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Walk to the wilder side of life!! get the BEST SKATEBOARD FOR BEGINNER ADULTS

Re-living that second childhood than all hats off to you.

People look at the best skateboard for beginner adults and see only four wheels and a plank for the most part.

It is true, but it’s more complicated than that. It has different components that allow you to either cruise or do tricks. They can vary in size weight, and even the dimensions can be changed.

A skateboard gets manufactured for each different style of skateboarding. You cant use a cruiser skateboard to do tricks on, and you cant use a skateboard to go cruising on ( ok you can, but its purpose is not cruising.

Best skateboard brands in 2023

  • Element Skateboards.
  • Girl Skateboards
  • Zero Skateboards
  • Creature Skateboards
  • Blind Skateboards
  • Santa Cruz Skateboards
  • Almost Skateboards
  • Chocolate Skateboards

These brands fall into the higher price range.

To assist you in making your decision.

Bellow, the Top 9 Skateboards for beginner adults, to make picking the right one a bit easier for you.

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1.Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard: SKATEBOARD FOR BEGINNER ADULTS


Powell Golden Dragon’s complete skateboards provide an extraordinary quality for an entry-level price.

The Powell Golden Dragon skateboards are an Asian manufactured skateboard, and the deck is the best-produced deck in the whole of Asia. The board has been designed and tested before production to demanding specifications.

The Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard ticks our box for the best skateboard on the market today, best quality skateboard for beginners, and most important good cheap skateboards for beginners.

Powell Golden Dragon skateboards come in two types of boards, both premium North American Hard Rock Maple and northern hard yellow birch. Both wood boards are available in four popular shapes and sizes.

The precious chromium steel bearings are lubricated with Speed Cream and the polyurethane cast wheels insure great grip and roll. The aluminium with Carbon steel axle, amp, kingpin and high rebound polyurethane cushions make for easy turning.


  • Fast riding experience
  • Smooth and speedy wheels
  • Grip Tape makes it non slippery
  • Comes with instructions for beginners


  • Hard wheels makes it a bit challenging to get over stones


2. SkateSX Beginner Panda street kids Complete Board

Although the name states kids, it’s for beginner adults all the same.
The Beginner complete is explicitly designed to support the beginner skater. The adequately sized skateboard is a great skateboard to learn and progress on.

This skateboard ticks our box for a

good quality skateboard for beginner adults and

also the best type of skateboard for beginners,

Which provides the skateboarder with a skateboard that can take them from newbie to super trickster in no time.

The Skate XS s made from Bamboo that offers lightweight, resilience, and board “pop,” all while being supportable. A great choice for the skater and ecologically friendly. SkateXS skateboards are undeniably “real” skateboards that exceed the quality of boards that are found in modern skate parks and skated in competitions such as the X-Games.


  • Removable shields make for easier cleaning
  • Eight color options
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Durable multi-layers bamboo deck
  • Excellent grip tape for better hold


  • Quite expensive
  • Wheels can be loose when coming out of the box

3. Yocaher Punked Stained Pintail SKATEBOARD FOR BEGINNER ADULTS

This board is the best skateboard for beginner adults as it tailors to everybody’s individual needs. These boards are one of the safest on the market.

The Yocaher longboards are robust, durable, and quite robust. Since the Yocaher longboards are known for their flexibility, a rider can sit on the deck when going downhill.

The riders’ chance of falling off is almost zero thanks to the lower center of gravity, and it is entertaining without any fear.

The wheels are hard plastic, and the Pintail has 70x52mm wheels 78A hardness. 78A means the wheels are soft and can effortlessly absorb any shock for smooth riding.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Balanced and Stable
  • Easy to learn and ride
  • The deck is wide enough plus durable material to bear heavy load (up to 270lbs.)


  • High concaved so paddling for the first time might get tricky

4. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive

This one is mostly for the ladies with its beautiful butterfly design that is a work of art.

The board itself made from Canadian Maple,31inch board; Punisher has added some excellent touches, which makes this board the best good cheap skateboard for beginners. It has also ranked in the top 5 on skateboard reviews for beginners.

The Punisher Butterfly Jive gets completed with a high-quality double Kickboard Skateboard prepared from 31.5″ x 7.75″ 7-Ply Canadian Maple. The mild concave deck ensures grander control while riding and doing tricks. The full-color graphics on the bottom side and 80AB heavy duty grip tape on the other provides a stylish non-slip skateboard.

The craftsmanship of this board also ticks our box for a

skateboard for teen girls;

best skateboard for beginner adults.



  • Comfortable
  • Easy to learn
  • Affordable
  • 80AB grip tape for better traction


  • Some customers have complained that not all parts are in the box when delivered



The Enjoi Whitey Panda is made of a 100% maple with resin seven construction. Thus makeing the board stronger and offers more “pop,,” and the longevity of your board gets extended.

The boards itself are 52mm 99A are the perfect wheels for both street and park skating, which makes it the best skateboard for beginner adults.

It has a mild concave guaranteeing a mellow kick.

The Enjoi Whitey also falls under the best skateboard in the world according to numerous reviews. Its performance gives thanks to the high quality and elegance of the board.


  • Streamline and powerful.
  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent performance and durable.


  • Unfortunately, there are fakes on the market

6. Landwalk Pro Cruiser

Best skateboard for your money to begin with, and then the Landwalker Pro Cruiser is the one for you.

It is a pro skateboard for sale cheap with astonishing features and a high-quality double-kick skateboard appropriate for any age range. Built with high-quality alloy wheels, trucks, and deck, it makes it a very durable and robust skateboard.

The Landwalker Pro design is elegant and makes for a nice skateboard.


  • Safe deck design
  • Smooth wheels
  • 1 year warranty


  • The bearings and wheels have had some consumer complaints

7. Atom Drop Deck Longboard 39 inch

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is the next board in longboard skateboards.

With their 35mm (3/4 inch) drop, these boards are great for cruising the streets or coming down a hill. It has an aggressive concave, and the low deck height intensifications stability and makes pushing effortless.

The deck gets manufactured from 9 ply maple laminate. The trucks are standard kingpin trucks with a 6-inch hanger with steel axles.

Riding the Atom is very even and effortless. Grit grip tape is made from the best quality.


  •  Very affordable
  •  Great for beginners
  •  Smooth and effortless to ride


  • The wheels seem too soft to some consumers

8. Quest QT-NSC 44C Super Cruiser

The Quest QT-NSC 44C super Cruiser falls under best skateboard in the world, and rightfully so, it is a skateboard that lives up to its name. Due to its stability, high quality, affordability, and long-lasting durability.

This board ticks all our boxes for the best skateboard for beginner adults, good quality skateboard for beginners, best cruiser skateboard for beginners, best skateboard to learn on.

The Quest QT-NSC 44C has stability, lightweight, maneuverability and ease of control. The Quest Super Cruiser measures 44 inches in length and made from multi-ply super-flex bamboo and maple hardwood.


  •  Wheels are quality
  •  It has a high weight tolerance
  •  It’s a great starter board
  •  It is an affordable board


  • The wheels come undone
  • The bearings don’t last

9. Ride1UP Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard, as mentioned above, for the more lazy skaters out there.

Ride1Up is a biking company that has now started dabbling in the skateboard world. The Ride1Up can reach a top speed of 29mph recorded speed.

The deck is made from Bamboo, has a good range, and can climb the steepest hills, no problem.
Balancing at first could be quite tricky but as soon as you have the hang of it, it is all systems go from thereon.


  • Really fun board to ride
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast enough for beginners


  •  Vibration to the feet


Features when looking for best skateboard for beginner adults

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  •  Choose a cheap affordable skateboard
  • Start with basic trucks that fit your board.
  • Skateboard deck is between 8″ and 8.5″.
  • Wheels that aren’t too soft or too hard.
  • Always wear a full kit when riding


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 Types of skateboards on the market today


1. The Skateboard

38inch in length and 8.5inch in width with two kick tails (the front and back of the skateboard). In the middle, it has a flat side, generally coated with grip tape to ensure you don’t slip off.

It has two trucks at the bottom.

The skateboard trucks are good for doing tricks and rail sliding. It is not great for cruising.

2. The Cruiser board

Vary in length between 22 to 33 inch and with also varies from 7 to 9 inches. Unlike the skateboard, it comes with only one kicktail as you would not be using it for tricks. Cruiser board wheels are more significant than the skateboards to enhance the cruising experience making it easier to roll ahead.

Cruiser boards, in my opinion, are the best skateboard for beginner adults need to tighten the bushings.

3. The Longboard

General length is between 36 to 40 inches. The most stable skateboard on the market and the wheels are on average 70mm, so no worries about what is in the road ahead as you could roll right over it with these bad boys under you.

Most adults using skateboards these days use the Longboard but ultimately what is age but just a number.

4. Electric Skateboards

These are for the lazier rider. They look like a longboard but, equipped with a motor, so you don’t have to do any pushing. These skateboards can go up to 30mph, which, if you think about it is quite scary going so fast on a board that you are merely balancing on.

These electric skateboards are very pricy compared to the rest, but then again, the others don’t have motors on them.


So, are you ready to have endless fun and putting all your energy into learning about skateboarding? Gather your courage and take on the most difficult challenges with ease and comfort using our best skateboard for beginner adults.

Every skateboard has its specialty, and each one is unique. Skateboarding is about being free in your expression to life. It’s filled with artful and colorful tricks and laughter for trying.

The start of a new era for you filled with enthusiasm and excitement.
So go forth and conquer the new exciting chapter of your life.



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