Best Snowboard Helmets with Audio

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Would you like to just buy a helmet that sounds like a 90’s radio? Or actually want to purchase something exciting? We searched safety and audio quality to list the all-time best snowboard helmets with audio. So let’s have a look but first, do check out the editor’s pick:

Editor's Pick 


Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snowboard Helmet
☞Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 11 inches
☞Weight: 3 pounds

Things to Consider Before Buying


Ski helmets come in various design and each design offers its own benefit:

  • Different design options that ski helmets offer are;
    1. large helmet for extra protection
    2. slimmer model with less weight
    3. sleek old-school design
  • Some other designs are also present in the market that offers ventilation, brim and chin-strap.


The main purpose of wearing a helmet is safety. Therefore, good and durable construction is necessary and no compromise should be made on this end.

  • Before buying make sure that the helmet is made of premium quality materials. For example, helmets made from polycarbonate plastic are super light in weight.
  • Some ski helmets also have safety certifications so check that.
  • Multi-protective layers of in-mold EPS and outer smooth ABS shell will keep you safe from the falling and injuries.


As, you are going to spend a lot of time wearing helmet so this feature is vital.

  • Make sure that the helmet you are going to buy has padding and lining.
  • Many helmets also contain a ventilation system in it. This feature isn’t necessary to have in your helmet. But it makes a great impact.
  • Vents allow movement of air through them and regulate the temperature.

Sound quality:

For a better sound quality, you need the headphones that will cancel all of the external noise.

  • Complete noise-canceling headphones are rare so don’t waste time looking for those.
  • Mostly partial noise-canceling snowboard helmets with speakers are present in the market.
  • Plus, a little background noise is necessary for safety purposes.


  • Many snowboard helmets offer two-way communication.
  • Two-way communication is necessary to have because you can’t use mobile phones while you are on the snowmobile.

Battery life:

  • The battery is an important element of a wireless device as the device should last proper time.
  • Many skiing helmets with speakers offer 6-hour battery life. This battery life is enough so opt for more
  • You also need to check how much charging time your headphones are requiring.


Snowboarding occurs in extreme weather environments. Therefore, your headphones must be waterproof.

  • Many headphones come with IPAX certification. That resist snow, rain, moisture and sweat.
  • Another certification IPX4, it is highest rated and can deal with snow and rain easily.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Helmets with Audio

Your fun will become double with your favorite song blasting your eardrums with some good bluetooth snowboard helmets. Here’s a list of top snowboard helmets with audio that will provide you good audible audio and contains all the safety features.

1. BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet

BERN – Winter Watts EPS Snow Helmet

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Style –
This ski helmet has a baseball-hat-Classic look which will make you feel at home.
Comfort –
To provide you stability and comfort it has true EPS / ABS construction. Also, it includes a moisture-controlling liner that will allow the movement of air through the vents.
Protection – The hard form made of ABS shell that is lined with EPS. It provides reliable protection when you are in snow for skiing.
Weather liners – It comes with warm and cold weather liners that are replaceable. So, you can use this helmet in summer and in winter.

This snowboarding helmets with audio are designed in such a way that you don’t have to wear your earphones while skiing. You just need to add wireless audio chips in it for their operation. This snowboarding headphone provides enjoyment and they are very secure and comfortable to wear. In addition to the ABS/EPS construction this snowboard helmet with audio also contains BOA adjustable fit system. Thus, with these specifications this helmet will make your experience better and more secure.

Customer reviews:
This product has received amazing ratings on amazon. In other words, its durable material and cool design will not disappoint you at all.

2. K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmets

K2 Phase Pro Audio Helmets

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Ventilation – It has active matrix ventilation, that will allow the movement of air through it.
Lining system – Its moisture controlling lining system is washable and replaceable.
Protection – To keep the helmet fixed in its place, it comes with a removable and adjustable strap.
Color range – it comes in a huge range of different colors.

This is one of the best snowboard helmets with audio. It contains all the specifications that one might need in a perfect helmet. This helmet comes with a wired audio connection. Therefore, you don’t have to go in to the hassle of using ear phones while wearing helmet. You just need a wired connection between your mobile phones and your helmet. It also provides security and protection. So, with this audio snowboard helmet on you are good to go.

Customer reviews:
Customers loved this helmet because of its comfortable features and its great sound quality.

3. POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet

POC – Obex Communication Spin Helmet

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Protection – it contains a light weighted EPS liner that is in-mold. And a PC shell and surrounding it with an ABS construction on the top.
Comfortable to use – an interior fit adjustment system, along with the sliding vents that will regulates the temperature.
Communication system – a built-in communication system that works on Bluetooth.
Innovative spin technology – patent-pending silicon pad technology system that uses new materials and design.

This snowboard helmet built in speakers offers great sound quality and communication system. The Bluetooth will allow you to both communicate and listen to music. The adjustable straps and the ventilation system of this snowboard helmets with audio will make your experience a lot better and comfortable. No doubt that it is one of the cool snowboard helmets that will compliment your ride.

Customer reviews:
Customers have remarked that the features that this product offers are great but need a little improvement.

4. Swagtron Snowtide Ski & Snowboard Helmet

Swagtron Snowtide Ski & Snowboard Helmet

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Safety Connection –
it contains sensors that will locate your crash and send the location to your emergency contacts.
Protection –  this snowboard is awarded with ASTM F2040 and EN 1077 certifications. It is fortified inside out, in-mold EPS layer inside and ABS layer wrapped outside for protection.
Warranty – it comes with a one-year warranty.

The Swagtron has amazing features that make this one of the best snowboard helmet with built in headphones. The built-in audio system will not only allow you to play music but it can also make and receive calls. Also, it has the best safety system. In case you are in an accident the sensors on this helmet will locate the crash and will immediately notify your emergency contacts. Therefore, with this bluetooth ski helmet you don’t have to worry about anything.

Customer reviews:

Some issues regarding connectivity and sound quality were reported but on the whole, it is good to go.

5.  Giro 9 MIPS Snow Helmet

Giro 9 MIPS Snow Helmet

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 Durable construction – EPS in-mold construction with and outer layer of ABS shell.
Adjustable – it has an in form fit system and adjustable straps.
Ventilation – The adjustable thermostat venting system, it allows the movement of air.
Compatibility – it’s compatible with all Giro audio systems available in the market.

This snowboard helmets with Bluetooth built-in speakers not only provides security but has an exceptional sound quality. This model has a classic design and construction, that is made of EPS/ABS layers. This helmet is easy to adjust and has great ventilation system that will keep you comfortable during your ride.

These snowboard helmets with audio from Giro are highly compatible. they can attach with every available Giro audio system.

Customer reviews:
Customers are very pleased with this audio helmet and has given it amazing ratings. This is what one customer had to say about this snowboarding helmet with speakers, “Comfortable, warm and well-made.”

6. Demon’s Phantom Snow Helmets with Audio

Demon’s Phantom Snow Helmets with Audio

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Built-in audio – this helmet can be used with or without audio.
Protective padding – EPS in-mold padding and ABS outer shell for protection.
Ventilation – vents are present in the front and back for the regulation of temperature.

Demon’s snowboard helmet with audio has both quality and value. It’s made of a durable material. To enjoy this ski helmet with speakers built in, you just have to attach the wire with your mobile phone. This helmet comes in a variety of different colors, green, orange, blue, white and black.Unlike others, this helmet provides you the chance of removing the audio and ear flaps.

Customer reviews:
Users are greatly pleased with this snowboarding helmet with audio. Because of its durability it has received great reviews so with this helmet on you don’t have to worry about fall.

7. Triple 8 – Snowboard helmets with Audio

Triple 8 - Snowboard helmets with Audio

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Built-in audio –
the ear flaps contain the built-in audio system that comes with a 3.5 mm connection cable.
Protection – it is made of a durable material. and it contains a back-neck curtain for the support of the cranium and a padded chin strap.
Ventilation – 11 vent system is present that is lined with a mesh cover. This allows the movement of air.

This snowboard helmet with speakers is one of the people favorite. Its built-in audio is present in the ear flaps. That not only provides a good sound quality but also the comfort. This helmet comes with an aux cable, that connects with the mobile phone easily. This helmet is made of a durable material. In addition to this it also has a neck flap that provides support and protection to the back of neck and cranium. This snowboard helmets with audio also includes a padded chin strap.

For the purpose of ventilation, it contains 11 vents that are capable for the movement of air through them.

Customer reviews:
This product is definitely a people pleaser because of its light weight and great fit.

8. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snowboard Helmet

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snowboard Helmet

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Protection –
It is made of durable shell construction with low profile hybrid.
Ventilation – 21 ventilation system is present inside the helmet which is dual regulator for the climate control.
Adjustable – its adjustable and has X static lining performance.

This is one of the best mens snowboarding helmets. It is famous because of its protective covering and durability. This helmet is adjustable in its nature and it has a great fit. The protective outer shell will adjust on your head comfortably and perfectly. The 21-vent system provides breathability and is an energy absorber. The open cell technology, allows cool air to get inside.

The headphones fit perfectly into the removable ear pieces and provides a great sound quality. In addition, this snowboarding helmets with bluetooth audio comes in a variety of colors and design. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to select the one that will fit your taste.

Customer reviews:
Mostly, people are pleased by their purchase. There were some issues reported by a few people. But on the whole, this helmet with audio is worth to purchase.

9. Salomon Brigade Snowboard Helmets with Audio

Salomon Brigade Snowboard Helmets with Audio

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Ventilation –
vent channels are present for the continuous and maximum air flow and keeps the temperature regulated.
Safety – It is PHD proven and save your head from the injuries of critical impact zone.
Adjustable – its integrated system makes its highly adjustable and fit for every person.

If you are looking for the ski helmets with audio that will provide you maximum protection, then look no further. This helmet is PHD certified. It is highly durable and it provides you safety to the most critical and important parts of the head. In addition to the safety, this helmet also has the audio feature. Thus, making your snowboarding experience a lot better and enjoyable.

Customer reviews:
This snowboarding helmet received great ratings overall thou some issues were reported by a few customers.

10. LIVALL Bluetooth Smart Ski Helmet

LIVALL Bluetooth Smart Ski Helmet

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Safe and lightweight –
An EPS/ABS multi-layer covering that will provide protection from injuries.
Walkie-Talkie – It provides two way communication.
LIVALL App – Speed, mileage, duration, etc will be recorded on the its app.
Warranty – It comes with a one-year warranty.

This is one of the best audio snowboard helmet. Not only it contains headphones to provide you music but also, it has a walkie talkie system. It also contains sensor that will detect your fall and will inform your emergency contacts immediately. It also has one-button intercom.

The ventilation system and inner lining mesh will keep the temperature regulated. Also, this helmet can be connected with LIVALL app, where you can keep a track on your speed, location, mileage etc.

Customer reviews:
This audio compatible snowboard helmet has received superb ratings by its users. This product has receives some mixed good and bad reviews.


We covered almost everything in this article. We hope that this article will help you in finding the best snowboard helmets with audio.

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Which extra features should I look for in the snowboard helmet with audio?

We recommend that you look for google compatibility, MIPS compatibility and if it comes with a suitable travel case.

What is MIPS compatibility in snowboard helmets with audio?

This is a safety features that will protect you head in case of an impact. As compared to traditional snowboard helmets this feature provides superior protection.

What are the certifications i should look into before buying a snowboard helmet with audio?

We recommend that you have to look at these certifications:

  • ASTM F2040
  • EN 1078
  • CPSC
  • CE EN 1077:2007 Class A or Class B

Should one get a helmet while snowboarding?

Helmets are an essential part of the safety kit especially when one is planning to take part is dangerous outdoor activities like snowboarding.

Thou safety can be fun, so make sure to check all the helmets with audio that we have listed.

How much should a snowboarding helmet with audio cost?

Helmets with audio features will definitely cost you more than traditional ones. These helmets are also jam-packed with the latest technology and safety features so you will be paying for all the extra goodies.



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