live view
3.  Motion activation alerts
4.  Two-way talk
5.  Remote activated siren

This is one of the wireless solar powered security cameras that work with Alexa. It has the ability to launch real time video along with your voice. This camera has built-in speakers through which two-way talk is possible. Therefore, you can speak and hear voices within the vicinity of the camera. Also, you can connect the camera with your laptop or mobile and can have easy access to your camera 24/7.

Also, in this solar powered wireless security camera system you can enjoy the video quality of 1080p Full HD that contains infrared night vision and live view in it. This camera can connect with iOS, Windows, MAC and Android. And whenever there is some security breach you will instantly get a notification on your connected device.

For further security, this wireless solar powered surveillance camera with movement sensor will detect any kind of suspicious movement and will alert you instantly. Not only this, it can also set off the siren automatically, and that will scare the thief away. Lastly, this solar security camera system comes with a lifetime theft warranty. With the help of this warranty you can always replace your stolen cameras.

Customer Reviews:
It has received a rating of 4.3 because of its exceptional features. Some technical issues were also reported, but mostly this product received affirmative response

6. Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 - Best solar security camera

Check Price On Amazon

Key features:
1.  1080p HD with Night Vision
2.  Rechargeable and wireless
3. Weather-Resistant
4. 2-Way Audio
5. Local Backup Storage

Unlike traditional solar powered wireless security camera systems this camera has a voice control feature with Alexa. It is a perfect diy solar powered wireless security camera, as it is 100% wireless. It also offers a wide-angle view and can work in the temperature range of 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. With this solar powered wireless home security camera you can cover a great deal of area around your property.

With a 1080p full HD view and automatic adjustment of night vision mode, this solar security camera wifi is perfect for your security purposes. Apart from using solar panel to power security camera, there are some other ways by which you can charge your camera. You can also charge your camera by plugging it in the main power supply.

Customer Reviews:
This product has given 5 stars by 65% of the customers. Some technical problems were also reported by its customers.


We hope that after reading this article you know all the necessary information regarding solar powered security camera systems. From a buying guide to a list of top 6 best solar powered security camera, we have mentioned almost everything that will help you in your purchase.

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1.       Are solar powered security cameras any good?

Yes, they are beneficial to use. As, it doesn’t require any power supply for its functioning. So, you can use this solar powered outdoor wireless surveillance camera in places like yards, parks, woods, etc.

2.       What security cameras work without WiFi?

Reolink Go doesn’t require wi-fi for its functioning. It works on cellular network setups.

3.       Why do solar panels need WiFi?

Wi-fi supply in solar panels isn’t a necessary feature. But it will make your camera work more efficiently as with wi-fi you can monitor your panel at all times.

4.       Which is better wired or wireless security cameras?

Both of them provide the same functions. The only difference is that wireless security cameras are easy to install.



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