[Expert Advice] Best Small Gas Chainsaw for Cutting Wood

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Small gas chainsaws are very popular products especially among home users that require a considerable amount of power for their work but do not want to carry around a full-fledged heavy chain saw around.


Top 7 Best Small Gas Chainsaw


1. Remington RM1442

Remington RM1442

  • It is among the top rated professional chainsaws with 42cc power which make it powerful efficient.
  •  One of top chainsaws brands and it is very fast and smooth due to its quick start technology.
  • This is termed as top rated professional chainsaws because it is lightweight yet sturdy.
  •  Anti-vibration which makes it very smooth functioning and top chainsaws brands.



  • Well balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • Tends to over-heat

This is the first product in our list of top 7 best small gas chainsaw. It is conventional and sturdy and will deliver goods as per your need. It will provide work with utmost quality and comfort.

Customer Review

‘’I’m a grandma in my late ’60s. I wanted a chainsaw the had good ratings and was lightweight for light duty cutting. This worked well. I only used it for maybe a half hour at a time, and it’s under 10″ diameter oak, so it didn’t overheat. That was my main concern’’

2. Poulan Pro PR4016


Poulan Pro PR4016

  • It is lightweight gas chainsaw with air filter system.
  •  Best chainsaw under 300 with Oxypower technology which provides maximum power.
  • This is lightweight gas chainsaw with effortless pull starting feature.
  •  2 stroke oil feature that makes it cheaper and efficient and best chainsaw under 300.



  • East to use
  • Quick set-up
  • Safe


  • Short bar

This is the best chainsaw under 300 with all the amazing features. It is very safe and easy to use with very quick set-up. Due to its oxypower feature it save you a lot of fuel as well.

Customer Review

‘’Good saw. I cut down a 65-foot tree and bucked most of the wood, plus cut up a bunch of other dead wood and smaller trees on my property. I used the saw on five different occasion. It is very good poulan pro 20in 50cc gas chainsaw. Overall it’s very good option lightweight gas chainsaw’’

3. Echo 12in Gas Chainsaw


Echo 12in Gas Chainsaw

  • Best lightweight chainsaw and has compact design and it is sturdy.
  • This small gas powered chainsaw and has got chain break which can instantly stop the chain when not in use.
  • It has got single hand operation which make it best lightweight chainsaw.
  •  Small gas powered chainsaw is also vibration free.



  • Works well for trimming
  • Comfortable
  • Good companion tool


  • Cheap plastic build

This is the best lightweight chainsaw with jaw dropping features. It is very affordable when you look at the feature and work quality that it provides.

Customer Review

‘’I have had this saw for over 2 years now and it has been a great piece of equipment. It is very compact, starts easy and cuts clean every time I use the saw. The single hand operation is great for fast work and general clean up on the job the best option in small gas powered chain saw for sure’’

4. Husqvarna 120 Mark2


Husqvarna 120 Mark2

  • This is lightweight chainsaw with very solid build quality which makes it very durable.
  •  Best 14 inch chainsaw with the side-tensioning feature which allows easy changes through the chain.
  • From being the lightweight chainsaw it has got ergonomic design which make it comfortable and easy.
  • This  has got multi-purpose function which is also why it is best 14 inch chainsaw.



  • Easy to carry along
  • Good cutting capacity
  • Long lasting


  • Chain sometimes keep coming off

This is another amazing lightweight chainsaw with amazing amount of features.  This is an amazing chain saw with the smooth run capability. This is a wonderful chain saw for the value charged.

Customer Review

‘’Very happy with the saw. I received it when they said it would be here. The saw runs awesome. Since I got it I have probably cut around 2 to 3 cross of wood with it. Thank you for the good customer service. I am very happy with the product best 14 inch chainsaw for sure’’

5. COOCHEER Chainsaw



  • Among the top 5 chainsaws with 62cc high powered motor.
  • It has got high quality imported chain with super air filter system.
  • The another feature which enlist this product in top 5 chainsaws is comfortable handle which maneuverable and balanced.
  • It is very fast, smooth and easy to start feature.



  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Ergonomic setup


  • Not to be found

This is the best small gas chainsaw and it is our editors pick as well. It has got all the aspects covered as the perfect small gas chainsaw. It will deliver goods with great working experience for you.

Customer Review

‘’This saw has been excellent – I’m very pleased. I have used it almost daily for the last 2 1/2 weeks – approximately 5 to 6 hours of constant cutting. The saw is sturdy and durable – it easily out performs saw costing 3 times more surely among the top 5 chainsaws’’

6. Husqvarna 24-inch Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 24-inch Gas Chainsaw

  • Best small gas powered chainsaw with 24-inch blade size which is un-believable.
  •  With great 60.3cc power it has also got best small chainsaw reviews.
  • It has got automatic chain oiler which makes it best small gas powered chainsaw.
  •  Great reputation and small chain reviews with quick release and replacement air filter.



  • 2 year’s warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chain brake


  • Might get heat-up

This has got best small chainsaw reviews. It offers a great build quality along with a 2-year warranty. Its 2 cycle gas engine comes with an inertia activated chain brake for the user’s safety.

Customer Review

‘’Keep up on your maintenance and this beast will just keep on cutting. Typical Husky quality. Handles well for such a large saw. It’s a bigger saw than most people will need but if you’re going to be felling large trees on a regular basis you’ll appreciate the extra size and power best small gas powered chainsaw’’

7. Makita XCU02PT


Makita XCU02PT

  • This is best heavy duty chainsaw with two 18LV lithium batteries.
  •  Electric start gas chainsaw with low level noise operation at 87db.
  •  Got Makita-built motor which makes it best heavy duty chainsaw as it cuts at the faster rate.
  • This is termed as perfect electric start gas chainsaw because it has got tool-less adjustment.



  • No spark plug
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to carry around


  • Bit heavy

This is the last product on our list with beast heavy duty chainsaw with excellent features. This comes with a dual-port charger that can charge both batteries efficiently and simultaneously while also ensuring that you don’t have any harmful emissions.

Customer Review

‘’The best one handed saw you’ll ever own. Perfect for pruning all of your Landscaping. I do a lot of hunting and like the fact that I can clear a trail to my hunting spot with no noise and throw it back on the quad the best electric start gas chainsaw wit amazing blue max review’’

So, to choose the best small gas chainsaw you should pay attention to this very article as it is for your convenience and for your assistance. We will list down some of the best small gas chainsaw with all the required features that should be there in any small electric chainsaw.


The above mentioned table is about the best small gas  chainsaw with the best features. It is the editors pick as well. It has got the best mix of features and price.

This list will not only provide you with the best featured but the best gas chainsaw under 200 as well. It is the list that will help you choose the best 16 inch chainsaw, small chainsaw for tree trimming and your any other required need you name it.

Things to be Considered

Chain Length

One of the important things or factor to consider before buying the best small gas chainsaw is the length of the chain. The chain length or the blade size of a given chainsaw is quite important to check. It ensures that you have a large enough size for heavy-duty applications like cutting multiple trees at once.

Engine Power

The second most important factor to co sider before making a buy of any top rated professional chainsaws is the engine power. Since gas-powered chainsaws use a gas engine to power the cutting blade, the engine needs to be powerful for cutting effectively. And the simplest way to ensure that the engine is powerful is to check its capacity or CC.

Blade Speed

The blade speed is another very important factor which will help you or assist you in making the choice when buying the top chainsaws brands. So, a faster spinning blade or motor will have a better cutting performance. And you can find the blade speed of most chainsaws out there mentioned as 4000 RPM or 30 feet per second.


You should clear the workspace around the tree, removing any tripping hazards and creating a clear escape route in case you need to get out of the way of your tree falling quickly and unexpectedly. Personal well-being also plays a strong role in this process, so make sure that you rest up and are mentally prepared for the physical work ahead of you.

How to Use

The seven chainsaws we have reviewed might not be suitable for the work you do and your specific situation. Therefore, it is important that you know what features to look for in a chainsaw as you make up your mind to buy one. The buying guide below will detail certain points and answer a few questions to clear out what a chainsaw is used for and what features must be present in a good product so that you do not regret your decision later.


At the end I hope you have got everything that it takes to be a smart buyer as we have tried our level best to help and inform you with all the required information that can assist you while buying the best product as per your need. You can’t go wrong as a buyer when you know what you want to buy. That is why we have provided you with a list of the best small gas chainsaw. Now you know what to buy and how to buy it.


1) What’s the best chainsaw for home use?

A: We have provided you with the list of 7 best small gas chainsaw. But if you are looking for the one name that stands out than that is Husqvarna Chainsaw.

2) What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees?

A: The best option when looking for the best option for cutting trees than that is Husqvarna Chainsaw. Because it has got the best features and has amazing power to with it all which ensures it is best for tree cutting or trimming.

3) What is the best cheap chainsaw?

A: Every single product that we have mentioned or listed in the above article is the very affordable and effective but the one name that is at the top of the list is Remington RM4216.

4) What are the best chainsaws to buy?

A: Every single chainsaw that we have mentioned in the article is the best buy with all the best features. They are the excellent combo of quality and price and will work effectively and efficiently with the proper value for your money.

5) What is the best chainsaw under $200?

A: According to us, the best chainsaw under $200 is undoubtedly the Remington RM4216. It boasts of a powerful 42cc engine and features a sprocket tipped 16¨bar and chain for the ultimate cutting performance.

6) What are the best chainsaws to buy?

A: Every single chainsaw that we have mentioned in the article is the best buy with all the best features. They are the excellent combo of quality and price and will work effectively and efficiently with the proper value for your money and it comes with green works 80v chainsaw manual.




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