Top 6 Best Socks For Sweaty Feet In Boots – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:24 pm

Tired of being embarrassed in public or friends due to bad sweaty feet odor in boots? Have had enough of the medications, anti-aspirants and anti-odor creams but still no use? Well, why worry when u can have best socks for sweaty feet in boots.

Why feeling ashamed and abandoning yourself from people or you dear ones due to sweaty feet in boots when you can all dolled up with the best anti-odor socks for sweaty feet in boots.

You don’t have to apply anti-odor creams or to spray deodorants on your feet anymore as such things remains only for time to time and eventually fades.

With the help of these best socks for sweaty feet in boots you can walk confidently either in public, with friends or alone.

As ordinary socks have no property to absorb perspiration and thus they produce stinky smell and also affect ones health badly by letting bacterial and fungus infections grow on feet all the time.

In this article, we try our best to make you choose the best and healthier by reviewing the top 6 best socks for sweaty feet in boots and guiding about each of them in regards to their properties, material, fabric and texture.

 Best variety of socks for sweaty feet in boots

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To look for material of socks, one should always keep these things in mind that whether it has moisture management properties, anti-bacterial or anti-fungus, prevent from odor, soft in fabric, quick to dry, durable and comfortable?

Usually people who are unaware of properties of socks prefer pure cotton socks which are not the good kind of socks. It makes feet hot and traps moisture and keeps skin wet.

Cotton socks can’t absorb much moisture and became damp easily which leads to bad odor in feet and results in smelly and stinky feet and skin breakdown which is surely not a good choice for the people who have sweaty feet.

Wool, synthetic fabric and polyester are way better as compared to cotton but when they blend with each other or with any other material, they give great results.

These alone are not as good as they are with the blending.  Such socks are best to keep feet cool and dry.

Keeping in mind issues a person with sweaty feet can have are too much sweating, constant smelling, uneasiness in walking, and negative effects on health  due to bacterial growth in shoes due to sweating.

Therefore one should always look for best material for socks which can solve such issues of sweaty feet and should buy best sock material for sweaty feet.


Top 6 best kinds of socks for sweaty feet in boots


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1.Toes&Feet Men’s Anti-Odor Athletic and Dress SocksToes&Feet Men's Anti-Odor Athletic and Dress Socks

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Key Features
  • Fusion of metal with synthetic fiber
  • Moisture wicking property
  • Titanium thread and combed cotton
  • Anti-odor and quick to dry
  • Stretchable and durable


In this modern era of technology and comfort there are a lot of things which are mended into one another for the best results.

Such socks are one of the results of such mix ups as it is made up of metal and synthetic fiber resulting metal fiber.

Metal fiber has unique properties such as titanium blended in the yarn, protects ones feet from bacteria and bad odor and give comfort to athlete’s foot.

Most interestingly its titanium thread won’t be washed off.

It also contains combed cotton which is extremely gentle to skin can absorb perspiration effectively.

It has elasticity with durable fiber and the polypropylene which makes socks breathable for sweaty feet by its unidirectional moisture wicking property.

It conducts the sweat quickly and keeps your feet dry.

It also has high quality spandex which is an elastic synthetic fiber, give socks great ability to stretch so that it can fit men’s and women’s size easily and are good for skin.

Hence, these are best socks for both men and women.

Customers have given it 4.4/5.

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 Customer Reviews

I like the way these socks feel. They are comfortable haven’t shrunk after about six washings and feel good on my feet.


2.MD 6 Pack Soft Mens and Womens Bamboo Socks

MD 6 Pack Soft Mens and Womens Bamboo Socks

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Key Features
  • Bamboo fibers
  • Moisture wicking socks
  • Breathable and keep feet cool & dry
  • Cushioned sole, toe and heel
  • More softens after first wash
  • Smell resistant


This seems to you a bit odd but these socks really include bamboo fibers and unlike bamboo which is hard, these crew socks are too soft, flexible and woven.

It has premium bamboo material including 71.9% rayon from bamboo, 23.3% polyester, 4.2% elastic and 0.6% spandex.

Due to its too gentle fabric, it is really comfortable to wear directly on the skin for those who cannot dress hemp or wool due to irritation problem.

These bamboo crew socks are best for stinky, smelly feet and especially for the green-conscious people.

These are known as best moisture wicking socks due to its moisture absorbing property by taking in up to three times its weight in water.

It has the ability of allowing moisture evaporate by pulling it away from the skin, making your feet breathable and so these crew socks are best to keep your feet cool and dry.

Even after several washes, these crew socks are smell resistant and keep your feet smelling fresh not stinky.

Talking about style, it has specifically designed to keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer days as per need so these are the socks that don’t make your feet sweat.

The big Y shaped design on the heel makes sure to control slip and stay in place whole day. It also has extra soft cushioned sole, toe and heel to make your feet more comfortable.

So we recommend you to first wash and then put them on and enjoy the extra gentle softness and care.

These crew socks seem small as compared to the size of cotton ones but are super stretchable and easily wearable for both men and women.

In addition, these crew socks are designed to prevent blistering and making it durable.

These crew socks are long-lasting and are much softer after first wash and remain soft even after several washes.

It got 4.1/5 rating.

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Customer Review

If you suffer from smelly and sweaty feet after a long day of work or just in general. This product works I always suffered from this and sometimes I would spray Febreeze in my shoes to try to eliminate the odor but after using these socks it has completely eliminated that burden.

I work in a warehouse with steel toe shoes and let me tell you by the end of the day when I take them off you can immediately smell the feet and in the socks you can see the sweat but with these they’ve kept it cool and now I can confidently take off my shoes in front of people and not worry about the smell.

The socks are comfortable and have extra padding where it matters and the material is really soft. It’s almost impossible for the socks to wrinckle in the shoes so you always have good grip.


3.Thirty 48 Running Socks for Men and WomenThirty 48 Running Socks for Men and Women

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Key Features
  • Coolmax fabric
  • Take perspiration off
  • Anti-bacterial and quick to dry
  • Patent-pending catalyst design
  • Multiple cushion on heel, toe and soul
  • Breathable, cool and dry


Looking for running socks for any kind of sport?

Well no need to search anywhere else anymore as these are the best material for the running socks for men and women which are made up of coolmax fabric.

Coolmax fabric is polyester based synthetic fabric. Coolmax fibers are mixed with wool, nylon, cotton and sometimes spandex to give best results to its users.

Therefore, coolmax fabric is best material for socks. These coolmax fabric socks are specifically designed to take perspiration off of the feet as coolmax fibers do not absorb water.

It shifts the water to outside fabric through its capillary action fibers and molecules in every type of shoes whether they are running shoes, or any other shoes keeping feet breathable, cool and dry.

Such coolmax fiber socks are best to keep your feet from sweating or any kind of bad odor.These are made up of synthetic fabrics which use modern moisture wicking technology with a blend of polyester which is quick to dry.

It also prevents from growth of bacteria on the feet making the skin breathable. Its patent- pending catalyst design enables the air flow within the fabric and so are best winter socks for sweaty feet.

Talking about comfort and protection, these coolmax fabric socks contains multiple cushions on the metatarsal, Achilles and heel preventing from bruising and pain from running.

Protect Achilles tendon from any kind of injury due to shoe friction and the heel tab aids in controlling the socks from slipping them on and off and provide abrasion protection.

These can also be worn in colligation with medical leg wear such as night splints and so are manageable in keeping feet dry.

Overall, this product got 4.3/5.

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Customer Review

I tried many different socks while preparing for my first half marathon and these were my top pick! They fit as expected. They didn’t slide around or give me blisters. My foot kept cool and sweat-free. I would highly recommend this item for anyone interested in walking, running, or hiking. Basically, if you wear shoes and need socks – GET THESE SOCKS! It was such a great feeling to pass my first finish line knowing that after 13.1 miles at least my feet were dry and comfortable. I will continue to buy different socks to try new things and see if any sock out there could beat the comfort and sustainability of this one. So far, no one has come close. Thank you Thirty48 for a great product. I continue to buy your product now and will in the future! A++


4.PEOPLE SOCKS Men’s Women’s MerinoPEOPLE SOCKS Men's Women's Merino

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Key Features
  • Merino wool socks
  • Air-dry property
  • Durable
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Tougher and thicker fiber


Another type of good socks for sweaty feet that don’t make your feet sweat are merino wool crew socks.

Merino wool is an effective kind of wool as it can absorb up to 35% of its water before becoming damp and do not become water logged easily due to its thicker and tougher fiber.

These merino wool socks are made up of 71% merino wool, 21% Nylon, 7% polyester and 1% spandex.Best winter socks for sweaty feet as their fabric is made up of wool fibers which contains air-dry property.

These merino wool socks are comfortable to wear due to its soft texture and so are non-scratching or irritating for those who have irritation problem whether you are on hiking trail, or at work site during summer or winter.

These are a great fit in every season because they keep feet warm in winter and cool in summer as per need due to its great insulating properties. Your feet remain fine and healthy enough.

Merino wool has anti-microbial properties which prevent odor and bacterial growth on feet and thus are beneficial and best socks for sweaty feet with best and refined material for sweaty feet in boots.

Such merino wool socks are built to last long due to its medium-heavy thickness and are more effective for toe and heel and durable than a typical pair of merino wool socks.

These merino wool socks are perfect to gift someone as well due to its affordable price as they best for both men and women.

This product got 4.5/5.

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Customer Reviews

As an inspector who spends most of the day on my feet with work boots on, I don’t go cheap on my feet – socks included. I had been buying pairs of another leading wool sock manufacturer’s boot socks, and having the same thing, thinning heels and ball of the big toe. I had been buying the brand since 1970, and was surprised at how poor the lifetime of the socks were. I looked for American socks, and found these “People’s Socks”, and found that they really have great longevity – my 8 pairs gave me 6 or 7 years of 8-10 hour, 5-day weeks. I just retire, and bought myself 4 more pairs and retired my thinner ones to the polishing rags…. Try these – you won’t be disappointed.


5.ONKE Cotton Moisture WickingONKE Cotton Moisture Wicking

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Key Features
  • Advanced technical fibers
  • Moisture wicking cotton socks
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents from friction on skin


Some of the people are unaware that pure cotton socks trap moisture which is problematic for the feet because it keeps skin wet and causes skin allergies and infections due to bacterial and fungus growth.

Therefore, ONKE cotton moisture wicking socks specifically engineered with the advanced technical fibers which reduce the amount of sweat produced by sweat glands on your feet.

It wick away sweat and moisture to keep feet dry, breathable and fresh. These moisture wicking socks are best to keep your feet cool as well as dry in summer and warm as well as dry in winter because it contains a blend of 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 2% Nylon and 1% Spandex.

Ultimate blend of top quality cotton, polyester, spandex and nylon knitting gives a great fit even after multiple washings.

Its soft and comfy texture prevents you to have blisters or any kind of injuries during daily work chores and its nylon blend makes it durable and prevent from negative effects on health. This cotton moisture wicking socks are stretchable and improves blood circulation and so are best socks for men.

It got a 4.6/5 rating by the customers.

6.Saucony Men’s Multi-Pack Bolt SocksSaucony Men's Multi-Pack Bolt Socks

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Key Features
  • Light cushioned structure
  • Maximum air flow
  • Ultra wicking fibers
  • Compression to keep your arch secure


Saucony comfort fit socks are also one of the best socks for sweaty feet in boots as it has the best sock material which contains 95% Polyester, 3% Rubber and 2% Spandex.

Its fabric structure is soft and sole is light cushioned which protects the feet from any scratch. Its modern designed texture creates maximum air flow to keep your feet cool and dry in any condition.

It is also engineered with right amount of compression to keep your arch secure and prevents your socks of slipping.These are also the best moisture wicking socks due to its run dry moisture management.

It provides superior moisture transport with ultra wicking fibers keeping your feet fresh whether you are on the road or in the gym.

It received 4.6/5.

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Customer Review

I once owned a pair of Saucony running socks a while ago. I loved them so much, looked into getting more of them same kind, with no joy. I couldn’t find them same ones anywhere, so gave up. Years later I found these socks pop up on Amazon and thought I’ll try them. I can honestly say I love them mor than I did my previous pair. Saucony in my opinion are the best manufacturer of running socks by a mile.


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Closing notes

Sweaty feet is a major issue nowadays due to which one feel ashamed of himself and abandon own self from public.A lot of you people faced disappointment by buying the regular socks which are of no use especially for sweaty feet.

Most importantly it is very hard to select the right pair of socks as a lot of brands have came up with the anti-odor socks but which one to choose and which one not.

In this article we have provide you best solution of this major problem by describing about top 6 best branded socks with their detailed features, properties and specifications.

We tried our best to make sure that you walk with confidence in every sphere of life by wearing these best kinds of socks of top quality.

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